True Value Corporate Office Headquarters

True Value Corporate Office Headquarters
True Value Company
8600 W. Bryn Mawr Ave.
Chicago, IL 60631-3505 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-773-695-5000
Customer Service Number: 1-773-695-5000

  • I got a new bathroom faucet online. After just a couple weeks the hot water would not shut off. I called customer service and got a very bad response. I did not get that womans name. I called again the next day and got a lady named Rose. What an angel she was. She handled my problem and was so nice.

  • A month ago, I stop at a True Value store, 11616 Livingston Road, Fort Washington, MD. 20744, seeking to purchase a sturdy lawn rake. I asked the an employee [older gentleman], for his expertise on the bestselling rake displayed. His response was, "All of them. I don't know". His demeanor displayed that he didn't want to be bothered. I had another question, but, he abruptly left. I patiently waited, as, another employee was asked for assistance. He gladly helped, and, answered my question. The older employee demonstrated poor customer service!!! I normally watch the True Value Ads, and, make purchases, because, some of your merchandise is a true value. I'd plan on purchasing the $13.99 mid-range rake. That gentleman needs to be trained on customer service.

  • After reading these other comments, it looks like what I thought was an isolated incident is a company wide problem.
    My wife and I received the worst customer service ever at the Menifee, CA store on Newport Rd. If it's True Value's mission in life to get rid of return customers, I'd say they are doing a fine job. Only one customer service person (Christian) out of 5 behind the service counter offered to help us or was polite at all.
    Such rudeness is NOT acceptable. Head's up, True Value, you have too much competition to treat customers so shamefully.

  • After working in the construction industry for over forty years I think your new television commercial is sending the wrong message. It shows both a mother and daughter climbing the same step ladder at the same time to check on a bird house.

  • My grandmother has been a loyal customer of her local true value store for many years. She sends her two riding lawnmowers down every year for their yearly tune up. This year she spent almost $500.00 in repair work and neither of the mowers are even usable. To top it off the sales rep who took her money over charged her and i'm sure put the difference in his pocket. When she called to speak with the manager they would do nothing to make amends. I will make sure that these mowers never go back and will tell everyone i come across to stay as far away from any True Value store as they can get.

  • All of the stores are privately owned and managed. They can and will do NOTHING for you at the Corporate headquarters. I found that out the hard way. Ace, here I come.

  • I went to True Value in Mystic CT. The items I needed were to heavy for me to lift and put in car. Cashier called for help. I was told it would be a few minutes and help would come. Well, I waited and waited and saw a True Value employee drive his loader to the front of the store. I made eye contact with him and asked for help. He got a broom out and pushed some sand around then went to talk to someone in a truck. I asked again for assistance. After being ignored I went to the cashier and changed my order to smaller pot soil bags and loaded my trunk myself. The True Value employee was watching me knowing I was struggling. They lost 3 customers that day. (myself , a sibling and a friend.) I'll use the bigger named stores and even Walmart since this incident. Why deal with local smaller business only to be treated as if your not there? I notified "Margo" the manager who gave a 1/2 hearted apology. So much for supporting local smaller stores!!! It's less expensive at Walmart anyways………………………………….BYE "true value" …………………………………….

  • I made four trips to True Value in Kansas City Ks today using a fourth tank of gas to get a house key made. I am still stuck without a key that works. Is it that hard to make a key? I was very inconvenienced as a customer and very dissatisfied. I'll take it as a loss and do business elsewhere.

  • I am a true value employee I work in small engine an I'm certified in all areas of small engine the store I work in is not up to date the computers are old always locking up an the store shelves look like the store is going to close there empty when customers come in looking for something we don't have it on the shelf I've been a small engine machanic for 30 years I'm very tired of struggleing to pay my bills the owners are buying them new trucks an houses an liveing good an haveing fun I'm not I'm 45 years old an I have a family I can't afford to take a day off because of what they pay me I can't spend time with my family either 950 an hour is wrong an very upsetting that's not enough to take care of a family with I'm very tired an Burt out an stressed I'm not the only one they pay poorly

  • Horrendous customer service. received the round around between online and in-store when trying to order a garden cart. If the cart is no longer available why are you allowed to place it in your cart online. PULL THE CART FROM YOUR WEBSITE. Website says to call your local store for availability. Store says available in another wharehouse and to call online to order and have shipped to my house. Customer service says can't send from the warehouse. Don't sell it and hopefully you'll sit on a lot of merchandise as opposed to selling it to a customer that requested it. Horrible, horrible customer service philosophy. How rude to speak over a customer when they try to answer a question you asked!

  • I was at the True Value hardware store on 705 Bus. highway 83 Alamo,TX 78516 today 06/27/13. I was overcharged $200.00 on my account and person who charged me without a care in the world or apologizing said go to the back and they'll fix it. When speaking to management all they told me you'll see your money in 2 or 3 days no apology manager says, "human error" did not try to we will take care of the cashier for the mistake. Horrible service unacceptable something needs to be done so this type of service doesn't occur again.

    • They're not holding you hostage, if you're good at what you do you can find another job, if you're not good then this is what you get. Good spelling helps on a job application.

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