Yes Communities Corporate Office Headquarters

Yes Communities Corporate Office Headquarters
2401 15th Street #350
Denver, Colorado 80202 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-303-483-7300
Customer Service Number: 1-303-483-7300

  • Management was in to a home that I pay rent at unannounced while I'm asleep from working a graveyard shift. Total BS,disrespectful and invasion of my privacy.

  • I live in indianapolis indiana, i rent a lot from Yes communities in Valley Brook mobile home community, i am buying a home from them however i am still being looked at as a low life trashy trailer park renter by the 3rd management company that has been in charge of this place, for the past 2 yrs i have practically begged all 3 management companies to take care of this lot that i am renting from them but all i ever hear is WE WILL PUT IN A MAINTENANCE REQUEST and then nothing ever gets done, so i took it upon myself with the help of my 3 sons to cut trees, plant grass, remove algae from the trees and ground and other misc. things all of which has taken its toll on me and my kids because the lot itself is quite large compared to other lots where you only have a small yard to deal with, i chose this lot because its in the corner in the back section away from others and i was not stuck inbetween two other properties, but i had no idea that i would have to maintain the upkeep of the lot by myself, i am older now and have many health issues that i am dealing with that makes it hard for me to do manual labor like i did when i was young, and even with the help of my kids it still took us weeks to get it all done not to mention i was spending out of my pocket for the things that should have been taken care of by the owners or in the least the management company, on top of that i was paying $459 for lot rent when i first took possession of this property, and now its went up to $559 per month, on top of the fact that i also have to pay gas, electric, water and sewer/ trash removal, behind my home there is a small section of woods that hasnt been maintained in years, surrounding my home is a line of very large trees that also has been maintained so the large branches are hanging over my property and every time is storms there are large sections of the branches that fall off the trees and hit my home, so far there has been no damage done to the property but its just a matter of time, also the lot floods with at least 3 inches or more of water every time it rains, so i have algae growing on the trees, my home and the ground itself, the wild animals that have made these woods behind my home their home creep under my home and try to burrow themselves into the insulation but i managed to stop that pretty quick but not until one crawled up there and died stinking up my home for weeks, so for the amount of money i am paying i should have no issues with management or the owner fixing these issues, i recently had some words with this management company and threatened to take it to court over this lot rent and their lack of willingness to maintain this lot despite repeated notification of these issues, i spoke with the the community coordinator JILL and she was pretty rude and very unwilling to work with me on these issues, my wife is the head of household at the moment so we are surviving on one income, she was sick for a week which put us behind on our bills and instead of being understanding and helpful jill chose to add to our situation and charge us a $50 dollar late fee on top of a $10 month to month fee for not signing a lease with them of which we have repeatedly asked for a lease to sign so we wouldnt have to pay any extra and they have never given us a new lease despite asking for it numerous times, so $60 on top of $589 lot rent is just asking far to much especially when they dont take care of issues that arise with the property ,so a taking it to court is still on the back burner but i thought i would give it one last shot by calling corporate to speak with someone with some real authority before i move forward with legal action, so i called today and left a message, but after reading some of the comments i dont have my hopes up, so i guess i will have to wait to see what happens.

  • i see the truth, suppressed. i exposed unlawful practices and it was deleted. extortion is illegal. Even in Snellville georgia

  • My family is currently being extorted by the Snellville GA office. we fell behind in a couple mortgage payments, and made arrangements to pay. we were told we needed to pay the 2 payments plus the next that was not yet due. we gave them $2000.00, 2 weeks ago, which was all our funds. this caused our electric bill to be fall short, at which time the lights were shut off. i borrowed against my next paycheck, got the lights back on, and now, 2 weeks later they feel the need to evict us. they say we owe them 1200.00 (lot fee plus the next that is NOT YET DUE). Can these SUB HUMANS charge for money that is NOT YET DUE?

  • I don't understand, Yes communities owns 2 trailer parks here in Gainesville, while Hidden Oaks is ran right, they care about their residents, fix stuff that breaks, whereabouts Palms of Archer doesn't give two craps, they don't fix crap, trailers falling apart,I have proof and pictures, Maintenance man told me once skirting goes up, they don't fix crap under trailers, Black Mold in walls, holes in roof, they don't care about residents, give eviction notices out if you are half a month's late with your rent,or if your lease is up, even though you pay first, last, and a deposit to move there. rent goes up every year, they charge more for water than G.R.U. does, they false advertise, they make you think you are getting a good deal when your not, they keep your deposits for normal wear and tear. The money you pay for rent isn't worth living in those trailers!! My advice, don't move there!!

  • It is sad to see that all of Yes Communities are having the same problems, where I live we had a really good manager that was trying to help clean up the community and really listened to the residents. Guess what she got fired.

  • Acworth GA office never answers there phone. And every time I a walk in the office there is no customers inside? We need new staff in the office.

  • I would really like to here how a community that says they are here for families can be run by two faced managers that just come into our yard and tare out any personality of who not only live but bought there homes and every year lot rent goes up and we can do nothing to our areas to enjoy especially when the things that are being removed from our areas are the same things that a we have been paying lot rent to be out in the office areas we have been here since 2004 and we've been told that other families are like why can they have this or that in our yard well being them over let us see these so called other families that don't like nice looking yards and as two disabled people I am being told I can't have a gazebo so I can be outside and stay out of direct sunlight because of diabetes and also because of some of the meds I take plus I can't have stronger furniture because they don't like the way it looks but I need to to my size and nurve damage i would really like to hear from someone about my concerns 904-714-5316 Bryan D. Placeres

  • Arlington Lakes in Arlington Texas. Signed lease 5/19/16 site unseen when working in California moved with my Daughter and Grand-daughter moved in 6/21/16. While unpacking I see roaches coming out of the floor duct work. Stopped unpacking proceed to the store to purchase three bug bombs. Left the house for three hours to discover windows in the house don't open and half the windows are missing screens. Been here nearly 12 months final got someone at the office to get a professional exterminator to the house….After exhausting nearly $500 dollars for 10 months fighting with roaches… WHO the hell lives like this?? OH well guess what – Roaches still exist are coming out of the walls, floor ducts, bottoms of cupboards. In the mean while among all the other issues living here the raccoon YES I said raccoons are as big as dogs!!!! I have had to even strap my trash can closed because the raccoons are so big I have watched them open the trash barrels. At night laying in bed I can hear them under the trailer One night there must have been a couple raccoons under the trailer that scared my daughter and I so bad we meet in the middle of the house for me to proceed out the front door…. Called cooperate office when I discovered all these issues with the "YES COMMUNITY LOCATIONS" OMG we need to band together some how and do something about all these Trailer parks….

