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  • Reach Out To Walmart Corporate Office – Review & Complaints

Reach Out To Walmart Corporate Office – Review & Complaints 

Walmart Corporate Office is located in Arkansas, USA. More information to reach out to Walmart is listed below, including the Walmart corporate office address, phone numbers, and websites. Also, customer reviews and Walmart complaints.

How To Contact Walmart Headquarters Address and Phone Number

Walmart Corporate Office Locations

Walmart Corporate Address:

Walmart Home Office: 702 SW 8th Street Bentonville, Arkansas 72716-8611 USA

Walmart Texas Corporate Office Texas Address

Walmart HQ Address in Texas: 5300 Westport Parkway, Fort Worth, TX USA

Walmart Headquarters Phone Numbers and Contact Pages

Walmart Corporate Phone Number: 800-925-6278 or 479-273-4000
Walmart Main Office Fax Number: 479-277-1830
Email Help & Chat: info@wal-mart.com
Website: Walmart.com
Corporate Website: corporate.walmart.com
Jobs: Online Job Listings
Corporate Stock Symbol: WMT

Walmart Corporate Office
Walmart Corporate Office Bentonville Arkansas

Map To Walmart Home Office

Walmart Company Profile and Bio:

Wal-Mart is famous for its large home and grocery stores worldwide. Walmart Corporation sells products through its website, Walmart.com.

Walmart’s main competitors are Target, Costco, Publix for Groceries, Best Buy for Electronics and Amazon.

  • Walmart Headquarters Address: 1102 SE 5th St, Bentonville, AR 72712, USA
  • Wal-Mart Phone Number: 479-273-4000
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: 2.2 million
  • Established: June 13, 1945
  • Founder: Sam Walton
  • Walmart Corporate Office Directory -Key People: Doug McMillon, Greg Foran

Walmart offers online support, email support and phone support. Walmart’s customer support phone number is 800-925-6278. Their support hours are 24/7 – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Walmart’s Competitive Landscape

Walmart, a global retail giant, faces robust competition across both its physical and online domains. In the brick-and-mortar realm, major competitors include Target, Costco, Best Buy, Publix and Kroger, each vying for market share with their own blend of product offerings and customer experiences. On the international front, companies like Carrefour and Tesco further intensify the competitive landscape. In the digital arena, Amazon stands as Walmart’s most formidable adversary, with its vast product assortment, Prime ecosystem, and rapid delivery infrastructure. Other e-commerce contenders like eBay, Alibaba, and niche marketplaces also challenge Walmart’s online growth. The emergence of direct-to-consumer brands and the digital presence of traditional retailers further complicate the e-commerce scene. As retail continues to evolve, Walmart is constantly innovating and adapting to maintain its dominant position amidst this multifaceted competition.

Walmart Corporate Building

Walmart Brands and Divisions

Walmart, a global retail behemoth, has always been on the forefront of diversification and expansion. Beyond its core retail operations, Walmart owns a variety of subsidiaries and has ventured into new industries over the years. Notably, the company owns Sam’s Club, a membership-only retail warehouse. In recent times, Walmart has shown interest in expanding its services sector, delving into healthcare with Walmart Health. This division offers affordable primary care, dental services, and even mental health support in select locations. Furthermore, recognizing the burgeoning pet industry, Walmart has introduced pet care services, which includes veterinary clinics in certain stores and an expanded assortment of pet products online. These initiatives underscore Walmart’s commitment to continuously evolve and cater to the diverse needs of its vast customer base.

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Walmart Corporate Headquarters Reviews and Walmart Complaints and Praise

See the comment and review section below to read or write complaints, reviews or to praise your experience with Walmart’s customer service and corporate office.

Attn. Corp. Office for Walmart - Crappy delivery on groceries

Rated 1.0 out of 5
November 18, 2023

16 times in a row my food was never delivered on the day it was supposed to be. 3 days later I never got it. They say “Oh sorry you can’t feed your 2 small children and they will go hungry but here’s 10 dollars to make it right” The heck with you guys. I pay monthly fees with a promise to have my food when I order it. Thanks for making my children starve and never getting my food. I waited 7 days to get my money back and had to go to food banks to be able to feed them. You guys are terrible and should be ashamed. Just terrible


Walmart refund online

Rated 1.0 out of 5
November 5, 2023

I made an online purchase and decided to return it so I put in a request, Almost immediately I received a note “You’re all set, no need to return the item refund has been made”. I checked refund details and noticed that a refund was made to a credit card that doesn’t belong to me and I also received an email showing a refund to that wrong credit card. I have gone around and around with customer service who has told me that a fraud alert was put on my account but nothing else can be done because a refund was issued already. I have tried to find someone else to speak to but I’m always given the same customer service # or email address. There is no excuse for a Corp. as large as Wal-Mart to not have a dept that a customer can speak to about a theft!

pam ross

Walmart HQ - I am suing Walmart

Rated 1.0 out of 5
October 14, 2023

Walmart doesn’t do anything about their products and or website. So I am suing them.

Robert L Perkins

Corp. Office of Wal-Mart - Freezer Return - I Do not know where to return it?

Rated 1.0 out of 5
August 28, 2023

I was going to purchase a small freezer with Walmart and had questions about the item if defective and the return policy, it states on the Walmart app that it cannot be returned to the store, but employees at the store and the 800 number told me I can return it to the store I also asked to speak with a manager at the local store but she would not contact a manager for me to speak with, so, unfortunately, I had to call the 800 number customer service and spoke with 4 different people and every last one of them gave me different answers so I am NOT going to purchase the freezer with Walmart, your customer service 800 number is not reliable on their information because one of the 800 reps sent me an email stating the freezer cannot be returned to the store but yet an 800 supervisor said yes it can be returned to the store, totally unreliable answers so I’ll do this purchase elsewhere

Gale D

Walmart Corp. Office - Purchased items on Walmart App and now I can't take them back to Walmart

Rated 1.0 out of 5
August 26, 2023

HelloI purchased 2 items last week and wasn’t sure but I said oh ok if I don’t like I can take them back to Walmart? Well, that was not the case I purchased these items on the Walmart app didn’t work out so I took them back to the store do you know they would not take them back they told me it was a third party but it was purchased on Walmart.com Well they now have another company’s third party and can’t get a refund from Walmart It has to be sent to whoever I think is ridiculous it is misleading. If it is purchased on a Walmart.com website. And I got to return it and was told no they have to send it back to another ridiculous company and I believe it is false advertising and a big inconvenience for people who are disabled and have if it has to be sent to another company then they should be the one selling it on their own site that I now have to make 2 returns Walmart and then have to wait a week for my return very misleading I will never do that again.

Kimberly Rodriguez
Corporate Office Headquarters