Cox Corporate Office Headquarters

Cox Corporate Office Headquarters 
Cox Communications, Inc.
1400 Lake Hearn Dr.
Atlanta, GA 30319 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-404-843-5000
Customer Service Number: 1-404-843-5000 or call your local office.

  • I was a Cox customer for over 20 years. When I moved to a new location, I called to get Cox service. I was on the phone with a rep for about two hours trying to get connected to the internet. Since they couldn't get it working, I got frustrated and told them I was going with another internet service provider, which I did.
    Now they keep sending me bills for service that I never received from them. I have spent hours on the phone with various representatives trying to get them to understand that I have not received service from them at my current location. They have now turned me over to a collections agency. Unbelievable! All it's done is make me sure I never want to do business with Cox again.

  • Cox helped me upgrade my tv package via internet but hung up without activating my services! Now I have been chasing down someone to turn them on for two days and still no upgrade. However, my bill already reflects the upgraded tv service. Come on Cox! Flip the switch please! Soon everything will be pay and self service! Soon we will be asked to lay our own cables! Wow! Just WOW!

  • I have been with Cox for over 35 years and still have the same problems with getting my cable repaired. Since January 5 2021 have been having problems with low signal coming to house. Three different contractors techs have troubleshoot and found same problem, tap connection is bad and cable needs to be replaced. Call again tonight and customer service person could not find a pending work order ticket. Now they want to send another tech to verify same issue as the other three. Can't get any one to help in Ascension Parish, Louisiana. They won't give area manager phone number or escalade the ticket. I see why prices keep going up, no one has any commitment to do the job right the first time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am a subscriber to Cox owned newspaper, Dayton Daily News. Many delivery problems. Both yesterday and today I did not receive by paper. I called and was assured that they would deliver it that day. No delivery and no call. I hate people lying to me.

  • I know you like to advertise but how about lowering the volume down on your new tv adds. to much noise.
    42 years a cox customer.

  • Hello Adrian, Mike called from his area, this past Friday, Feb. 2, 2018, around 5:30pm, and told me he would set up appoint for trouble shooting my situation, and he set it up, that evening for Monday, Feb. 5, 2018, and that was WONDERFUL, however, with this awful ordeal of my robbery, it has put a toll on my health, and I am NOT able to deal with another stranger in my home, right now, and I know "MIKE" wanted to get this problem resolved ASAP, and I do appreciate his efforts on a grand scale, but I'm still trying to wrap my heart and mind of the horror I've been through…Please let MIKE know I truly appreciate his efforts, but I'm trying to fill out this police report of all the items that has been stolen from my home, and the list is longer than initially realized….I need more time for all that and I will contact you, Adrian, when I'm able to.. Also, I'm in the process of taking measures to secure my home from the break-ins, and my alarm system. It takes time, for me, to figure all this out…Truly a hardship for me..Much appreciated, thank you. I'll be in touch….By the way, I did call and cancelled the appt. Sunday with a Cox employee in Chicago..Did not want anyone wasting their time and gas…thanks again

  • To Whom It May Concern:

    In as much as good customer service is rewarded, bad customer service from a company needs to be made known to the public. The company in question is Cox Communications in Arizona. I am taking this opportunity to complain about my experience in hopes other Cox customers can beware and take precautions that this will not happen to them. Hopefully, Cox can use both positive and negative real-life customer service stories to train their employees, but I don’t see that as ever happening because Cox has the attitude that they hold the market at bay and no one has anywhere else to go. This is a false assumption on Cox’s part.
    I had been a customer of Cox for over two years from September 11, 2015 until December 2017, and had nothing but one adverse situation after another. These adverse situations were the reason that prompted me to end Cox as my provider for the internet and phone service.
    First of all, it took two years for Cox to bury a 50-foot cable which lay across my lawn that Cox placed for a connection. Repeated calls by me resulted in no service only promises. When I had enough, I finally stated that what I needed to do was terminate my service with Cox. Then and only then did it get fixed. The cable was buried as it should have been from the very first. My other provider did notice that Cox broke the line and removed the filter from its connection box which had to be replaced when my new provider took over.
    Secondly, Cox kept raising the price of my phone and internet every month with no improved service of any kind. I then dropped my phone service and went with another provider that was cheaper and better. In retaliation, Cox then increased my internet service $10.00 more a month. I complained and was given a “token promotional” deal. The deal was only $5.00 off my monthly bill for Cox loyalty and Cox would not lock in my rate. I was told by Cox customer service that other customers are given deals and others not and that is up to Cox to decide. Sounds like discrimination to me.
    Lastly, when my service was terminated Cox kept billing me over and over because of some issue at hand. Repeated calls to customer service only resulted in numerous conclusions as to why the issues that have resulted in my case. I even faxed paperwork to Cox, but never a resolve to the issue only another bill. I went to a Cox Solutions store at 6070 W. Bell Rd., Glendale Arizona on January 26, 2018. While waiting for a supervisor (Amanda) to help me because this needed to be elevated to this level, four customers came in to terminate their service with Cox. Amanda intentionally delayed in helping us. Four Cox employees were standing around just chatting and having a good time. As witnessed, one woman was treated to the frustration level no one should have had to go through. She could not get waited on to terminate her service with Cox. Finally, she did and left but remained outside because she witnessed the treatment we were receiving. We told her there are alternatives to Cox which she was grateful in knowing.
    As I was complaining about the treatment I got from Cox, “Amanda” would not tend to my issue in a professional manner which resulted in me arguing back with her. We then left, and the previous woman was outside and she was appalled at the treatment she and us received. We then went to another Cox Solution store and was treated more decent, but left with hard feelings about Cox and its customer service treatment.
    We cannot ever endorse Cox as an internet/phone provider. Previously, in going with Cox we were about its treatment of customers, but thought we would give it a chance. Now, we know. I can only hope that Cox will meet up with its come-uppance and realize how customers are being treated.
    A dissatisfied former Cox customer forever,

