Yellow Cab Corporate Office Headquarters

Yellow Cab Corporate Office Headquarters
Yellow Cab Chicago
2231 South Wabash Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60616 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-312-881-3186
Customer Service: 1-312-881-3186
Phone Number for Taxi Service: 1-312-829-4222

  • The automatic system tells you 5 minutes you call back to find out if the cab is on the way and it's another 15 to 20 minutes when you talk to an operator and then when you talk to an operator they have no clue as to what's going on

  • Companies like Uber and Lyft are not ruining your business. Your cab drivers and employees who are not empowered to do anything are. Your drivers here in South Florida are dangerous and do not have any regard for the traffic laws or the lives of the pedestrians here in the city. I am in Fort Lauderdale Florida. I've lived here for about 8 years and have watched so many of your drivers weaving in and out of traffic without signaling, failing to yield right of way, running red lights, making unsafe illegal U-turns, and inching closer and closer to pedestrians who are not clearing the cross walk fast enough for them to turn.

    3 years ago, I called and filed a formal complaint regarding one of your drivers who was speeding down a two lane road with speed humps without any regards for the pedestrians that were walking along the side of the road that evening, including myself and my son (7 years old at the time). The road was a dead end and on his way back out, he passed multiple other pedestrians without moving over. I walked across the street and flagged him down. He slowed down, but rather than stopping, he hit me with his car. HIT ME. I told him he needed to stop speeding through the neighborhood and that I was reporting him. When I called, I was on the phone for over an hour trying to file a complaint.

    This morning, I'm on my way to work and Cab number 239 tried to pass me on a service road, not once, but twice. Pedestrians are all over this road every morning. I travel this road 5-6 days a week to get to work. When I stopped to get his cab number, he laid on his horn. I called the local number to report him and was on hold waiting for a manager for 15 minutes before being transferred to another customer service representative, who finally transferred me to a Supervisor. I was advised that the Manager would not be in until 1pm. How do you not have a manager on duty at all times?

    As a result of my experiences and watching your drivers over the years, I will never sit in one of your cabs. Before Uber and Lyft, I called car companies or got rides with friends. My friends don't take cabs because they say the drivers are rude, rarely speak coherent English, and the cabs always smell terrible. Maybe if fix these things, your business would be more lucrative.

  • I believe the owner of the yellow cab franchise in OKLAHOMA city should be investigated by your corporate people. She is losing a lot of business because of her poor practices and treats her employees and drivers with gross disrespect.

  • I've had several of my employees take the Yellow cabs and lately, aside from all the complaints in this column, they've been given receipts that don't reflect the right amount charged on their credit cards (Usually the basic amount + 15% gratuity). I called about 20 times to speak to a supervisor or someone from accounting department to obtain a receipt showing the right amount…nothing. I'll end up contesting the charge to get my receipts?

  • Yellow cab is a freaking joke to me I swear as if this disrespectful, rude ass, ungrateful drivers don't need our money to pay their bills. I called for a cab this morning to make it to work on time and as soon as I asked the driver to take the interstate he got a complete attitude and continuously tells me to relax. When I reply with that's not nice he takes it upon himself to call me stupid. I have been in the customer service field a long time now and that was very very very very poor customer service and I ask myself now why is Yellow Cab even in business still? They're ALWAYS late and I mean 30+ minutes or more. How dare you catch an attitude with me and call me stupid after being 35 minutes late but put a smile on your face when wanting to collect my money. I wont stop until his ass is suspended or fired my lawyer has already been contacted. This is freaking crazy and he had the right one this morning. To whom ever it may concern I so highly suggest these comments do not go unnoticed or swept under the rug because for that reason is why companies like Uber and Lyft are taking over.

  • I need to know who I can talk to about yellow cab in Troy NY 12180 and if they got a number I can call about they outrage prices

  • I spoke to Kurt in the Frederick MD office , first of all he was very rude and indignant.
    when I asked to speak to Ashley(I was told was supervisor) he said she was not there. I asked to speak to the manager unless I told him what the call was about he would not let me speak to the manager, I said I was calling to make a customer complaint and he said who is this reference to. All the while I am speaking to the manager and do not know it. he was not going to give the manager until he know who so I said my brothers name and he then says to me , that calling my brother who is not mentally retarted , was acceptable and to paraphrase he was not apologizing for that, as he put it he was not wrong.That is just the tip of the iceberg, this company has a few drivers that basically stole from my brother because they would intentionally get lost and charge my brother for their mistake .
    I'm calling a lawyer to find out how I can handle this situation ,because its obvious there is no talking to this Kurt(general manager)

  • Huntington Beach, Ca

    I had the a terrible experience with a dispatcher from Yellow Cab on 2/20/16 so no wonder that customers are turning to Uber & Lift for their transportation needs.

