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  1. I drive quite a distance from Magnolia TX to Whole Foods on Louetta in North Houston early to purchase my CRANBERRY bagels several times a month. Today I was rudely informed there would be no more CRANBERRY bagels because they did not move. I was also told that I could not special order them either. Funny I always bought all you had because I can get white and wheat down the street from this store but Whole foods makes the best. I am a brown person and sometimes brown people do not get taken seriously by some personnel, but I want an answer and the CRANBERRY bagels returned to this bakery. I am plenty annoyed at this person speaking to me like I'm stupid and was not an informed and regular customer. I expect a resolution to this complaint expeditiously. Hazel Beltran Parker

  2. Hello,

    First, it is important to emphasize the growth and your effort towards good food.

    In the past I have had nothing but respect for your service and products–so of course invested several thousand $s in hopes of assisting in your future as well as mine.

    Since that time, I have seen your stock decline drastically.  In addition, I have spent the last 30 days shopping and reviewing your service and products at:
    2103 Carisle Blvd. NE in Albuquerque, NM.

    There are many good products and staff yet this number is limited.

    Review your products which is easy for you to do.

    After personally reviewing many of your products that are not organic and higher prices than most markets–Whole Foods service is disrespectful.  How can I say this?

    Whole Service with Disrespect:

    A few months ago was injured so have moved in pain and slower.  Many of your staff at the check out counter have been disrespectful to me as could not move as fast as they demanded and in addition I have been laughed at by 2 of your male staff members for not be able to move and answer their questions quickly. 

    Lost a large pizza that was not boxed appropriately by your staff (Several staff members saw this yet no employee tried to help me–finally another customer complained about what happened).

    I have been force many times to move by the lady who stocks the beer with no apologies or friendly service.

    Send in someone one who can review how costumers are treated. 

    At this time I have no more interest in shopping at Whole Foods or Investing in your Stock.

    Just an an apology or am so sorry is not good enough–your store at
    2103 Carisle Blvd. NE in Albuquerque, NM needs to change or shut down and compensate all customer affected.


  3. Why does Whole Foods continue to carry products that carry soy bean oil or any form of soy at all!
    Here’s an article that I found….The title was Stop making our kids Sick!

    Many of the foods we eat today are deep fried; we eat a lot of french fries, fried chicken, even fried vegetables. Unfortunately, most of the oils we use to fry with are partially hydrogenated oils. Partially hydrogenated oils are bad because they lead to diabetes, cancer, heart disease and obesity. Most partially hydrogenated oils are made from soybean oil.
    Soybean oil is partly to blame for our country’s obesity problem. Soybean oil limits the functionality of the thyroid, draining our energy levels, and making us less likely to exercise. When your thyroid is depressed, it slows down your metabolism; therefore, you begin to gain weight.
    Those who eat a lot of health products tend to eat a lot of soy; after all, the orientals have been eating it for centuries! What most people don’t realize is that while this is true, they didn’t eat soy in everything like we have begun to do. Oriental cultures used soy primarily for soy sauce and tofu. We have soy milk, soy burgers, soy baby formula…but too much soy is one thing that’s helping us all get fat.
    In general, soy has been linked to many health conditions including thyroid dysfunction, infertility, increased risk of cancer, heart disease, Type I Diabetes and malnutrition. Yes, I wrote that! Eating a soy-based diet can actually starve your body of nutrients. Once you add in the fact that most partially hydrogenated oils are derived from soybean oil, you have a toxic mix of dangerous ingredients! With most of us eating this toxic mixture on a daily basis, is it any wonder that our children’s rates of Diabetes and obesity have risen so high?
    One thing you may not know is that the soy plant itself is actually toxic to humans. Interesting, right? The plant that so many health gurus tout as being super healthy is actually toxic to our systems. Soybean oil contains a poisonous chemical called PHG; this chemical slows your blood circulation, causes your blood to clot, damages the central nervous system, interferes with digestion and can cause memory loss. Doesn’t that sound like a great “health food”?
    Have you ever seen vegans that looked extremely malnourished? If you have, then they are probably eating a diet of soy: soy burgers, soy milk, soy bars, soy supplements, etc, etc. Soy contains high levels of phytic acid which block your body’s ability to absorb minerals and vitamins from the foods you eat. This causes you to actually become malnourished – the exact opposite of what everyone expects from soy foods!
    Many may argue that soy is a great way to get protein for those who don’t eat meat. Well, that’s not true…because soy has a lot of enzyme inhibitors, meaning your body can’t make use of all that protein!
    You already know that you should be avoiding partially hydrogenated oils, which is normally made from soybean oil. Now you have a ton of other reasons to avoid soy altogether. Science has proven that soy is not the health food that everyone believes it to be, yet health “gurus” keep promoting it as the best thing since sliced bread. Be healthy, and avoid soybean oil and soy products!

  4. I was very disappointed when I went to get coffee creamer and the Organic Coffee creamer had organic soy been oil and soy lecithin among other perservatives. Organic or not it is still not healthy for you. Why would Whole Foods put there name on that product. Why can Coffee Mate come out with Natural Bliss and the only ingrediant's are Milk, Cream, Sugar and Natural Flavor. I asked an employee to see if they can start carrying the Coffee Mate so I would have a creamer I could buy when I go to Whole Foods. As I really get to know some of there products I'm really surprised and disappointed in some of the products that they would put there name on as being healthy.

  5. I wish you would open up a Whole Foods around the Mesquite, Texas area. We have to drive so far and alot of Mesquite people would love it!!!!!!! PLEASE

  6. After hearing the shocking cannibal story from Miami last week all over the news when someone high on bath salt acted like a dog chewing off another person's face, I walked into Whole Foods Market in Venice, California on Friday and, refusing to believe what I saw, there were 4 huge sacks filled with various types of bath salts placed in the main aisle for special promotional purposes with a salesman standing next to them. I have never seen bath salts being displayed in such quantities anywhere. Why NOW after the incredible incident in Miami? Obviously, Whole Foods Market is promoting the sale of bath salts so that more doglike people will be running around eating human flesh.

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