  • I live in the Deer Hurst mobile community in Wendell, N.C owned by YES Communities. Aside from the many problems I have now and have had since I moved in with my trailer; the lack of care for severe mold issues, inadequate maintenance repairs to the interior, and failing to replace the heating and air system and all the lines as they have been informed which I receive extremely high energy cost because of, and over all violations of their own lease agreement, on top of the constant, unnecessary lot rent increases. Their maintenance man was identified as the person who hit my son's parked car with a backhoe on Tuesday while they were pulling out a trailer and cleaning debris behind my trailer while I was not at home. My son's parked car windshield, side view mirror was damaged, also dented and left with the paint, and heavy dirt on the driver side of the car from the piece of equipment. Two neighbors witnessed the incident and reported it to the police and to the property manager in front of the officer. Not to mention, the evidence on the car and surrounding the car supporting their story, not their employees story.The police told them they would have to pay for it, but they have been telling them what they think they want to hear without following through with paying for the estimate for the repairs. Now they are telling lies, and inspecting my home every month versus every quarter, as it has been, to find a way to worm their way out of it as it seems they try to do everything else by using deceitful and unethical methods. The district manager, Greg, was rude, nasty, disrespectful, and thought it was funny when I told him they were going to pay for the damages their employee caused to my son car. They continue to lie to law enforcement proclaiming they are taking care of it, but yet telling me they are not going to pay for the damages their employee caused. I called corporate office to request their insurance information and of course no call back. Corporate office risk management, Maria Mancinelli, District Manager, Greg, Property Manager, Teosha Green all also fail to provide me with YES Communities insurance information for a claim to be filed for the damages to be taken care of or just take care of paying for the estimate damages straight-out themselves, so I can get his car fixed.They continue to say I need to contact my insurance company when they know they are suppose to provide their information just as I provided me and my sons, although the car was parked when it was damaged.I am really sick of these people talking to me like I am stupid and I do not know that NC is a Fault state. By which they are at fault.

  • On complaint dated January 21, 2017, I forgot to list the community I live in, which is the "Windy Meadow" community in Schertz, Texas.

  • The "YES" Corporation is not doing their job. Why do you raise the rent each year so much? Some people in this park only have Social Security and won't be able to stay here if this keeps up. We have never had a corporation before you raise the rent $20 each year. We haven't gotten a raise from Social Security in 2 years, but have an increased rent of $40. You sure are making a profit off of the people and some are so poor they can't afford the raises in rent. The park is run down and the corporation does nothing to improve it. There are kids here that run all over peoples yards and nothing is done. Some dogs are running loose without a leash and running through gardens that some people here try to fix up and doing their business in their yards. What are you trying to do, run people out of here? You people have shown that you don't really care about the communities or the people in it. All about money, isn't it! You will have to answer to our maker someday. Looks like it does no good to talk to you anyway. Examine your conscience!

  • Seems like all their locations are crooked. We moved from one location they bought out in Denton tx because we were buying a home and went to there new lease signing meeting only to be told we were renting. We were told that according to the previous manager that we only put $870 for deposit when we paid $2370 for deposit in money order. We were told there was no proof and they also said we didn't pay in money order, that we paid in cash. I told them they were lying because I paid every payment to them in a money order. I was then told it doesn't matter because even if I had the money order receipt it didn't matter because the previous lease said I paid $870. We then decided to move after paying our rent for the month. We started to move the 2 week of the month and a employee of the park saw us. That day we got home after moving a few things and they turned our water off. Even though our rent was current and there was no new lease signed. Crooks. A year after we moved from there to a new park, we found out they now owned the park we live in. Guess what. There has been no change. They are still crooks looking for every reason to charge someone with fine. Worst place to live.

  • If you only knew what a single parent of 3 is going through do to hiding from my husband that beats me to a place that I pay rent to wants to deny my rent ans try to evict me. It is beyond me…

  • I live at Lakewood Estates in Royse City, TX and I cannot understand why nothing has been done with this awful community manager that we have. There have been many complaints about Mark Ross but seems that nothing is being done. This is a horrible excuse for a human being, he yells, cusses, belittles and threatens the residents here. I personally saw him scream at a senior citizen over a $50 mowing charge, that poor woman was humiliated in front of others. There is no excuse for that at all. If anyone is considering coming to this community, I urge you to look elsewhere. Unless you enjoy having an emotionally disturbed community manager.

  • I have recently moved into the Glenview Community in Midwest City, Oklahoma. I couldn't be happier here. The manager has been so extremely helpful when purchasing my home and has always addressed my concerns immediately. She is always readily available to help when needed. The park is so neat and clean and well kept and gives a very inviting atmosphere. I checked out the other Yes! Communities before settling here and I'm so glad this is the one I picked. Thanks for a great place to call home.

  • I live at the Yes! Communities off 103rd in Woodland Estates and I would like to file a complaint against the leasing agents in the leasing office. if someone could please answer the phone. I do not want to give out my number on a public website but please email me at to get in contact with me, that would be great. Thank you in advance. I have some legal issues as well that I would like to speak to you about.

  • i live in the glenview yes community in midwest city oklahoma about a month ago they fired a good maintance man said the parks looked bad now they hired some kid and he knows nothing about maintance the manager and the maintance kid stay in the office with the door locked and the shades pulled guess whats going on this place sucks i am a home owner but dont have the money to move or i would nothing gets fixed the grass is as high as the fence skunks and other animals come into my yard the fence is falling down and brush is piled high someone could start a fire
    i would not recomend anyone to rent from this company i kept telling them my home needed leveled but they said it was not in the budget so when i bought my house i leveled it myself i wouldnt care if all the managers and maintaince get fired because they all suck anyway not a good place for family nothing for the kids to do i have cameras on my home and record all actions i pay to much money for my stuff to get stolen lets all see if we cant get something done wity yes communities

  • Health hazards confirmed by professional inspector, Lisa from the Tyler,TX office is well aware of the many many issues since day 1 of me moving in.. Mold, mildew, allergens and utilities still not working no dryer vent so my home is smothered with heat when trying to do laundry carpet has mold,mildew and smells of death, my heater pilot which still does not work has mildew,allergens and balls and balls of lint which the inspector told Lisa himself this was not healthy for my kids or myself to breathe. Not to mention my vents in my home are not secure my child tripped over one the other day and it came out!!!! I had to buy and change my own locks because they had no keys….. I AM MEETING WITH MY ATTORNEY ABOUT THIS WITH PHONE LOGS,SIGNED STATEMENTS AND PICTURES FROM DAY 1 THIS WILL NOT BE BRUSHED TO THE SIDE

  • I live in the Four Seasons community in Fayetteville, GA and it is so beyond the ideal place to live I CANNOT wait for my lease to be up so I can move out. I have problems in my trailer that were promised to be fixed when I moved in a year ago and have not been done. I had a really bad mold issue that took them 3 months to fix and that was only AFTER I threatened to contact the Health Dept. Now I have a water leak that is running my water usage extremely high and after last month when I asked them about it I was told I do not have a leak – well guess what I do have a leak and there is no way they did not see it. I have always paid my bill on time but do they fix anything on time? NO!!!

