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  • Family Dollar Corporate Office Phone Number – Complaints

Family Dollar Corporate Office Phone Number – Complaints

How to Contact Family Dollar Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Family Dollar Stores

Official Corporate Address:

10401 Monroe Road (PO Box 1017)

Charlotte, NC 28201 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-704-847-6961

Corporate Fax Number: 1-704-847-5534

Corporate Email: info@familydollar.com

Complaints, Feedback, and Customer Support: 1-866-377-6420

Stock Symbol: FDO

Family Dollar is famous for its chains of dollar stores. Family Dollar operates over 7,000 stores in 44 US States. Family Dollar is one of the premier discount retailers in the USA.

Family Dollar’s Toll-Free 800 Number is 1-866-377-6420. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

Family Dollar Corporate Office

  • I have been banned from Family Dollar in Hudson NC today SMH. I shop there daily. Recently I’ve been having issues with my EBT card scanning. So ON MULTIPLE OCCASIONS, I have had to type the card number in due to this issue. On this very day even purchased almost a hundred dollars worth of items AT 1130AM using the same method. But just trying to get some brown sugar 8 HOURS LATER(730pm) I was called a liar and that I had not been allowed to pay the same way as always, even though I clearly have PROOF that I had INDEED done this. And then I was told to leave the store and NOT to come back AND I was banned BY Their so-called Management Crissy! per Hudson PD. LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING I am more than glad to spend my money elsewhere after that experience. I feel discriminated against and targeted by your Management and am considering seeking legal advice on this matter since it is NOT the first experience I’ve had to deal with due to this Manager. She constantly has issues with my husband about using the card so much he refuses to go there BUT Since she banned him as well even tho he was NOT PRESENT at the time of the issue. I feel it’s targeted!!!!! I request someone from corporate contact me immediately!!!!!

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