JD Byrider Corporate Office Headquarters

JD Byrider Corporate Office Headquarters
12802 Hamilton Crossing Boulevard
Carmel, IN  46032
Corporate Phone Number: 1-317-249-3000

  • So they came and repo my van all the way out in California which had all of my kids clothes and our identities in there and some stranger bought my van from Davenport location and he got a hold of me on Facebook saying he had my social security cards and I'd with him better think twice before buying from them

  • I've had my vehicle service 13 times!! My vehicle is still down.and just got out the shop on Friday this makes the third time that, I've paid for this repair. no one even answers the corporate office phone I've had three to four different numbers and no one's answering!!! Go figure probably because I got so many people calling complaints!! It takes a month to get your car serviced!! No rental or loaner offer!!! I missed a whole week of work due to my vehicle being down!!! And guess what they still want their money!! I will never buy a car or suggest anyone ever buy a car from JD byrider if you plan on living a normal life!!! JDBYRIDER IS HEARTLESS AND ONLY CARES ABOUT YOUR MONEY!!!!

  • I bought a car at the JD Byrider in South Holland, IL since purchasing the car I have had issues with my car 1st the check engine light came on finds out the car has no oil in but the sticker states oil change was just done on the car, then they so called fix that issue, had to take car in a second time because now the check engine light was on they claim it was an electrical issue but change spark plug and filters. Now a third time i have to take my car in and its something else wrong with it. I have only had this car since July and Im tired of it already. The people in the service department are rude and discurtious to us the consumer and I do not appreciate being undermined when I am clearly spending my money. Honestly I am considering contacting an attorney about the cars they are selling that constantly needs repairs and causing me and many others to have to pay for repairs and still try to make our payments on time. It is not convenient for us the consumers at all!!


  • I got my Chevy from Cedar Rapids, IA. We were in a desperate situation and we're fooled by JD Byrider because they did give us a loan for a car, however, they take advantage of people in desperate situations and make them pay outrageous prices for old used and terrible condition cars. In my case my Chevy would not stay running while we were stopped at a red light or stop signs. There was something wrong with the alternator the wheel bearings the battery.. from the first month we had it something was going fixed or not fixed….. I let it go back willingly because I could not put my family in that death trap anymore and got a more reliable car. Well now they are taking me to court after I agreed to pay a lower monthly payment to pay it back even though I shouldn't pay it back because of safety… I will walk before I ever go back to these guys for help and nobody should ever buy from them. Terrible customer service, won't help tow your car, won't give you a loaner so you don't have to miss work to get another issues not fixed…

  • I had had 2 car from them that I never had any problems with and then a few years later I went back and trade a car in and got a bigger car and all of the staff had changed and everyone was very 2 faced and they are in no way out to help anyone the vechicle I bought had issues from day one and was in andout of the garage from then til the day it got repo I had found out I had cancer and been fired from my job for having cancer I called them and tried to working something out with them like that hAD told me from day one that they were there to do and they didn't help me at all they and wouldn't fix the car right so they repo it and thou I said I would surrender it. NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM THEY ARE THE WORST CHOICE OF CAR LOTS

  • Horrible Establishment just save your time. This place should be your last resort the customer service displayed in Joliet IL on Jefferson is disgusting and disgraceful by CNAC Managers and JD byrider managers you will regret it just don't.

  • To whom it may concern,
    I brought our family in for a vehicle to your Joliet IL location. I didn't have the car for 30 days after paying bills bi weekly to CNAC before it cut off while driving after being taken to the service center two weeks ago and being told everything was properly fixed.Manager Angie the manager CNAC hung up on my husband as he pushes his car to the side of the road in the freezing cold I called back to ask for help with Tow and his location she was nasty and said I need him to tell me his location as he was clearly sounding winded from pushing the vehicle we waited on the phone which she than hung up again before whispering to a couple worker his wife has me on hold and hes pushing the car this is outrageous we expressed we have small children and needed a reliable used vehicle we were assured it would be and we even made sure to take it into service within the first two weeks of having the vehicle this Angie woman was cold hearted they did say they would cover the tow but didn't even call back after hanging up the second time.

