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P.C. Richard & Son, LLC.

150 Price Pkwy.

Farmingdale, New York 11735 USA

Website: PCRichard.com

Credit Card: 1-866-419-4096

Corporate Phone Number: 1-631-843-4300

Customer Service Number: 1-877-727-1909 option 1


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  1. I purchased an LG Washer Dryer Combination machine from PC Richards and Son in Nanuet NY. Since date of purchase the machine has broken down 3 times requiring a repair person and new part. On each of these occasions I had to take time off from work (unpaid) and wait 2 to 8 weeks for machine to be repaired. I have been in contact with PC Richards and was told if the machine breaks down 3 times and it’s the same problem they would replace the machine. The third time occurred on 5/27/21. I called PC Richards Service Dept. and was told they would speak with Service mgr. and get back to me. Never received a return call only a message they contacted a repair company again who would be in touch with me. The company they contacted was 2 hrs. away from my home. I waited over 2 weeks for them to return my call to set up appt., but nothing. Called PC Richards again advised never got call from repair company and re-advised same problem was told they would replace the machine. Again, told would investigate and get back to me. Another message left the would reach out to repair another company who would be in touch with me, no mention of replacing the machine as previously told. Another 3 wks. passed no call from either until 6/24/21 and appt set up for 7/1/21 with repair company. Took another day off from work due to their window of availability. Repair person arrived @ 1:00 pm, looked at machine, said same problem and would need to order part. This appliance repair person advised that the problem was a defect with the machine, the small plastic part used to run the pump to spin and drain the machine would become clogged and snap requiring new part. He stated known problem with this type of combo washer/dryer and the machine itself was made for very small laundry loads and would continue to break if anything other this was washed at one time. Told me to contact PC Richards again and demand a new machine. Was Very upsetting and felt as if I was duped. When I purchased this machine was never told any of this. Was told such a great washer dryer was even encouraged to buy larger heavy-duty machine. I would have never has spent nearly 1500.00 on a machine that could only wash the smallest of loads. Called PC Richards Service dept. once again on 7/1/21 and relayed this information provided by their repair person. Told would relay information to their Service Manager and would get back to me. Received not even a courtesy return call.
    Finally, after no call from Service Dept and being without the machine for nearly 2 months I stopped in spoke with the manager Marc Reinleon on 7/15/21 at PC Richards Nanuet, NY where I purchased the machine. He called the Service dept while I waited. He advised them I have been without use of the machine since 5/27/21 and was getting the run around. As per Marc and his conversation with the Service dept. on this date, he was told if I did not receive call from Appliance Repair company by 7/16/21 they would replace the machine. Did not get any call on 7/16/21 from the appliance repair company and called Marc the Mgr. back to advise. He said would reach out to Service dept and they would contact me about replacing the machine. July 19th message left by service dept. that they contacted the Appliance Repair again, who should be in touch with me to fix the machine. On 7/21/21 message left by Appliance Repair Comp. they could come out to replace part on 7/26/21, nearly 2 months after initial request to PC Richards.

  2. DON'T USE P.C.RICHARDS EXPERT APPILANCE INSTALLATION. I purchased an air conditioner from P.C. Richards and made the mistake of having their staff do the installation. First of all $240.00 with tax is what they charged. That's expensive and a nice chuck of that goes right into P.C. Richards pockets.
    The installers showed up without a call telling us they were on their way as promised. It was raining outside yet the men dragged a cart across my hardwood floors leaving tracks. The install was not done according to the installation manual. In fact they never looked at any of it s it was still in plastic when they left. There are to panels the cover the side wings. The guys left them in the box and threw them away. The store did replace them after I went back. In New York City there is a law that's says all air conditioners that are installed professionally need to have a bar across the top of the air conditioner. This bar locks the air conditioner down for safety. We were charged for that service3 and the bar but the installer did not put one in even though they removed one when removing the old air conditioner. They did not clean up after themselves at all except tp remove the box and old air conditioner. I had to remove the air conditioner and put it in according to the installation instructions.

  3. pc richards is worst company in the world. it's now going on a MONTH and my 86 yr old mom whirlpool oven still is not working. the pc richards in Paramus nj all they do is give you the runaround…. thanks Vincent Roger

  4. I would love a call back before I post my review and give PC the oppourtunity to make it right.Peter Milevski long time customer with purchase records dating back to 1979.
    email and phone records are in your files.