  • I just moved my home from mesquite green's in Dallas TX to a totally different park that's not a yes community and I would never recommend anyone to live in a yes community management sucks and lies all the time and they tell you it will take 30 day's to get your deposit back it didn't take me 30 days to pay my deposit .Y'all are slum lords and a sorry community

  • MUST READ!!!! Your well being is at hand.

    There are a lot of illegal immigrants living in the Yes Communities. The crime is out of this world. You will get burglarized in broad day light, while gone. Office managers receive incident reports from the police and are informed of crimes being committed on property but never alert tenants. They will put a letter with painters tape on your door to alert you to cut your grass or pay your rent. But will not alert you of burglaries or sex offenders living on property! Maintenance are on property all day, yet they do not see nor know of any burglaries, then go the manager and indicate that someone was at the tenants home, but assumed it was a "family member" (putting two big flat screen tv's into a car!) then leaving the front door wide open. hum??? The ladies at the office NEVER answer the phone, nor return calls per all tenants on property; perhaps because the value they see in an undocumented family or the elderly receiving Social Security benefits!? There is sewer water through out the entire property where serious injuries have occurred. PLEASE DO NOT take this lightly, There are serious matters that are not being taken care of. This has been going on for too long. THE TENANTS DO NOT HAVE A VOICE HERE! The community is more concerned about collecting rent and fees and will walk up to your door to collect those fees but do not care nor do they know???? BURGLARIES ARE OCCURRING!!! Then they will ask if the tenant wants HELP with "boarding up windows" all while the maintenance men ARE aware of these break ins. (perhaps they are undocumented as well?) No one sees, hears nor knows anything according to the office manager. DO NOT TRUST this community.

  • Yes communities is the worst place to live. In one of my bedroom their was water leaking in the walls which caused black mold. (Thank God that I have pictures and documentation on how long I been requesting it to be fixed) Also, my thermostat was broken for months which caused me and high electric bill. I have called the property manager and sent several emails regarding my bill, but instead they continue to post on my door Gold Key inspection notices (which they come and still don't fix anything. This is first and last time renting a trailer especially from this company. Right now I am force to seek legal advice because they quick to send you court papers for being late on rent, but won't send no one to fix thing that need to be fixed for months. I am also going to contact the better business bureau and code enforcement for the mold that I have in my child's room that have been there for months and he continues to get sick. This is just sad…. The prices they charge is not worth it.

  • I have lived in Burntwood Yes! Community since Oct 2012. The first year I was on a contract. After that, it was month to month. My rent has went from $750.00 a month, to $1,025.00 a month. They say no loose or unattended pets are allowed, but yet I still see loose dogs all the time. Also, no parking of hauling trailers on or around home. See that all the time too. No parking on grass…again all the time. No outdoor furniture allowed, or basketball goal, trampolines, swings, etc…see all the time. Why do rules only apply to some people and not everyone? Every time I call or stop at the office to have something looked at, they never show. I reported my ceiling fan was going out for months, and it was the same story…we will send someone out. No show as always. Fan finally went out, and I went to office, and they ask me why I never reported it? I finally got new fan a week later. We are now with our 4th managers.(Karen Christenson).I am paying $100.00 a month pet deposit for the 2 dogs,2 cats I have. Feb 19th, they came to do an "inspection", and the first thing she asked me was "what 2 animals are you getting rid of?". Then she procededs to talk to me like I was a child. I am 55 yrs old, and not stupid! They are wanting people to buy the homes so they don't have to do so much. I would not recommend YES! Communities to anyone! They are rude and a rip off!

  • I am not satisfied with the service here. They tell you not to park on the grass but then you have foreigners parking on the grass because the workers failed to put the trailors in a way where the foreigners would have space to park their vehicles. They threaten you that they are going to tow your vehicles but they do not give you a solution to fix the problem. They need to really think about what they are doing before everyone loses their jobs and they are out of business. I will be taking legal actions and something will be done or else

  • I am not satisfied with the service here. They are not very friendly. They constantly tell to fix things that they messed up. This is not a fancy neighborhood where you pay HOA FEES!!!!!!! THIS IS A TRAILOR PARK (keyword trailors). If things do not change I will take matters take legal actions amd something will be done

  • oceanway village- jacksonville florida
    I paid my rent on December 7th through the drop box, i have both receipts and the transaction is still on my checking account, I got a notice on December 14th saying I still owe 286 dollars and it needs to be paid or we are getting evicted so right away I called the front office where I spoke to Laquan and she tells me they have my money orders and laura had to to a different community to process the money order because their machine is down and to just disregard the letter, my room mate got a text from laura saying that we need to pay the reamining 286 dollars immediately so i drive to the front office at 530 to see what is going on, we walk in and speak with laquan where she denies ever speaking to me (its on my bill that we spoke on 12-14 at 430 for 3 minutes) and that they have had this issue before and to contact western union, and as long as i can prove im working to find the money order then upper managment will work with me, I call western union where i find out the money order was not processed and i need to mail in a report with a 30 fee, i call the front office again and this time i speak to laura where she says that i need to pay the balance now and that there is nothing she can do about the lost money order, this same office lost a money order of mine and tried to say we did not pay but eventually found that they credited it to the wrong lot number, i feel that these people have an extremely huge amount of lack of communication and are not fit to run this community. my ice maker went out in august and was told by laura its not in her budget to fix it but i guess it has to be in my budget to pay for my rent that i already paid because they lost the money order AGAIN, they need to get there stuff together.
    ashley robichaux

  • I live in florence south Carolina at southern pines. And every year my lot rent goes up. I am trying to figure out why the lt rent needs to go up. The lot is not big enough for me to rurn my ass around on. I think that this company is putting the money in their pockets.

  • They can't do that. File a complaint with the Department of Labor, Wage and Hourly Division. Watch how fast that check is released!!!!!!

  • I wrote a letter to corporate to talk to someone about their property in Florida. It had been 2 weeks, and I never heard about status of my application. Every time I called location in FL the workers gave me a run around and no information. Instead of someone in corporate calling me, they sent the letter to the manager in FL. When I called again, she was very rude and verbally assaulted me because she was angry I wrote a letter to corporate. This resulted in her denying my application for no reason. Not a company I want to rent from.

