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Reach Bojangles Corporate Office 

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Bojangles’ Restaurants, Inc. (Bojangles’ Famous Chicken & Biscuits) – Bojangles Opco, LLC.

How to Contact Bojangles Corporate Office Headquarters HQ:

Bojangles is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Their contact information is listed below.

Corporate Office for Bojangles Headquarters Address and Websites:

9432 Southern Pines Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28273 USA
Email Help & Chat: Bojangles Contact Page
Bojangles Corporate Headquarters Phone Number: 1-704-527-2675
Fax Number: 1-704-523-6803
Bojangles Customer Support: 1-800-366-9921

Bojangles Company Profile and Bio:

Bojangles specializes in fried chicken, chicken biscuits, and chicken sandwiches. Their largest competitors are Chic-Fil-A, Popeyes, and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Bojangles Corporate Office HQ

Map and Directions To Bojangles Main Office


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Where is the corporate office for bojangles?

Bojangles corporate office is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Their home office address is 9432 Southern Pines Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28273

What is Bojangles Phone Number?

The phone number for Bojangles is 1-704-527-2675

Bojangles Biscuits Statesville NC

April 18, 2024

What has happened to the biscuits! I sure do miss the fluffy Bojangles biscuits. This crumble has become the norm the last couple of months. I frequent Bojangles all over Statesville two to three times a week for breakfast .This biscuit came from 107 Beechnut Lane Statesville, NC. I bought 6 and they were all like this. Over all this location has the best service and cleanliness in Statesville. Wont go to east broad any more. Service is terrible and never know when door will be locked or not. The best biscuits IN the area are in Mooresville up on the hill. Yes I drive out of my way to go to Bojangles . I guess the point is… If they dont rise then baker needs to change something….assembler should not serve them for sure. Lack of Quality control or they don’t care .

R Best

Bojangles Customer Service

April 16, 2024

Are you proud of what you are serving? Picture speaks for itself!


Bojangles Main Office - The Shrimp Combo is a Rip off

November 17, 2023

I got the 1/4 pound shrimp combo, I got maybe a small handful of shrimp. I paid $17 for a large combo 1/4 pound of shrimp and it’s not even close to that!

Brooke Hughes

Bojangles Customer Service Issue

April 22, 2024

How does a chicken place run out chicken? Stopped Stratford Rd Bojangles around 2:50pm We order a number 13. 3 piece 2 thighs 1 drumstick the lady comes to the window says that there’s no more thighs. Not we are cooking some she said they were out of thighs. Looking in the drive the window looked like a bomb went off in the floor fries trash all over. Not going back to Bojangles any time soon. So big question how does a chicken place run out of chicken?

John York

Bojangles Bad Management

March 11, 2024

I didn’t get my money bad management! Well, I worked 5 weeks at Bojangles and didn’t get paid till 3 weeks in all later on down the line I only had got 4 weeks of pay and got fired for a false accusation then the manager who actually got me to work there named Chrissy no longer worked there.

Rakeem Martin
Corporate Office Headquarters