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Cox Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Cox Corporate Office Headquarters 

Cox Communications, Inc.
1400 Lake Hearn Dr.
Atlanta, GA 30319 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-404-843-5000


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  1. I am very disappointed in Cox cable. I'm even more dissatisfied that I have no other choices in my area. I thought monopolies were illegal. If not, why did the FCC make the Bell systems divest in the 80's? It's despicable that a customer cannot reach an escalation department outside of the junior customer service reps that have employed. Most recently Cox deducted my auto-pay twice. When I contacted them I was told that they couldn't even research the "dispute" until 6-days had passed. What kind of service is that? I authorized monthly payments, not double payments. Clearly there was an issue on the auto-pay system that has likely impacted more than just me. I am so disgusted that I have no other choice for a provider. I work from home and have to have reliable internet service. If there were any other options I would have left long ago.

  2. I am just wondering if anyone else is having this problem. For the last 6 months I have received an email saying that my bill is ready for me to pay. On that email there is a place where I can toggle to sign into my account. When I use it to make a payment the system will not let me sign into my account with my valid User ID and Password. It says there in a problem and try back later. However, after a week of trying back it still will not work. Each month I have called in on a live agent chat or on the phone. I have told the person I am talking to about the problem. Each month they give me a new password which works for that month. However, the very next month it does not work and I have to go through the whole process again. This is idiotic. No other website has this problem. Amazon, Ebay, Home Depot, Walmart, etc. I have no problem with. Only Cox. I am fed up with this no service. It seems to me not to be too much to ask that someone contact their technical department, explain the problem and fix it.

  3. Prior comment was changed, here is what I had typed, the change is now in CAPS. I typed NOW, not NOT

    Cox just blocked my VoIP phone service, so now I cannot call my local 911. I have no cell phone, and depend on a compeditor of yours which is not allowed. We traced the lack of signal to Port #5060, which is NOW blocked for my use. Cox treats people without phones as if they do not exist. Your Chat is all I have and I have yet to get the transcripts of the last 4 times I requested them using your "Chat" Scheduling initial connection resulted in the times open to suddenly gone. again and again, he found an open block ans when given to me, it gets taken away. I only have email, no call phone. I get a bill and there is no Customer Service Email address to contact. Hi Brian, Your Cox bill is now available to view online. Here's a quick overview of your bill as of March 14, 2023. Services: Home Total Due: $49.99 Due Date: March 29, 2023 Account Number: 504102 Service Address: -9735 Cox demanded a deposit of $50, which has been paid. For What? I have no way to find out as your chat has caused me weeks of time now. WHY DOES COX NOT HAVE CUSTOMER SERVICE ACCESS TO EMAIL? I NEED TO EMAIL THEM AS I HAVE NO PHONE SERVICE ANYMORE. Please schedule connection, and / or, Stop blocking the port #5060 so I can call and regain access to 911.

  4. Though I appreciate your" one size does not fit all" mobile plan, how about the same for your cable. I have been a customers for over 20yrs. The cable is way over priced, I should not have to pay for 76 channels that are of no use to me, ie; 5 Spanish channels, multiple religious, news, shopping, children programs, African American networks, etc etc. If people could pick their channels and streamline them to there personal liking, they would not be leaving cable tv. But I guess a company worth billions doesn't really care us common folks.

  5. I live in Ocala Fl. Our area has Cox service for internet. My area has over 500 household’s in it. The service is constantly going down for several hours a day at least twice a week. My H away has try to conduct meetings via Internet and several times the Internet services failed and interrupted our meetings. There has been no relief for this problem in over a year. Cox offers no explanation as to why this is a constant problem. When I sign up for text message notifications regarding the problem, I get a response 6 to 7 hours after the situation has been rectified.

  6. Cox customer for over 30 years. Having freezing, distorted pictures, no internet over 4 months. Terrible service. I am looking into other options.

  7. Why is Cox such a bad service company? We have been with Cox for over 30 yrs only because there is no one else We have the same problems over and over. Our TV freezes up constantly They don’t show up, and when they do, they never resolve the situation No one is willing to help I live in Tulsa,OK and everyone hates Cox Please do something about your service We will be switching to AT&T along with all our neighborhood

  8. I was a Cox customer for over 20 years. When I moved to a new location, I called to get Cox service. I was on the phone with a rep for about two hours trying to get connected to the internet. Since they couldn't get it working, I got frustrated and told them I was going with another internet service provider, which I did.
    Now they keep sending me bills for service that I never received from them. I have spent hours on the phone with various representatives trying to get them to understand that I have not received service from them at my current location. They have now turned me over to a collections agency. Unbelievable! All it's done is make me sure I never want to do business with Cox again.

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