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Home Depot Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Home Depot Corporate Office Phone Number and Headquarters HQ

Home Depot Corporate Address:

2455 Paces Ferry Road, NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30339-4024 USA

Home Depot Contact Phone Numbers

Home Depot Corporate Phone Number: 1-770-433-8211
Website: The Home Depot

The Home Depot was started in 1978 in Atlanta, Georgia.  They have grown into the largest retailer of hardware in the world.

Home Depot’s competitors and alternatives include Lowes, Menards, Ace Hardware, Do it Best, and True Value Hardware.

Home Depot Corporate Office

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  1. I have rental properties in Las Vegas Nv and I have used Home Depot for the past twenty years for all my purchases.
    I have been trying to purchase a Whirlpool Dishwasher online for the past 3 days for my tenants. The error message was that
    it was a card error.. To resolve the matter I tried two different cards that had ample funds; I called both companies and was
    informed that it was on your end. I and attempting one more time to purchase the whirlpool washing machine. I have been informed
    on the last I made that the situation with my card had not been resolved and to call back tomorrow.

    I am a Financial Advisor, this error should have been resolved quickly as it is infuriating your customers. This is a computer
    error. You will not make your earnings number is you keep this up and not attend to your bot problem

  2. We will no longer be shopping at Home Depot. They have sacrificed customer service in the name of ESG. They are requiring Veterans to register for an app in order to honor the Veteran discount. Just another flaming hoop for Veterans to jump through. Their younger employees all complain about how terrible it is to work there. Today, we brought a safety concern to an employee because they set up the children's activity table in the lumber aisle where the 12 ft treated boards are and forklifts and pallet jacks move in and out, and people are lifting 12 ft boards out of the racks and trying to maneuver them onto their flatbeds. The employee responded by saying people shouldn't be moving boards while they are in that area. When I asked "so what are shoppers supposed to do?" he said they can wait or shop elsewhere. When I asked for his name he said, "you don't need my name." I responded that I did because when I spoke to corporate, I needed to let them know who I spoke with and exactly what they said to me. He then stood there next to me for several minutes and wouldn't leave. I let him know, "that was all, thank you." and he continued to stand within two feet of me. He later flagged down another employee and told her I had a complaint. When the lady came over and asked me "what can I help you with?" he began to talk over me as I began to speak. I let him finish and then started to talk and he again began to talk over me. I asked him "are you going to let me speak?" He then turned to me and said "shut up!" Needless to point out, this was a gay man speaking to me this way. At that point I continued to let the lady know that at this point it wasn't just a safety issue but the response from the employee when the issue was raised. I said, "you just heard him say 'shut up' to me." the lady then said "I didn't hear anything." I was shocked at her response. This is the new Home Depot brand. This iconic American brand is no longer what it used to be. We will be finding a different lumber and material supplier for our future projects.

  3. Hello, my name is Margaret Durham and I recently had my kitchen remodeled by Home Depot. Unfortunately, the process took 6 months to complete and there were some issues with the crew. They seemed to be a bit disorganized and had trouble reading the work order. There were instances where multiple crews showed up for the same job, causing delays and frustration. Overall, it was a difficult and frustrating experience.

  4. To the CEO of Home Depot:

    I have tried numerous times to reach someone at the corporate office, but this seems to be impossible.
    The assistant manager (Big Mike!) at the local store in Blue Ridge GA can’t or won’t resolve this problem on a local level. HomeDepot.com associates are also unable to resolve this problem.
    I’ve called homedepot.com so many times that I have lost count.
    I talked with Tiffany, Victoria, Wally, Shekatlyn (very helpful), Charles (rude, snappy, and hateful), and someone called Big Mike (rude). I talked with a few other people who didn’t give me their names.
    I asked to speak with the Blue Ridge store manager, Mike Gordon, but was told by “Big Mike” that would not happen!!!!!
    At the writing of this email, about 1430, the problem is still not resolved!

