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La Petite Academy Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. This is regarding La Petite Academy in Miami, FL 33126. My son has been singled out and the other children bully him. Every week he comes home with bruises, scratches inside his ear, on his face and arms, bites, dirt inside his underwear and scratches on his but from the kid that forced down his pants and underwear to put dirt in it, another kid threw a wooden toy truck at his face and hit him on the eye, his shoes cut up by scissors, and lastly pushed off the slide and into the ground where he busted his lip open and has bumps and scratches all over his face. When i ask the teachers to please address these abusive behaviors with the children and their parents I am told that "you're son is too hyper, your son is always running, your son is always jumping". So, because my son was diagnosed with ADHD it is perfectly acceptable by La Petite Academy to single him out and allow all the other 19 kids to abuse him. The teachers defend the other childrens actions and blame my son for getting hurt by them. The director and assistant director don't do anything other than defend their staff and not even look into the matter at all. They have cameras but they don't record anything so there is never any proof of the children being abusive towards my son. This center needs to be seriously investigated. They are discriminating my son!!! This matter will not go unnoticed!

  2. The La Petite in Dumfries Va is horrible the Director Pam is very unprofessional and rude there is a huge turnover of employee due to bad management she talks to her employees in s very degrading manner in front of the parents she definitely needs to attend some leadership training

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Corporate Office Headquarters