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  • Ladybird Academy Corporate Office Headquarters

Ladybird Academy Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. I gave up a great job to become the Director of Ladybird Academy Wekiva Springs after four days of training with Angela and a visit from Verna Gange Joel decided I was not right for the job. Now there is an opening for a director in Sanford so I applied. The Corp office called me immediately but I am honest so I shared my 4 day experience I was told I would receive a call back and that was a week ago.

    1. I was told I was hired for the cook in coral springs from asst director. I was told soon as director gets back she will call you.i sent emails, called. What an unprofessional company to do such a thing I have 2 years cooking for daycares, I went got my 40 hours,and recertified CPR so I be prepared..I called 3 weeks later from a diff cell and walaaaa they answered I was told who this??? Huh? Never herd of you..I was shocked..I told her I was told I was hired…needless to say..a company to due such a terrible thing to a 100 percent qualified person and play games is terrible.

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Corporate Office Headquarters