    The situation:
    I bought a GE washing machine from our local Home Depot in Blue Ridge GA. The machine does not work. I called Home Depot in Blue Ridge for a replacement, but was told that it was not a local store problem. I was instructed to call HomeDepot.com. However, there were so many issues with HomeDepot.com that I told them to forget about the replacement, and give me my money back.
    Finally, after FOUR (4) calls, I was able to talk with someone who somewhat knew what to do. I scheduled the pick-up for today, Wednesday April 19, 2023.
    I was told by Victoria that I would get a call the day before, giving me a FOUR (4) hour window for the pick up. I must say this extended time frame is for the benefit of the delivery company, and very poor customer service from Home Depot.
    I gave Victoria my HOME PHONE NUMBER for the number to call to schedule the pick up. I also asked for someone to call at least THIRTY (30) MINUTES before coming to give us time to put our dogs up.
    I NEVER RECEIVED A CALL TO SCHEDULE THE FOUR (4) HOUR PICK UP, nor the call 30 minutes prior to the delivery, giving us time to secure our dogs.
    The guys arrived about 0800 this morning 04/19/2023 to pick up the washing machine. We were not ready for the pick up , because we DID NOT RECEIVE A CALL to schedule the pick up or to make sure our dogs were secured. Thank goodness the dogs outside were secured, but the dogs inside were not.
    We had to secure the dogs, go get the keys to the shed and get our hand-trucks, and then get the washer outside, which took some time. My husband asked the delivery driver if he could borrow their hand-trucks. The delivery driver refused to let us borrow their hand-trucks to move the machine!
    If we had known the four hour time period in advance as we were told, everything would have been ready and waiting. However, we never received a call to schedule the pick up time frame.
    The pick up driver was getting into the truck as we were coming out the door with the washer. My daughter told the driver to wait, because we were coming out with the washer. The driver stated that he had waited long enough! HE GOT INTO THE TRUCK AND DROVE AWAY!
    I immediately called to have the driver turn around. I was informed that Home Depot does not have the ability to call the driver. I was told that Home Depot contracts their deliveries and pick ups with an outside vendor not a part of Home Depot.
    I was told that the driver could not turn around (or in this case back up) because it was a policy of the delivery company and COULD NOT BE CHANGED.
    I called HomeDepot.com and the local store in Blue Ridge GA. I spoke with EIGHT (8) DIFFERENT people who DID NOT know what to do to RESOLVE this problem.
    On one call to HomeDepot.com, I asked to speak with a supervisor. I spoke with Charles, a HomeDepot.com supervisor, who is very rude to say the least. I asked to speak with his supervisor, and was told that his supervisor did not talk with customers. Charles went on to say that Home Depot had policies. Charles stated that I may not agree with the policies, but the policies could not be changed.
    I asked for the number to call the corporate office. Charles informed me that they did not have a number for the corporate office. Charles stated that corporate did not talk with customers, so I could either talk with him (Charles) or no one. Charles also said that I could NOT call and talk with every supervisor going up the chain to the corporate office.
    I was told as a matter-of-fact by Charles that the pick up would be scheduled for Friday April 21. Take it or leave it attitude!
    Charles stated that Friday was the earliest I could schedule the pick up, because the PICK UP WAS NOT HAPPENING TODAY!!!!
    Charles went on to say that I could waste my time calling, but no matter who I talked with, the answer would be the same. Charles said he had EIGHT (8) hours and he didn’t care how he spent his time.
    I asked Charles for the Friday pick up time frame. Charles said Home Depot did not make those decisions, and I would get a call the day before to set the time frame. Again I made sure my correct phone number was in the Home Depot system. Charles went on to say that if I didn’t get a call by 1800, on April 18, 2023 to call HomeDepot.com to find out the time frame myself!
    Talk about CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!
    DIY is truly applicable to Home Depot CUSTOMER SERVICE.
    Home Depot DOES NOT know the meaning of CUSTOMER SERVICE!
    Well, you can thank Charles for the loss of several customers. We own a family organic farm business, a small personal livestock farm, a kennel boarding/grooming business, a home and commercial painting business, and a vehicle restoration/painting business. We will no longer buy anything from Home Depot!!
    I don’t care if we have to pay more for what we need. Business with Home Depot is too much of a hassle for us to deal with. Home Depot does not care about their customers or associates.
    The extra cost will be worth the CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

    I have the security videos of the pick up ordeal. If you would like to have a copy of the videos let me know.

