Zales Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Zales Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Zale Corporation
901 West Walnut Hill Lane
Irving, TX 75038
Corporate Phone Number: 1-972-580-4000
Fax Number:1-972-580-5547
Customer Service Number: 1-800-311-5393

  • on 2/21/22 I sent my diamond ring for an estimate for a repair. Weeks later I called the Middletown store they told me they will let me know and contact me. Well its now March 24th no contact whatsoever! This is a bad business practice!!I have no emails as well! I am done. I will not go back. I am asking for my repair back!!! The receipt says estimate will be back around March 7th. I have had no contact from Zales.I am not at all Happy!!!

  • Mason
    Why can't I get someone to return my calls about my refund. Customer service is lacking even in the corporate office. I called 330.668.5000 option 5 and it just hangs up. It took less than 3 seconds to swipe my card, but I am already in the 3rd month and have not received my money or a call from Zales about my refund. Teach the reps how to handle their mistake and fix the problems at store level. Due to the lack of knowledge and training with the Waco staff at store #Z-2719, I'm having to go in debt on other expenses. Laticia Hill and Rosemary guaranteed that I would have no problem getting my refund. Losey business on all levels.

  • This has been the worst customer service ever. My husband went in Aug 2017 to get me a ring and surprise me . Let me start off by saying we didn't get the ring till a month later. Now its November 28th and he still hasn't received his card or statement. After about an hour on the phone and being transferred 3 xs we found out that they sold the account to Genesis. So finally speaking with Genesis customer service they told us they sent documentation to us in Oct saying they will be handling are account. We asked about the card they said they think we will get a card in Dec or Jan. At this point we are beyond frustrated and can't wait to pay then off and close this account.

  • I took my rings to Zales, Forsyth, IL. There is an engagement ring and 2 bands. One band needed to be resized, and then they were to be sodered together. I took them to the store on 5/30/16. I was told it would be 3 weeks, but would be back earlier. As I hadn't heard anything, I called the Forsyth store on 6/17/16. The salesman said, "I have the rings in my hand. The band was not resized and soddered to the set anyway." "You don't want to see them looking like this." I was told that on a "redo" it would be a one day turn around. It is now 6/22/16…I have not had an update. With sodering, unsodering, resodering, I question the integrity of the rings. I am not surprised I haven't received an update, as I couldn't even be called when they new the rings had come back and didn't let me know of the problem.

    These rings were ordered online from Zales. Had to be resized, and when they came back from the resizing, weren't the size I had requested. I have been a Zales customer for many years, but will no longer shop at Zales. I just hope that someday soon I will receive my rings back or total reimbursement in excess of $3000.00. You may contact me at

  • I bought a ring for my girlfriend, item # 30440016, it is Oval Emerald and 1/4 CT. T.W. Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold, on January 13th 2016. My order number is 4418755215. I order a size 5 from Zales Online Store, and after patiently waiting several weeks for the ring, when I final received it, it was a bit big. My girlfriend and I went to the Zales store, 8000 W. Broward Blvd STE 228 Plantation, FL 33388 US, that I picked up the ring from, since I had it shipped to the store, and one of the associates sized it and said it was a size 7. So the ring I received was 2 sizes too big. I asked them if they could resize it free of charge since I was sent the wrong size, and they said they couldn’t. They told me to contact customer support and see what their procedures are since I'm guessing the store policy and online policy differ. The associates there were nice.
    I contact customer support and they said I would have to return the ring, wait for a refund, and then reorder another one. That whole process would take about 2 months. I spoke to my girlfriend and she said to forget the headache and that she’ll just paid to get it resized at Zales. She took it to the same store I picked it from and paid them to resize it. I'm not sure what policy is, but this is poor customer service. I was clearly sent the wrong size ring and there wouldn’t be any quick resolutions. Rather than going through the whole process of waiting 2 months and hoping I'm sent the correct ring and that it’s not damaged, we just paid to have it resized.
    This was the first piece of jewelry I bought from Zales and it will be the last. I was a first time and last time customer. We paid about $50.00 to get it resized and I am currently waiting for the new ring. If Zales cared about it customers and wanted to provide the up most-best customer service, then you would reimburse me the resizing charge. My email is, I can send over a picture of the receipt of the resizing if needed.
    Sincerely a disappointed customer,

