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Lowes Corporate Office

How to Contact Lowes Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Official Address for Lowes Corporate Main Office:

1000 Lowe’s Blvd.
Mooresville, NC 28117 USA

Phone Numbers and Contact Information:

Corporate Phone Number: 1-704-758-1000
Fax Number: 1-336-658-4766
Email: info@lowes.com
Corporate Stock Symbol: LOW
Website: Lowes.com

Lowes Corporate Office is located in North Carolina. Lowes is a popular provider of hardware, tools, and supplies that can help you with your home improvement needs. They offer an extensive line-up from door shutters to lawn mowers at affordable prices for all budgets! If there’s anything they don’t carry it would be hard to find somewhere else where better than Lowes HQ location in Mooresville, North Carolina where customers receive great customer service alongside their low price tags. Their contact information is listed below.

More on Lowes Hardware, They are famous for their inexpensive, yet stylish big-box hardware stores. Lowes offers home improvement merchandise for the home and yard. Lowes is one of the premier hardware retailers in the US. Lowe’s main competitors included Home Depot, Menards, Ace Hardware, True Value, and Do it Best Hardware.

Lowe’s Customer Care Phone Number is 1-800-890-5932. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.
Lowes Corporate Office

  • I bought a Microwave went to store they said they had it in the back it was out of the box broken and missing parts.

    30-in 2-cu ft Over-the-Range Microwave with Sensor Cooking Controls (Stainless Steel)
    Item #: 174255 Model #: MMV5208WS

    I bought This micro wave from your web site and my
    daughter went to pick it up and they said they did not have anymore and that they only had this bent up piece of garbage and told me i have to take it and leave it. This is unexceptable to me I can not believe any company would do this I wont be shopping at Lowes ever again I spent close to 35000 2 years ago and 10000 the year before.

    No were in the add does it say the item in refurbished or broken or open item or anything but new/


  • Lowe's has a reputation in Tyler TX of never having anyone to help you in the store. I was in there today. Needed help in Hardware and the only person there was a seasonal person who had no training at all. Couldn't cut keys right, couldn't cut chain. I will NEVER shop in this place again. Doesn't look like many others in Tyler do either. Hope they're gone soon!

  • It would be so nice if there was a company out here that really cared about its customers like Lowes use to. I am so disappointed in Lowes right now and all over Bad, Bad customer service. I purchased a dryer from Lowes Black Friday and they delivered it the following Monday. When I tried to dry clothes in it, there was no heat. I called Lowes where I bought it from and the man who answered the phone told me to hold on he would get me the name of the people who would come service it for me. REALLY??? A brand new dryer I have never used and you are going to have a person repair it for me. I called back and asked to speak to the manager and after being hung up on 3 times I finely go an assistant manager on the phone who was extremely nice and helped me with this. He had the delivery people come back out and look at it and he said if it wasn't hooked up wrong they would put it back on the truck and bring me another one. They came back out and it wasn't hooked up wrong so they put it on the truck and took it back to the store. They said they would call and let me know when they would bring me another one. After waiting until all morning with no response from Lowes, I called them. Again, being hung up on 3 times I could not get anyone on the phone so I called the corporate office. They said they agreed the service was terrible and they would have someone call me from the store in an about an hour. If they did not call, call him back. I waited almost 2 hours and no response so I called him back. Could not get him on the phone and the person I spoke to said there was no record of my call. So she called the manger of the store and all he had to say was he was sorry, they would call me this afternoon to set up and appointment to have it delivered tomorrow some time. I have purchased all my appliances from Lowes in the past. But this one will be my last. So disappointed in the manager of the stores " don't really care" attitude and the awful customer service. Will take my business elsewhere.

  • What are you policy on delivering? Do you call before you come out , do you leave a note on the door if there isn't a answer, .or you call when get in front of the house. I am DISAPPOINTED in the delivery team at the LAKE SHORE LOCATION IN HOMEWOOD AL. I purchased a washer/dryer on Friday and it supposed to be delivered on Saturday the next day unfortunate I didn't receive them. I called the business several times and got different answers each time.

  • I have been dealing with a replacement sliding glass door issue going on four months now. We have a smaller home and french doors would not work for our space, so I decided on a more expensive decorative sliding glass door from Pella. We ordered the door from the Lowes in Monroe, NC. Since the new door was a Maple wood color I also went ahead and special ordered trim. After waiting six weeks the door came in and was installed in a matter of no time. Upon looking at the door closely after installation I quickly realized it was missing several speacial order features. ( No, I did not see the door before installation) I quickly went to the Lowes it was ordered from and they found that the millsaw employee did infact order the wrong door.

    So, a new door and new trim was ordered. New trim because the special ordered trim that had been ordered from Pella in a maple color came in white.

    After waiting four weeks for the new door to come in I did not get a call as promised when the new door came in. Instead I spend two more weeks calling the store a total of 6 times to see when the installer was going to call me to get the new Pella door and trim installed.