  5. I am beyond dissatisfied with both PC Richards and Thermador. After purchasing over $20,000 of Thermador appliances (which for a family like mine is a whole lot of overtime), every single appliance had to be returned or repaired with in 1 month of installation. The last item to go was a $3200 wine fridge, all 20 bottles of wine exploded in the fridge and was absorbed into the wood leaving a foul order. Neither thermador or PC Richards will replace the 1 month old fridge. Its ok to them that my kitchen smells like an old bar. The solution offered was an attempt to fix it. I have had approximately 1 week of total working hours for all appliances in over 2 months that unacceptable. How is it the healthcare is pay for performance based, cars have lemon laws, but there is no repercussions for big businesses. Why should a working class family be out the money and time?
    Johanna O'Connor

  6. I would like to complain about the service I received today… Suppose to install a gas dryer, suppose to be and expert.. But the truth is the hoe's he was looking for; he knew it was in the dryer; was in the dryer he just didn't want to do the job.. The next person I got brought the same hoe's for the dryer and said that's all they needed… But this is the kicker in the process of this drama all of a sudden a kid runs into my house.. This same kid got out the same truck that was delivering my dryer.. I didn't know it was bring your kid to work day… Very bad experience…

  7. I have been purchasing products from PC Richards for many, many years and the customer service is becoming worse. I had purchased a G.E. dishwasher along with a maintanence agreement. I pay in advance for this maintanance agreement and when I phone to schedule a service call, then the fun begins. May we never need a service call and all would be fine. It took 6 service people to come and TRY to repair the problem and still not repaired. I had to complain to the supervisor and then they gave me a new dishwasher. Ok two weeks ago, I needed to make a service call and when the guy came, he could not fix the repair. He told me he would ordered the parts I needed and after 1 week I did not hear from anyone. I phoned and found out that this service person did not order the parts and here I sit. I am going to speak to someone from the cooperate office but saw your website first and needed to add these comments. I will never never purchase anything from PC Richards due to their poor service standards.

  8. Good morning,

    I need this problem addressed as soon as possible. I have purchased thousands of dollars of appliances in your stores over the past 30 years. It’s the only store we shop in for home appliances, so there have been many replacements, new items, etc. over our 30 year marriage. As you can see from the receipt, we purchased 3 things in one visit when we purchased the refrigerator. I hope rather than lose a very loyal customer, someone can address this concern. At the very least, I should not have to pay for the next model cost of $266. It has cost me over $700 and days of aggravation for this faulty refrigerator!

    We purchased a Whirlpool refrigerator which was not working within days of purchase. Delivery was Saturday and repair/service had to come the following Thursday. My refrigerator was 69 degrees! After another few days, the refrigerator was again at a very low temperature and this time making very loud noises.
    My husband and I went to the store in Rockville Centre, NY and saw the manager (Celius) – who has been professional however, I’m aware he can’t address all my concerns. We are scheduled for a replacement refrigerator tomorrow (Thursday 6/23).

    The replacement is costing me another $266 because I picked the next model rather than chance having a problem with the same refrigerator. While I have no choice to pay this because we are living without a refrigerator, I’m extremely upset. Below my concerns are outlined.

    • The first refrigerator was discounted from the sticker price (about $50 discount). The manager did not discount the replacement at all!
    • I had to take off a day from work (unpaid!) which cost my family over $250 for service to be done within days of purchase.
    • My husband has to take a day off work tomorrow for the refrigerator re-deliver – over $200 again in our time.
    • I had to pay a plumber to hook up the ice maker the first time, disconnect last night and come again to hook it up again after re-delivery. The additional hook up is costing me $75.
    • We have lived without a refrigerator 4 days this week and our food is spoiled. I am spending well over $150 to replace the perishable food. We have a small fridge in our basement – thank goodness because my daughters’ very expensive medicine is required to be refrigerator!!

    Attached is the receipt for original purchase. You can also see my peapod order I have to place as soon as the refrigerator arrives tomorrow.

    I would like to know who, how and when I will be reimbursed for the expenses incurred and outlined below because of this faulty refrigerator. I’m aware some stores sell refurbished refrigerators – but I didn’t think that is what we were buying at PC Richard – we never incurred problems in 30 years. So this is the first – hopefully someone can assist loyal customers.

    Michelle – unpaid day off for appliance repair (6/16) $ 278
    Joe – vacation day for re-delivery of refrigerator (6/23) $ 200
    Plumber to re-connect ice maker on replacement fridge $ 75
    Spoiled food that had to be replaced $ 150
    TOTAL $ 703

    Kindest Regards,

    Michelle Dean
    31 Remsen Street
    Lynbrook, NY 11563

  9. I was a loyal customer until today. Just closed my acct with Synchrony Financial.
    Ordered a fridge at $535.00. Received the call today saying they are ready to deliver. I asked for Sun or Mon anytime. I was told they do not come to my area on those days. I then explained that I work Tues to Sat and you can come any day after 4:30. I was told "NO". Delivery is 7am to 7pm but your del time will be told to you the night before. I say "NO THANK YOU, CANCEL MY ORDER". Guess you don't need the money. Adios Amigos !!

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