    • Trust me, getting denied is the best thing that will happen to you this year. I regret it daily. worst place I have ever rented and I am in one in FL.

  • i own my own home too and I went to the office hear wear I live and I asked them a bout the tree in my yeard I got told I have to cut it down my self or hire some one to do it my contrat only seas I am responsible for what I plant and I was just told that im the one that has to cut tree braches down on the tree in the emty lot next to me and that's not my job so the yes headquartes need to do some thing a bout theas trailercourts in siouxcity ia

    • I too live in Meadow Glen park and just received a water and sewage bill that is way 300 dollars more then normal are you experiencing the same problem?

    • i have been getting charged for 15000 yes 15 thousands gallons of water a month for about a year now contacted the front office they said it was normal, a bunch of idiots, then i called corporate and what do i get no answer

  • Took us over a year to get a trash can with wheels, They fixed a water leak in our back yard three months ago, but never filled in the hole. I guess they are waiting for the pipe to freeze so they can do it again. Rent is due on the first of month, but bill never arrives before the first. Oklahoma

  • Well let me say..Tallview in Sioux City sucks too. We are paying for a manager and she has a sign up that the office will be closed for a while….been over 6 weeks now. Why am I paying her? And Yes doesn't care that she isn't here.

  • This is like reading the story of our lives…We are owed money for a referreral…it has been 4 months now…the last 2 months our rent was 1 penny short ( yes, you read that right) so we had to buy an extra money order cause they don't take credit or debit cards here…this month I got the most for $2 extra… was 4 cents short because the sewer was more….so another money order…we have to do this because our rent paper is never put on our door til the last minute…we have never had our carpet cleaned..we've been here 3 yrs..they won't spray for bugs anymore…and we have 2 outlets that have been without power since day 1…..

  • File a complaint with the BBB, I will be soon after the latest incident from the MHP I have lived at for the last 19 years.

  • I moved into ashli oaks a year ago and because the way my pay was I always paid my rent on the 5th there was once that I paid later because I got in accident and lost my job so was waiting for my check to come in. We'll last week I got out rent paper work and along with the rent paper was a letter saying they will not renew lease. So I have been calling 3 to 4 times a day for manager and I haven't gotten a call yet so yesterday when I dropped off my rent I asked on of the girls in office why and she said not sure maybe because you pay rent late every mth. I think this is crap if that was the case then there would Be several people that have it come out of there bank on 5th that should get that letter as well. Because according to the lease rent Is late on the 2nd.I think this letter is crap and they are not renewing my lease because they don't like me. I have never caused issues for this place keep to myself and pay my rent. I think this place is shady and the whole office lies. They do not hire people that are professional they hire young girls that have no clue about what they are doing.the management is rude and they don't work with family's they only care about how many mobile homes they call sell not rent

    • I moved my home to Ashli Oaks at the beginning of the year and I am ready to get the hell out of there. Wonder what it costs a person to break their lot lease agreement. May cost me quite a bit of money to move my home, but at least I will not be putting up with this crap. I have had the same problem with the people in the office. Very unprofessional. I agree with you, they are throwing houses in here anywhere they can squeeze them in. I feel like a sardine.

  • After reading the above comments I can same the same about Windy Meadows in Schertz, Was great when we moved in 4- 5 years ago. Manager was awesome and would work with you. Now on 3rd manager and what a B!!!! January isn't even over yet but threatening to evict me….I get paid Friday mind you so January will be paid but being harassed sucks. No one ever answers the phone, return calls are always 3-4 days later. I too was given the number 830-216-1472 sean king the regional manager. Left him 2 messages and still haven't received a call back. I called the corporate number I found online but after reading here I have doubts about getting an answer back. My husband has been out of work 4 months so money is tight but as soon as we can I'm moving. I'm done with the BS.

  • Does anyone on here live in Eagle Creek in Tyler, Texas, if so do you have a corporate number I can get from you?? These people should not be running any kind of anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • well it seems that not only the community park I live SUCKS, especially now with the new manager which is our 3 rd in less then a year. The major problem is that we've been having lots of rain and it gets flooded because there's no drainage and all that water is going into the air ducts of our home. That causes for our air conditioner not to work. We've gone through this several times, spoke with manager and said plywood and sandbags can not be around our front of property because. " the community park does not look presentable" what ever !!!!! instead of getting several important things done here, she's painting her office,paving streets ( which are not needed) and putting new grass in front of office. I've called corporate office to complain and still waiting for a call. What else can we do???

    • hey original poster i think you live in the same park as me, im lot 88 with the green truck with the lights on top, this place just pissed me the hell off as well, i droped my money in the mail slot and they lost it and are trying to evict me now ….

    • I live at the yes comm in oklahoma meridian sooner i have been here for 5ys i moved in when it was arc i paid a pet fee when i moved in now they are tring to charge me a 25.00 pet fee a mth this house has been falling apart for years cant get the manger off her a** to fix anthing

  • I am a member of this community. It is the worst place I have ever lived. Barb Hickey is a liar, and thief. She takes kids bikes and scooters and locks them up in a shed. She says our rent is raised every year to accomodate the pool (we dont have a pool) and the tennis court (we do not have tennis courts) I have a petition going around our community and so far have 102 signatures. I plan on using every social media site available to me to share the experiences with the horrible managment and lack of response by the corporate office. She charged me for water ,for the 1st 4 months I lived there. My water was shut of and I found out through the city that they bill for the water. When I took this Barb she said it was back billing….I HAD ONLY BEEN THERE 4 MONTHS AND PAID EVERYONE OF THOSE MONTHS…BACK BILLING??? The grounds keeper drives his golf cart through my yard and when asked to stop he cussed me out and said its there property not mine. Yet if I don't weed, mow on the drop of a dime every week I find notes on my door saying i will be charged $250.00 an hour for Barb to have someone come out and do. Last months news letter also re-iterated this threat to everyone. Someone needs to do something. I have also plan contacting the BBB, this is robbery.

  • I am wondering if anyone in Ashli Oaks in Denton, TX was under a restructure agreement with the previous owner when YES took over. I am in that situation and recently paid what should be my final payment under the restructure agreement. I was wondering if there is anyone in the same position that actually has received their clear title?

  • I moved in Ashli Oaks in Denton, Texas last year. When you sign your lease they make you watch a video that makes this park and the management look good. But as you live here you begin to see all the lies they tell you. Nobody ever addresses any issues that you bring to their attention. They never return your phone calls and they raise your rent when there is nothing to show for it. They let some trailers look like trash and they will mow your grass without giving you any notice as to what they consider needing to be mowed. Don't like this gold key service crap. They do this to invade your privacy and you never know who has been in your trailer and what they took or how they invaded your privacy. There is no need for them to enter your home whether you are here or not. I agree with a previous comment. They are habitual liars and run this place poorly.

