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  1. I would like to file a complaint on the Pharmacy and Manager Michelle Elloie store # 1432 Park Plaza Shopping CenterChalmette, LA 70043, for not wanting to honor my GoodRX prices and having a very nasty attitude about it. The comment was made that she would only give me the WinnDixie discount price and would not entertain GoodRX prices because she would not get anything off “those” rates. As a customer I am very disheartened and outraged at this poor customer service shown by a person in leadership. According to the GoodRX site WinnDixie is a participant and the medication prices that were quoted are significantly different. I have never experienced such bad customer service at a WinnDixie.

  2. Tried to order a couple of the wing platters from the deli in 17649 Gunn Hwy, Odessa, FL 33556. But when the worker finally answered it was with attitude. When I told him I was trying to place an order for wing the next day I got "JUESUS". I stated I could call back and speak to Sue the head of the deli if it was a bother and got "WHAT DO YOU WANT"… so yea not gonna get about a hundred bucks worth of commerce from me. Tried to get the manager on duty…… ten minutes of phone ringing and a transfer to another ringing phone. Granted this was about 8:10 PM and I bet the just really wanted to go home, but hey common now, is this how yall want to run a business in a competitive market?

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