    • I'm Going through the same thing.. i was giving the wrong ring, didn't have my ring for my wedding day nor did they even care about my big day.. When i place the order on line for my ring for the sec time they didn't even tell me that my ring was on back order, now i have to wait 1-4 weeks an i'm getting married tomorrow with out my ring, money back or anything!!! i'm very disappointed an angry with Zales an there sloppy customer service… I will never order from here in life again

  • I would like to start by giving you a run down of my situation. I have an engagement ring from Gordon's and have 2 wedding bands from zales. I liked zales so much when I purchased my wedding bands that I went to zales to get them sodered together.
    I got married November 7 and then went on honeymoon and came back to a full work schedule didn't have time to drop them off so it started last Wednesday dec 2nd I dropped all 3 of my rings to get soldered together. I was going to keep one band free and solder the other 2 together but was told to give all three so they can get dipped and all look equal color. I was told they would be back in 1 week the following Wednesday. On that following Wednesday dec 9 I called the location to see if they were there and I can pick them up; I was told they are not in and they don't know where they are at, and that they will have to call me back. First you never tell someone there rings might be lost. 20 min later they called me back saying they are there but the jewler did not solder them together. So it took them a week to dip them and change the size of 2 rings but the main reason I turned them in was not done. I have now waited a week as a newlywed with nothing on my finger. The sales man then told me he would give me my one band and send the other two rings to a local jewler and overnight it and I'll have it back Friday night/ sat morning at the latest dec 11-12. I waited till sat dec 12 at 2pm to call to see if I can pick them up and they are still not there. It has now been a week and a half and I still have no word of where my rings are and I keep getting lied to. This is quite frustrating when your expecting to get your beautiful rings in and they are either lost, not there, didn't do what needed to be done, and again when it was suppose to be overnighted still not there. The sales man is not apologetic at all and I find this to be an awful turn around time for a newlywed that all she wants is to have her rings after her wedding day. I can't image that a reputable company such as yours would knowingly conduct your business like this. My husband and I have spend a significant amount of money with you and I would like somebody to look into this matter and make this right for us. Thank you for your help in advance.

    Sanford fl
    Kelsey Schwebs

  • Your diamond engagement rings must be as filthy as your male models. Those guys would be better off representing homeless guys who have not taken a shower in months, maybe years! So if you pick models like those to portray your jewelry, then your diamonds must be as filthy as your models, inside and outside, taking advantage that most people cannot tell the difference between the different levels of quality in a diamond!

  • I have been a long time customer of Zales
    I Bought an expensive Bulova Watch 2 years ago and each year I have the battery changed
    I went to your Coventry store in PA and dropped it off on 10/04/14 for a battery change, I followed up in 3 weeks and still no watch. I again followed up today 11/18/14 and spoke with Marisa and was told it was not back yet –Really?
    So I asked for Customer service # I then spoke with Angela she placed me on hold and called the store and then came on the line and stated that they found the watch in layaway and that I can pick it up

    I have to say your service is really bad not only the jeweler your staff is incompetent as well

    Will think twice before purchasing or getting anything in the near future
    Very Disappointed customer

  • I went to the Zales outlet store on Saturday October 14 and there were four reps behind the counter and one crunched down messing with the floor. I was in the store ten minutes and never greeted or asked if assistance was needed. I walked out and as I did two men came in behind me and multiple people came to their aid, needles to say I took my business elsewhere and will never shop with Zales again!!!!! This has also been made known to corporate.

  • I was in just in your store about a week ago, an very eager to see what had arived for the show.
    I browsed at several items, as always silvia was very helpful. Ten minutes later I was on my way back to work. The only thing that separates the store I work in an the zales outlet store in mercedes, tx is a very thin wall. You can usually hear conversations between the sales associates. To hear the store manager say I am a waist of time in the store is very wrong. There is no reason whatsoever to insult me in anyway. My entire family has purchased items in that store. I just recently made a purchase for my son's graduation. My husband bought my engagement ring at the same store. Its degrading an absurd that you would have such a horrible person working for zales. No person should be treated with such disrespect.

  • Hello, I was in your Farmington New Mexico store tonight and you had two young ladies sitting on your jewelry counters. It was very unprofessional to me I decided not to purchase anything because I was ignored. I really enjoy going to zales and purchasing jewelry, I will not be returning.

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