  • I live in Gainesville, Florida and moving into a YES community here was the biggest mistake I ever made. The manager pulled a bait and switch on me while I was in the hospital for cancer. I picked out 3 different units beforehand, signed a lease the night before my surgery and when my children showed up a few days later with ppl to help move in, they were told that the units I chose were not longer available and there was only one unit we could have.. take it or leave it.. my daughter felt there was no choice as the trucks and helpers were already there, I was in the ICU at the hospital so she took the keys. The manager put us into a dilapidated 20 year old trailor with water leakes, exposed electrical wires, duct work not connected so no heat during a freeze. It has taken a toll on my health, my emotional health and my recuperation from my cancer surgery. These I've mentioned are only a small fraction of what I've had to deal with at Arredondo in Gainesville. Last weekend, there was a riot behind my unit involving about 40 people, 10 police cars, ambulances, fire trucks and a car chase. I reached out to the manager who acted as if I had some nerve disturbing her about this. I've tried numerous times to politely settle these things, but to no avail. I've tried to call the corporate offices several times with no success. I feel a lawyer is my only option at this point. How can anyone take such horrible advantage of a cancer victim? And she knew..

  • I live in Gainesville, Florida and moving into a YES community here was the biggest mistake I ever made. The manager pulled a bait and switch on me while I was in the hospital for cancer. I picked out 3 different units beforehand, signed a lease the night before my surgery and when my children showed up a few days later with ppl to help move in, they were told that the units I chose were not longer available and there was only one unit we could have.. take it or leave it.. my daughter felt there was no choice as the trucks and helpers were already there, I was in the ICU at the hospital so she took the keys. The manager put us into a dilapidated 20 year old trailor with water leakes, exposed electrical wires, duct work not connected so no heat during a freeze. It has taken a toll on my health, my emotional health and my recuperation from my cancer surgery. These I've mentioned are only a small fraction of what I've had to deal with at Arredondo in Gainesville. Last weekend, there was a riot behind my unit involving about 40 people, 10 police cars, ambulances, fire trucks and a car chase. I reached out to the manager who acted as if I had some nerve disturbing her about this. I've tried numerous times to politely settle these things, but to no avail. I've tried to call the corporate offices several times with no success. I feel a lawyer is my only option at this point. How can anyone take such horrible advantage of a cancer victim? And she knew..

  • I live in a Yes community.they bought out ARC. I hate these people. The vacant lots here are drawing snakes cause the grass is so high. They move in new trailers and charge over $900.00 just for rent!!!, I have been here 10 yrs and I wish ARC would buy it back.A double wide is a lot higher than the 900.00 single wides. I think it is time Texasans got together and run these AZZHOLES out of the state. I have noticed a lot of people and trailers are moving out. I wish I could,but I am buying this place. GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR AZZ AND DO SOMETHING. YOU ARE A BUNCH OF LOW LIFE SOBS.

  • I live in Palmetto Palms in Columbia South Carolina. I have lived here for over 9 years. We have changed owners and names in the past several years and seen no improvement. We have gangs, drug dealers, animals running loose and sick. They want us to keep our lots up and clean and we do. I have complained to the management at the office and they say to call the police or animal control. They are forcing people to put specific underpinning on their homes with the threat of eviction if you don't. The lot fees go up every year and for what? I see nothing being done for the people. Clean up the park of the miscreants and maybe the people that have lived here a long time will comply with new standards. I will never recommend this mobile home park to anyone. I would love to be able to move out but I am tied up in a mortgage for my home. They say they care but they don't. You can make it as pretty as you want but that wont help any with the crime.

  • I live in Wendy Meadow in Schertz, TX and I must say since change in management I see a big difference ;management has made a big difference for the best cleaner not lazy will repond to your needs the change is great. Keep up the good work management. Ms Jackson



  • North Carolina is just as bad….if not worse. YES! should get "THE DOING BAD BUSINESS OF THE YEAR AWARD"…..a well deserved dishonor……they could do much better…..but won't!!!! All they want is more money, and you get less service in return… ACA…UNAFFORDABLE OBAMACARE!!!!

  • I have live here for five yrs. the fan in the living room has never worked,when it rains water leaks in the master bathroom light fixture,the toilet in the main bath is leaking.they said they ordered it 3 week ago.if my mother falls through the floor I will own this place.something need to be done NOW. I will get the legal system involed if need be

  • I have lived in the Sleepy Hollow Community now for 8 years. On December 1st my husband went thru the rotten floor in our kitchen that we reported 2 months ago in a Gold Key Inspection. On December 2nd I went in to pay our rent and told Mrs Sosa about the floor and low and behold there was never a work order but together from the inspection. So all she did was put a work order together and sent me on my way, I was thinking maybe she wqould have one of the guys come by and at least put a patch over the spot that my husband fell thru, NO that was not done, my husband had to do, we were scared of what may come up thru the floor or worse that one of our 2 kids would fall thru. I called to see when the manager would be in and not till Friday. I really wish that I had not paid my rent to use that money to go towards moving this is bad. We pay $333 a month for lot rent and we have to rake the yard and mow ourselves and repair our house we are renting, WHY!!!!!!!!!!!

    • COMMUNITY MANAGERS should be made to live in the community they manage……so they could get a GOOD DOSE of what tenants have to put up with. I have told more than one manager…."IT'S A BIG DIFFERENCE IN BEING PAID vs HAVING TO PAY IN A RUN DOWN POORLY MANAGED COMMUNITY!!!

  • I live in windy meadows schertz tx my boyfriend and I have to pay for the water leak that was there fault. We just rent and shouldn't have to pay for there stuff. We have also been sitting in a or mobile home since last January with mold definitely will not renew my lease next year.

  • well i live in woodlands park by westside of florida {jacksonville} and they say they have gold key service? mmmm funny the mantiance guys never evre show up to change ac filters and you have to wait for ever for them to do anything on your home.and as far as managers? jenn was the best they had here and they put her in another park.i will not renew my lease and would never!! reccomend this park to anyone.loud music late at night ,drug dealers and cars sitting here at lots with out plates on them and just a bunch of bull that shouldnt happen ,but it does and you tell the office and they say ill take care of it? and the cops are always in the park,pool closed when kids go to school ,like the adults cant swim in the pool cause they think the kids are only ones to swim?

    • Yes all of yall are right this is the worst place to live. Im in Dallas and everyone here is getting their cars towed. Surpose they sent a letter saying that we r surposed to have some kind of stickers on our cars. No such letter was ever sent out, I think that the management and the towing company ate making a killling on this schem.

