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Zeman Homes Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Zeman HomesCorporate Office Headquarters HQ

Zeman Homes Inc.
Official Address:
6547 North Avondale Avenue Suite 301
Chicago, IL 60631 USA
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-773-792-2515
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-877-936-2646


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  1. I stayed in the super 8 in alvin tx and I just have to say the rooms and staff are excellent. The front desk was respectful and willing to help us have a comfortable stay. But once the owner got there he started yelling at his staff and using cuss words. I heard him yelling from my room down the hall. I don't think a manager or whoever should talk to there staff like that. He was being very disrespectful and rude towards his staff. Hopefully something can be done.

  2. Super 8 motel in Emporia Kansas needs to be checked into poor mangment. The manger is not doing things right there. Nasty beds sheets get washed but blankets don't. Pet rooms are full of pet hair. They don't treat thier housekeepers right. Make them work like slaves yell st them in front of others. One day off when they say. Would not stay there if hsf to. Needs new manger. I think it would do better under new manger kids of his running through building into rooms.Nasty place to stay or work

  3. I had purchased a car with all the bells and whistles and just didn't like it. I drove into a Kia deal and drove a SOUL. I knew immediately I needed to leave my "fancy" car and drive home in this SOUL. I absolutely LOVED my 2012 soul more than anything. Then the day came when me and my 2 children hit a deer head on in our SOUL. We all escaped without a scratch. I was SO impressed that this little car saved our lives against this huge animal! I LOVE the Kia SOUL! I see the newer versions and am so impressed with the looks of these great cars! Everyone should own a SAFE, GOODLOOKING, ECONOMIC SOUL! Bravo!

  4. My wife just returned from a two day trip to Pinehurst, NC were she was helping a family friend who has been ill relocate for work. Upon returning home tonight she explained to me how the two of them had went to the bar at the hotel and were charged $25.00 for drinks. Bridget gave the bartender two ten dollar bills and ten one dollar bills. The bartender then turned around and “dropped the money” and then told Bridget that she owed her five more dollars for the drinks. Bridget paid the bartender and left.

    When I contacted the hotel to discuss the issue the manager said that “they had been so busy all week it would be hard for him to figure out who I was talking about”. I then explained to him that Bridget had said that the hotel seemed empty and that they were the only two people there besides the bartender and the bartenders “friend”; a large man who sat over in a booth. I then asked the manager about the bartenders “friend” as to whether he was a hotel employee, bar bouncer, etc. The manager then explained that he was “just a friend of his employee” who got free drinks from the hotel so he would set there and watch the bar. I then explained to the manager that I had spent sixteen years in the restaurant business and that I thought giving out free drinks to none employees was “at best frowned on” by the ABC board. Bridget had said that she felt threatened by this person in what was obviously a con scheme run by the bartender and the bar. The manager then changed his story again and said that they had a camera at the bar and would be able to see what had actually happened.

    The hotel then contacted our neighbors and sent them a video that showed Bridget giving the bartender the correct amount of money. The manager told our neighbors that “I had been calling the hotel for hours” when I only made one phone call which is time stamped on my cell phone (8:31 PM 4/15/2016). He also said that I was “screaming at him over the phone” which would been kind of odd since I was talking to him while at the grocery store. This can be time stamped from my purchase at the grocery store.

    In my mind the response of the manager to all of this (defensive, changing his story, claiming that he had been victimized,etc) are all classic actions of a criminal. Then for him to verify that in fact that was this non-employee at the bar for some undefined reason; not an employee, not a security officer, not a bartender, made it rather difficult for me to clearly understand his role. In my mind it seemed that he is either a drug dealer, an enforcer or a pimp. After the email and call to our neighbors I then found out that this issue had already been brought to the hotel managers attention on Thursday but he chose to ignore it as I am sure he has done many times in the past.

    While I am not sure what goes for “business as usual” in North Carolina I am quite sure this is not it. Contacting guest from your hotel at 9:00 PM with some fantastic story of how you had been terrorized for hours by a person seems odd at best. Certainly the hotel will be able to provide phone records of all these multiple calls from my cell phone number as all of this information is captured by their in house phone system. Verifying that there was a man there who was not an employee but who you did give free drinks to and that the video showed the bartender receiving the correct cash payment both seem to speak to some issue other than a simple counting mistake on Bridget’s behalf.

