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Ymca Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Ymca Corporate Office Headquarters

National Council of Young Men’s Christian Associations of the United States of America
101 N. Wacker Dr.
Chicago, IL 60606 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-312-977-0031
Fax Number: 1-312-977-9063
Customer Service Number: 1-800-872-9622


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  1. After reading the above comments, I don't feel that bad anymore, knowing others have had a negative affect from their local Y's! I was surprised to see such comments, because I have had hard time locating reviews for my local Y, but no luck. You can't even see any reviews on the website.

    Any who, my daughter is no longer participating at the Y in Upland, CA- thank God!! I have had such a challenging time working with the site director, CEO and some local staff at the school. The school was constantly transitioning Directors and teachers, and by the way, I was told that all staff were teachers- so not true! some did not even hold the proper credentials. Over all, I would never recommend this school to anyone!

  2. My granddaugher received for life guard certification while out on spring break (April 2018) at the downtown Y in Richmond, Va. She just applied for lifeguard position at he chickamony branch a couple weeks ago. The Aquatic Director wants see her get a brick from the bottom of the pool because she didn't personally train her. This is the same thing she just performed two months ago to get her certfication. I don't think this make sense but she says it's her rule. If it's not the YMCA rule I don't think it should apply…. something else is going on. Do anyone knows if this is a rule across the country for all the YMCAs?

  3. I have paid a fortune for private swim lessons. The director shows up when she wants, doesn't bother canceling appointments and still not showing up to appointments. We take time off work, show up and they say he isn't on the schedule and she isn't even in the building. I have to show up and call 3-4 times each time only for her to cancel. I called 1
    9 times before spring break to finally get the appointment. It's now October! His classes were so far apart he hasn't learned anything. When asked to speak with her superior I again get the runaround. So glad I am not a member. I would however like a refund seeing how I have not been allowed to complete the services. sbahworkerbee@yahoo.com

  4. The Port Royal YMCA in SC conducts a wonderful fund raiser known as Boots and Bling where they auction off particular items and it has been extremely successful. The problem I observe is they offer way too much free alcohol. Members get intoxicated to the point where there has been incidents attributed from the mass consumption of alcohol.The CEO has become sloppy and obnoxious. The Executive Board Treasurer was seen passed out at a table at a local Tavern. Three female Members were verbally assaulted by another Member at the same establishment. One in particular feels threatened by the male member as he uses the Y at similar times. The CEO feels that one thing has nothing to do with the other which could not be further from the truth. Allowing Members to consume 2 or 3 alcoholic beverages is one thing but aiding them in becoming human missiles on the Town of Beaufort is entirely different matter altogether.This event would be more appropriately named" Booze and Blind".

  5. I heard the CEO was leaving the Y altogether. My question is how can they have 2 people drawing a salary for the same position? Something is strange and how did the Board Members support this? It seems to me that this Y has more pressing issues such as taking proper care of their ripped up upholstery on the fitness equipment, replacing the step machine which has been out of order for the past month, replacing the aerobic steps, refinishing the aerobics floor, replacing all aerobics room dumbells with rubber ones,finding a more suitable area for the spin bikes,keeping members from tearing up the cement blocks with the olympic bars, fixing the ram sled prior to a member breaking his toe, replacing the crappy treadmills and elipticals, etc.

    1. The Port Royal YMCA has created an extremely hostile environment for their Employees as the Wellness Manager is allowed to do whatever she desires, she has run off employees and Members. Two Members reported her unruly children and it wasn't long thereafter they were both handed formal letters and were vacated . She does a pretty crappy job of maintaining the fitness equipment and does no preventive Maintenance on any of it.She spends her time conducting fitness classes and is gone from the Y a lot as she is a Marathon Runner. That seems to be her main occupation. She has recently managed to ban a Volunteer from the Y who has done so much for this organization as a coach in soccer and Basketball and for numerous teams. He was named Volunteer of the Year for this Y. He recently received Orders as he is a Marine first and was a Senior Drill Instructor which is a very high achievement in the Marine Corps and one which commands much respect. He also volunteered in the fitness room. He provided the Wellness Manager with 30 days advance notice that he was being Stationed at another Base and that infuriated her so she had the CEO ban him from using the Y which also demonstrates his lack of Leadership. This young Marine has brought more positive notoriety and increased membership and sports interest at this Y than anyone before him but instead of commending him, they allow this so called Wellness Manager to influence them in a negative manner.They even refused to sign his volunteer form. This facility has benefited greatly by his presence and leadership for the past 2 years. It is my opinion that this Wellness Manager be terminated and replaced with a high caliber individual who actually wants to be here and has something meaningful to contribute. One of her children occasionally works in the fitness center reporting directly to her. No red flags here? The Port Royal YMCA Members deserve much better!

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