    This past Friday a gentleman from Blue Ridge came out to install my new Pella door. I made sure the day before to go to the Lowes and look at the door to make sure it was the exact door I ordered. I thought "finally, we will get our new back door".

    The installer was scheduled between 8:00 and 10:00 am. After calling five days befor einstall and changing the time he was now coming between 12:00 and 2:00 p.m. He called my husband at 12:00 and said he would be there closer to 2:00. At 2:00 he was at the Lowes store in Monroe. He called and said he had bad news he couldnt install the door today. He did not have a trailor big enough to bring the door to my home.

    I laughed considering this is lowes there are trucks always in the parking lot. So, I called the store and they assured me that they would deliver the door for the installer. At 3:00 the door arrived at my house with the installer in tow. After Lowes unloaded the door the installer left for a brief lunch and returned to start the door around 3:45. This is not a magic door. It is a pre hung door. Took the first guy an hour. At 7:00 the gentleman left my home with the job incomplete. He took the new door apart and re hung it in the space???? It will not close properly, the screen will not open, I have cold air coming in around the top because it now dosent fit the hole it was constructed for, I cannot hav ethe alarm company come out and hook the alarm because it isnt right, AND the trim is not installed.

    As far as the $1400.00 Pella door he removed it is stitting on my back porch for the last two days in the rain. All the trash he sat in from of my garage door is still there.

    I went to lowes Friday night at 8:30 p.m. I called corporate Saturday and Sunday. Today Monday November the 24th at 1:00pm I called the Monroe Lowes store because I have not received a call on this matter. I have talked to the assistant manager there several times ( he has been really helpful) BUT NOT RESOLUTION YET!!!!!!!


    Very Very Very Upset Customer ( this is not the only project we have enlisted your company to do, this is just the first one that has went terribly wrong)


    M. Taylor

  • The sales reps promise good work ,but when there is a problem after you have paid , they won't work with you to resolve any of it , they keep putting you off and making excuses . I wish every store
    had a customer relation manager to work with personally to resolve issues from the top (corporate) down.

  • I was recently let go from Lowe's. I was with this company for 7 years and always bent over backwards for them. I was handling a customer call at the service desk, when the man just started screaming at me for no reason at all. I did not feel I had to tolerate that from any customer. I hung up on him, since he would not even let me speak. 3 weeks later I was fired. I was on a final for attendance, and believe that this was just an excuse for them to let me go. I was never spoken to about the incident until the day before I was let go.There was no written warning nothing. Why would they wait 3 weeks to let me go.? Makes no sense to me. I wasn't with this company for 7 years for being an underperformer. I worked my ass off.

  • It amazes me how Lowe's hires so called store managers who have nothing more than a junior college education. I just wonder how many have ever taken (1) interpersonal relationships (2) Myers Briggs self assessment test, (3) how to "POSITIVELY" deal with disgruntaled employees, (4) Positive reinforcement, (5) constructive criticism vice retaliation. But what you get, particularly at Lowe's Panama City, FL, are store managers who only find ways to criticize, never communicate or show any type of thank you for doing a good job, who go around as if they are God, find fault but never compliment. Just to give you an example, I was dealing with a customer in the hardware department who wanted 8 inch long lag bolts. I showed him where they were. With other customers around, I kindly explained to him that all he had to do was fill out on the plastic sheets provided by Hillman, the item number and quantity. He immediately became bitterly angry, threw the screws at me and said in so many words "That is your job, I am the custome". I immediately told him to calm dowwn. I got on my knees and picked up the screws, put them in the plastic bag. Then he tells me he didn't want zinc lag bolts but that he wanted galvanized lag bolts. So I nicely showed him where the galvanized lag bolts where, filled out his plastic bag and he left. And I had just taken the online Lowe's course titled "Violence in the Workplace". Now, am I worng to think that this person is either ignorant, can't read or write and can't fill out a plaastic bag by himself? Are Lowe's employees suppose to be ass kissers, shoe shiners, and brown nosers to irate customers in the guise of "Customer Service"? And I have to put up with ignorant, uneducated people who most of the times have no clue as to what they need but expect us to hold their hand like they were a child and lead them around. What the heck kind of educatin system do we have in these United States that graduate people out of High School with no knowledge of simple things like figuring out dimensions, adding and subtracting, knowing the difference between a nail and a screw and kmnowing how to speak english without a wad of chewing tobacco in their mouth. No associate gets paid enough money to put up with these kinds of people. Want to know what the store manager said to me? He told me at first right after the incident that I handled his irateness in the proper manner. Today he tells me that I should evaluate myself. Really. This is the same guy who only has a Junior College degree who goes around criticizing associates and never compliments them. I wonder who should really self evaluate themself? Will Lowe's corporate do anything about hiring qualified, BA degreed managers who have the proper background, knowledge and training in how to properly interact with their subordinates utilizing constructive criticism, positive reinforcement, complimentary thanks toward his working associates? The answer is an emphatic NO.

    A retired part time employee working for slave wages who has seen it all and it stinks

    Disgruntled in PC

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