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  • I do not know how you got my e-mail address. Probably from me answering a survey that was just a fishing expedition for money. All I know if that I am an Independent and almost NEVER vote Republican – maybe in a few local elections. I just wanted to let you know ALL your e-mails are blocked and noted as spam.

  • Republicans, if you really want to help the USA then go dust off the 1994 "Contract with American" and implement it. DO NOT cave in to the media and liberals who demonized the contract. Furthermore, term limits is an absolute necessity. I know you people do not like that phrase. You politicians want to stay there until you are carried out. That is what is wrong. The corruption is overpowering and the Washington life style is just too good for you, "Wash-a-tonians." Note that name, Wash-a-tonians; used because you are, for the vast majority, not really Americans. You have created a small country of your own inside the beltway. Has anyone from the RNC read the comments on this page? Does anyone really care about them? I strongly doubt it. However, if I said I want to donate millions of dollars to the Republican party, I bet my email inbox would fill up to capacity and my phone would wear out from all the calls.

  • Dear GOP, there's a website for political campaign tactics, information, materials, ect, called "". I tried to find it this week and nothing is there. I do not know if it has gone under or has changed it's name. Do you know anything about what has happened to the website? If so, please give me an update on this page. Also if you know of any other places I can e-mail to find out what happened ot it, please let me know. Thank you.

  • What a bunch of miserable human beings you are. While you go to your fancy homes, eat expensive food, with lots of Christmas presents, there are some of us that will have no Christmas, those that just hope to have a warm place to sleep and hopefully a bowl of hot soup or other foods. God loves a cheerful giver and if ever there was a time it is now for another stimulus check. The bible also says it will be hard for a rich man to go to heaven. I will pray for your miserable souls.

  • The Republican's are useless POS. They will not fight for this country, and I for one am sick of it. Not only won't They get The House back. They are going to get kicked out of the Senate too. When that happens the Republican's will be done as a political party. They keep getting told, but they ignore the warning. They are naturally arrogant or just out right the most stupidest group in politics today.

  • Deploying the US Military against US citizens — that's unconstitutional, improper, immoral, and unAmerican. Unlike the GOP party!

    Every Republican in this entire country
    can all receive an extra $1.000 every month
    to help fight the war against the Socialist.
    To request this FREE information please
    reply to this email and contact me and say
    YES! Together let's make AMERICA great
    again and defeat the evil Socialist. United
    we stand divided we will fall.

  • 10/10/18

    * Angus King of Maine is vulnerable and a 'Faux Independent', an EASY Defeat = What's the RNC'S Plan to get rid of him and Ginsburg ??

    • re: Ginsburg – the RNC should plant Observers at SCOTUS, and the 'first time' that she goes to sleep, No Shows, Late, etc. = Immediate Calls for Her Resignation, Impeachment or Retirement!

  • Our way of life is ultimately threatened by the drastic move toward socialism, which mirrors what happened between world wars in the soviet union, Germany and Italy. A favorite book of mine is entitled "The Road to Serfdom" by F. A. Hyak. Written in the late 1940's, it chillingly decribes what happened when a people fall subject to the siren song of socialism, usually perpetrated by a charismatic leader (Marks, Stalin, Hitler, and Mussolini) upon an unwitting public ignorant of history. I offer this book as a helpful primer on the Road to avoid the serfdom Hyak so helpfully predicts. This should be a helpful discourse to all Republican candidates facing the specter of those opponents who espouse socialism out of ignorance of the consequences to a free people.

  • Why are you not out of those chairs . You need to be out helping the President. We need to see your faces every day. What is wrong with you. Where are you? If you really want to help just get anything you need from the N.S.A. they known everything about every one. So help get this Muller business done.

  • My hometown is Albany Georgia. I am a candidate for Vice President of the United States. This Presidential race is so important for our country right now; the Vice Presidency is the second highest office in the land and the American people need to have voting powers over this office also. Character is essential in the next Vice President. The Vice President must have a strong platform that accents the President elect; the Vice President will be pivotal in defeating the Democrat nominee in the General Election.


    3 Main points:

    1) I am a republican: My primarily goal is the economy. I am supporting the presidential candidate’s goal to reduce taxes for the middle class.
    2) I am a woman: we have to take care of our children, seniors and secure their future.

    3) I am a technician: My background includes 4 years of medical service in the Army and I was educated in technical cardiology. We all know education provides more than skill precision. I took advantage of every opportunity for 9 years and obtained 3 essential qualifications that will make me a significant figure and role model for the nation; I have intense confidence, balanced leadership and formidable social skills. It prepared me for the role of Vice President and positioned me to compete with the best.

