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Koons Automotive Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Koons Automotive Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: 2000 Chain Bridge Rd.
Vienna, VA 22182
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-703-356-0400
Fax Number: 1-703-442-5765
Customer Service Number: 1-703-356-0400

  • Buyer Beware! I was lied to about Carfax. Was told several times Carfax was clear only to find out the vehicle has been involved in two previous accidents. Went back next morning to confront them about accidents discovered and cancel contract, was told NO because their contract states "ZERO Cooling Off Period". That is a shady practice in itself. They tried to justify that the 2 prior accidents to the car were only external not internal. Doesn't matter!! Note: I have timed and dated proof of AutoCheck from that next morning. I unfortunately failed to notice obvious overspray and shotty previous repairs. Plus I had to take the vehicle to Service Center for reverse and fog light wiring repairs plus a new battery just days after purchase. They had to jump start so I could even drive it off the lot. My advise ASK for both CarFax and Experian AutoCheck reports. Cover your basis. BEWARE of hidden costs and disclaimers in reference to warranty/warranties! $4,700.00 for pre-owned certified which should have been included. Dealership seems to be bringing damaged leased rejects in from NY/NJ. If you've never heard of "Bait and Switch" and/or "Price Gouging" get familiar!! $10,600 for trade then Koons added that back into the contract price. Take someone with you, they easily took advantage of this old lady. I'm so upset I was naive enough to let this happen to me and these people could care less. Koons Corporate Office and Beth Kerr never returned my calls. Koons used to be a very trusted name/dealership, not anymore. Monopoly game piece they used to lure folks in, which they said I won $5,000, was crumbled up in trash when I left, it's just a ploy. I'm sure the dealership will respond, don't be fooled, nothing makes up for the lies and mug job. I'll gladly share all paperwork with anyone to review. Again, Buyer Beware!! EDITED to dealerships reply on Google: NO, Koons Automotive of Fredericksburg South, let's not be arrogant, It was your dealership!! (Jenise Gallahan)

  • No comment they koons is the worst dealership don't buy from them have issue with them can't get no response or answer

  • My daughter got her first car from Koons in Fredericksburg, Va. My Husband co signed
    After not even 2 weeks of having the car my husband got called and got told that the car has to be returned because the bank took the loan back over something they screwed up. I will never ever put a foot into that place again and I will make sure that my friends and family won't either.

  • This is intended as a friendly and helpful observation, not a hostile one, and I hope you will understand it as such. The next time you hire an agency to produce TV advertising, try to find one whose make-up artists will not insist on making your on-camera female spokespersons less attractive, rather than more so. In my humble opinion, the drastic over-application of dark eye make-up in some of your present spots actually detracts from the verbal messages you are directing to your potential clients. All the statistical marketing information at their command may say otherwise, but I am one humble dissenter. You want want your automobiles to look their best in the ads. Why not make sure that spokespersons like Crystal do also?

  • I agree wholeheartedly you need to do something about your service departments! Here is my most recent!

    On 6/27/2017 I called in the service to see if I could bring my 2013 Ford Explorer and for two issues related to the heating and cooling system. My first problem is that again the AC is not cooling sufficiently. This problem has been addressed under warranty a couple of years ago and obviously I must have a very small leak somewhere. Secondly during the winter my heating system only blew warm air on the driver side. I am told this is more than likely an actuator because it is a common problem. I was told when I called on 6/27/2017 that I could not bring the car in without an appointment and the next available appointment was on 7/6/2017 and it was scheduled for that day. On 7/6/2017 I took my vehicle in around 8 AM and checked in with one of the service writers, Bob Hoffman. Later that day I checked on progress and was told it would be seen the next day. At approximately 1:30 PM Mr. Hoffman called me and advised they had not yet got my car in for the requested work and he wasn’t sure if they would. At 4:45 PM I called and was told by Mr. Hoffman they could not get to my car. COULD NOT GET TO MY CAR OVER A PERIOD OF TWO DAYS FOR WHAT I AM TOLD IS LESS THAN A HALF A DAY REPAIR! Outstanding service! When I went to get the car no one even bothered to say they were sorry for what had occurred. I placed a call while driving home to the dealership and requested the service manager and I was transferred to Andy Monks voicemail however as of 7/13/2017 I have not received a return phone call. Thank you KOONS FORD of ANNAPOLIS – your reputation was upheld because this is exactly what I was warned to expect!

    On 7/13 after posting a rating of poor in the review section of the Koons Ford Annapolis website I get a call from a young lady at Koons Ford who says she wants to see how she can make me feel better about my experience at Koons service department which caused me to give them such a poor review on their web site (or Facebook page can’t remember right now). I told her I thought that was the dealership’s call but she insisted on pressing me for an answer. So I said do my repairs for free. She responded “so this is all about money” in a very insulting fashion and followed that up with pointing out that I did not buy my vehicle there. I said hold on a second let’s not respond as if I can’t pay for my own repairs or as if I’ve done anything wrong here and asked her additionally why it mattered that I didn’t buy the vehicle there. I said you pressed me for an answer and that was my answer. She said we can’t do that because our mechanics deserve to get paid and I said of course they do I would expect Crystal Koons to pay them while providing the repairs because this certainly was not the mechanics fault. I asked her what else she thought I should’ve responded with because that was the only service they were providing repairs for pay! I asked her what else she was offering to walk my dog for free! Her response was they would promise to do my repairs when scheduled and to assure that they were done correctly! So after a good laugh I told her that’s what they were supposed to do in the first place and hung up!

  • I am not surprised at all by the comments left buy other people on this page. KOONS is the worst place to get or have a car serviced. They could care less if your satisfied and don't answer any complaint. The service manager at sterling just flat out lied to me. I will never go there again. THE WORST PLACE PERIOD !

  • We came to koons looking for a vehicle. We ended up buying one and after having two days realized it had issues. After telling them about it they said bring it in to evaluate the car. After evaluation some issues were found, we were told that they would cover half the damages. This was after 2 days with car. So with not being able to return it we decided to take another car. The second ended up with a/c problems. We were told it may or may not be covered under warranty and was given loaner car while they looked at it. Well white marsh was not able to figure out the problem so they had to send to another location. For something that was supposed too take two days ended up being 2 weeks. We was called and told it should be covered but then at the last moment we was told it was not and we was going to have and pay 1350$ out of pocket. This is after 2 weeks with car. So at the end we got stuck with 350$ for the loaner car that we knew nothing about paying for and still a broken car. They tried to charge us almost a thousand dollars for it. We have had nothing but issues with them the entire time and horrible experience. If you want a car I suggest you pick another dealer unless you want a junk car and terrible service.

  • Need an answer in your policy purchased a car from Koons of Woodbridge 3/14/15 was not happy with autotrak device so they informed me I could return car since no money was exchanged, I did so and now Koons is still running my credit and informed another bank that approved me some lie. I need a letter stating transaction is non and void, and Koons will not intervene in my business anymore. This is unprofessional and unethical. You really should check the complaints and not allow these unprofessional tactics. Waiting for your reply that a letter is forthcoming.

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