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  • Lancome Corporate Office Headquarters

Lancome Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Lancome Corporate Office Headquarters

L’Oréal USA, Inc.
75 Fifth Ave.
New York, NY 10017 USA
Email: shop@support.lancome-usa.com
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-818-1500
Customer Service Number: 1-800-526-2663

  • Customer service supervisors do not feel they should be courteous to get on the phone when a customer asks to speak with them. I waited close to an hour to speak with a supervisor named Natalie M. ( not allowed to get their last name) she refused to take the call. Very rude and unprofessional

  • I have been a Lancome customer for more than 25 years and one of my favorites has been your Progres Eye Cream. About 20 years ago, a woman in Lancome, at what was once called Foley's in Dallas, had recommended this eye cream and I was amazed. I thought I had tried everything out there in an effort to correct my under-eye circles, but this eye cream actually worked and, for the first time ever, I no longer had to wear a concealer! In addition, there was a tremendous difference in how well it hydrated my eye area – and I could actually see a difference the very first time I used it! I have been desperately looking for more of this fabulous product ever since I learned it had been discontinued and I was wondering if you could recommend a site where I might find more of it. Needless to say, it is frustrating when a product is discontinued and you don't find out until you are down to the last drop and you go to purchase more. Why can't cosmetic manufacturers notify in advance the stores that sell their products so that they in turn can alert their customers who might want to stock up on the product?

    Carolyn K. – Plano, TX

  • I really do not know why I am wasting my time it does not seem to matter to anyone at Lancome what the customer wants. But I will beg one last time to bring back Viviviance Eye Gel. It worked, you nor any other cosmetic company offer any eye product that does anything!

  • As with most favorite makeup, I can no longer find the Lancome Bois de Rose Sheer lip color. I'm down to the nub of my last tube. My skin tone is such that this has been the ONLY shade I can wear and look my very best. I've checked Amazon and other sites which show "unavailable". Is there ANY way I can locate this amazing lip color?

  • In the past year you have discontinued one of the colors of a product (foundation) that i've used. I went to great pains to figure out another color only to discover that you're discontinuing the entire line (photogenic) Its a $47 product and due to the comments above where it seems you are always discontinuing things, I will no longer shop Lancome and will completely change brands. So foolish on your part to discontinue shades and lines of products.

  • Lancome,Please consider this E-Mail, My name is John Harp from the Tampa Bay area in Florida, For several years I have been searching for two mens frag that Lancome produced, # 1 is Programme Homme, and Sagamore, Two of the best frag that has ever been produced for men, I have been to every store in my area that sells Lancome products for men, they have never heard of these two frag, Is it still available, if not that is a big mistake on your companys behalf, Where can I purchase it, If not produced anymore can they pull out the formula and produce it again, Every person that smells these colognes want to purchase it. If Lancome discontinued these products, They really need to re-evaluate a poor decision like that. Lancome makes very few mens frag, These two are the ones they should have kept on market.

    • Lancôme ended Programme Homme 20 plus years ago and yes it was the best ever made and yes the worst call ever to discontinue this product. You can get old bottles on ebay but it's not cheap. And who knows if it smells right after so many years.

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