Ztejas Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Z’Tejas Inc.
4800 N. Scottsdale Rd., Ste. 2700
Scottsdale, AZ 85251 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-480-612-6380
Fax Number: 1-480-612-6390
Customer Service Number: 1-866-598-3527

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My friend and I had lunch at the Bethany Home location in Phoenix. I entered the restaurant around 12:30 p.m. A large man (manager?) held the door open for me. He never greeted me nor even fake a smile. I thanked him and went to the hostess. I asked for a booth. She had to run and clean one. The restaurant was not busy except for some bar business. There was one other table occupied at the time I was seated. The same man who held the door walked by my table and I asked if he could turn the air conditioning up as I felt too cold. He never responded and kept right on walking. I ordered corn bread and was surprised to see they are now charging $3 for what was once complimentary. Apparently Z'Tejas is donating the proceeds from their corn bread to charity. So when speaking about their charitable donations they are talking about the customers' charitable donation. The cornbread arrived along with butter. When I scooped into the butter there was some foreign object in it. I put it down and showed it to the waitress when she returned. By this time my friend had arrived. She too looked at the butter and was disgusted. We were brought new butter. The waitress said she would send the manager over. He never arrived. My friend and I split the macaroni and cheese and had two ice teas. When the $45!!! bill (for lunch, no less) arrived I was shocked. We paid and left vowing not to return. To date I have written to Z'Tejas about my complaints and have called corporate. I have not received a response. They filed bankruptcy once. I see another bankruptcy on the horizon.

My wife and I have tried on three separate occasions now to get a response on a horrible experience we had on Easter Sunday. My wife explained explicitly what happened in an email and no one has every contacted her. I then sent two separate emails and again no response. We extremely displeased. We have been loyal customers for over 12 years and we longer feel comfortable every returning to your restaurant. How we were treated on Easter Sunday and how we have been ignored is not acceptable. It's a shame, but your restaurant has gone down hill since the restructuring.

NEW OWNERS? Why buy something, then throw out the items that all the customers loved? No more Seared Ahi Tuna, to name one of the best in Az.? They claim they want to be more authentic Mexican! No more asian flair! Well authentic Mexican is La Fonda style so you missed the target and lost mine and ALL our friends loyal business(1999 to date). One more thing we buy gift cards $50 and have $200 worth all bought on the quality of the menu, which now is not offered. I WANT FULL REIMBURSEMENT please. Where may I pick up my money.

had a similar experience last night, also at the costa mesa branch. had friends visiting from out of town. one was a doctor MD, the rest were RN's with BSN's who can obviously afford the prices on their menu. had us wait for more than 20 minutes for a table when there were so many available. the excuse, "we only have one table that for your party and it is being cleaned." CORPORATE YOU SHOULD TEACH YOUR WORKERS TO NOT JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER. WE ARE YOUNG PROFESSIONALS WHO CAN AFFORD TO EAT AT YOUR RESTAURANT. CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

i went to z tejas rest in costamesa @4.30 pm to make seating @5.0pm reception desk decline to make booking.i went outside of rest.and made booking on 5 pm we went inside rest and told at front counter that i have resr.@5 pm.she refused to honor that resr.we have to wait until 5.30 and rest staff purposely did not seated until 5.30i went to restroom and saw many tables were empty.i have talk to manager leann emmott and she did not do anything to accomodate us.she and ruby told me it is third party open table made booking and we do not have to honor this resr.we are insulted and humilated by this action by manager and ruby.we go for at least twice month and this first time we are insulted and refuse to honor resr.rajni

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