    • Yes homes are crooks always trying any way to get money from the tenets. My car was also towed and when I went get the numbrr from the manager she gave me a number to a car dealer. Always adding extra charges to the rent that arent true. So when u go to pay ur rent always get a statement befor u pay so u csn see charges

  • Wendy Meadows in Schertz, TX, I’m buying my mobile home live here for 13 yrs, since I move here the lot payment was $200.00 every year it has increase by $10.00 for 13yrs I now pay $323.00. Just got a notice the lot payment has increase by $20.00 more I am so upset, when will this stop. I have not rec'd a pay increase in 3 yrs recently was furlough times are tough and now this. I try Call Yes Communities the Corporate office no one ever returns your calls nor they answer the phone. I am so discuss it. The lot increase has catch up with the same payment as the mortgage. There is no improvement on the grounds sad to say. I know managers only do what they are told by the Corporate office dam it, the Corporate office needs to freeze our lot payment for a few years because I will not be able to afford living here can Corporate at least respond to this very important issue and concern. Please do not compare market with houses we live in mobile homes and that a big difference.

  • same thing in Powell Tn @ Grand Oakes..I own my mobile home so I only pay lot rent which goes up every yr..mgrs change constantly as the that they are RENTING mobile homes there is all kinds of riff raff moving in. rules are different for everyone. They changed the meter poles and somehow got the meters switched..I pd my neighbor's bill for almost 2 yrs, a house of 6, only 2 of us here, and the elec co says it is the communities fault because they switched the meters, yet Grand Oakes tells me the elec co has my money and that is where I should go to get it. Over $1300….it is a nightmare living here…and now this will have to be turned over my attorney.

  • Live in Little River Community in Louisville,Tn. and this place is nice but the park itself when it comes to fixing something or our water bills they dont care. Me and my wife live in our owned home not purchased through them and they bill us a water bill every month. they say we use about 400 to 4800 gallons a month. NO WAY IN HELL! Live somewhere else with two kids and grandkids and never got close to that. its funny how are water bills go up when there is a major leak in the park. Hmmmm. Also, hope a tree that is on their property or something that belongs to park doesnt damage your home. Big old rotton tree which we have asked for them to trim or remove numerous times broke our kitchen window and my insurance wont pay cause deductible is higher than cost to fix and they said its their responsibility cause its their property. they fix it. Nope. Just basically laugh at ya. How does Yes Communities always get #1 award for best mobile home buisness when you cannot find one good comment about them anywhere on the internet or even published?

  • I and my family have lived in this park for almost 3 years now and under both ARC and YES Communities . Were told YES was better company and would fix and clean things up . Well B.S.
    we are on our third manager here in the last year alone and only getting worse. Our air only works sometimes ( using 2 window units too small to cool our home ). Spent over 3 weeks with a nonworking light in our autistic son bathroom. Constantly see dog breed violations in the park and no action taken . Workers on the streets until well after 8 P.M. when those of us with small and school aged children are going to bed and can not sleep. Another resident has a band and seems to think his home and the park are a performance stage . Mind you I live 30 or more yards away from him and can not hear my tv over his drums and guitar . complained to Manager to no avail . Last time I just called security next time will be OKCPD. we residents were unable to use the pool area for 2/3 rds . of the summer before it was closed and then the water was stagnant and green . Roof on our home was hit by a large limb during tornado this last May actually it landed on it . shingles blown off and soft spots in it . Guess what they are repairing certain trailers roofs only some of which are unoccupied at this time. For these and many other reasons I will be removing my family from the Meridian Sooner Mobile Home Hell Park before 2013 ends . AND WILL NOT AND DO NOT RECOMEND ANYONE TO RENT FROM THE YES COMMUNITIES . HINT RENT FOR A VERY USED 3 BED ROOM TRAILER FROM 2002 IS OVER $700 PER MONTH NOT INCLUDING TRASH / WATER / SEWER CHARGES ADDED TO YOUR BASE RENT BILL. THE CONSUMER HERE IS NEVER RIGHT.

    • Get it writing everything they never remember so keep a detail log of en voice and a log of when and who you talked to and time also take pictures then if still not resolved hire an attorney

  • BAD PLACE TO LIVE. rules are not the same for everyone. Management favors certain people. They will take your money for app. Fee and figure out anyway to not approve you.

  • Hi! My name is Jennifer Lewis,I live in Summerville the Wind Gate community.I have lived in the neighborhood for three years and I have to tell you the first year and into the second were awful.My husband and I wanted to move but since the new management has taken over,this community has become somewhere that I want my children to grow up.It was a place where I was beginning to not feel comfortable leaving my home for an extended period,I did not want my children going to the park or pool,I really just was so unhappy. I am so beyond pleased and grateful with the management here now that took over and gave the good people in this neighborhood our peace back.Don,Sharna,and Katina have made this a better place to live and are caring,pleasant,and professional.We recently bought a home in the back of our neighborhood and plan to stay here and also recommend this community to our friends and family now.I can not tell you as a person who takes a serious interest in my community and cares about it how much they continue to impress me.It just keeps getting better and better!Thanks to all of you for restoring the peace and making Wind Gate a nice place to live.

  • Yes Communities Southridge estate's in des moines iowa on county line road sucks bad service, workers are lazy and don't do nothing and don follow the rules and pick on serting people I would not tell anyone to move into this place

  • We live in Davenport, IA and YES just bought us out not long ago. We have YET to hear from a corporate representative and I've complained a few times already! This is ridiculous but I'll just sue them and take them to court for damages since they can't seem to fix the pot holes and have caused my shocks to wear down to nothing on my car and they can also pay to fix my floors since they don't want to fix the water problem either!

  • I stay in a Yes community in Gainesville FL. {Arrnedondo Farms} my rent just went from $730 a month to $925 these people are a complete mess…I refuse to be kicked out of my home with my children because of there greed…I have contacted my attorney and action is being taken!!

  • I have complained several times about ATV and Dirt bikes behind our home to manager she has done nothing she left a notice to cure as though we were a month behind on our rent, this is the third, rent is due the first. she will leave a notice about a towel hanging on our deck but lets her grass grow ankle high. her neighbors have an old car under a tarp and parking in the street, she does nothing. we never had problems with other managers.I left an angry note one time and I think this is harassment.

  • I've been living in one of the mobile homes parks purchased by this company and. Its been a month since they acquired the property and my water bill and sewer bill went up 60.00 Dls. Don't even have grass to water. And I don't shower more than usual, I don't have any leaks or plumbing issues. That's is ridiculous. Very disappointed!