    *****Update I would like to take the time to appreciate Ted in the service department for helping us figure out what was wrong with our vehicle and adjusting our cost it was a minor fix and with his customer service compassion and understanding I am greatful for people like him. We never received a call from Angie or apology in response to her treatment of our matter and professionalism but we are happy with jd Byrider having (Ted)as a service provider he was awesome today through and took time to help a family in need after buying a vehicle that began to have issues within the first couple weeks.****Husband calls in informs company he tried to post date his insurance for when funds are available on the 14th it's due the 9th they are now threatening us to report our vehicle already and not trying to work with us due to the many issues and on time payments they've recieved for the note Just 2/7/19 horrible CNAC Niko is just the person you want to talk to on the phone if you need someone to rattle your nerves with horrible customer service and over talking….do your self a favor finance service and their insurance don't get it..get your own they will be to tow your car soon as you lapse 1 day of coverage and their is no grace period lol that's how much they care about you as their customer they will argue with you on the phone like a highschool variety cheerleading math place lacks professionalism especially CNAC side since they make it their business to separate themselves from service when your car breaks down it's all designed to fail you and prey on those who need second chances and have a lower credit score you will be lucky to make it out of your loan contract without the car breaking down it or them towing for little reasons like your insurance is 2 days past due and you couldn't work due to severe weather you will not be treated properly don't do it to yourself.

  • Jd byrider is the worst place to ever to get a vehicle!!! I would never recommend them to anyone!!! All of their cars are indeed lemons. I can't even begin to understand why they are even still in business! Has anyone called the Better Business Bureau? If not you should and as soon as I finish this review I am too!!! Completely dissatisfied customer!!!

    • I had had bad credit so I what to JDByrider and get a car from them it was a mistake I get the car in 2019the radio stop working then the battery die my front brake starting to grain I can put my windows down but when I have put the back windows up I have to go in the back to put them up.

  • I made a horrible mistake getting a car from jd byrider in Randallstown I got a 2006 Chevy cobalt engine light been on since day one I keep coming back for service it's just terrible here but they make sure they collect my car payments on time

  • I'm going to see if I can get help through media. I really thought it would be different. And I actually referred a friend

  • Bought a ford five hundred. Seems to axles on tha front and JD Buyrider is not trying to help. It under warrant but they are not trying to do right buy me. Did know it was going to be like this…very unhappy… Buy elsewhere. Do your self a favor

  • we are dissatisfied with service issues however everytime we have contacted corporate we have had encouraging and satisfactory responses and the issues do get resolved. somehow though i think j.d. byrider service wants the attention of the corporate office; which accounts for their poor and damaging service to customers.

  • bought a car from the store in Bedford gotta check engine light a few weeks later do not shop at JD Byrider all cars are lemons I will never go there again. signed William Radcliff

  • CONTINUED….. Two seconds later I get a phone call from Chris trying to “resolve the situation” but in the long run stating the same things Corey has stated, as well as assuring me as soon as they received the check (which may have taken longer to receive due to inclement weather ) they would cut me a check (which they do twice a week) for the difference and I would be able to pick up my money. I was told to call me back tomorrow and tell whomever to contact him with my name. I did so and never received a call back. Upon checking my email I received a receipt for the payoff amount added to my account on 02/10/2014 with a BALANCE due a year and 6 months for the date. Please take in mind the payoff agreement per Chris approval was sent in full. Which means there should have been a balance of $0. Upon calling I spoke with Montreal who informed me that Chris was aware of the mistake and hadn’t gotten a chance to fix the error. I then inquired about receive my refund on $179.99 ( for the overpayment) and was told. Due to the fact that the payment was received a few days later they may not be able to refund my money to me. Which is fraud! Seeing as how they received the FULL payoff amount which included the $179.99 , initial drafted from my account. I was then told that Montreal would email Chris to contact me and if I didn’t received a call to call back at 3pm. I’ve never in my life encountered such run around with a business dealing in customer services, and the selling of goods. I truly wonder if STEVEN WEDDING, BILL BRUNNER, JAMES, ENGLAND, JEFFERY HIGGINS, AND TOM WELTER would feel about the way this situation has been handled. I plan on making sure they are very much aware of this situation .

    In conclusion,

    I must say I am beyond dissatisfied. I really admired the mission of JDByrider. Giving those with less credit the option to improve their credit. I have a major issue with the way they handle their payoff processes and communication. I used to tell everyone about your company. I will now for warn others instead.

    Sincelry ,

    Alexis ( A truly dissatisfied customer) .