  • I recently spoke to Britney at Cox about my bill. She was so courteous and professional. Its refreshing to call a company and have someone such as Britney answer all my questions in a police professional manner. I just wanted to take a minute to let someone in your organization know what an outstanding employee Britney employee is!

  • The worst customer service from your New York office. Tried to explain a mix up Cox made with my service and the Customer service Rep. HUNG UP ON ME TWICE…. This is after being patiently transferred within the companies phone bank 5 times.

  • I called Cox concerned about the ever-increasing cost of my service with the intention to cancel my service. Erica (emp#18792) actually worked with me to resolve my concerns. This was the 3rd call I made and had already ordered ATT services at a substantial savings for 2 years ($90 year one and $129 Year 2). This included no rental of equipment with a 2-year agreement which I obtained in writing and read all small print. I indicated to Erica I had no problem changing services every 2 years if necessary. We did manage to lower my bill to a level I accepted yet not near what is offered to new customers.
    While she saved me as a customer at this time I cannot guarantee this will be the case next time as I will not attempt to lower my bill involving 3 lengthy conversations with people who are only capable for of reading from a policy manual written by people who could care less about saving customers.
    I commend Erica for her persistence and vibrant personality as both were considered continuing the service at a higher cost to me. She should be commended for her dedication to COX in retaining customers.

  • Can you PLEASE STOP mailing upgrades. I received over 20 in the last 14 months. So much paper junk. If I wish to do so, I'll contact my local Cox.

  • I have been with Cox since August 2015. It is now the end of March 2016, and they still have not fixed my internet. I had better internet in a rural part of Arkansas with only a 5 mbps package and cox has forced me now to upgrade TWICE and I am now on the 50 mbps package and my internet is still complete crap. My fiance and I just use our computers to play video games on and netflix, and when we first started, we had the lowest $30 package plan and they said it was fine. Then they forced me to upgrade to the 15 mbps plan because they said that "other people in my apartment complex were pulling internet from me"……. then, here almost a year later, they force me once again to upgrade to a whopping 50 mbps plan because, my problem is not solved, even though numerous technicians that have came out here have told me the internet lines were never installed correctly for this apartment complex. O and I literally only have 6 people in this apartment complex, myself included, cause it's only a 10 unit apartment complex, so I don't see how in the world 5 people are pulling my "internet speeds" from me. I have contacted corporate offices in washington, in the state and city which I live in, online from numbers, no one wants to help me. All they do is keep sending me out NEW equipment or force me to upgrade. Our apartment manager signed a contract with them so she cant go somewhere else or get out of it. I hate them as a company, worst company I've EVER been with. Wish I could just go back to my old location where Cox didn't even exist so I wouldnt have to deal with their crappy money scamming asses anymore.

  • Cox Cable like to dick customers around. Changing dates, prices, plans. I have had Cox for over 23 years got rid of the TV for about 3 years. Went back in August to all and every month my bill is different and my service plan was taken off. I just want to get rid of them the prices are out of control. I am sick of paying $195 to$224 a month depending on what they feel like charging me that month. over over being f***** every month. Why do you do this to people?? You are not the only service provided in our area. Your company should have better service and stop ripping customers off.

