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Reach Popeyes Corporate Office 

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Popeyes Corporate Office is located in Atlanta Georgia. More information for the corporate office for Popeyes, including their address, phone number, customer reviews, and more.

How to Contact Popeyes Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Popeyes Corporate Address and Head Office:

250 Williams St NW Atlanta, GA 30303 USA

Popeyes Corporate Phone Numbers:

Popeyes Corporate Phone Number: 1-813-718-3267

Fax Number: n/a

Customer Service Number: 1-813-718-3267

Website: Popeyes

Popeyes Chicken’s competition includes Chic-Fil-A, PDQ, Zaxbys, KFC, Bojangles, Raising Canes, Church’s Chicken, Burger King, Wendy’s, and McDonalds.

Popeyes Corporate Office HQ

Map and Directions to Popeyes Headquarters


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Feedback and Reviews:

We encourage readers to dive into the comments below. If you have complaints or commendations regarding Popeyes, your feedback is invaluable. By sharing your experiences or reading the reviews of others, you contribute to a more well-rounded understanding of the brand.

Popeyes Did Not Redeem My Points

January 13, 2024

Popeyes did not accept my bar code on my points to redeem. I went to my apps on my phone to redeem my points on my Popeyes as I was putting on my order to redeem my points I was instructed to redeem and show it the counter. As I was ordering The cashier said that they don’t have a scanner to read my bar code. Just let you that this store doesn’t accept :

Store # 113776

273 Route South

East Brunswick, NJ 08816

Order Number: 99

Date: 01/13/24

Time:1:59 PM

Useless to get this App without honoring earned points….

Vic Santos

Popeyes Gift Card Issues

December 6, 2023

Because of bad service & receiving chicken that wasn’t chicken but instead it was deep fried batter, I contacted the corporate office. In return, I received 2 $20 gift cards. The bad service I received was at the Brainerd Road location in Chattanooga, TN which they have since closed. I tried to use my cards at the new location on Gunbarrel Road in Chattanooga which is supposed to be the replacement for the Brainerd Road store. However, after a much longer wait than expected, I was told by 4 different people at the Gunbarrel location that my gift cards were not valid at this store nor were they valid at any store. The manager said she had NEVER SEEN A POPEYE’s CHICKEN GIFT CARD and suspected THIS WAS FRAUD!! Now, not only have I been ripped off from the Brainerd Road store that is now closed but I have been ripped off by the CORPORATION!! Well played Popeye’s…..well played. No further

business is to be expected from my family. HAPPY HOLIDAYS

Neita Christian

Popeyes Hot Springs Arkansas Bad Environment

January 23, 2024

Improve the building!

The people there today were amazing and friendly.

The problem is…

The roof leaks all over the place. Trash cans and buckets are everywhere! Even behind the line, it is dripping. The workers are getting drenched and I wonder if I’m eating dirty, nasty, rodent-infested poop water was in my food…

These poor people who make you a living are working in a bad environment.

Please fix the problem.

Hot Springs, Arkansas.

South Central location


Popeyes Customer Complaint

January 18, 2024

Ridiculous! I received a thigh instead of a breast and that is all I ordered!

only ordered a breast received a thigh,..drove home 30 mnutes away before I found out,..I hate dark meat,..none of the complaint numbers work,..I will not go again

bridgett phillips

Popeyes Kennewick WA

January 16, 2024

Rude manager! I Went to Popeyes in Kennewick, Washington on 12/27/23. Wanted spicy chicken at 4:30 pm. Was told that they were out. I said,” You’re out of chicken?” Manager said that they had chicken, I said that I wanted spicy chicken and she proceeded to tell me to “KISS HIS A… If I had been alone your manager would have been hospitalized. I am a decorated Army Ranger and do not play games. I placed an email that same day but have heard nothing back from it therefore I am contacting you this way. Thank you

Richard Berryan
Corporate Office Headquarters