    Finally, I received a call from Gabriel from the Blue Ridge GA store. Gabriel apologized for the lack of customer service and inability for Home Depot to resolve the problem.
    Everyone I spoke with (except Charles and “Big Mike”) were friendly and courteous. They didn’t know what to do, but they were still professional! The lack of associate knowledge is the fault of the company CEO!
    I hope Home Depot uses this situation to train their associates in CUSTOMER SERVICE.
    The way a business operates starts at the TOP!!!!!
    Employees require thorough and continuous training and education by a knowledgeable person to be able to perform their job. Continual education keeps employees up to date with changes, new skills, use of new technology, and as a refresher for earlier training. Your EMPLOYEES are your GREATEST ASSETS, you need to train them.
    Your customers keep your company in business!!!! The company should treat customers with respect, dignity, and courtesy, not as a waste of supervisor time and effort.

    I’m sure I haven’t written everything I’ve dealt with to try and resolve this problem, but I have things I must do today. I will not allow Home Depot’s problem to become my own within our business operations.

    Have a BLESSED day,

    Pamala Blankinship

    1. Well said. Your post epitomizes all my experiences with Home Depot. It impossible to find an address for Home Depot Corporate offices. The best I could do is get the public relations department email, public_relations@homedepot.com.

      If EVERYONE who posts here will send their complaints directly to them perhaps they will heed the onslaught of of emails and exert some pressure on the correcting the obscenely terrible customer relations at their stores. But, I doubt it. All you will get is an auto reply. Like this one.

      Thank you for contacting the media relations team at The Home Depot. If you are a member of the media, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
      · If you are a customer needing help with purchase or store experience, please call 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (466-3337).
      · If you are an investor, call 1-800-577-0177 or http://www.computershare.com/investor
      · If you are an associate needing access to your W2 form, please visit Home Depot’s Self Service website at https://www.mythdhr.com/ESS.html
      · For info on becoming a supplier, visit the “Become a Supplier” page on the Home Depot website at: https://www.homedepot.com/c/suppliers_and_providers.

      My message to them:

      An auto reply, not surprising given that no one in Home Depot is interested in solving customer issues. Congratulations to the entire Home Depot universe on mastering “customer avoidance”.

      · If you are a customer needing help with purchase or store experience, please call 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (466-3337). <— no one answers

      866-653-8438 <— Special Services Team …. no one answers, but you do get transferred to a full voice mailbox of a person whose name is unintelligible.

      I discovered from a seance that there is an infinite space on Dante’s 7th level of hell for Home Depot .. and it looks full.

  5. For our kitchen remodel the Home Depot at1201 Gateway Blvd., Fredericksburg, VA 22401, charged $35 for the floor installer to come out and measure. Then he told us they don't do the uninstall and reinstall for appliances. We should have been told this up front before we made the appointment, because we wouldn't have. Since we didn't get our floor there we lost the $35. Once the cabinets were finally installed, they hadn't sent the glass for the 3 doors that needed it. We were told 2 weeks. At the 2 week point, we were told they had shorted the order, (for 3 pieces of glass, really?), and it would be another 2-3 weeks. It's been longer than that, and we haven't heard a thing. It's been the 4 weeks since the countertop person measured and they were supposed to be done. Now we're told they don't even know if the marble has come into the manufacturing area yet! We've had a $500 sink sitting at the house for almost 3 months, since it can't be installed until the countertops are. This is a nightmare. This is disgusting and horrible treatment for an elderly couple spending almost $20,000 with Home Depot. It's unbelievable and appalling!!

  6. Broken appliances since July, August, September, and October 2018
    Andrew offered $30 for a $15,000 order expense with an additional loss of over $25,000. $15,000.00 Broken refrigerator since the day of delivery for loss of food over the 4 1/2 years, $3000.00 cost of a laundromat for a family of 6 for 7 or more months at over $125.00 a week,$4500.00 because I had no range, refrigerator, or microwave to feed my family. Home Depot sent loaners at the end of August after I said they needed to pay to feed my family since the original delivery day on July 11, 2018, was a no show. I finally received the range and refrigerator at the end of Oct 2018. $4800 loss of wages taking off of work for Home Depot Deliveries with no one showing up, repairs and no one showing up, repairs estimates, and actual repairs. $25,000 for the inconvenience, time spent trying to get this right, repeating myself over 40 times and each and every time Home Depot Menomonee Fall associates and management saying they’ll make it right, everything will be fixed, the dishwasher will be replaced, you will be compensated for your cost and losses, our specialty team is working on it, we will call you back, or we don’t remember, or we didn’t know any of this, and we can’t help this was 1/2023 after 48 hours after delivery and 4/2013 by Andrew I can’t get your appliances fixed. Keep your broken appliances and I can give you $30.00.