    • Mine did too…My lot rent went up $100.00. They did not send out notice to let us know what we owed so i got my money order for more than what I would normally pay, 3 days later I got a notice to pay or vacate, they wanted an additional $109.00 plus late fees! I went the office they lie, the "Manager" never returns a phone call, our street light has been out for a year now, in that time, my car was broken into, a rock was thrown through the window of my house, the truck window was shot out…this is rediculous.DO NOT MOVE TO MESQUITE RIDGE!

  • Yes Communities has just purchased several mobile home parks in the Charleston SC area and from reading all the complaints I have read on several websites about this company sounds like someone needs to take this company to court and report them to every organization they can.

    • I live in one of the mobile home parks in Charleston for 2 years and I was just inform today that I have to move by Aug.31st because they're not gonna renew my lease. Who does that? What should I do because I can't move in 30 days.


    • So not sure if you all know this but this website is not there personal email site. I doubt they ever look at these comments. Try emailing them or put your name instead of anonymous so that they CAN get back to you! DUH

  • This is the 2nd complaint I have sent, but no action has been taken. What does it take to clean up this place? Instead of sending complaints to the park manager (who does not address these issues, other than confronting the resident without enforcing the rules) please send someone who can clean this place up. Willow Hill has become one of the trashy mobile home lots around here. People's yards are a junk yard. Patios & decks are so full of junk you can't even see them. Windows are broken out of homes, skirting is torn up, roofs are rusted,sheets & blankets are covering the windows, yards are not mowed, junk cars, campers & boats in driveway ( lease states that these are not allowed ) people parking in yards. We pay too much lot rent to live in a dump. People are suppose to have a background check before moving in…what a joke. We are ashamed to have guests come over. You have heard the phrase mobile home trash, well that is what you have now. That was not the case when Clayton owned the parks. If you can't or won't clean this place up you need to inform us so we can make arrangements to have our home moved. Enough is Enough!!!!

  • i live in westlake located on 10th n morgan in okc this place if a rip the manegers son halls ass in his car breaks in to homes. we have had more drunks and meth heads move in here and rase hell.i hate liveing in this park and hate the manager with a passion.i cant wate to move out of here

  • I live in Denton, TX at hickory creek community and the manager here lies about everything….she even told an apartment complex I was trying to rent from that we don't pay our rent mind you we don't have any previous balances but we can't renew our lease…i have a 1 year old and when she start playing with me keeping a roof over my son head she stepping in the wrong direction.. Will never tell anymoe to move here….

    • I live here as well and my roof has been leaking for over a week I can't even open the pantry it is leaking in. My shower has been leaking since I lived here for 3 years. I pay 800 a month in rent it goes up 30 bucks a month every year. So I still haven't gotten my issues fixed and they are still charging me outrageous rent. They want 23k for a trailer that is a 1978 trailer roof is leaking in tons of places floor is now swelled up in the bathroom. My window was leaking for months. The man left the trailer here because he couldn't afford to move it out. Idk how they are saying they want so much for it I been paying 750 to 800 a month for 3 years seriously. Then they leave notices after summer cuz thw blinds get wilted and want me to replace all my blinds while my shower is still leaking. Aimee wasn't that bad but the new manager is awful. Carlos tries to help and remind ppl but they hsve like one or two maintenence ppl for the whole park so idk. Hopefully they can get this fixed. The community is quite and nice you just hsve to watch out for stupid thief but that's everywhere. I wanted to rent another home because I still wanted to stay here they said I couldn't do that I had to buy. I'm like whats the difference you can rent it to me and still make the money off of it. I understand they need to sell hut the lot payments are almost 600 a month now they used to be like high 3 something. Idk in a nutshell it all sucks. I honestly don't know if corporate is going under or what. I would buy from them but I ain't paying no 23k for a trailer that's in this Condition that the man before left that's messed up. The older trailers they will raise the lot rent on to to get you out of here. It is just a big mess here.

  • Yikes just moved into one of these properties and the,mgmt staff seems to avoid calls and talk,crap about you when you ask where their drop cause Im paying my rent on time,real!!y??!!

  • I have just placed a phone call to Yes! referring to Georgia Youngblood, in Independence Station in Independence, MO. DO NOT MOVE HERE. Georgia has the tendency to relinquish personal information on tenets to new tenets. She also refused to put my friend on him moms lease WITHOUT a background check and is even doing a home inspection to make sure he is gone. I know of numerous tenets that are not going to renew their lease and plan on moving out as soon as they can. Georgia has even confronted parents telling them that they need to keep a better eye on their children and raise them better. I repeat, DO NOT RENT FROM GEORGIA YOUNGBLOOD! Thank you, have a wonderful Holiday!

  • These people do not honor state laws or mandatory federal laws such as the military clause. They send you to collections with no final bill then say you have to dispute the charges through collections even though you receive certified mail of your notice. They will not send pest control, they damage your property when maintenance come. The crew they hire sell cocaine at night from the house they live in. DO NOT GET INVOLVED!!!! Don't forget what they steal from you during their Gold Key Inspections. Yes Communities, you better fix yourself quickly. You have military legal service coming for you!!!!!

  • san antonio tx Contractors have kind of a bad reputation. You hire them, say, to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, and they take forever to get the work done and then charge way over their estimate. Heck, the CBS sitcom Murphy Brown stretched out a running gag for six out of 10 seasons, where the title character employed a contractor who never quite finished work on her house. The recent NBC sitcom "Bent" has a similar joke.
    But I digress. According to the KSAT-TV, last year, a 66-year-old San Antonio, Texas woman hired contractor Benjamin Mendoza to remodel her home. Then she gave him a credit card so he could purchase materials for the job.
    If you know anything about credit cards, you know that wasn't such a bright idea. And if you read this column regularly, you know what happened next.
    Mendoza, who was recently arrested, did use the card for purchases relating to the remodeling of the home, but he allegedly also got his hands on another card that the victim had not given him permission to use — and used it to pay for things like utility bills and bar tabs. Then while the victim was in the hospital, Mendoza even bought a motorcycle, signing his client's name to the paperwork.
    I'm sure the honest contractors out there — of which there are certainly many — are very grateful to Mendoza for helping enhance their collective professional reputation.

