WordPress Corporate Office Headquarters

WordPress Corporate Office Headquarters
Automattic, Inc.
60 29th Street #343
San Francisco, California 94110-4929 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-877-273-3049 (Voicemail Only)
Customer Service Number: Online Only

  • Curious about a marketing scheme that might be doing more harm than good for your company. Apparently it was someone's bright idea to create havoc on all the free hosted blogs with scrip errors that lock up IE browsers, Certificate Errors that render a blog unusable for VISITORS, and Malicous Adware loaded in the ads in attemps to extort blog owners into purchasing paid hosting. Just so you know it is driving potential customers and blog visitors like myself away from even wanting to click on and visit a site that has wordpress(dot)com in the URL period. Ads are one thing… malicious adware and script lock ups are over the top and a very poor unproductive marketing ploy. After visiting several blogs you host here, I would never ever consider getting one here. I don't even want to visit another blog site on your domain and server hosting again. And you can bet I am not the only one.

  • Why does wordpress hide behind emails? Are they incapable of speech? I requested a change of my email 3 years ago. Guess what? I'm still waiting. Now my password will not work on desktop/laptop computers but still works on my phone. No one at wordpress seems concerned

  • You are working with Bill's Friendly Auto Service in Albertson, NY. Last fall they were involved in an attempted identity theft. It's true, no scam. he knows it. Please see Bill's Friendly Auto Service/complaintboard and/mycarpro. Nothing has been compromised yet. But you may think twice about being involved with them (helping them with their website). The victim reported it. The police have the info. If anything happens in the future, all companies associated with them will be investigated to rule out any involvement. You have your reputation to behold. George (manager) 1-516-484-4155 and Bill (owner) 1-516-801-0548. If you want to talk to them directly. Please be safe.

    • Addendum: They were working with OUTOFTHEBLUE web builders (it is on the 'Malicious WebAttack' report.) last October. Then they switch to you. Coincidence? I think not. We warned OUTOFTHEBLUE and they were smart, they got out. Think about it

  • I want to switch shofarcorps.org to my account. Presently it is in account of shoforot@.com This domain is the premier shofar site in the world. We are a group. One person handed over the reins to me. Want to renew the domain listed below under another name – afinkle221@ I have an account with you afink221 Phone – e-mail- afinkle221@ Arthur Finkle

  • I would be more concerned that they publish your email address with every single comment you leave. This is the very same email address wherein the prompt reads: For notification only, will not be published.

    Are they insane?

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