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  • Best Buy Corporate Office Phone Number

Best Buy Corporate Office Phone Number

How to Contact Best Buy Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Best Buy’s Official Corporate Address:

7601 Penn Avenue South
Richfield, MN 55423 USA

Best Buy Phone Numbers and Contact Information

Corporate Phone Number: 1-612-291-1000

Corporate Fax Number: 1-612-292-4001

Customer Support Phone Number: 1-888-237-8289

Jobs: Online Job Listings

Corporate Email Help & Chat: Contact Page

Website: BestBuy.com

Corporate Stock Symbol: BBY on Google Finance

Reviews and Complaints: See Below or Click Comments Link

Company Bio for Best Buy:

Best Buy is famous for its Retail Electronic Stores. Best Buy is the largest home electronics retailer in the USA. Best Buy’s main competitor is Amazon.com and HHGregg.

Best Buy’s toll-free customer care phone number is 1-888-237-8289. The company does encourage users to use its technical support system and help forums on its website.

CorporateOfficeHeadquarters.com is not associated with Best Buy. This website is for informational and review purposes only.

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  1. This company is the worlds worst! Purchased a gift card with my BB credit card, it got sent to wrong address by mistake, tried to cancel the card and that started a real fiasco, called the customer service spoke with Christine and she did not no any thing about anything. She kept putting me on hold saying she was trying to get a hold of her back office for help. I finally got to speak with a supervisor (I think, Maria) she ran me around and around about getting my money back until I told her I was going to call corporate, then she said I will call the store you got the card from and see if they will refund your money and I will call you back in 30 min. It has been hours ago still no call, of course with everything that happened up to this point I kind of expected that. This will be the last time I ever buy anything from Best Buy!

  2. My daughters purchased a lap top for me and with that a "bundle" which included spyware well apparently this lap top does not have a cd rom opening, when we called we were told some laptops no longer have places for cd's and we must purchase the "extension" for the cd rom which is of course additional monies, then when I advised my children to return it due to them being "scammed" or "misrepresented" in their purchase, it turned out they would have to pay a "restocking" fee what a rip off. I have a best buy card and though I have not purchased anything in years, I will NEVER GO INTO THE STORE AGAIN. When you scam my children you cost yourself money.

  3. Nope. Just quit working at one part time. The store manager is a bully and manages by fear. Walks around the store like a tough guy.

  4. not everyone that works there i awful. i work at best buy and i always do my best to help everyone even if i dont know a department ill try to find someone who does all ill let the customer know i dont know this section of the store very well but im willing to help them if they let me. alot of you people expect to much thinking we know EVERYTHING. we are human beings too, we make mistakes. if you people werent so rude and came at us like animals maybe we wouldnt be so nasty back. i mean there are some bad apples that work in these stores dont get me wrong but there are some diamonds in the rough too.

  5. To whom it may concern,

    I went into the store at I-10 and Fry rd. in Katy Texas on November 30, 2013. I set and listened to a employee for 30-35 minutes doing a demo of a Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 2014 edition and he told me it was $399.00 that day and then proceeded to sell me a 64 GB SD card for it. I purchased what he handed the cashier and when I got home the tablet was a 2013 edition that is only upgradable to 32 GB. Now not only did he sell me something that he told me was different than what he told me I was buying but he also sold me a SD card that is not usable in the product. Now I have worked retail and when a sales associate tells a customer something the store should honor it or at least everywhere that I have worked retail. I talked to the manager on duty tonight and he said he wouldn't do anything except return the item. Now to me I feel I was taken advantage of not only by the salesman that sold me the product but also by the manager on duty tonight. This is the second time that this store has given me problems. I would like to know what I can do about it?

  6. I purchased a Flat Screen TV from Best Buy and paid the additional money to have the Geek Squad come out and set up the TV for my 82 yr old mother. Delivery was delayed a day….we had to find this out ourself, there was NO phone call from Best Buy…D. We were finally told delivery & setup would take place the following day….AGAIN, No show, No call…..The customer servive end from Geek Squad was impossible to contact, SO was the custer service at the Best Buy where I bought the TV…..I am going for a full refund tomorrow morning, I will never shop at Best Buy, or use the Geek Squad EVER again….As a business owner, I was going to update my office communication system, as well as purchase additional computers from Best Buy after the holidays…. As it turns out, I will be shopping at another store. Also, I submitted my experience to a local newspaper, alerting OTHERS to the horrible custer service on behalf of Best Buy and Geek Squad….NEVER again.

  7. I am one unsatisfied customer…. I purchased a 16 gn iPod touch 5th generation online and picked it up at best buy in vineland nj, when I was checking out and I asked the associate if it had a camera and the employee said no it doesn't the 16 gb doesn't have one at all, my 10 year old son wanted one with a camera, so I cancelled the product, I go home b/c I was livid and come to find out it has a front facing camera not a rear one. I was ok with the front facing one. I called bestbuy and the employees were very rude and told me I have to purchase a another one, it was the associates fault, so I purchased another one and it cost me more, I am sorry I don't have that kind of money and of course I have to wait for the money to get back on my credit care, it will take 24 to 48 hours. how come it gets taken out of my account right away but I have to wait for my money to return. I had to borrow the money, and I don t like doing that. something should of been done, it was there mistake. it shouldn't of cost me more. I will NEVER purchase anything from bestbuy ever again., WORD OF MOUTH GOES ALONG WAY.

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