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YouFit Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact YouFit Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

YouFit Health Clubs

6161 9th Ave. North,
St. Petersburg, Florida 33710 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-727-209-6161
Fax Number: N/A
Customer Support Phone Number: 1-888-968-3481
Website: YouFit

Youfit’s competition includes Lifetime Fitness, Planet Fitness, Gold’s Gym, LA Fitness, NYSC, In-Shape Fitness, Anytime Fitness, 24-Hour Fitness, Snap Fitness, Retro Fitness, Crunch Fitness, Blast Fitness, Fitness 19, and Orange Theory.

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  1. Denise Lloyd. I would like to commend Mrs. Mary Bright for how clean she keep the UFit Gym located at Olney Plaza, Phila PA. Mrs. Bright insures that every part of the GYM is clean. She walks around the GYM asking the members if we are okay or need anything. She would be a good manager. She lets us know which machines are not working. She keeps the ladies room extremely clean. She also insures that the workers that clean along with her are cleanning. I would recommend her for management.

  2. I am a member of the UFit Gym located at Olney Ave, Phila PA. I would like to request that Mrs. Mary Bright should be promoted. She would make a wonderful manager because she and her worker Carl keep the Gym extremely clean. Mary comes around asking if there are any members have complaints. She insures that all the machines are cleaned properly. She is always at work earlier. She walks around and assist the members as needed. I wish she was the manager because she shows such a great concern as an employee working at the GYM.

  3. Just went to the youfit on Sample road and federal highway in pompano they would always call me or send me a email to let me know if there was a problem with my account went in yesterday new year's day nothing was said then I go in tonight and they tell me I owe for 3 month's after they have taken money out of my account so I ask the manager how come they haven't got in contact with me about my membership can't answer but tells me I can't workout tonight until I pay up so I guess there's no way to get in touch with the corporate office to settle this

    1. I know what you’re saying brother that is so true the gym I go to is located on 10 fourth Street in Miami Florida in Kendall and it’s a great gym. I love working out there but there is some kind of something going on the gym is a mess. The bathrooms are always dirty nobody does any work there whatsoever at night time there’s like 3 to 4 guys up front standing at the front desk doing nothing but just talking And there’s no authority there. There’s no structure there are weights everywhere. Everybody leaves everything off the rack. nobody puts anything back it’s the 20 to 35-year-old guys that are doing that and I’ve been in the business for 35 years. I’ve been lifting since 1987 professional bodybuilder with the IMDb I’m a professional bodybuilder and I just see the apathy that’s going on in these gyms they don’t pay personal trainers at all so I know what you’re saying they filed bankruptcy a couple of years ago well I know why they didn’t run properly Siri will you be safe thanks a lot buddy

  4. I was at the gym on Saturday,somebody pucked in the garbage can in the men's restroom. Coming back on Monday,
    the restroom was stinking, nobody has cleaned it or empty the garbage. There is no cleaner in the morning until 10 AM, all 6 paper towel dispenser were empty. The gym was already open for 5 hours. The gym was dirty, dust balls all over, some weights laying around for days, nobody gives a damn. All the garbage cans were full. Every weekend the same problems. Understaffed.
    Dirty, If you care about your health, do not join YouFit in Oakland Park, Commercial Blvd.

  5. i was at the youfit gym at north Monroe st. in Tallahassee today and waited 10 minutes for the water to get warm in the shower, which it didn't and told the girl at the counter and she refused to give me a phone number of the manager and after several trys she called a ass. manage who was standing 10 feet in back of me and yelled to her 'this guy demanded to speak to a manager ' I did not demand anything and don't appreciate words being put into my mouth,, she girl at the desk had no idea about the cold water, and the ass. manager told me she had tried earlier in the day to trip the switch to get warm water,, I don't appreciate the way I was spoken to and want something done about it… you may call me in Tallahassee 8505443002,,, todd lavigne

    1. So, I attend this gym. I wanted to put my training on hold for a bit. Apparently you can for a $50 per month fee, but no one could even give me that information. I decided I just wanted to cancel my training and use up my sessions. Not one person there could do that. I had to wait to speak to a manager. I waited about 30 minutes only to be informed that the manager would not be there until 11:00 am. I came back at 11:00 and he wasn't there, but the district manager was. I waited about 20 minutes to speak to him. I said that I get why they don't train their employees to do cancellations because they want a manager to try to upsell customers on more services. Well, he swore up and down that everyone was supposed to be trained to do this and he would try to solve the problem. Nonsense. I didn't remember the 30 days written notice, so I will take that hit. However, they could have salvaged me if any person in the entire gym had been trained. Now, trying to get canceled, I am seeing that is going to be a big issue. I do have a copy of my written cancellation, so if they continue to try to hold more money out of my account, I have the signed statement.

  6. Great gym, until you have an issue..poor customer service. Each location is run by a bunch of kids that have ZERO customer service skills and the so call managers are also not equip to assist. The manager are corporate does not return calls & if he happens to be out no one else can assist). Such a large corporation with such limited support. Bottom line, if you have a problem YOUFIT is unable to assist. Beware if you get personal training (minimum of 3 months) and you don't want to continue after the 3 months, PLEASE be sure to put your cancellation notice upon starting. DO NOT WAIT until you are closer to the end of your session.

