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  • Windstream Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Windstream Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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  1. My grandmother has called for repairs for several months now and all the techs can do is pull up and leave with out doing anything then say job is done they make unauthorized changes to her account refuse to correct problem noted by the tech faulty wire which can cause a house fire also the phone jack is on electrical polet code violation I personally have expressed my consern the employee states we threatened them by requesting the tech calls prior to coming out for their safety beware of dogs also make sure someone is at home I don't think that is asking to much as far as going to the wrong house and cousins a perrilozed prison out you best be glad I can forgive and have god in my life other wise a lawyer would be involved still considering that I have 2 years so Windstream may want to hold onto all phone CAll recording as it can be requested by a court hope Windstream can prove we threatened slander or defamation of character is a good fight in court all that has impact

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