    5 New policy proposals:

    My policies instill characteristics that represent both democrat and republican ideals. I am running for the future of the American people.

    They are:

    National Security, Immigration, Business, Veterans Affairs and I am the leading voice to deal with the National Debt.

    Funding, Communication and Order

    1) Funding: I create a structure to track money from federal to state and down to local community treasuries. My ideas are community driven.

    2) Communication: this structure allows the V.P to communicate with the active components of the governmental programs and receive feedback from the communities which are ‘the United States of America”. It is time to consider what the people need.

    3) Order: Rearranging the governmental structure establishes a funding and communication algorithm so that the fundamental element of order is realized; we will have our arms around everything. I believe I will quickly gain the support of Albany and our surrounding communities.

    Thank you for your interest.

    Tesa Springer

    National Debt Relief Balance

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  • I was brought up to play fair! If you played a game of marbles and you are losing you don't pick up your marbles and go home because you're losing. You can shake hands and know there will be another day, but we were still on the same page. If you don't bend you are going to break. You better look at your choices and go from there. When did people become so narrow minded
    that their opinion is the only one that counts, how stupid!

  • What are you waiting for? Haven't you had enough of the Republican establishment. I left the party the day after the 2012 election…I am NPA.

  • the legal definition of the act of an elected official that refuses to fulfill the duties of the office that they took an oath to fulfill is…TREASON.GOP members of the judiciary committee are guilty of this crime,if they continue to refuse to do their duty.

  • I am at a point in life realizing that the GOP does not care how the people vote anymore . All the party wants is lifetime politicians. We vote for someone by a LANDSLIDE and the GOP is trying to get rid of a man we have faith in. If something doesn't change soon I will have go to the other side and see if they care about vote.

  • The last sentence of the above comment should have read America the Beautiful, and Land of the Free and Home of the Brave under God.

  • It is difficult to believe that things have come this far that one's own party would sabotage the one who looks like they will, indeed, be the Republican Presidential candidate. You have sunk too low…I am unregistered, unaffiliated, used to be Republican but saw this coming a long time ago. How dare you? Where to you get off taking the choice away from the American people? So corrupt! Karma never loses an address…..Go after Obama, go after Hilary… something right for a change.

  • Why have none of the candidates asked or mentioned whether Hillary or Bernie are members of the American Communist Party? They, plus Obama and 70+ Democrat politicians are members. An avowed Communist should NEVER be allowed to run for President in America!

  • I am with the rest of the fed up Americans that want the fatal rhetoric and head hunting within the party to stop and lets put a stop to it immediately. Make them talk about policy an d how they can help our country become the country that we all love again and if they continue to throw out degrading remarks then demand that they stop their campaigns immediately so that the people can make an informative vote for the candidate that can do the best job as the leader of our nation.

  • The leader of the Republican Party is an idiot. He led the poor candidates into a liberal trap during the debates on the worst liberal TV networks in the United States. Now he is letting the candidates eat each other alive like a flesh eating disease. Hillary will walk right into the white house. Look at the Mitt Romney campaign. The idiot leader of the Republican Party that election year, made Romney believe he will win. Republicans controlled the Senate. What did we get in return for that win? Absolutely nothing. Just chaos and gridlock. They will never learn by their own mistakes.

  • Continue to fight amongst yourselves, you bunch of hateful selfish dopes. Voting for Sanders, no Republican will get my vote again. Age 58, White male

  • Sirs, The back stabbing and snipping has already started. The party does not need to tear down each other. We will have enough trouble winning and we don't need to have to spend time patching up what we have done to ourselves.
    Please let me suggest, any candidate or friend of a candidate that personally attacks another candidate will not be allowed to participate in the next debate.
    Talk about the issues not the character of the candidate.

  • it is time for everyone who was elected to do there jobs!! they should be PAYED LIKE OUR MEN AND WOMEN IN THE MILATARY!!! if that much!!!! no pay increases that are automatic!! NO TRADE DEAL UNLESS IT IS ABOVE BOARD THAT MEANS GOOD FOR THE MEN AND WOMEN WHO HAVE JOBS NOT LIKE NAFTA!!! Now how about a simple 10% tax with NO deductions!!! Oh I know that the lobiest will not like it nor the men and women in congress and senate but it would be fair!!

  • Melvin Yates – Retired Army – I am a Romney fan, other than that I would like to see the Republican party quit playing patty cakes, get organized, pick nor more than 4 people to represent your party, back them and get to work before you play around and loose to another Democrat in 2016.

