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  • Yahoo Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Yahoo Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Yahoo Corporate Office Headquarters HQ


701 First Avenue

Sunnyvale, California 94089 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-408-349-3300

Fax Number: 1-408-349-3301

Email: info@yahoo.com

Stock Symbol: YHOO

Yahoo is famous for internet search, portal sites and internet advertising. Yahoo one of the world’s premier internet companies.

Yahoo’s Customer Service Phone Number is 1-866-562-7219 . Also, they do offer technical support and help through forums, email and the internet.

Yahoo Corporate Office
Yahoo Corporate Offices


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  1. I can't access my yahoo account/mail account though the login screen. I keep getting invalid password which was saved along with my userId. The mobile phone I have listed to retrieve my password reset through text messing is no longer a valid mobile phone number which means I can't reset my password that way. I tried call the yahoo customer service number 1-866-562-7219 which connected me to a medical/service alert bracelet company. I need to talk to a human to resolve this password problem. Please send me the correct customer service phone number.

  2. You recently "updated" the E-mail accounts. Since that time I've had nothing but trouble sending photos with my e-mails. Sometimes not even ONE photo can be sent. Can I get my old version of Yahoo e-mail back? Or Fix this one? It's defective and not up to standard.

  3. THIS COMPANY HAS NO BUSINESS HOLDING OUR ACCOUNTS CAPTIVE. Like most of the complaints below, I too am locked out of my email account. Someone else used my phone number and the old aol account is no longer valid. So, I have no way to pass the gates. They won't accept my password and keep me going around in circles until I want to scream. YAHOO IS WRECKING HAVOC ON ALL MY SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS. I can't just change my email without going into yahoo. A BUNCH OF YAHOOS…name well chosen. IF I KNEW ASKING FOR HELP, I'D DO IT. Here goes: HELP

  4. Yahoo has been so unhelpfull in E-mail I have spent 3 hours of my time to recover my account. I have called their office and I was just sent to a help recording . This is sad for Yahoo

  5. I cannot find any direct to Yahoo EMail Technical Support but only third party fixers that want to charge outrageous prices and they say Yahoo has no Technical Support direct, is that true?

  6. I can tell you all one thing, Yahoo executive's are scrabbling to get as much money in their pockets due to all the complaints they're receiving. Yahoo knows it's DOOMED and will be crashing within the next few months. People are leaving Yahoo. Their not worth it.

  7. Really tired of all the Liberal articles you keep posting in the news feed. Half of the are the Opinion of someone and not actual news. If this continues my family will be moving to a search provider that is not a liberal tool.

  8. you have blocked my emails I have had a account for years. I tried to fill out the form for a new password I have a land line only. I used the same email address I have used for years and now it shows its not valid either. please erase your blocks and let me go back to the way it was I need to see my emails thanks jcirclet@yahoo.com

  9. The 866 number at the top of this page "has been disconnected; no further information on that number is available."

    I reported a glitz in the yahoo support groups three days ago. I'll repeat it here where there might be a Yahoo techie who is alive and well and is actually sympathetic with yahoo users' problems:

    MOONGLOWPLANET yahoo group is experiencing a technical meltdown. There are now 22 pending messages that I cannot "open" as the MORE bar containing "approve," "reject," and the 3 dots for editing is missing. I cannot skip the first message to the other pending messages.

    I wonder if yahoo techs have the know-how to correct this problem?


  10. Why did you discontinue the Comments feature in the News articles. This was a TOP FEATURE and you discontinued it. Makes no sense. I know you may not care what your clients think or say as evidenced by the increase advertising propaganda, d/c comments and the like but a clear cogent answer would be nice. I, like so many others, am considering leavin Yahoo. Smarten up …..

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