  7. I've spent the past several days trying to change/update my new email address, for an existing account. I've tried at least 15 times and no code was ever sent to verify new email I've called the Customer Service help line and am currently holding for Brandon, as to how to get this done. Nothing so far, so tell me, who do I need to contact to update my account?

  8. I visited the Gulfport Home Depot today to purchase lumber and plywood. I had several stops and misplaced my receipt so I can not do the regular survey
    I just want to acknowledge two of the employees in the lumbar area. Baily who is new was very helpful and so polite. He was careful to find several pieces of
    pressure treated lumber and cut them exactly to size. Andrew likewise had to cut a large piece of plywood. He cut it perfectly. I was out in no time and these
    employees made my trip a good one. Please send this message on to the Gulfport Manager so these two employees get recognized for their efforts! It makes a
    to your customers.

  9. I’m very disappointed in HomeDepot I worked for you from 1996 to 2019 never would I have imagined that customer service would become unimportant, I bleed orange customer service was priority when I worked there I did multiple jobs for this company I ran the front end so I was a front end supervisor service desk supervisor ran bookkeeping did scheduling you name it I did it worked everywhere from front to back opened multiple stores in Louisville and Kentucky and Indianapolis Indiana Seymour Indiana and Customerservice was our priority number one I cannot tell you how disappointed I was today when I called to find out when my delivery was going to be delivered I have always stay true to Home Depot bought from them nowhere else but after today I believe I will have to start looking at Lowe’s tractor supply other places that I can get the things I need to call and ask approximate time within a couple hours would’ve been fine but no I am told that my delivery was scheduled from 6 AM to 8 PM that is not customer service that is a benefit to the store not to the customer that trapped me at home for the entire day I absolutely am most disappointed I have one more delivery scheduled for Monday and this will be the last time I ever buy anything from Home Depot your customer service sucks that’s why you weeded out all of us old people because we were brought up under Bernie and Arthur’s ways change is not always good I don’t know how your profits are anymore because I got rid of all my stock But I can tell you if this continues you guys are gonna be in a world of hurt very very disappointed 22 years I work for this company and never have I’ve been so disappointed.

    1. Same. This iconic American brand that we've loved since we were kids, where we shop because our dads shopped there and because their service was second to none. They've let it all go. With the exception of a few employees that still go above and beyond to ensure a good customer experience, they've only hired people who hate serving others but just want a paycheck. Its beyond sad.

  10. Our kitchen project began last year 2022 working with a gentleman named John who was very meticulous with laying out our kitchen. We were satisfied with all of his recommendations and appreciated his patience. Our cabinets arrived 2/17/23 before work began a few weeks later and Everything arrived in good condition except for the corner cabinet which is where the the undermount sink was to be installed. There was a knick on the left back corner AND THE HOLE FOR THE SINK WAS NOT CUTOUT. It was interesting that all of the cabinets were cutout on top which we had no idea why, but the corner cabinet top was without a cutout which makes no sense. We called the Oak Brook Terrace store and spoke with a manager name Cindy to report this and someone was suppose to call us back but no one ever did so we went into the store. After speaking with this manager at the store there was still no satisfaction or explanations given except that we would have to do the cutout ourselves, which is unacceptable after paying all this money for custom cabinetry. Had we known beforehand that Home Depot was this unprofessional in miscommunicating the actual vendor (Thomasville) policy and would treat our order in this way we would have taken our business elsewhere. Perhaps this occurred because we did not use contractors associated with the store or maybe it was an oversight, but whatever the reason they are refusing to correct it!! Even after speaking with someone at the corporate office who also informed us that it is Thomasville policy to leave the sink cabinet uncut, this offers no real solutions or compensation, therefore this will be our last major purchase from Home Depot so all I can say is BUYER BEWARE.

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