  • I stopped funding the Republicans when I realized that the party no longer stood for the people. They look and act just like the Democrats, maybe worse. All they want is control and power. For two years now they have shown that they will take no stand on protecting the constitution. They have proven that responsible for the constitutional oath they took. Until Boehner is out of leadership count me out for any support.

  • I will never vote for or support you SOB's again. You're the democratic / socialists second string. Want to know the GOP agenda? ASK OBAMA. YOU PEOPLE SUCK!!!!!!!!!!


  • The Republican Party will again in the future ask foe donations to elect more for congress. The best response should be just hang up. The party does not stand for much anymore. The Democrats and Republicans should just merge because the difference is very small. In reality we have only one party.

  • i've voted republican all my life but no more,nor will i ever!! vote for any demon!crat–ever. The repubic party is putricfying!! Count me out Bainer and the pubic anti americans parties

  • YOU JUST FAILED US! – The budget omnibus bill just announced by the Speaker of the House is very disappointing. We voted and gave you a landslide victory in Nov to STOP Obama and the Democrats not COMPROMISE with them! We wanted you to pass a short term budget (Not past Feb) so the new Congress could restructure the budget when the convene in Jan. By passing the bill to fund through next Sept, you have given away the farm – You have failed the voters who gave you the landslide victory!

  • When are the Republicans going to do their job? All this posturing, belittling and negativity is sad, sad, sad. Where's Regan and Tip O'Neil when we need them … or their kind? Merry Christmas.

    • To whom it may concern;
      As I’m sure you know I have faithfully supported the Republican Party in donating money every time I was asked. I also gave to same party members in other states to help them.
      Words cannot express how disappointed I am having lost all faith in this party! I have witnessed the overthrow of our republic and constitution while our so called justice system and elected officials turn their backs on America and did nothing!
      I believe without a doubt that both parties’ Democrat and Republican are in name only. Both have for the love of money sold America out surrendering it to Globalist who all hates the American people and our constitution!
      I have decided that I will no longer give any support or even vote for Republicans again unless they fix their party by excluding unfaithful members. I’m now looking for a new party to support in the future one that offers a put America first agenda! I’m watching and listening and till is see changes I will be doing all I can to persuade all my friends church members to use every means possible to support and vote libertarian.
      Fact; Globalists are a big Anti-American bird. It has a left wing which is the democrat party! And it has a right wing which is the Republican Party! But it’s the same bird that craps on all of us!
      Below is a list of traitors that must be excluded! Stop giving our money to support them it’s offence to all of us!
      Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming
      Rep. Peter Meijer of Michigan
      Rep. Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio
      Rep. Tom Rice of South Carolina
      Rep. David Valadao of California
      Rep. Dan Newhouse of Washington
      Rep. John Katko of New York
      Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler of Washington
      Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois
      Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan
      Rep. Denver Riggleman of Virginia
      Rep. Carlos Curbelo of Florida
      Sen.. Susan Collins of Maine
      Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska
      Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska
      Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah
      Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania
      Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky
      Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska
      Sen. Lindsay Graham of South Carolina
      Sen. John Thune of South Dakota
      Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri
      Sen. Chuck Grassley and Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa
      Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio
      Sen. Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia
      Sen. Kevin Cramer of North Dakota

      Sincerely ;

  • The Republicans were swept into power in both Houses this year because the American people want Obama and the Democrats stopped from inflicting further damage on the Country, and for the obstruction of Obama's onerous policies. We want Obama-Care repealed, pulled out by the roots, and want every means at our disposal for stopping his criminal, unconstitutional conduct 'on the table', including cutting off funding and impeachment. I for one will be watching what the leadership does. Do not merely hold your breath and bloviate as in the past. I want to see some hard ball. If I see some spine from you Party leaders I will start writing checks to the RNC again.

    • The R's were "swept" into both Houses of Congress last year because the lowest percentage of the population actually voted in over 70 years. Yes, that's 70 years. Government is not working FOR THE PEOPLE, and hasn't since the Republicans decided to OPPOSE EVERYTHING. "Country 1st" ? ? ? Oh, sure, as long as it doesn't mean you have to turn down the FEAR FACTOR. Pitiful!!!!

    • It's sad to say I lost all respect for the party it's so split…and they have become a bunch of cowards afraid of the Prez really! of tweets….and you thought Obama was evil…well I say be careful what you wish for…This circus belong to the Republicans..

  • Please do not support Jeb Bush. We need competent folks to win the White House in 2016. Last night on Fox News, someone mentioned Americans are looking for fresh, new candidates. What about Lee and Chavetz from Utah? Certainly there are other new faces that are easy to promote. Please help us succeed in "16". Provide us with some new faces. Don't let Hilary walk into the White House.

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