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Publix Corporate Office Headquarters

How To ContactPublix Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Official Address:
3300 Publix Corporate Parkway
Lakeland, Florida 33811 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-863-688-1188
Customer Care Phone Number: 1-800-242-1227
Website: Publix.com

Publix’s main competitors are Kroger, Aldi, Walmart, Albertsons, H-E-B, Costco, BJ’s Warehouse, Whole Foods, and Meijer.

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Publix Corporate Office

  • Hello, why is Pubix supermarkets placing Zuma Bar soap, un-wrapped in strategic places in all of their stores? Publix need to educate themselves as to the strength of the essential oils ?? They are powerful and concentrated. Its crazy to place these unwrapped soaps on tables in a FOOD store.

  • Today December 06, 2021, I had the opportunity to talk to John W. about the fact that Publix is no longer carrying the "Ice Cream called Light Coffee Almond Fudge." I am located in the JupiterTequesta area of Florida.
    I had the product number 0 414 1514 143 8, and store # is located across the street from where I live.
    John W. was helpful and said he would notify me when it returned to stock. I called the corporate Phone 1 800 242 1227.
    Thank you, Publix, for having people like this on your staff. Captain Joseph L. Naselli

  • I have been shopping at the Publix, Island Walk Shopping Center, Palm Coast, FL for 25 years. What has happened to the Customer Service at this store. Especially the pharmacy. It should not take three to four days to get a prescription refilled. This has become the norm. Yesterday I was there waiting for a prescription for my husband who had just had surgery and was waiting in my car. I told them I wanted to wait. I have never been treated so shabbily. This was pain medication. There were five people behind the prescription counter. All they did was stare at computer screens. I waited for more than 30 minutes before they finally bothered to get the pills and put them in a bottle. This is a recurring problem with this pharmacy. Every time I call in prescriptions to be refilled I wait three or four days and finally I call. Immediately after I call I get a recorded message telling me my prescription is ready. What a joke. What has happened to Publix.

  • I am very unhappy Publix spent money on stop the steal election lies will spend my 200.00 dollars a week with another grocery store.

  • I've for a number of years have shopped Publix through Instacart. You people make it clear you raise prices when shop online, from the already higher prices compared to other stores. So, I shop mostly BOGO to offset your greed. But, i've noticed more and more NON GOGO items being mixed in. Sad when you have to sink so low to 'trick' people to order more. Plus, I've also noticed each week there's more Buy two get one ETC plus, less and less BOGOs on top of that.

    You can do a survey as to how many don't shop Publix because of higher prices. Now your giving people more and more reasons to not shop at Publix, if this keeps on, I'll be one of them, you can count on it!
    God bless,
    Elvis Presley Jr

  • I really like your new commercial showing people with different lives around their respective tables. Beautiful.

  • I appreciate the good spirit of the workers in Pubix store#61, during these difficult times.. The cashier Denise made my shopping experience at 40 East, Ocala Fl.less scary. I am highlighting this because three days ago I had an unpleasant experience in another Pubix on Maricamp in Ocala.

  • Dear Sirs/Ladies,

    Per my doctor, I need to eat an avocado every day BUT… since 1997, when I moved to Florida, ALL the avocados which Publix supermarkets sell are Del Monte brand and ALL ARE BLACK INSIDE (PLEASE let me send you pictures of them — they look ok on the outside but the inside is always black !!) AND THEY HAVE BEEN LIKE THAT SINCE I GOT TO FLORIDA IN 1997!!!

    The Calavo brand of avocados are much healthier and much better raised.

    It takes 10 YEARS for an avocado tree to give fruit and while Calavo does things right, Del Monte does NOT buy them from good Mexican farms buy just buys them from the cheaper Mexican farms which can sell them cheaper because the farms know they have a defective produce and that it takes TEN YEARS to grow more avocado trees !!

    You, Publix, have been saying you are going to fix the problem for over 20 years and nothing has been done!!

    Thank you!!

    Cc: Publix Corporate Office. Store Number: 9997. 3300 Publix Corporate Pkwy Lakeland, FL 33811-3311. Main: (863) 688-1188.
    Cc: Wall Street Journal
    Cc: Tampa Tribune/Tampa Bay Times
    Cc: Miami Herald
    Cc: Key People Publix Super Markets Inc.

  • Dear Publix:
    I am very disappointed that you allowed David Hogg and his band of misfits to cause you to stop supporting an honorable gentleman, Adam Putnam, for Governor of Florida. I believe giving in to these ill informed teenagers shows a lack of courage and indicates that you do not stand by your principles. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars at Publix but I cannot spend another dime at your establishments due to your allowing these kids to determine who you support.

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