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CheckNGo Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Check n’ Go Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

CNG Financial Corporation
7755 Montgomery Rd., Ste. 400
Cincinnati, OH 45236 USA
Website: Check n’ Go
Corporate Phone Number: 1-513-336-7735
Customer Service Number: 1-800-561-2274


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  1. This company is HORRIBLE! Long wait times to pay your acct, they expect you to wait hours and miss work etc just to pay them, never the same face, high turnover.

  2. I got a loan Nov of last year at store # 1017 in SC. I have ALWAYS PAID ON TIME & SOMETIMES MORE b/c I wanted this over & done with. I got married & moved out of state, hrs away, b4 my last 3 payments were due. I informed the ladies there & they gave me an address & # of where I could make my payments in the new location. On my way there I called & the young lady said that I could not make payments there. So I called my local office & she said they were supposed to (I think she didn't know). So she recommended that I send her the payment. I did, FOR 2 PAYMENTS! I have proof of these. I received a call 4 weeks later sating that they never received them. So I called my bank to cancel those payments (I have proof of that as well). Still waiting for money back from my banking institution though. I called the office to give them my new acct information ( I can no longer wait on the funds from my bank). Before I was told that they could debit my acct & she now say that they can't do that & I have fees & penalties (after she said she'd waive them). She said she'd only be able to waive them if I was in the store b/c I have to sign papers. She said I can ONLY send her a money order now. I'm just trying to get this over with!! I have the money now! Why aren't they trying to help me?!

    1. I am unfortunately a current employee of CNG and a lot of the states systems are different than others. We are some how suppose to be able to take payments but no one is ever trained how and because the turn over is so great through out the whole company not even district managers usually know how and they tell us it can't be done. Some states however I believe can take payments through the website or can call it in. The state I work for does not allow this. I don't know the employee you are referring to but 90% of the problem is the corporate part of the business not the store employees and unfortunately from what I have heard from some of my customers if it goes so far past due and gets sent to an outside collection agency the do a lot of unlawful things.

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