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Publix Corporate Office HQ 

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Publix Super Markets’ corporate office is located in Lakeland, Florida. This post provides details about Publix Super Markets, including their corporate address, contact information, and an overview of the company’s services and market standing.

Contacting Publix Super Markets Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Publix Super Markets Headquarters: An Overview

  • Publix Headquarters Address: 3300 Publix Corporate Parkway, Lakeland, FL 33811, USA
  • Publix HQ Mailing Address: PO Box 407 Lakeland, FL 33802-0407
  • Publix Super Markets HQ Phone Number: 1-863-688-1188
  • Publix Super Markets Main Office: 1-863-688-1188
  • Publix Super Markets Customer Care: 1-800-242-1227
  • Website: publix.com

Publix Corporate Office HQ

Maps and Directions To Publix Corporate Headquarters

Publix Super Markets’ Role in the Grocery Industry

Publix Super Markets is a leading grocery store chain offering a wide range of food and household products, including their own line of private-label items. Known for its clean stores, extensive product selection, and friendly customer service, Publix has built a strong reputation as a grocery retailer that prioritizes customer satisfaction and quality.

More About Publix Super Markets

Publix Super Markets is a notable player in the American grocery industry, founded in 1930 in Winter Haven, Florida. Publix corporate office headquarters is located in Lakeland, Florida, The company operates over 1,200 stores across the southeastern United States, including Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Publix First Store Vintage

Publix’s Competition

Publix faces competition from national chains like Walmart, Kroger, Winn-Dixie, and Whole Foods, as well as local supermarkets. 

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Sharing Your Experience with Publix Super Markets

We welcome your insights and experiences with Publix Super Markets’ services, product quality, and store atmosphere. Your feedback helps others gain a better understanding of the company’s operations and its commitment to providing a superior grocery shopping experience.

What is publix corporate office address?

Publix main corporate office is located at: 3300 Publix Corporate Parkway Lakeland, Florida 33811 USA

What is the corporate number for publix?

Publix’s corporate phone number is 1-863-688-1188

Publix Inappropriate Term

January 20, 2024

Inappropriate Term: Hearing Impaired!

The link, https://progressivegrocer.com/publix-pharmacy-offers-auxiliary-aids-services, stated “Publix can communicate with customers who are deaf, hearing impaired or speech impaired via hearing loop assistive listening equipment and telecommunication relay service.”

Please be advised that the term “hearing impaired” is unacceptable. Please use “hard of hearing” instead.

This term is no longer accepted by most in the community but was once preferred primarily because it was viewed as politically correct. For example, declaring oneself or another person deaf or blind was considered somewhat bold, rude, or impolite. At that time, it was thought better to use the word “impaired” along with “visually,” “hearing,” “mobility,” and so on. “Hearing-impaired” is a well-meaning term that is not accepted or used by many deaf and hard-of-hearing people.

The words “deaf” and “hard of hearing” are not negative for many people. Instead, the term “hearing-impaired” is viewed as unfavorable. The term focuses on what people can’t do. It establishes the standard as “hearing” and anything different as “impaired,” substandard, hindered, or damaged. It implies that something is not as it should be and should be fixed. To be fair, this is probably not what people intended to convey by the term “hearing impaired.”

Every individual is unique, but there is one thing we all have in common: we all want to be treated with respect. To the best of our unique abilities, we have families, friends, communities, and lives that are just as fulfilling as anyone else. We may be different, but we are not less.

What’s in a name? Plenty! Words and labels can have a profound effect on people. Show your respect for people by refusing to use outdated or offensive terms. When in doubt, ask the individual how they identify themselves.

We are Deaf, not people with impairments (obstacles) in life!

I hope you and your people respect by refusing to use the outdated and offensive term. Hearing loss is more acceptable for everyone who is not just deaf.

Louis Schwarz

Publix Job Interview Issue

April 30, 2024

Interview with Grove Park Manager John! I recently interviewed for a position at Grove Park . The manager there, John, actually yawned, I mean yawned through the entire interview. He did not apologize about it, not once. I needed a job and thought I wanted to be part of the experience at Publix. Now I am not so sure.

Cynthia Hubbard

Publix Pharmacy Vero Beach FL

January 24, 2024

This afternoon I contacted Publix pharmacy at 1255 US HWY 1, Vero Beach, Fl. 32960 and spoke to the pharmacist Chrissy Zeigoer regarding the price of a prescription for Paxlovid. Ms. Zeigoer was extremely helpful, she took some information over the phone and enrolled me in a program that provided the drug with NO Copay. The prescription cost went from over $1000 to nothing. Her concern for her patients and for the public image of Publix is admirable and I am very grateful.

Robert Edmonds

Publix Weekly Flyer

January 15, 2024

The weekly flyer frequently advertises things that are not available and there is no alternative. Publix has gone down. The quality service is not like it use to be. Some of the employees are rude and they need to think before they speak.

charlotte cuyler

Publix Untrained Customer Service Management!!!!!

December 6, 2023

Your customer service manager and assistant manager need to be retrained, they have a bad attitude and do not treat everyone the same

I do not buy my groceries there anymore because of your bad service I can buy my groceries else where and pay less and people are nicer

Publix is not the quality store it used to be!!!

Quinn Housley
Corporate Office Headquarters