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Best Buy Corporate Office – An Overview 

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Best Buy Corporate Office is located in Minnesota. They are an electronics and appliance retailer. They are based in Minnesota, USA. More contact information is listed below to reach out to Best Buy HQ

How to Contact Best Buy Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Best Buy Corporate Office Address:

Best Buy Headquarters Location: 7601 Penn Avenue South Richfield, MN 55423 USA

Best Buy HQ Phone Numbers and Contact Information

Best Buy Corporate Office Phone Number: 612-291-1000

Best Buy Human Resources HR Phone Number: 612-291-1000

Best Buy Corporate Offices Fax Number: 612-292-4001

Customer Support Phone Number: 888-237-8289

Best Buy Complaint Department: 888-237-8289

Jobs: Online Job Listings

Corporate Email Help & Chat: Contact Page

Website: BestBuy.com

Best Buy Headquarters Website: CorporateBestBuy.com

Corporate Stock Symbol: BBY on Google Finance

Best Buy Corporate Office HQ
Best Buy Corporate Address and Phone Number

Map and Directions to Best Buy Corporate Headquarters HQ

Best Buy Company Bio

Founded in 1966 as Sound of Music and later rebranded in 1983, Best Buy is a leader in the world of consumer electronics stores. Their Geek Squad provides tech support, installations, and repairs.

Best Buy HQ

Best Buy’s Competitive Retail Environment

Best Buy competes against Amazon, Walmart, and Target. Smaller competitors include Fry’s, HHGreg, and other local stores.


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Best Buy Corporate Office Complaints, Reviews and Feedback

Navigate to the comments and reviews section below to provide your insights, read feedback from others, or discuss your interactions with Best Buy’s corporate offices. Every review adds value and helps prospective customers make informed decisions.

Where is best buy headquarters?

Best Buy is located in the U.S. State of Minnesota. The address for Best Buy Headquarters is: 7601 Penn Avenue South Richfield, MN 55423 USA.

How do i contact best buy corporate office?

The best way to reach Best Buy’s corporate office is by phone. Their phone number is 612-291-1000. For customer care it is best to call 888-237-8289.

How do i complain to best buy corporate?

You can call Best Buy’s home office at 612-291-1000 or call Best Buy Customer Support at 888-237-8289 to register a complaint. You can also leave reviews on corporate review sites like CorporateOfficeHeadquarters.com

My information was Hacked in your Madison Heights, MI store

October 28, 2023

A friend asked me to find her a new iPad and I bought her one from the store above. I received an email from Madison Heights the GEEK Squad Saint they took 488 from my credit card on a year’s subscription which will automatically be taken out. I am upset someone has my information on the sale I made. Please check the security of this store and your network however it works.


Best Buy Poor Quality Issue

May 2, 2024

Poor Quality / Cover Up Mistakes! Quality Of Work Is Now Garbage. Had a new deck installed had aftermarket amps previuosly installed all I needed was the deck put in everything was already connected. They completely cut out all previeous work. now I have to pay someone else to fix what they did AGAIN. When asked why and why I did not recieve a phone call about what they were doing the lead installer got an attitude saying he will not work with me and “good luck cause I am the only one in the area that can do the work” like he controlls the buisness in front of another manager. On top of that my sync panel got damaged and was never said put they tried to cover it up buy using tacky putty.

Justin Dollar

Best Buy Return/Customer Service Policy

April 29, 2024

As a consumer I will choose to make my purchases where I receive great customer service, and I am allowed to return products within 30 days. Your mere 15 day return policy is inadequate just to say the least. In addition to that, when consumers call your customer service reps hang up on us and we cannot reach a person at the local store (even during non-peak times). Everything you sell I can purchase elsewhere; therefore, I will not make another purchase at Best Buy and will inform my family and friends to do the same. Maybe when your profits begin to take a blow you will rethink return policy and hire/train employees on what great customer service truly is.

Rachael Perry

Best Buy Customer Data Issue

April 29, 2024

Customer Data Hacked! I have received multiple emails notifying me that payment has been withdrawn for renewal of Norton services I don’t have each for a different amount from different individuals at the same University in Thailand (s22413@saintnic.ac.th, 6126@sdy.ac.th). The source of the data is obviously my personal sales data on Best Buy’s customer database. I have filed FTC complaints (172354651, 172411703) for each eMail. Best Buy customer service did nothing to acknowledge or investigate the data breach involving customer data from Best Buy’s servers. Tried to upload FTC complaints but this stupid web site won’t let me upload the pdfs of the FTC complaints. Don’t buy anything from Best Buy unless you like being a victim of identity theft.

James C Fedchin

Best Buy Corporate Office Issue

February 6, 2024

I called the Corprorate Office to complain about a policy but they kept hanging up on me. They forced me to buy a product that I did not need and now refuse to take it back.

Tammy Hall
Corporate Office Headquarters