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  • ZTE USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

ZTE USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact ZTE USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

2425 N Central Expy
Richardson, TX 75080 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-972-671-8885
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-877-817-1759
ZTE Head Office in China

ZTE Plaza, Keji
South Road, Hi & New Tech Industrial Park
Nanshan District
SHENZHEN, GNG 518057 China
Corporate Phone Number: +86-755-26770282
Fax Number: +86-755-26770286


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  1. Filed with the Attorney General's office of Texas this morning. 6-29-20:

    On the 'Extension' on the previous page I've also put in a toll free number for ZTE, as the other number is for the headquarters and you can never get anybody there.

    My following story is in regards to my ZTE cell phone that loses quite a percentage of its battery every single night. This is not the first time this has happened and I believe there should be a recall on ZTE's phone batteries because this there is something radically wrong with this ongoing situation. Here is my story:

    I'll begin by saying that ironically enough I had a ZTE Axon mini 7 phone replaced by ZTE in December 2018 due to the exact same problem that I'm having now. The phone's battery was absolutely terrible. It would lose a significant amount of charge throughout the night when the phone was turned off.

    This was a very, very stressful situation for me and it took many phone calls and hours and hours of my time trying to explain this to 'various' ZTE representatives. Finally after a lot of frustration might I add, a supervisor by the name of James listened to what I had to say and concluded that he would send me an upgrade which was an Axon 7 phone. Once I received it, I would send back the phone that I had with the faulty battery.

    Over the past 6 months this upgraded phone has done the exact same thing as my previous ZTE phone. (I talk to my step sister in England via Facebook Messenger almost every single morning and she usually asks, 'How much percentile did the phone lose last night?')

    I've tried sleeping with my phone, believe it or not so that it's definitely warm throughout the whole night and continuously at the same temperature.

    I even went for a road trip this summer for 3,000 miles going through 4 different States and every place that I went to, the phone did the exact same thing. I live about a mile up in elevation so I thought maybe if I went to a lower elevation the phone would act differently or 'normal.'

    When the phone is turned off it loses between 12 to 26% every evening. In my opinion this isn't a ZTE phone malfunction it's a ZTE batterry malfunction.

    I've gone online and looked up forum after forum after forum on this and so many people are having or have had the same battery problem. That's why, when I spoke to Bruce this morning I asked him if there had been a recall on any of their phone batteries and he said 'no.'

    I did explain to Bruce that the reason why I was calling is because if I did have to file a complaint with the Attorney General of TX, at least I had spoken to a supervisor at ZTE and got an opinion on this situation. He told me that the phone only has a 90-day warranty.

    This has nothing to do with the length of a warranty, it has to do with the malfunctioning of a battery!

    I had called ZTE's headquarters in Richardson, Texas this morning before I called the ZTE tech support. I've done this before and headquarters never calls you back so it's a complete waste of time, but I tried.

  2. I've been waiting to hear back from zte since the last of April 2018. I sent my phone it because it was defective and I haven't heard anything back . I've emailed 2 other timed

  3. I have a ZTE max and it caught fire last night and burned my carpet in my bedroom. it could have made me lose my home and possible the lives of my family. it destroyed my carpet and my albums that was collected over the yrs that are collector items. they got damaged case the smoke. so before i take the phone to the court house and start the process of a claim what can been done. cause im sure you or any of your people does not want to go to court. so i need to know asap i am giving you a week to resolve this matter. to contact me email me at mse6272017@charter.net

  4. ZTE is Awesome!!!! their devices offer top of the line hardware specs for a much much lower price than other manufactures

  5. Don't purchase ANYTHING from ZTE! I sent my phone back 3 times to be repaired due to charging issues and it's been 2 months now and I still don't have my phone back. Their customer service is horrible and I have NO idea how they can possibly still be considered a business. They take NO responsibility for their actions nor do the Supervisors or Managers apparently and it's beyond obvious they don't care as long as they got your MONEY already. ALL BAD!

  6. I am a Veteran of Both The US Air Force (I Joined in 1973 on my 17th Birthday and the US Army I joined while I was going to College after getting out of the Air Force. I was almost killed in a motorcycle accident in 2003 and when I got out of the Hospital I decided to do something to help my fellow Veterans. As I was leaving the Hospital I was told I'd probably never walk right again Well I live on just $850 a month disability now and have taken to Hiking Long Distance Trails and Canoeing Long Distances as a way to raise money to help my fellow brothers and sisters. I bought a ZTE Majesty Cell Phone to help with my hike of the Pacific Crest Trail Last Year because I could Pair it with My InReach GPS and send out updates to my followers that I hoped would be donating money to the Veterans for my hikes. I also had my trail maps and Apps in my phone so I would find my way from Mexico to Canada. My first ZTE slipped out of my hand a first week out and the screen cracked but I was still able to use it until I was able to order a replacement for it. I needed to large 4.5 inch screen so I could read my maps and see the pictures I was taking. Well I was really happy with my Majesty and the Straight Talk Phone Service I had While on the Trail but I am home in Minnesota right now waiting for the snow to melt in the Cascades before I return to finish my hike of the PCT and after I'm finished with it I plan to head over and Start Hiking The Continental Divide Trail also to raise money for my fellow Veterans. I have a problem though ! My Majesty still works in all ways but one I can't hear or talk without putting it on speaker phone. I have looked for another Majesty Cell Phone but Straight Talk no longer Sells them. I'm Desperate I can't afford a Iphone on any of those other smart phones with my disability income and I really need the 4.5 or bigger Android phone to use on my hike can you fix my phones for me please !!

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