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Home Depot Corporate Office 

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The Home Depot was started in 1978 in Atlanta, Georgia.  They have grown into the largest retailer of hardware in the world.

How To Contact Home Depot Corporate Office Phone Number and Headquarters HQ

Home Depot Corporate Address

Home Depot Main Office; 2455 Paces Ferry Road, NW Atlanta, Georgia 30339-4024 USA

The Home Depot Headquarters and Contact Phone Numbers

Home Depot Headquarters Phone Number: 770-433-8211
Home Depot Customer Service Number: 866-653-8438
Website: The Home Depot

Home Depot Corporate Office HQ

Map and Directions to The Home Depot Corporate Office

Home Depot’s Competition

Home Depot’s competitors and alternatives include Lowes, Menards, Ace Hardware, Do it Best, and True Value Hardware.


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Home Depot Delivery Driver Threatened Me and My Wife

Rated 1.0 out of 5
November 25, 2023

We purchased a new refrigerator with/ free delivery/installation from Dahlonega HD and delivery was scheduled for yesterday (11/24/23) between 2 pm-6 pm. Before the fridge (a large 30 cu ft unit) could be installed, I had to; widen the interior kitchen doorway, trim the cabinet over the fridge, remove the storm door, and take the front door off its hinges. I also moved furniture in the house and on the porch to help accommodate the delivery. I was well on schedule to be finished by 2 pm. The delivery truck showed up, without warning, at 11 am. I went out to the street and caught the delivery guys before they unloaded the fridge and told them that they would have to come back after 2 pm, as scheduled, and explained why. The driver said “I’m not coming back” and got into his truck and left. I called the # on my invoice and told them what happened, I was told that the driver would return after 2 pm as scheduled.

The driver returned at 3 pm and unloaded/unboxed the fridge in the street in front of our house. My wife and I walked out to the street and there was a large diagonal gash in the freezer drawer front. I told the driver that I couldn’t accept delivery, and he started loading the fridge back onto his truck. As he loaded the unit, I took photos of the damaged fridge, him and his helper, the license plate, and the company name on his truck. He suddenly became angry and loud (everything seemed fine up until this point) and kept telling me loudly that I was not allowed to take pics of him, his truck, or his USDOT#. I told him that I was just documenting the delivery of a damaged item and that it was no big deal. He kept repeating angrily that I was not allowed to take pictures. My wife asked to see the box that the fridge came in, as we didn’t get to see them unpack it. This made him even more agitated. The damage on the box did not match the damage on the fridge. My wife said that we should just go back in the house, so we turned and started back up our driveway. As we walked away, the driver said “Hey!”, and when I looked back he said “I’ll be back, I’ll see you again” as he pointed two fingers at his eyes and then at us in a threatening manner. Not wanting any further confrontation with this person, we went on in the house.

We have filed a complaint through HD, the transport service, and also filed a complaint with the USDOT. We called the Lumpkin Co Sheriff’s Dept and they sent a deputy to our house to file an incident report.

Now, because of this delivery driver’s actions, my wife can’t sleep because she is scared that this guy will come back and vandalize something or even worse, attack us or our kids. As unhinged as he acted, I can’t say that I blame her. It has me on edge as well. I am going today to purchase security cameras and lights to install around our house.

All of this drama over a refrigerator is hardly worth it.

Louis Pielow

Home Depot Damaged Item

Rated 1.0 out of 5
January 24, 2024

Received a damaged item and was told could not be returned!

I placed an order online for a hitch basket and received damaged tried to return it and was told that I could not return it. So, I’m stuck with a $500 defective item I put in a dispute with my CC company and a dispute with the BBB I believe if an item is damaged they should honor the return, but they are not.

Jose Rivera

Home depot in Streetsboro Ohio

Rated 1.0 out of 5
January 13, 2024

The Human Resources department is a complete joke. You try to report certain employees and if she is friends with them she tosses it off. Overheard laughing with managers about writing up Veterans for not working when they were there. Most disgraceful Home Depot I’ve ever shopped at. There’s no reason for customers to know employ business nor laughed at when reporting managers and supervisors. Two names that were mentioned were Brian or Byron and her name is Julie or Julia.


Home Depot My Problem Was Fixed By A Professional Extremely Patient Kind Employee.

Rated 5.0 out of 5
January 12, 2024

I needed to replace a ball catch on my cabinet door. My first visit was unsuccessful and when I returned the first purchase, Mason Cardona a new employee was extremely helpful and said if he could not solve the problem, he would contact a manager. Thankfully, Mason was professional, extremely patient and kind when I tried to explain the item I needed. He took the time to examine the broken ball catch I brought in and said he could fix it and he did! Thank you Mason – You made my day! The Home Depot in Katy, TX is very fortunate to have this employee and so is my family.

Alycia Gorman

Home Depot Head Office - Outstanding Staff At Hull Street Midlothian Location!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
November 29, 2023

Wow! Always helpful, friendly, engaged! Love to shop there! Spent over $4000 this year!

Michael Walker
Corporate Office Headquarters