    As someone who spent sixteen years in the restaurant business I can tell you that no hospitality organization would endorse the behaviors exhibited here. Nor would they accept the lack of integrity exhibited by hotels staff. Ultimately, at the end of the day Pinehurst needs to ask itself if this is the type of business they want representing their town to the rest of the world? And if I were in law enforcement I would be asking myself “what else is going on here”?

  5. I ate at old Chicago #59 in Olathe Kansas on 4/13/2016. I ordered a deep dish pizza. The pizza was awful. The service matched the pizza. The pizza had less cheese and of the same quality of a "RED BARON PIZZA". No one asked me how my food was tasting. The waitress didn't refill my drink so I had to go get my own. I told her when she showed for the check that my pizza sucked and it had no cheese. The waitress could have cared less if I liked my meal. The manager ran by and I couldn't get his attention. The place is ran bad. I suggest strongly a change of management. My wife wanted to eat there. I should have said no. The kids won't go there any more. My wife put a bunch more cheese on the pizza so the kids can eat it. I won't be there a long time.

    Curtis Hursh

  6. We are staying at the hotel at Beckley and what a nightmare. For four hours we have listened to children running across the floor upstairs. The girl at the front desk kept making promises about doing something about it, but did not. She asked five times about my room number. And kept asking me to try to sleep. She was new and worked alone. There is no maitenance, nor any other staff. Ludicrous! We constantly travel, but we will never stay in this hotel ever again. The Comfort Inn will be gone in a very few years at this level of incompetence.

  7. My family stayed at the Crowne Plaza Resort Ashville from March 14, 2016 to March 17, 2016. I booked the Executive room because of the extra space it would give us. I booked it through Hotels.com, confirmation #127835898410. When we arrived and went into our room they had given us a regular room, not the room I paid for. I called the front desk and they apologized, blamed it on a computer error and sent someone up with a keycard for the correct room. When we entered that room I noticed that instead of the nice couch and two matching chairs they showed on their website we had an older couch and one chair that didn't match. Not what I was expecting but also, not a big deal. Around 9 pm I decided to pull out the sleeper sofa and get it ready for my kids to sleep in. As soon as I pulled it out I could see the mattress was still wrapped in plastic and felt cold to the touch. It looked wet and moldy. We called the front desk to let them know and they sent someone up to look at it. When the maintenance man came he folded the mattress in half to see the underside. It was SOAKED, and smelled really bad. He told us that some furniture was in a storage room that over heated and the sprinklers went off and that's probably how this got so wet. He dragged the mattress across the room (because it was too heavy to carry due the amount of water in it) to the hall leaving a trail of wet stinky water across the room. He came back around 30 minutes later with two cots for my kids to sleep on and said they will try to get a new mattress the next day. We were out all the next day and when we returned we found our full size sofa was removed and replaced with a love seat and we still had two cots in the middle of our room. Needless to say I was extremely disappointed in the room, and with the cots we no longer had the extra space I paid for. I wish I could add the pictures of the mattress that we took so you could see how disgusting it was. I was a little surprised that the manager never even called to apologize about our situation. Also, half way into our stay the elevator stopped working and we were in room 498. There were other problems we encountered but since the lobby had signs posted all over saying, We're sorry if you had any problems, but we hope you enjoy the rest of your stay. So basically if you had a problem we don't care so don't tell us. I would expect this from a cheap hotel not the Crowne Plaza Resort

  8. I am requesting you to do some investigating on your management in Fayette Mall in Lexington Ky. Management has harassed and threaten employees in such a unprofessional way that just dumbfounds me. I personally am not affiliated now or ever have been with PF Chang's but have been in management for over 30 years. If something is not done about these I can guarantee there will be harassment charges brought up legally. after just watching and hearing what is said and done I'm surprised it hasn't happen already. I will keep checking on this. Thank you

  9. Me and my family visited IHOP in Spanish Fort Alabama, we will never go back our server Alicia was rude didn't fill our drinks left dirty dishes on our table. She wasn't friendly at all hope yall get servers in that actually loves there job

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