  • Cox sucks more than any company I have ever had to deal with I cut my home phone off and all of my TV and my dam bile went up.How in the hell is that possible And now when I try to call them they say they are not open.What kind of A company would do that to people.Every one that reads this needs to cut cox or this will be your nightmare.

  • We have been a cox customer for over 6 years and until now had no problems and would have been glad to refer them to anyone, until we downgraded the service to only having internet. We returned the equipment as required by cox, but the tech did nor register the internet/phone modem on the receipt so cox charges us for the equipment. We even went back to the place that it was returned and was informed that it was returned and put in the notes stating so, but conveniently cox seems to have overlooked this note or it was never really put in there and we were lied to.Now we have to pay for a modem that was returned. I will be reporting Cox to the BBB and will never ever recommend them to anyone. It is a shame that they will rip off a customer that has been with them for over 6 years with no problems until we have to cut back services and we get penalized for a technicians mistake and failure to do his job. It is a shame companies will do this to long time customers and not do something to resolve the issue, especially when it was one of their own employees that made the mistake.

  • On the 3rd of this month Cox took a double payment out of my checking account. I am on auto pay so I was not a month in arrears. Why they did this cannot be explained. When I checked my bank account and saw what they had done I called them on the 6th, a Monday. This is Monday the 20th and I still have not received a refund. I am 72 and on social security where every penny is budgeted, the $94.44 they have is my grocery money and I'm damn tired of eating peanut butter with no bread, no crackers, no milk to wash it down with. I've called every day for 2 weeks and am getting nowhere. Cox is quick to take your money illegally but they sure are quick giving it back. I'm seriously thinking of filing theft charges against them, wouldn't that be a hoot?

    • Suggestion to all future cox costumers contact their corporate offices and ask for customer escalation management, and see if they can help you. If not try to take it a little higher to the COO and then to the CFO. If that doesn't work file a complaint with the BBB and then tell cox you are canceling you subscription. Cox Corporate number 404 843 5000. I recommend going to the top person of a company as in my experience something has always gotten done. Good Luck.

  • I am not even sure how to start this, my boyfrend has been handling the problem I told him I do not want to deal with it because it is too stressful for me to deal with it due to my PTSD and not being able to handle stressful problems.
    Yesterday while cleaning my house I noticed a guy in a cox truck staring. into my house from his truck. After taking out the trash, and putting stuff out on my patio this man got out of his car and came to the door. He asked for the modem that he or someone left. I told him that my boyfriend went into the office because our internet that we pay 100 a month for isn't working again, that he needs to come back after 600 because my boyfriend doesn't get off until six and home until 620. This man went back into his truck in front of my house and watching me once again, CREEPY SCARY STALKER! I had asked him to leave he didn't.
    I called my boyfriend who once again left early from work to due with this guy. Now I have locked myself in my own damn house with your WORKER out in his car watching me and everything I do. After spending 20 minutes this guy finally calls my boyfriend and lets him know that he is waiting for him to get home. My boyfriend tells this cox worker that we will return the modem tonight at the store and that he needs to leave the property. This guy leaves, but to were we cannot see him.
    We get in the car, and turn the corner and THERE HE IS STILL HERE, AFTER WE TOLD HIM TO LEAVE! When we call the CUSTOMER SEVICE DEPARTMENT, we there told to call the police and they would send a EMAIL TO THE TEC department to let a manager know.
    Now I do not feel safe in my house, I do not want to be home, I am looking to see if he still out there watching me. I have pictures of this guy in his truck with his lic and truck id #
    This is horrible, I cannot believe cox runs a company that! My boyfriend is trying to calm me down, and we are still waiting the 48 hours for a manager to call us to deal with this. THIS ISN'T RIGHT COX!

  • Cox just made me sell my house, leave my job, lose my insurance and relocate to a different state just to tell me almost two weeks after I started that there was a technical discrepancy with one of my documents I provided that wasn't even a requirement for my job. The fired me and when I asked for a copy of the termination notice to start my lawsuit the director of HR lied and said that I had resigned. Can someone say shady!!!!!!

  • Cox claims i didn't pay my bills for the last 2 months even though i have proof fr my bank the payments were already deducted fr my account, they are saying the payments were credited to a different account, according to Sofia, fr billing, really?

  • Cox is such a ripoff. they dictate what channels they put on each package and then force you to upgrade to get normal channels. SHAME on you greedy cox.

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