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Xbox Corporate Office Headquarters

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Xbox Corporate Office Headquarters
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, Washington 98052-7329 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-425-882-8080
Fax Number: 1-425-706-7329
Xbox Customer Service Number: 1-800-469-9269
TDD: 1-866-740-9269

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Xbox keep charrging after i said no auto pay now i know no money was in my account but they say they gave me 2 months free and i didnt know because i knew wasnt any money n the account but guess wat they charing me 20 bucks for them months i knew nothing about. Then said they saw activities on my xbox. When and how??? Never played in 2 months and the first u didnt get a payment why give me another month????? Im not payin for it another lost customer. Corporate wake up…. lawsuits are cumming…….. make money or lose money…… these supervisors outhere takin advantage of people and yall not payin attention

Lets stop talking about lawsuit and make it happen or if one has been started where do I sign up?
I sent brand new Xbox One S in because it stopped working got it back in one week with note that warranty was voided because someone had tried to open it. I am 60 years old woman bought for my grandsons to play at my house. Believe me no one tried to open this Xbox called customer service to send it back and packed it up that night sent next day. received email that it was on its way back three days latter opened shipping box to read letter that Xbox warranty had been voided due to tampering. I called customer service again they sent me pictures of how Xbox was shipped to them.
I packed the Xbox in all its original packing materials and shipping box, they showed me pictures of Xbox and it looked lie it was bouncing around in packing box wanted me to contact Fedex to file a claim for damages and a close up picture that showed sticker n side of Xbox that had been peeled from the bottom voiding the warranty. When I challenge the CS and asked for a supervisor to speak with she hung up. I kept calling back until I thought a department Manager and still got nowhere. I honestly believe they tamper with Xbox to voided warranty and refuse repair.

My son had gotten an xbox live card for Christmas, and he had entered it on his xbox account. It was a 12 month card, once he entered the card and saw that it was working, he naturally as a normal person would do through the card out. As of last week the Xbox Live was missing from his account, through NO fault of his. They keep telling me they need the card numbers. Some of the reps had asked me for proof of purchase, which I have the receipt and the store activation receipt, but when I talked to Curt tonight, all he did was told me there was nothing that could be done, and he lied to me and told me he is a supervisor and another supervisor would tell me the same thing that there is nothing that can be done. YOU tell me where did his account go to? How do they have no record? Why would they not admit to a glitch in their system or a hack? WE chose Xbox over Play station but I guess that was a mistake. And seeing the number of complaints against them, I can only say they are a poor company and their customer service is horrible. They have not heard the last of me that's for sure. I can't stand when a company can only tell you what they can't do for you and basically too back you are a customer but we don't give a crap about you-that makes us lots of money by purchasing our products. This situation sucks.

I recently sent in an Xbox One S that quit working called customer service and tech suggested that the built in surge protector had burned up do to the fact I had plugged it into another surge protector apparently it is best to plugged in to the electric socket directly.
I was sent shipping label to return for repair or replacement. I unplugged the Xbox from the TV and placed in original box and shipping box, Xbox was returned within one week wrapped in bubble wrap and a note that reported the Xbox had been tampered with or Serial Number altered which voided warranty. Which I had done nothing to this Xbox at all. The fact that it was returned in other packaging makes me wonder if this is my original Xbox at all? I wonder if the Techs are trained to void the warranty so as they send letter refusing to repair or replace unit.
I am contacting corporate today for some type of resolution. I am spitting mad.

I spent an hour tonight (11/10/2016) on the phone with Kirsten trying to get a billing issue resolved. Kirsten was trying to get a supervisor to assist but they said I had to wait another 30 minutes. At that point (11:25pm EST) I told Kirsten that this was TOTALLY unacceptable and I want the supervisor to call me back when I'm available – 10am EST. I will also be calling the Corporate office first thing tomorrow to file a formal complaint with my case #. Let's hope the supervisor calls me first…

My son's xbox was hacked. Xbox won't do anything to help. I spent 4 hours on with them, and nothing. They can't find his usertag or account on THEIR side of the system, but it is me that has to pay for it. They declined to help us. Declined? Then you say I can go on and look at my subscription and transaction history in the next sentence, but my account is wiped on THEIR side of the system. I can't log on to look at my account!!!!!! How do you propose that I do that very thing? I now have 3 charges that hit my card for items that I didn't buy, while I was on the phone with xbox live telling them that our usertag has an email that isn't ours. We never got anything noting that I had "changed" my email on my usertag. And my usertag is wiped off their system. I have pictures of the user tag from my side of the system, that supposedly doesn't exist. I have pictures of games that are under that usertag too. I can't believe that when we now have to create a brand new account that we will now lose all those games I purchased. I can't believe that they won't even give him those games again under a new usertag and xbox live account. I'd love to fill out your survey! I can't believe that you don't stand by and make a loyal customer whole when they have purchased tons of games and systems. This has to be the most frustrating thing ever! All they keep saying is we can't find that usertag, can't find that account, can't find your credit card being used. Really, deny deny deny is all they say! Beyond pissed, especially this all happened on my son's birthday. Great way to end his birthday in tears because his xbox was hacked and they wouldn't help him not even a little!

Xbox had a system update which shut down my whole console now there saying I have to pay to get it repaired I've been a loyal customer for years and I just don't think I should pay for what there update messed up I should switch to PlayStation

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