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  • Home Depot Corporate Office Headquarters

Home Depot Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Home Depot Corporate Office Phone Number and Headquarters HQ

Home Depot Corporate Address:

2455 Paces Ferry Road, NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30339-4024 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-770-433-8211
Website: The Home Depot

Home Depot was started in 1978 in Atlanta, Georgia.  They have grown into the largest retailer of hardware in the world.

Home Depot’s competitors and alternatives include Lowes, Menards, Ace Hardware, Do it Best, and True Value Hardware.



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  1. Contracted with home depot for window installation in Jan 2021 with install scheduled for April 2021. Home Depot has canceled now 3 times the day of installation even after confirming the day before each rescheduled install date. I now have a case open with the better business bureau as their only response is to try to reschedule Installation again at a later date. Home Depot needs to refund my money so I can contract with a company who will actually perform the contracted services.

  2. This is the *second* time we've had the same, and very negative, experience when ordering appliances from your corporation. After I took significant time to detail this issue out the first time, nothing changed except this time was even less pleasant. We are no longer frustrated with the delivery company, but with Home Depot, for fostering this terrible customer experience. We will NEVER purchase appliances from Home Depot again. Furthermore, I'll be using my sizeable friends / contacts list on Facebook & LinkedIn to warn folks of your contractual malfeasance with your delivery companies. FYI, the toll-free number you provided above offers *no real solutions or compensation*.

    Our old refrigerator broke down needed urgent replacement. The purchase experience on the website is fine; the *scheduled delivery* that is completely broken. First, they call and just *inform* us of the delivery window, which was in this case yesterday (5/25) from 11AM to 3PM MT. (This bad customer experience forces us to just accept the shipper's time frame or to have to take the time to reschedule and delay delivery.) We just accepted that part of the process, as it timing worked out for us this time. So, on the morning of the delivery, we received a call from the delivery driver at 8:14AM, 2:46 before the delivery window was scheduled, stating that another delivery (or deliveries) was cancelled, so they wanted to *delivery our refrigerator early*, presumably because we are a bit remote from Denver, so they could take care of our area before returning to the Denver suburbs. However, my wife has health conditions that require her to sleep later, so we did not get the phone call, as we were expecting 11AM – 3PM. They then called again at 8:38AM, again, still over TWO hours *before* the delivery window to "confirm we were there and ready to receive the delivery”, but we did not get the call when it came in. This second time the driver provided his phone number. Since we did not return the messages, they took our refrigerator, went back down to Denver and did not deliver it during our scheduled time. They just rescheduled us NINE days after our first delivery date and FIFTEEN days after our order was placed. *If* the delivery folks had received our OK for the early delivery, then it would have been a fine customer service experience. For them to call early, not get us and then cancel our delivery *because they could not deliver early*, is a terrible, reprehensible customer service experience. This puts the desires of the delivery company over the needs of the customer. So, the delivery is scheduled with no flexibility for the customer, but we are expected to be super-flexible outside of those tight boundaries to accommodate the schedule preference of the delivery company. All of this is compounded by the fact that, at Home Depot's full knowledge and consent, this policy has been allowed *for years* as per your "resolution specialist". Also, the only compensation / adjustment your "resolution specialist" offered was a tiny (of unknown brand / quality), temp refrigerator, which again shows me that this is a long-known issue, that she can readily offer this. No "we'll get it to you tomorrow". No cash back. Just here is a tiny fridge, even though you just told me you don't have need of that. Over all, the delivery scheduling and service? I’d give it an F.

    We had a similar deal with the delivery of our stove and got the same song and dance: did not deliver, did not do their due diligence to reach us, just went back and rescheduled us out a week or so. We shared our concerns then and nothing has changed. You own the contracts with our delivery company. Clearly, you are putting savings on delivery over and above your customers' experience. Apart from a significant effort at making things right, we will never buy another appliance from HD & I will tirelessly work to inform my thousands of contacts of these issues.

  3. Home Depot I am a single mother on disability. I decided to redue my kitchen and buy all my cabinets, counter, sink/w faucet . I spent over 2000+ on all the things I needed.

    The only problem I have is your company sends out damaged products and then tells you to take it back to the store for a refund and to reorder it. When you order online they should offer to reorder it and then get the damage one back so you can finish your project. Also when you order more then one item you get a lower shipping rate. BUT no you want me to order a $ 71.00 cabinet and have it shipped for $ 99.00. when you could've order a replacement. I don't have transportation that is why I order online and shipped to home.

    But now Home Depot has lost any future business I have I will do my shopping with Lowes for now on.

  4. As a LOT Assoc in TN store, it is a waste to see all the people who have gravy jobs, who do not care, it is just a job to them and then me and other associates, have to take the beating of our job and smile. Management expects us to lift 80#, OK, but a 238# tool chest with yourself and customer? Well it can be done but trying to find extra help it fruitless for they are not there especially if you are in the lumber department, who have the fork lifts to handle this type thing. Then you are expected to be nice to the customers and help them, when you can not find the associates in the individual departments. It is not the type company I would recommend to anyone to work for, not a caring corporation….maybe in the beginning, but now as a big wall street entity, forget the employee dedication and caring part.

