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ATT Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Headquarters – Phone Number – Complaints 

AT&T’s Corporate Office is located in Texas, USA. More information to reach out to AT&T is listed below, including their address, phone numbers, and websites. Also, customer reviews and complaints.

How to Contact ATT Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

AT&T Corporate Office Address:

AT&T Headquarters and Home Office:
208 S. Akard St. Dallas, Texas 75202 USA

ATT Corporate Office Phone Numbers and Contact Information:

ATT Corporate Phone Number: 210-821-4105
Fax Number: n/a
Email: n/a
Corporate Stock Symbol: T
Website: AT&T.com

AT&T Company Bio

The corporate headquarters of ATT (AT&T) is in Dallas, Texas and it is a widely known purveyor of telecommunications services, such as wireless and internet services, along with television and home phone services. They have a large variety of options available to meet the requirements of both individuals and companies.

AT&T is one of the biggest telecom giants in America, furnishing services to an extensive number of patrons all over the nation. Their principal rivals include Verizon, T-Mobile, and Comcast. AT&T provides a range of offerings such as cellular and web access, TV and landline communication, along with home security and automation through their subsidiary business AT&T Digital Life.

For assistance, AT&T holders may contact 800-331-0500 or utilize the company’s online customer support system and problem-solving tools available on its website.

ATT Corporate Office

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Attn. AT&T Home Office - Outages with AT&T Fiber in our neighborhood

Rated 1 out of 5
August 29, 2023

Ever since our neighborhood got AT&T Fiber, which is the only internet provider we have, we have had periodic outages that affect not having internet or t.v. that can last days. Residents that switched wish they never had as those who haven’t switched, have no issues. So aggravating and frustrating. Wish I could switch back.

Janet Herrera

Attn. ATT Headquarters - Switched from TMobile to AT&T and you bait and switched me

Rated 1 out of 5
August 24, 2023

I switched to ATT Wireless from TMobile because I was in need of an iPhone for my business. I have an Android and wanted to keep that phone as well and Tmobile at the time wasn’t able to accommodate that. I made the switch from a local Kroger store promotion. I was going out of town in March 2023 for 2 weeks and was hoping my phone would arrive before I left. That didn’t happen I called FedEx and ATT they gave me the run around telling to call each other to find out what happened. When I returned from out of town at the beginning of April 2023 I was told the phone was stolen. I would need to start the process all over again. I had already paid the initial payment to start the service and a bill amount that was taken out 10 days after I signed up and didn’t have any phone or service with ATT yet. Then I paid again to have the service started again with them saying oh you should receive a refund but no refund was given. The 2nd service that was started I received the phones and it has been a nightmare ever since. My phone has been turned off every month because I thought I was paying the bill but I was paying the old bill and they were charging me for the stolen phones and the new phones. I called on the phone for 8 hours with still no resolve for them to tell me I really have no options at this point but to pay the bill that they set up for me with no promotions or discounts that I was told I would get for switching. I’ve had the same mobile number for 25 years or more and an 800 credit score that is now in jeopardy because I may switch to ATT. I’m currently on hold right now waiting to speak with someone and it has been 43 min and I haven’t spoken with anyone yet. I don’t have this type of time to sit to try to resolve this issue and no one really knows what they are doing. It’s very frustrating to be in this position. Can I get some HELP with this issue? I have to work and use my phone daily to take pictures for my job. I need to get this resolved. I have 3 bills with ATT 2 wireless bills and 1 internet bill. On the internet, I upgraded my service back on 12/22 and gave the old gateway to the rep that came and was charged $160 for not returning it and never received a refund. They called me and I told them that it was returned with the service tech that came out to give me the new one. This ROBBERY and I feel that TRICKED and no one there can HELP. I get switched from department to department with that’s not what we do I need to transfer you to someone else. I’ve wasted over $1000 and haven’t received a refund. All the reps know how to do is to give a credit and then the issue is not resolved. WHO CAN FIX THIS FOR ME???????????? Still on the phone waiting it’s been 52 minutes and still haven’t spoken with anyone. The current time is 8:52 a.m. and I started the call at 8:00 am on 8/24/23.

