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  • JD Byrider Corporate Office Headquarters

JD Byrider Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact JD Byrider Corporate Office Headquarters

12802 Hamilton Crossing Boulevard
Carmel, IN  46032
Corporate Phone Number: 1-317-249-3000

  • So they came and repo my van all the way out in California which had all of my kids clothes and our identities in there and some stranger bought my van from Davenport location and he got a hold of me on Facebook saying he had my social security cards and I'd with him better think twice before buying from them

  • I've had my vehicle service 13 times!! My vehicle is still down.and just got out the shop on Friday this makes the third time that, I've paid for this repair. no one even answers the corporate office phone I've had three to four different numbers and no one's answering!!! Go figure probably because I got so many people calling complaints!! It takes a month to get your car serviced!! No rental or loaner offer!!! I missed a whole week of work due to my vehicle being down!!! And guess what they still want their money!! I will never buy a car or suggest anyone ever buy a car from JD byrider if you plan on living a normal life!!! JDBYRIDER IS HEARTLESS AND ONLY CARES ABOUT YOUR MONEY!!!!

  • I bought a car at the JD Byrider in South Holland, IL since purchasing the car I have had issues with my car 1st the check engine light came on finds out the car has no oil in but the sticker states oil change was just done on the car, then they so called fix that issue, had to take car in a second time because now the check engine light was on they claim it was an electrical issue but change spark plug and filters. Now a third time i have to take my car in and its something else wrong with it. I have only had this car since July and Im tired of it already. The people in the service department are rude and discurtious to us the consumer and I do not appreciate being undermined when I am clearly spending my money. Honestly I am considering contacting an attorney about the cars they are selling that constantly needs repairs and causing me and many others to have to pay for repairs and still try to make our payments on time. It is not convenient for us the consumers at all!!

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