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  • Family Dollar Corporate Office Phone Number – Complaints

Family Dollar Corporate Office Phone Number – Complaints

How to Contact Family Dollar Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Family Dollar Stores

Family Dollar Corporate Address:

10401 Monroe Road (PO Box 1017)

Charlotte, NC 28201 USA

Family Dollar Contact Phone Numbers and Website:

Corporate Phone Number: 1-704-847-6961

Corporate Fax Number: 1-704-847-5534

Corporate Email: info@familydollar.com

Complaints, Feedback, and Customer Support: 1-866-377-6420

Stock Symbol: Private Company

Website: FamilyDollar.com

Family Dollar is famous for its chains of dollar stores. Family Dollar operates over 7,000 stores in 44 US States. Family Dollar is one of the premier discount retailers in the USA.

Family Dollar’s Toll-Free 800 Number is 1-866-377-6420. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

Family Dollar Corporate Office

CorporateOfficeHeadquarters.com is not associated with Family Dollar Stores. This website is for information, reviews, feedback, ratings, and complaint purposes only.


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  1. I was just at the family dollar on 5801 north Martin Luther King OKC. Ok. 73118. and I don't know who the chick is that is working right now Friday 26 @ 5:30 but I've never been so humiliated in my life. I've cried all the way home. she came from around the counter and pushed me out the store . she saying she has kicked me out . I have never been kicked out of any place . I have public anxiety and therefore don't go out much. I was only going to load my card which I paid a ubur to go there and back and was not able to do what I needed cause she apparently thinks I'm someone else and now way too upset from the treatment of staff I don't even want to come out of residence. I want the video reviewed of this incident and I want her to go back and watch whatever video of who she kicked out cause it's not me and to be treated like that and for her to shove me and get in my face yelling at me I'm so upset . I want to file a criminal charge on employee the only reason I didn't call pice on her is my anxiety being in public from being kidnapped and assaulted thats why I don't go in public. and the treatment from her was out of line when I have not done nothing wrong no have I been kicked out shouldn't there be a police report if she has kicked someone out or some way she can verify and make sure before she goes humiliating customers and pushing them . .

  2. I am a former employee at Family Dollar and I had accrued 24 hours of PTO. Will I be paid for that?

  3. I went into the new family dollar hwy 20 Florence Alabama Monday night after my daughter’s ballgame, I went in and was told by the assistant manager I was banned from the store Vanessa Burbank is her name my cousin said she had something under the counter that was put up for her and she wanted me to get it. Mrs. Burbank according to my estranged husband and him are seeing each other, I told her I hadn’t done anything to be banned from the store mrs Burbank proceeded to attack me with a rake and due to hair loss from chemo I wear a wig she grabbed my wig off my hair while laughing at me and calling me names and my 11 yr old mixed daughter told Mrs. Burbank to stop and leave me alone, she then called my 11 yr old daughter a “rainbow city baby” the cops were called on me,I explained what happened they also talked to my children they went to pull the cameras and conveniently they were frozen I expect her to be fired this was uncalled for my children were with me & I will sue if this isn’t taken care of immediately I also want my humiliation compensated if the wives of the husbands Mrs. Burbank has slept with can’t go in that store then y’all will have no business I’m angry and considering a lawsuit unless this is immediately taken care of

  4. My daughter and I went to a Family Dollar store#03829 today 4-29-23 unfortunately my daughter needed to use the bathroom and asked the manager working a register if she could use the bathroom and she replied that absolutely not she was not allowed to use the store bathroom and that if she needed one she should go to the Marshalls store located about a block and a half away in a rude manner. If thought bathrooms in the store were meant to be used by the costomers . I want a response from headquarters reference to this issue. The response of your Manager is unacceptable and should never happen.

  5. I was overcharged for an item when I tried to return it the store only wanted to give me the sale price which is much lower than what I paid. your manager was rude, nasty and cussed me out. I was told those people need to learn how to read. Would not provide me her name told me to refer to her as Ms. B. I did find out her name she has a reputation in that neighborhood. The people that live there told me not to bother wasting my time nothing will happen to her she talks to everyone like that including her employees. I didn't get my money back.

  6. I live in a small town there is one family dollar a Dollar general and a gas station that's it in this little town and I've been sitting here at this store for over an hour waiting for them to open at 8:00 and it's not 8:59 and I just went back and talked to him they have to put out the empty the truck first they're not going to open it until they get the truck done I think that's very rude I've seen numerous people come and go just ridiculous we depend on this store for our daily needs they need to figure they need to figure it out waste my time

  7. I have a complaint. Tonight, I went to your store in Elizabethtown, North Carolina. My first problem is I picked up a tube of Colgate Max Fresh plus Charcoal. It was priced at $3.00 on label in front of product but rang up at $4.00. I double checked because I was in your store last year same exact store. Got a tube of gum price on gum was $1.00 when I got to register it was ringing up as $1.99. Therefore, tonight I doubled checked because I did not want to go word for word with cashier like before. Which I just told her to go on and rang it up. I stated state had already come into this store before and issued fines because of same exact thing price gauging. While I was at register, I told cashier about problem I had in New York where anti-theft brackets were left on garment and I went to another store, and it alarmed. Well, when I got home, she had done same exact thing. I called back talked with manager on duty, she tells me I could have brought it back because I explained I had cut my socks trying to get bracket off. I told her this was my first-time leaving home today because it was after 8 PM. I also explained to her I am a cancer patient and do not feel like doing all that walking and it's not my place to come back to store because of a problem your cashier did. When she should had been paying attention to what she was doing. I explained to her I started working with cash registers when I was 16. I've managed restaurants. I am a supervisor at this time with over 30 people working under me. I feel you need to train your manager first when it comes to dealing with customers maybe she will be able to train her employees. I seldom go into your store and with managers such as her I probably will never go in now.

  8. I recently was over charged for 2 items– they were scanned $1.25 ea. but were marked $1. I brought them back in to the store & let them know & also asked about the Michigan Scanner Law which gives a customer reward up to $5 plus you get what you were over charged back. They said "oh I don't think so but you'll have to call corporate." Is Family Dollar supposed to honor this law or not??

  9. Family dollar needs to hire cashiers that not disrespectful to the people that have to go to the store to buy items!

  10. I have been banned from Family Dollar in Hudson NC today SMH. I shop there daily. Recently I’ve been having issues with my EBT card scanning. So ON MULTIPLE OCCASIONS, I have had to type the card number in due to this issue. On this very day even purchased almost a hundred dollars worth of items AT 1130AM using the same method. But just trying to get some brown sugar 8 HOURS LATER(730pm) I was called a liar and that I had not been allowed to pay the same way as always, even though I clearly have PROOF that I had INDEED done this. And then I was told to leave the store and NOT to come back AND I was banned BY Their so-called Management Crissy! per Hudson PD. LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING I am more than glad to spend my money elsewhere after that experience. I feel discriminated against and targeted by your Management and am considering seeking legal advice on this matter since it is NOT the first experience I’ve had to deal with due to this Manager. She constantly has issues with my husband about using the card so much he refuses to go there BUT Since she banned him as well even tho he was NOT PRESENT at the time of the issue. I feel it’s targeted!!!!! I request someone from corporate contact me immediately!!!!!

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