  • why do the managers in San Antonio texas feel comfortable using this person
    A hired contractor has been arrested in connection with a wild spending spree involving the unauthorized use of a woman’s credit cards, KSAT-TV is reporting.
    Benjamin Mendoza, 36, reportedly was hired last fall to remodel a 66-year-old woman’s home, the station says. The woman allegedly gave him a credit card so he could purchase materials for the job.
    Last month, the woman told police that Mendoza had been making unauthorized charges with the card and purchases with her personal information, the station says.
    The woman said Mendoza and his wife had been using the card she gave him — as well as one he didn’t have permission to use — to pay bar tabs, utility bills and to buy items, KSAT reports. He even allegedly signed her name to paperwork for the purchase of a new motorcycle.
    The victim said Mendoza made some of the purchases, including the motorcycle, while she was hospitalized, the station says. Mendoza later returned the motorcycle after the victim’s brother told him to do so.
    Although Mendoza’s wife also is a suspect, she hadn’t been arrested, KSAT adds.
    Read and view more

  • Okay lets talk… I moved into the community back in 03. There was a huge sign that said refer someone and get $500. referral fee. My sister liked the park gave my name as a referral. Ask me if I have seen that money. The reason was because her lease was not on a new trailer. It had to be new. That is not what the sign said. By the way, her trailer was only a year old. It gets better. Yes took over the park, and now the plot rent goes up like every six months. I confronted the management…Instead of saying we will try and work with these creeps that we work for now, They tell me Oh well studies show that people move every seven years.. Thanks for caring Really. I have tried calling this number and its useless. When they want their money we better cough it up. When we want what our money. HUH.. tired of it. Well this is what I will tell YES if they ever lift up the phone. What year is it now? 2012.

    • I have a tree that's half out of the ground its going to fall on my house and on someone I talk to the park landlord will not work on the tree I call this number no one picked up or call me back if anyone wanted to move to this park I would tell them run and look for something a lot better then this place lot rent so high I could take the money and get land with it ands that what im tryn to do but yes sucks.

  • I have been trying to call you and no response, My refund check was only $3.00 and You still owe me over $150.00, I lived in that trailer court over 15yrs and get this? I will be contacting the attourney general and the legal attourneys as well.

  • I have left numerous phone calls and no one from corp office has returned my calls. This is not the way a company should be ran. if something is not none about the manager in the Yes Communities then I will take Legal action against the Yes Communities Corporate office so if I do not here from you in 24hr. here is my # this is my cell I live in oklahoma and my name is

    • I would not recommend Yes Communities to a dog!!!!! This place is 1 big rip off! People before you rent from these people check out all the BAD reports posted on the internet!!!!! WORSE PLACE I EVER RENTED A LOT FROM!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • YES Communities is an awful company to rent from!!!!! liars lazy no good for nothing so called management!!!!!! Don't trust none of them they will find a reason to evict a home owner that has lived in the park for 20 plus years!!!!!! North Carolinian's BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!

    • I agree are management sucks she is a young woman that has no care for elders an families all she cares is making quotas an we have people moving left an right. I've lived here for over 8 years the worst management ever we had a great manager she left to Oklahoma we want her back an also she wont fix anything im a renter to thanks YES im at ashli oaks

    • Been living with mold for 8 months my whole family is sick…..i can litterly stick my finger through my floor from water damage….i want pictures and because of that they have refused to work in my we have no shower and no place to live unless we live with mold…they are slumlords me and my family including a one yr old baby had to sleep in our car….this is pathetic no one will return our calls not even Sean king the regional manager…they know what my family is going through is wrong and they will be exposed

    • Same here in Oklahoma get the bill an when they deliver a 5 day notice it already has the 25.00 late fee yet she says its not added I think the managers cook the books to their advantage wish we never moved here

    • Worst place to live. I've never had worse customer service and maintenance is a joke. My rook is caving from the rains and I've called numerous times since I've lived here in the past year and nothing has been fixed and is only getting worse. I will be calling the city for an inspection and let them deal with this now. Funny thing is rent increased, yet quality has severally decreased, not that it was ever quality of anything in the first place. Disgusting place to live.

    • Yes community has been hiring jokers for managers. So far they lie and don't do their full jobs. The manager here in San Antonio northeast side is a good lier and enjoys causing problems to others. She enjoys getting the maintenance men's to Snoop through people's windows and area of their house. The manager tried to intimidate me saying she right and I'm wrong. She is not professional at all. I'm tierd of the crappy managers they hire. She needs to stop playing cop and just do her job. About 5yr ago we had a good manager now they hire two-face people in office.

  • I have left numerous phone calls and no one from corp office has returned my calls. This is not a way a company should be ran.

    • yeah I know what your talking about, I gotta tree uprooting me house and I own that house, and I have been trying to get something doneabout the damage its dine to my driveway and the damage that's itsfixing to do to my house. I think a little legal action could take care of this. Theres neverand I mean never anyone over there in the officet6o handle upon things. where do they get these people to manage these properties….. Bad Management University

    • I lived for 14 months in Huntsville, TX and had problem after problem. Loved my home but was lied to from day 1. And now upon moving put after being told 3 times on the phone, in an email, and 1 trip to the office prior to giving a 30-day notice I get a call on the day of my auto draft that I will pay for the entire month and not the 10-days I have the home. The manager tells me she made a mistake because she's only been there 2 months. NOT my problem when I have repeatedly asked and confirmed that I would pay for 10 days. I would NEVER recommend living in this community to anyone. I will be contacting an attorney in regards to this matter.

    • I'm going to tell you again you will go down and you will go down hard it is a threat it's a promise you people are walking on thin ice go ahead and laugh go ahead and laugh turn around cuz you're going to have a shotgun staring you right in the eyes take some of your own damage you have done to us you people in your money your money ain't going to buy you a nothing not out of this one so you better have her be sucking on your little dick under the desk cuz that's the last time it's going to happen you are being watched

    • Yes communities are not a great place for a family to live like the managers and leasing managers post on their little community pages on facebook the people commenting are the actual managers or leasing managers or their friend and family i have had bad experiences with the yea community properties explain to me how it is a great community for a family if you are not allowed any kind of play equipment in your little space of a yard the kids have to have an adult superviseing them no matter what age the parks these communities have are big enough for toddlers not school aged kids the residents pay so much on lot rent and rent but yet the they can not make a big enough park or area for these kids of the community to play doesnt side like a good family mobile home park to me also you call corporate and they never answer or return a phone call even if you leave your name and number i wouldnt recommend this community to anybody unless your ready to be ripped off!!!!

    • In North Dakota discrimination and corporate bullying is a commonn practice. Some tenants are singled out for so- called park rules violation. While other owners and renters are allowed to violate over and over. In Grand Forks, they could very well be facing a discrimination and harassment lawsuit as soon the final evidence(and there is a lot) is gathered. Yes communities will be named also as a defendant as long as they commission this management team


    • I live at Cedar Knoll trailer trash Park in Waterloo Iowa and this is Desmond any good but you're going to have to get really you're going to see some action because we're going to have to do some damage to you and you and you and your families in your people cuz we're sick of it treating us like dirt track

    • Management of the Yes community in Arlington Tx will not and do not enforce the rules and regulations of this park the park is over whellmed in code violations yards trash homes …

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