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Republican Headquarters

How To Contact Republican Headquarters

The Republican National Committee (RNC)
310 First Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003 USA
Phone Number: 202-863-8600

  • When the GOP takes over a congress this January one of the first things they have to do is reinstate the 1948 anti-propaganda in the new service that the previous administration got rid of it 2013 and then rewrite the law to put back to the way it used to be where opinion pieces were at the end of the programming in the middle section of the newspaper and the commentators were restricted or giving any opinion they had to give all the facts both sides that have been verified and then what should do that you can rewrite or restructure the law as an amendment getting rid of article 230 and incorporating it into this law

  • What a bunch of miserable human beings you are. While you go to your fancy homes, eat expensive food, with lots of Christmas presents, there are some of us that will have no Christmas, those that just hope to have a warm place to sleep and hopefully a bowl of hot soup or other foods. God loves a cheerful giver and if ever there was a time it is now for another stimulus check. The bible also says it will be hard for a rich man to go to heaven. I will pray for your miserable souls.

  • Deploying the US Military against US citizens — that's unconstitutional, improper, immoral, and unAmerican. Unlike the GOP party!

  • 10/10/18

    * Angus King of Maine is vulnerable and a 'Faux Independent', an EASY Defeat = What's the RNC'S Plan to get rid of him and Ginsburg ??

    • re: Ginsburg – the RNC should plant Observers at SCOTUS, and the 'first time' that she goes to sleep, No Shows, Late, etc. = Immediate Calls for Her Resignation, Impeachment or Retirement!

  • Why are you not out of those chairs . You need to be out helping the President. We need to see your faces every day. What is wrong with you. Where are you? If you really want to help just get anything you need from the N.S.A. they known everything about every one. So help get this Muller business done.

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