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  1. My home is not for sale but Zillow has my property profile on the site with a estimated price that is $180.000.00 dollars less then is suggested by a reputable real estate company. I just want the profile eliminated.I am getting zero satisfaction from email and can not reach anyone by phone. My next call will be to my attorney.

    1. This is happening to me they have my home listed for sale and I am not selling my home nor will I in the future. I have been calling and calling and emailing and still no response. There has been many agents swarming my home looking into my windows and in my back yard. If anything happens to my family I will file criminal charges against them and my friend is a anchor woman on the news and she is ready to take zillow on. So hang in there they are crooks and liars and they are just a scheme fraudulent company and greedy to get sales. It is just a scheme to lure new borrowers in and agents but most of all they have our pictures of our homes on the site so strangers come and anything could happen so be careful and don't hesitate to call your law enforcement they need to know what these people are doing.

  2. For real estate agents out there. Please DO NOT use Zillow/Trulia. They are incredibly unethical and fraudulent. The leads they charge you for are the same leads you could get going through a phone book. Not just the quality but the quantity is about a third of what you are paying for. You think you have cancelled but they keep charging your credit card. And good luck trying to ever get a hold of anybody there….. once they have your $ than it's adios….. Goodbye.

  3. WOW!!!! Inquired about a rental property, and got an email back stating that I should call the Realtor directly, so I did. Boy was that a mistake, I have never been so insulted. Right from the start she was overtly hostile. She kept repeating to me that she was "not going to argue" with me!!?? How could there be an argument 5 seconds into a conversation? I've never spoken with her before, wouldn't know her if I saw her on the street, and yet she came off as maybe having a bad day and taking it out on any and everyone. Or, perhaps she realized from the questions that I asked that hr job is to take ALL offers to the seller, manager, renter, owner, etc, not just those she deems acceptable. I gathered from her attitude that my offer didn't make it past her desk. How does a person conduct business with someone who, judging from personal experience, has no people skills, nor is willing to do her job for the benefit of the buyers and sellers???
    Not a good look for you Zillow, not at all.

    I have the information if you're interested inn knowing who the Realtor is, and the particular property that I am still interested in.

    Thank you

  4. I am looking for the corporate email. Woman – associate from Zillow went into my for sale by owner listing and rearranged all my photos after I stated I could not rearrange and my computer was not letting me so she took liberty and went into my listing and changed things without permission. I asked the first question and before she went into my listing and changed things she just wrote back "I suggest you try again and come back if you have any questions" like really?! so I wrote another question saying the same thing because she was no help except this time I wrote that I had numbered my photos so if anyone could go in and arrange them per # (seeing as they have that ability) and guess who writes back!? She says basically the same thing so I wrote her back and said that it was not ok for her to go into my listing and change things without my permission and she didn't even address my request to arrange after I had #ed them. (Ice L) that's her screen name.

    1. Where and how do I join your lawsuit? My home has been listed and relisted and delisted and prices have changed three times and no matter how often I call, write or email they never get it right. And they don't seem to care.

  5. Called and emailed to cancel account in April , Account paid through May, I keep getting charged every month on credit card. Call account rep and only get voice mail and no calls back. Email help no good also. Bad service to start with and never got better. Live and learn.

  6. I am paying $371.00 a month and was talked into buying all these zip codes and have received 0 response! How do I get another agent?

  7. Unhappy with your Customer Service. They don't seem to care about their paying customers. Just get a pat answer that there's nothing they can do to help me when I pay $200/month in advertising.

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