  • I recently obtained a pay off agreement for my previous purchase a Ford Focus ZX3 2006 with your dealership. The car was a lemon from the day I received it. The alternator and battery went after a few months of having the car. Not to mention the door handle on my drivers side broke off! ( Which leaves me to believe the car had been sitting in damp conditions prior to buying it.) My master and slave cylinder were shot about a 1 and ½ late. Upon calling to set up an appointment to get the car fixed. I was told by Bella they were booked, and was referred to go to another company ( TransMedics in Raleigh ) to have them work on the car. Once at TransMedics they notified me that the master and slave cylinder should have been in great condition if thy where originally replaced upon my getting the car at 107,000 miles. When I called your company back I was told not to listen to TransMedics and there was now an opening to have my car “Dipped” and option I was never given from the time of my initial inquiry. I declined and proceeded to purchase a new car the following day. I then purchased a new 2014 Ford Focus SE Sedan from Capital Ford ( drove off the lot with the car the same day, and my purchase with your dealership was then traded in) . My sales man called your location for a pay off agreement and was given the run around. I then drove to your location in my new car and spoke with a women at the front desk. She told me the only person capable of obtaining and decreasing the pay off amount due to the condition of the car would be Chris. I called several times trying to speak with Chris. Left my number with the women at the front desk and never received a call back. My deal then called five times and finally got to speak with Chris. Due to me paying on time consistently he dropped the price by $942.50. Prior to this payoff payment being received my bank account was drafted $179.99 dollars. I called the same day the account was drafted and spoke with three different individuals ( Corey, Jessica, and another women ! she hung up on me! ) whom proceeded to tell me there was nothing they can do because I made the agreement with my new dealership. (Oddly your company currently buys parts from then but they are not a trusted dealership?? ) and that I would have to wait until the payoff check was received before they could refund my money. This is a reasonable option so I then asked if Corey could call my new dealership inquire about the payoff check and he repeatedly told me there was nothing he can do. (Basically saying no!!). I then notified him that I would be calling cooperate in referencing to this matter, after having an hour conversation with no resolution or attempted to comfort me the customer ).

  • We went to check our car for the transmission and the car was at another shop. we was not told of this so the car was reported stolen.!

  • I have had my car in the shop for 3 weeks for an ECM. (not covered under warrenty, hmm how convient) They were trying to help me save money and such on this part, cuz it was going to cost me 1000. I looked it up and from the Dodge dealership it was going to be 537, but they went to salvage yard 2 times (with my suggestion if this was a good idea, apparently both were bad), then finally ordered a new one that apparently is discontiuned??? Then ended up buying a new one from AutoZone??? Which cost more than the dealearship. And to add to it i found a coupon for 10% off Hello!!! Finally got the car done and ready and there are lights on the dash, mechanic states that it wasn't fully programmed, that it still needed to go to the dealership to be done. Went back the next day and it seemed that it was resolved but i noticed that my speedometer wasn't working and the engine light came back on so again I have to leave the car. Now i get a call stating that this brand new ECM may be bad too???? WTH.
    This is all with out a car, borrowing other peoples car putting other people out and me scared to drive someone elses car. No loaner, not able to rent, due to that I live paycheck to paycheck. Pay for the part as well as make my bi-weekly car payments and my other bills… I am sure glad someone cares.
    Also I feel that this company is taking advantage of people that can't get a vehicle at a regular dealership or have alot of money to put down on a vehicle.

  • I use to think that this dealership was good business, but made a mistake, their mechanics need training it should not have to take basically a month to do repair, they dodge you they say they will take care of you but you have to be the one call them, how can you put parts in wrong and bend up the parts trying to put in the car. My vehicle have been in shop twice within one month and half. First time in Feburary and stayed til April, now again in May not had it barely any this year. Every time you call they always busy or do not receive messsge, right now I am so furious and feel like this is a no win situation. but I will not stop til justice be served or I can get a descent car, very disappointed in JDBYRIDER, always bragged on them . I will not give the city name but will say hope things change with you all, then you can't talk to Corporate office they refuse to let you talk to them , what is the purpose of having home corporate and can't talk to resolve your problems 1888-240-3595 try it and see what you get, good luck

    • I feel your pain. Similar situation…my car wouldn start. Thought it was battery or starter (both covered)! Had it towed found out it was the computer (NOT COVERED)!!! First 2 weeks had to rent a car to get go work then they got me a loaner…I've been without my car since January 26…AND THEY STILL HAVE IT!!! I spoke with the manager who said he'd take my concerns to the corporate level and I haven't heard from him since and that was 2 weeks ago…my concerns are I've still made my payments faithfully without my car, spent over $700 in rental fees the 1st 2 weeks they had the car only to find out the original computer couldn't be fixed….how long does it take to reprogram a used computer!!!! And to top it off my car is up for inspection the end of the month! Either give me my car back FIXED or another car of equal or lesser value so I'll have what I'm paying for!

  • Your Canton Ohio dealrship has sales people "Gary and Josh" responding to "for sale" ads on Craigslist and leaving their name and dealership phone number with a call us about a car message.If this is acceptable company policy,that is a sad way to generate business.

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