    Case in point, I had arranged in the morning of 2/20/16 for a drop off & pick-up at a location in Newport Beach. However, the driver who was scheduled to pick us up was late and clueless about where we needed to go. Then when the event was over a driver was never scheduled to pick us up and when I phoned the dispatcher was rude to me and claimed that I must have called another taxi service by accident.

    We ended up having a friend hail an Uber and got home that way. So, I find it difficult to have any sympathy for all of the loss in business that is being reported in the news because clearly keeping your customer's happy is not a priority.

  • Hi how you doing? i live in west dallas. I called a cab to come pick me up at 931 Muncie Ave Dallas TX 75212. The cab number is 922. My mother saw the cab and told us to come on and the cab pulled off. As my brother flagged him down he pulled off. Also the supervisor Ted was very rude and unprofessional. I really feel that it was unfair and u feel some action ir consequences should be taken. If you have any questions or concern please give me a call at 2144622273 thank you

  • I called yellow cab in Atlanta yesterday to have a cab pick me up 6 am this morning,the dispatcher said that the driver will call me when they are on the way, after twice this morning, the dispatcher says they don't have cabs in my area I need to find a ride

  • 4/20/2015 one of your Armenian cab drive in a van license plate #41384K1 in a parking garage with his two thug criminal sons checking the car door of multiple cars to try to break into the cars parked in the garage to burglurize,.steal from their cars. My car was one of them.steal. I called the police when I caught these criminals trying to break into my own car and other cars regular..The two thug criminal sons hide out in the parking lot trying to break into car parked. Their father was their look out at 1:00 am in the morning hiding around the parking garage looking for traffic, instructing his two thug sons to seal while he was the look out hiding behind a pillar in the elevator area.

  • I had a Yellow Cab pick me up in Denver and told him I had 10 minutes to get to an important appointment. He didn't start the meter and in poor English said "10 dollars, 10 dollars" and since I was already running late, I didn't complain. He dropped me off about 6 blocks from my destination (on a snowy day) and said "You get out, I go to airport!" When I complained saying I had even paid him extra and it was only 6 more blocks he just kept shaking his head saying, "No. Get out, I go to airport. That big money." I told him that he was a greedy m—–f—– and suggested he return to Somalia. Surprise, surprise…even after running those 6 blocks I was still late for my appointment and the business had already locked its doors. They come here, don't learn the language very well and then rip us off any chance they get. Oh well, karma's a b—- and it'll catch up to him.

  • OMG!! got cut off by cab 1298 in phoenix I beeped at him and he flipped me off!!!!!!! So I call to complain and get a I guess what they call customer service rep who hears I want to talk to a supervisor and she doesn't say anything just puts me on hold for 27 frickin min!!! and yes I was stubborn enough to wait!!!!!! Very very very unprofessional set up!! Wont be using them again!

  • yellow cab in El Paso , same as Checker cab, very unprofessional and shoddy business practices. Lost lense in cab for my prescription glasses which will cost me $200.00 to replace. Dispatcher would not let me talk to a manager kept me on hold 15 different times kept giving me the run around. Cab drivers extremely ignorant probably driving without drivers licenses.

  • Just wondering if you guys are corporate for Yellow Cab….How can someone use your company name and not run the company colors by making all their cabs yellow……If they are a franchise I would think they would have to paint all their cabs to go with corporate colors…..Just a question I was wondering…Thank you

  • I was rudely treated by the dispatcher who was on at 6:10 pm, who even pretended not to hear me. We were also told that all the independent cab drivers in San Antonio, Texas were refusing to go to The HEB Store on Fredricksburg Rd, San Antonio, Tx to pickup. Me and my roommates at the group home I stay at are high volume customers of yellow cab and didn't deserve such rude treatment, The manager of The HEB finally helped us out for I was getting sick.

  • I completely agree about branson yellow cab.I think its same ladies she was extremely rude.called me went off on me and hung up! After I had been waiting for 4hours! Extremely in professional!! And I been using that cab service as a local for several years not anymore!!!!

  • Branson mo yellow cab dispatcher. Needs to be fired worse service I have ever had in my life. And I am in the hospitality business. Don't know her name but she was working late friday night aug 30th 2013

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