Philana Johnson

Disappointing Issue Regarding The AT&T Protection Plan

Rated 1 out of 5
August 6, 2023

I’m writing this review simply because I felt compelled to do so. I’ve been a long time AT&T LOYAL CUSTOMER for quite some time now even before this current active account I’ve had past accounts with at&t. I’d come to realize my family and I could always rely on AT&T for amazing customer service and quality products. What was most impressive was how AT&T handled their customers during the PANDEMIC. AT&T went the extra mile and pitched in to help each and every customer during this challenging time in our world and I was one of those who benefited most from your generosity.

It deeply disturbs me to write this type of review but maybe after reading this, you could help me come to an understanding of why this had to happen.

Initially, when we Activated this new account in 2018 we had discrepancies regarding the contract agreement described by the AT&T Branch agent but we overlooked the misinterpretation because we knew we were in good hands with AT&T.

Recently we experienced Another disappointing issue regarding The AT&T Protection Plan.

In 2018 the AT&T branch representative advised us to get this protection plan because there were 6 lines on the account.

I didn’t want this protection plan because my family and I are very careful about the care of electronic devices and the importance of maintaining functional devices but again we reluctantly agreed because we trusted AT&T would take care of us no matter what happens like they always do.

We paid $45.00 monthly for a total of 5 years That’s roughly $2700.00.

We never filed claims for any of the six devices during the 5 years with AT&T.

We feel totally betrayed.

In 2018 the AT&T agent representative advocated for us to accept this Protection Plan and stated that AT&T would stand behind this protection

and take care of anything that could happen to our mobile devices.

Never once did the representative mention any deductible fees we just paid the monthly bill for 5 years trusting in AT&T no questions asked.

What makes this more upsetting is that AT&T knew our devices were outside the warranty period but didn’t notify us with options to Opt-out.

Just continued receiving the monthly fee

It feels absolutely strange that the AT&T representative at first would advocate getting the protection and pushing the necessity to protect all the devices

and now recently speaking with three different at&t representatives taking the position that “AT&T has nothing to do with the protection plan of any of your devices”.

Something about Paying $2700.00 and being charged a deductible doesn’t feel right.

The separation between AT&T and Asurion was never explained to us Until recently when I tried to place a claim with AT&T and was told at&t

has nothing to do with my claim and my damaged device (S9+). I was told to contact Asurion for assistance with my swollen battery and to my most upsetting surprise I was hit with a deductible fee.

Why did I pay $2700.00 why did they continue to receive the monthly fee outside the device warranty?

I simply wanted a replacement battery for my S9+ but my 2700.00 wasn’t enough.

I can’t imagine AT&T would allow this company (Asurion) to charge their customers a deductible after paying $2700.00 in fees for an $80.00 BATTERY


Marie Aquino

AT&T Theft and Extortion - Unacceptable!

Rated 1 out of 5
August 9, 2023

I have been a loyal customer for many years. In November 2021 I purchased a phone outright and have been using it without issue since. This weekend I attempted to switch carriers and after my number was ported to the new carrier, I was told that the device was locked by AT&T. I am told that due to their policy, I must reactivate my account and use it for six months before requesting to have my property unlocked for me to use again. My phone has basically been stolen and I’m being extorted for another six months? Unacceptable!


Fraud Alert - still being billed for U-Verse in addition to DirectTV

Rated 1 out of 5
August 17, 2023

I had U-Verse services with AT&T for several years. I was sold a contract for DirectTV by AT&T representatives in 2021 with the understanding that my U-Verse would be cancelled and my television viewing choices would be improved. Over time I realized that I was still being billed for U-Verse in addition to DirectTV. For one year I was double billed by AT&T. I complained to a Home Expert that was sent to my home. He stated he could not find any record of the DirectTV account. A second Home Expert later had no trouble finding the DirectTV account by searching by my address. I asked him to request a refund for the U-Verse for which I was charged but did not receive. Both representatives have ignored my requests. They now say the period for a refund has expired. When I discovered I was being double billed I cancelled Direct TV and they charged me with a $180 cancellation fee. This is fraud. I feel I have been exploited as a senior citizen and as a consumer. I paid an extra $77 per month plus $180 cancellation fee and now AT&T is getting away with it.

Kathy Thompson
Corporate Office Headquarters