WOW Corporate Office Headquarters

WOW Corporate Office Headquarters
Work Out World
1800 Route 34 North
Building 4, Suite 402
Wall, NJ 07719
Corporate Phone Sales Number: 1-888-564-6969
Customer Service Number: n/a

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    Mon, Oct 28, 2019 11:39 pm
    christaichi1959 ( Details
    I want to cancel my subscription. I have had 3 techs now all said different things was wrong last guy told me my laptop was not good enough??? I upgraded from 30 mbps to 100 and its been down hill since missed service calls leaving not returning giving me excuses I was only getting 15mbps last night I couldn't even watch amazon movie. I have lost money with all the outages we have had lately. My laptop works great took to friends house hooked up got 120mbps he only gets 94. then took to shop checked out they said wow is famous for telling you its your fault . I was so happy at 30 mbps but since then I am furious with Wow I do not want this service at all. Im done with waiting for tech to be told different story each time waiting on phone for hours . I must have over 5 hours of phone time or more since I "upgraded" more like degraded. I want out and total disconnect from your service. you have not fulfilled your part of the agreement I have been paying for `100 mbps and getting 18 to 50 the ladder was one night for like 2 hours. MY service is terrible I am losing money I sell on ebay and amazon and craigslist when I can't get online I lose money to be exact 3000 deal on eBay 2 weeks ago. I couldn't bid and my phone wouldn't get me to the right place. to sum it up I want to cancel everything I am not happy and want out . I have another company coming over this week to hook me up so you just let me use my last days of this month and cancel me. I will not be paying a early cancellation fee as my service records are in your files read them. I will call and talk to a manager tomorrow. I threw with this ridiculous redundant bull I keep getting excuses. Telling me my lapopt was bad my modem was bad (I even bought a new one it was worse) another 100 out of my pocket along with all the hassle and excuses I get. I was with you for years I raved about you got you so many customers . but you let me down and bad so just cancel me at end of month I am putting a stop to my auto pay . please forward this to the main office or CEO.]
    signed totally disgusted ex customer.
    chris white

  • Interesting who WOW and Comcast have exchanged positions. My WOW bill kept going up to over $200. A Comcast rep knocked on my door and I got a 2 year agreement for $165 a month. I left Comcast many years ago as there rates kept increasing. Comcast customer service was poor and now is quite good. WOW started out good but got progressively worse. For example, when I got the final bill from WOW it was for two days of service but charged at $66.36. I called and asked how this could be. The person I spoke with kept providing a different story. I asked 4 times for an itemized bill for the $66.36. At one point a disconnect fee was mentioned so I asked for a copy of the original contact showing I agreed to a disconnect fee. I finally asked to speak to a supervisor and was transferred but not to a supervisor but another rep (in Colorado Springs) so I had to go through the whole thing again and made the same request. Never got the itemized bill but did get a call from a collection agency! REALLY WOW. Don't make good on a very reasonable request but push it to a collection agency!! I went through the whole thing again with the collection agency and was told that I now need to put it in writing. So I did which makes it the sixth time for the same request. AWFUL customer service. I'd like someone from WOW corporate to email me and explain why I had to make so may requests for a very reasonable thing such as an itemized bill and why that was never done and sent this to a credit agency. Outside of this response to my request for this explanation, and I communicated this also to the collection agency, any further communication on this matter where I have to respond will be billed at $100 per hour with a minimum charge of one hour.

    • SORRY Wrong WOW. I meant to send to the WOW cable company. My apologizes to Work Out World! I'm sure you are wonderful people.

  • I am so upset with WOW – my father has immaculate degeneration and cannot see the buttons on his remote. I have talked to (5) people regarding this and no one is taking this to heart. I asked if I could buy one somewhere else and they couldn't suggest anything to me. I can't believe that WOW doesn't have anything for a 85 year old man that can't see his remote. So very upset – I believe that I should look at another company to help me with this.

    • I had the same problem with WOW. My 89 year old Mother can't see the buttons on her remote. If that's not frustrating enough, she needs two remotes. One to turn on the TV, and the other to change the channels. Hate WOW!!!

  • I"m very unhappy with your services department. I was given an interuption date of July 29th and on July 21st I'm interupted whats the deal with that. I do like the channels I get and the on demad, but for a valid customer for 5 yrs I get treated like this for a past due of 125 dollars thats not due till July 29th you can contact me at 7348189193. Your phone consultants are very rude I have never had problems in the past until today July 21st. Can we please solve this matter. Is this how you treat a retired US Navy and disabled Vetran this is pretty sad

  • Wow of Robbinsville, NJ stinks. They give you the run around when you want to cancel your contract even after your membership is over. Their staff and services is the worst. Specially the gym at Robbinsville, NJ. Very unpleasant employee, they all think that they are better. I was disgusted to go to the gym every day, just so that I don't have to see the staff.

  • Peabody location doesn't clean their facility.. They don't follow their rules that they posted.. There equipment is falling apart.. they tape corner beeds up which should have plaster screws.. The fire extinguisher fell off the wall and is placed on the floor because someone was too lazy or too stupid to fasten it the right way.. Barrells are always over flowing.. The night shift has no one working.. Customers walk around talking about how there is no one working.. It's been for months.. they should close down before someone gets hurt..

  • BEST internet/phone/cable ever. i am in a big area with LOTS of other companies/services to pick from…WOW is by far the all time BEST. excellent customer service, NEVER long waits for any questions or cable fix (bad weather here makes for tricky reception no matter what service you use). ALWAYS polite, quick to fix the issue and courteous. i would (and HAVE) told everyone about this company and how pleased i am. several have signed up and they are all equally as happy as i am. PROFESSIONAL installers and knowledgeable customer service people with actual TRAINING in how to handle any problem or question. SO GLAD THEY TOOK OVER the local smaller company we had before (although to be fair, the smaller local company was just as efficient, courteous, professional and fast to fix the few problems we ever had). WOW has done it all RIGHT…from hiring people that are actually IN this country, and training them properly and responding to any email questions in a 24 hr turn around. NEVER going back to another provider. just wish they also offered wi fi for my travels…..if they did, they really WOULD be all any household would need.

  • I called the WOW in Bellingham MA to ask what I needed to do to cancel my membership because I moved and there is no WOW near where I now live. I was told I only needed to bring proof of residency at my new address and my membership will be cancelled. I did as I was asked and that was in January. I am still being charged a monthly fee and they took out a renewal fee in February. They are refusing to refund my money and Im still fighting them to get my membership cancelled. I would NEVER recommend this gym to anyone and will try and talk everyone I can out of joining.

  • Don't sign up you can't cancel for any reason. Try reaching their headquarters before you do and you will never reach a human on the phone. They use a nasty collection agency to do all the phone calls to them. Good Luck I know I am going to need it. My son joined the Military and they still won't cancel!

  • just tried signing up in methuen ma worst experiance ever manger jamal micthel rude and didnt resolve problem at all. they offer free week pass on line said that was old . then said somebody else made that site up. the mangers and front desk have no idear what doing . not good with must loose out big time with workers like that.

  • I went to applebees in winchester virginia ….the one in front of walmart on rt 50 west Friday may 4 2012 …..I don't do the bloom very often this year we decided to ….so we started at applbees …..we went in before we went downtown ….it was so hot I don't know what the deal was with the ac ….but we had an awesome bartender or we would have left ….her name on the ticket said dianne a …..loved her ….if she wasn't our bartender this reveiw would have not been a good one …ac its hot hello ……we will be back to applebees because of dianne a ….thanks

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