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YP Corporate Office Headquarters

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YP Corporate Office Headquarters
2247 Northlake Parkway
Tucker, GA  30084
Corporate Phone Number: 1-770-908-6200
Customer Service Number: 1-866-570-8863

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I loved to work for YP. Great employer But they are their worst enemy. They have got rid of the US call center agents and went to Manila agents over seas. I have had so many Manila agents transfer to me to take the call because they want a English speaking person. Nothing against them buy a lot of the customers don't understand them. That is one down fall and the other is because their is no way a customer remembers when their renewal is up. They are busy with their business to remember. We did do letters and some times calls to notify them but not always because it is just considered a curtsey we do. They have to have some automated email to send and the customer will have time to do their changes and updates and wont end up cancelling their future contract because of it. The last one is that the SR never do follow up calls to the customers. Most do but not all. I have had customers cancel because of that to. Please YP if you can solve these 3 issue I think you would be doing great and the customers would be happy. I know you cant please every body but you will lose a lot of business in the next 2 years if these are not corrected. I think your a great company but you have to listen to the customers and to the employees advise.

Worst company I have ever dealt with in my life. Rep Chris Karpenko has horrible customer service skills and should be retrained if not fired!

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