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Rite Aid Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Rite Aid Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

30 Hunter Lane
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania 17011 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-717-761-2633

Fax Number: 1-717-975-3754

Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-748-3243

Website: Rite Aid

Rite Aid’s competitors and alternatives include Publix, Walmart, Target, CVS, Costco, Walgreens, and Kroger.

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  • Things need to change at the Rite Aid Store in the McKees Rocks Plaza store# 03527! I've been shopping at this location for many years and they have some employees that are great in almost every aspect, but they do have a few employees that needs to go like the store manager Lynn Deliman who has worked for them many years at this location,( maybe to long ) she believes and acts like she owns it! She doesn't have a nice personality or disposition when it comes to dealing with customers or employees, she doesn't care about who's around when she's talking to her employees it's very unprofessional and disturbing it almost seems like she's trying to belittle or embarrasse them on purpose! She treats most customers the same way she treats her employees and some even worse, she'll follow them through out the store making comments like they're trying to steal something,(customers love to be treated like shoplifters) and she's always trying to scare customers that she thinks is stealing by saying that her husband is the chief of the McKees Rocks Police Department??? Also Lynn only seems to hire white people who are friends and that's a big part of the problems nowadays, the newest employees are responsible for the declining standards of this Rite Aid store, there's 3 of them who can't stand on their feet for long periods, so they are always sitting in chairs,one of them is a new supervisor,one can't bend over to pickup anything she drops, and two cashier's that thinks it's okay to tell customers that they will ring them out when they finish sending texts or calls! I can't figure out how they are able to keep their jobs, unless it's true that they are friends of the person who hired them and covering up the complaints from customers! I've spoken with Lynn about what's going on there and all I got from her is a dirty look and she walked away, but I can tell you that I'm from one of the seniors living facilities in McKees Rocks and there's a big group of the seniors who are really considering taking our business to the CVS or Walgreens in Crafton Ingram Shopping Center if things don't change and I'm betting that Rite Aid has gotten other complaints on these issues lately,it seems like it's one of the biggest topics being discussed these days!!! One of the many disgusted and unsatisfied customers

  • I don't know how anonymous anything is anymore. I am sick and tired of the way Rite Aid advertises and hands out coupons. A sale should be a sale, not buy two in order to get a discount. The card isn't necessary if a phone number is in the system. It is very confusing to follow the ads and then get to the store because there is an item I want on sale, and then find out I need to buy two in order to get the sale price. And, coupons have a short life. It isn't always possible to get back to the store within a few days. We are thinking of changing stores but don't know what the advantage is yet as everyone seems to want you to sign up for a card. I am dissatisfied with the overall way Rite Aid deals with Plenti Points, cards and sale merchandise. Do away with all that crap and just lower the prices…..

  • I need to inform you of an employee at the Los Gatos, CA Rite Aid who trying to destroy and defame the reputation of one of her fellow associates. Debbie has gone out of her way to belittle a younger male associate. She has even gone so far as taken his picture (without his permisison) and gone to other employers to tell them that they should not hire him. This young man wants to leave the store and is trying to find another job. Eventally, Debbie wants him gone as well, but how can he leave if she is taking such measures? What she is doing is totally illegal and immoral. There are at least 50 of my friends who have witnessed this behavior and some of the other associates join in with her (we think it is to go along so that she does not treat them this way as well). Because of this awful behavior, which many of us have told her to stop (and were laughed at), we are no longer going to this store. I do not understand how her manager can let her get away with this!!! I know that the District Manager had a meeting with the employees at this store and told them that they were to stop bullying the young male employee. Well, that behavior has not stopped. This is a total hostile work environment and this harrassment has to end!! This woman is near retirement which I think should happen NOW!

  • DID YOU KNOW, YOU CAN STEAL ALCOHOL (ESPECIALLY MINORS) FROM THE RITE AID STORE IN MT. SHASTA, CA AND ACCORDING TO THE MANAGER, THEIR IS NOTHING HE CAN DO ABOUT IT. THE RITE AID STORE IN MT. SHASTA, CA HAS HAD OVER $1.3 million dollars in theft, but according to the manager, John, there is nothing that can be done about it. Rite aid Corporate, if a under age person dies from drinking and the alcohol is linked back to your store, you might as well close your doors.

  • DID YOU KNOW….If you go to the Rite Aid store in Mt. Shasta, CA they are willing to sell you dead flowers and plants, rather than offer a discount to revive dying plants. The manager informed me to, May 10, 2016 that they don't take care of their flowers and plants because the he sends them back to the company "Color Spot" and gets a full refund. He was happy to share that news. SAD

  • March 1, 2016

    The staff at the 892-988 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11226 pharmacy are combative, unfriendly and unprofessional. I would never go back.

  • At the Hollister, California store you recently completed a refurbishing of the store, new layout of merchandise, more selection and lots more. This done of course to increase sales. The problem is you did not change the customer service at the checkout counter. It is still slow and only one check out open. So the bottleneck continues and this prohibits your operation from increasing sales. Today is 12/7, Christmas shopping in full swing and you still have only one check stand open and the long line continues.

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