  5. It is truly a shame that Home Depot's executives choose to distance themselves from their customers so as to not provide a corporate telephone number for customers that their customer service department either can not or most likely will not assist with an issue. Customer Service agents have agreed there is a problem but refuse to put time or effort to achieve a resolution.

    Hmm ….. still want to give your hard earned money to an organization like that?

  6. Home Depot needs to get rid of its Spirit Delivery services and contract out so that appliances are delivered to the local store and then local people do the local deliveries so you don't get guys from the big city who don't like delivering and you don't have to have 4 deliveries 3 of which were rescheduled. The delivery guys who have no interest in Home Depot could care less. I paid for them to haul away the old appliance but they didn't have it on their order and wouldn't take it. When I suggested he call his boss he's said he couldn't get a line out from here. When I started calling Home Depot he suddenly found his line and tried to stop me from calling Home Depot by telling me he was contacting his boss. Why didn't he do that to begin with – it went down hill from there. And the Home Depot employees took his side made me feel like I had intimidated him – I'm 70 years old and 5'1 . Later, I read on various websites and the BBB that other people had the same experience with the delivery service.
    Next, don't offer 2 – 4 day delivery when you know some of the items from LG are on back order. LG said you do that a lot. My contractor was waiting on the appliances and I was a regular customer so I went with what I consider the "safe" company. I might as well have hired one of those discount places online.

    1. Home Depot sets up a program for a large appliance purchase and it starts out "perfect" Yes, your impressed, but wait until delivery time. All the "perfect" turns to failure. The item sits in the garage because Home Depot says a dishwasher, must have a shutoff valve. Never mentioned this requirement "at" time of purchase and it is not a state law. So, Dishwasher sits in garage for three days uninstalled until buyer decides to cancel the order. Yes, I decided to keep the appliance and pay for another company to install it. Actually comes out cheaper as far as delivery is concerned. When call St. George Home Depot no person actually answers it all robotic. You end up hanging on hold for more than ten minutes +. They start out right, but they fail because you never reach the finish line. Very frustrating. You can see by the complaints that something should be done. Doing it half way and then stopping completely is not a way to build and add customers, not if their is NEVER going to be an ending.

  7. I was sitting at home, relaxing after a good Easter Day dinner, when the phone rang. I saw it was from Home Depot, so I answered it. I was really taken aback that they would have their "TELEMARKETERS" calling to verify an appointment on a Christian HOLIDAY!!!! Seriously. I guess the bottom line IS that important to them. I thought about bringing this up to the lady who called but, having worked in call centers, I figured she was just doing her job. I will definitely be letting corporate know, not that I think it will do any good. Feel like cancelling the appointment.

  8. Never again will purchase appliances through Home Depot. I purchase 3 appliances a Kitchen Aid Refrigerator and a Samsung washer and dryer. Purchased Kitchen Aid refrigerator around Dec 27, 2018 and they told me the fridge was on back order and I would be about a month which put me with a delivery date 29 Jan 2019. I called on the 22 of Jan 2019 to check on the delivery and asked was it possible to deliver before the 29th of Jan and they move the date to the 25th but didn’t reach out to see if the vendor could accommodate that date. Mind you it’s been a month now, the 25th comes and they call me to tell me that the fridge can’t be delivered till the 23rd of Feb another month. Needless to say I canceled went to the Sears outlet found the same fridge brand new with warranty I purchased it and one day later it was delivered again for half the cost. Now the washer and dryer were supposed to be delivered on the 5th of Feb documented on purchase paperwork. Today is the 5th no call no show. So have to call them they tell me that my order was moved to the 7th but never told me. The lady told me "yea it was just sitting here and we moved it to the 7th". Well if that's the case why not call the customer first before delaying or changing the date that you told me you would deliver on. I have taken off work twice now, I have to call them to get info and they can’t even give me any reason why my second order was moved to a date no one agreed to. I ate out for 30 days waiting on a fridge I finally had to purchase from Sears and now on the brink of canceling this order also. Mind you I spent 6k for all the appliances for this type of service… adams_reginald@yahoo.com. Horrible experience go somewhere else please……. -1star

  9. LOUSY CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! We paid $928 for a dishwasher in the store on 11/27/18 to include delivery and installation. My printed receipt shows a 12/10/18 delivery date. We set aside this day — no call, no email, no text — wasted. I called and automated voice (no option to get a 'real' person) told me they rescheduled me to 12/17/18. A 'flesh and blood' person at the local store told me their automated dialer contacted me to advise of the new date. Checking my call log, emails, and text messages shows NO RECORD OF THIS AT ALL!!! Person said "not all calls make it through". I KNOW BS WHEN I HEAR IT AND I BECOME VERY ANGRY THAT HOME DEPOT REGARDS ME AS STUPID!!!

    BOTTOM LINE: Home Depot has ZERO REGARD for customers. I spent over $10,000 with them in 2018 — chump change to Home Depot, big money to me! There are other retailers; I suggest we all try the alternatives. So far, I have had better experiences at Lowe's.

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