  7. This place is nothing but a joke. They have an inside pool which is closed more than it is open. The bottom of the pool is nothing but peeling paint not put on correctly.They hired a really cheap guy to paint the pool. There are TWO pictures hanging up and they are of ONLY BLACK folks.
    This is mostly a white neighborhood and they have NO customers who are black. 4 out of 5 of the employees are black and only the whites do the physical work.
    Since YOU FIT took over from FITNESS WORKS the place has gone to the dogs.
    My advise is DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY on 'you fit'. When you ask a question you can bet they will answer with a lie. This place is the pits. I would not advise an enemy to come here. Nothing but TRASH!

  8. Re: Youfit at 1433 E. Williams Field Rd., Gilbert, AZ .Phone: 480-963-5070
    I personally went in on 12/22/17 to cancel my membership, and that I will not be charged for next month's membership at the end of this month( december). Jacob Sanchey had reassured me that I will NOT be charged at the end of december, and my last day will be 1/29/18, because I had paid the last month when I first joined. No forms were signed because they DO NOT have the forms, but REASSURED that my membership is cancelled, and I have to keep checking to see when I can go in to sign the form.They had "put a note" on my account that my membership is cancelled.Again, I asked a NUMBER OF TIMES to make sure as I know they cannot be trusted, and made them write on a card with his name that my membership was cancelled on 12/22/17. I was reassured I will not be charged. Well, guess what! My membership WAS CHARGED yesterday!!!!I called today, and found out that there was NO NOTE on my account about my cancellation! Jacob Sanchey JUST LIED to me! I am livid. Now I know why I do not like this gym and will not recommend it to anyone. I have heard things, and I know now they are real now.

  9. I am a member I go to the Gym on Fowler Ave in Tampa Fl the tread mills breaking down only one bike working now its getting kinda hard to get a work out we need the equipment working its been down for 3 months I no we only pay 10 dollars a month but come on now we need something to work on help help help

  10. I have yet to hear back from anyone regarding the following email: I did have a conversation regarding about the lack of training and the monies that ive spent. It was decided that Sarrah and Chase would try and put a routine together however there were discrepancies as to what might work. When I asked about the overlapping payments, it was explained that the tests and assmts done in the initial Jumpstart purchase were separate from the tests and assmts done two days later by the trainer. I was again told that the trainer went over things and therefore I had a program. I guess my definition of a program is different, being shown a machine once and then being left to aimlessly wonder around the facility does not to me justify a routine.*********** I am emailing out of frustration and I am not sure where to go. I joined You Fit for the $10.00 a month so I could use the treadmill and maybe the circuit exercise area. Stomach is my main goal the rest will follow. On my first visit to join, Thomas met me and walked me around briefly, I explained my issues with other gyms, memberships, crowds and ability. I wanted a place I could go that wasn't buys wouldn't judge (I am educated, confident in my job, friends and home but when I walk into a gym I become that 6 YO fat kid on the playground) and I could get some cardio and maybe some strength training. I explained that I don't know what to do, how to do it or in what order it should be done. Thomas suggested for a special initial price I could get an assessment and 4 sessions with a trainer. This seemed like a reasonable idea. I met Sarrah for my assessment, upon completion, it was suggested that I get a trainer for several visits a week, I was adamant that I didn't want to buy a car but agreed that I needed guidance (per the aforementioned statement) after several conversations, suggestions and 2 hours I signed up for 1x week in addition to my 4 initial sessions (using them weekly). It was agreed that this would be a good guide and a routine would be built. At this juncture I met with Chase (my trainer) within 3 minutes it as decided that I needed to be with Chase 3 times a week 2 minimum to achieve my goals. I explained again I am not buying a car. I stuck to my purchased training program After the first visit with Chase, I came back on my own but wasn't able to do any of the exercises, I didn't know which machines to use, where they were, which weights or how many reps to do. I was informed that if I didn't know how to do an exercise I could google it? Additionally, I should do what’s comfortable? I decided that I wasn't going to run away this time so I bought a note book and on my next visit with Chase wrote down what the exercise was called, where it was located how to set the machine, Stand, Sit, Push , pull or bend, how much weight and how many reps. I started the book with Mon/Fri exercises and Wed/Sat exercises. As chase and I met more exercises have been added, I've placed them in the book according to the above category. With each visit the exercises have become more and more vague as to how to place them in to a work out and in what order to do them. Yesterday I explained to Chase again that I wasn't understanding what to do in what order to achieve what I am trying to achieve, the answer again was, you need to switch it up so you don't get stagnant. I explained again that until I knew what to do, when to do, and how to do it in what order switching it up doesn't help me! I am now a month into the program, I have not been given a routine, I have not done the same thing twice, there is no system or process, there are several exercises that have been shown that I just don't know how to do. I was told at each meeting Thomas, Sarrah and Chase that I can ask them or anyone about machines (assuming I know what machine to be on) but I have, with exception of training, seen a You Fit shirt on the floor.

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