Bojangles Corporate Office Headquarters

Bojangles Corporate Office Headquarters

Bojangles’ Restaurants, Inc. (Bojangles’ Famous Chicken & Biscuits)


9432 Southern Pines Blvd.

Charlotte, NC 28273 USA

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Corporate Phone Number: 1-704-527-2675

Fax Number: 1-704-523-6803

Customer Support: 1-800-366-9921

Bojangles is a restaurant chain specializing in Southern-style cuisine, including Bojangles’ Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits. The company was founded in 1977. As of 2019, The Bojangles corporate office is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. The phone number for the Bojangles corporate office is 1-704-527-2675.

Bojangles specializes in chicken dishes such as fried chicken, chicken biscuits, and chicken sandwiches. Bojangles also offers other items such as breakfast sandwiches, wraps, salads, and sides. Breakfast is served all day at Bojangles. Bojangles locations are mostly found in the southeastern United States, with the highest concentration of Bojangles restaurants in North Carolina.


  • Visited the BoJangles in Clemmons, NC (Market Center) yesterday. Was approximately 1:30 pm. Lunch rush essentially over. In the drive thru 3 cars ahead of me, placed my order and when I asked for a medium diet soda I was informed that they had NO soda at all. Unbelievable! I then ordered unsweet tea. 10 minutes later I finally get to the window (regular pay window was closed) and 2-3 min later get to the pick up window. Employee takes my card, inserts into the machine and walks away for about a minute while it is beeping in the machine to be removed. Then after another 3 min or so my order was given to me. The tea was warm with 3 or 4 pieces of ice in it that were half melted. Obvious they gave me very warm tea, added ice and it melted as the tea had no taste and very little color to it. Now there were 7 people behind the window that I could count ( have no idea how many more) and very few people inside. My feeling is that management needs to be retrained so he can train his/her employees to manage time. Not sure I will return to this location, especially as there is another about 3 miles down the road.

  • My wife & I eat at your Greenville, SC store on Laurens Road. In the past, we have been very pleases with the quality of the food. In the mornings, we always ask for LITE biscuits. However, the last three or four times we have ordered food there, the biscuits have been almost burnt. One the Bo Rounds this morning was so burnt, I could not even bite into it. We hope you can resolve this as we would like to continue to eat at this restaurant. Regards, KS

  • Bojangles in Lebanon Tn is very dirty…. They over work there employs and don't give them a 30 minute break.. the Manager just takes it out of there hours for the day. Without the working knowing. So the store don't get a fine. I am not working there anymore. Not even putting my 2 weeks in. I'm just quitting. I really don't understand why anybody eats there….. Or works there. Not even worth it. Something must be done … I will be reporting them to Labor board. And to the health department.

  • We love your food, however the location in Cumming Ga. is closed every time we try to go, today again, we then drive all the way to Dawsonville Ga. store which is always open. This week we had snow, but none in Cumming and Dawsonville had much, yet were open. You might as well close the Cumming store, our last trip there for nada.

  • yall nasty as hell and the manager batina is so rude and nasty she doesn't wash her hands after touching her nose and talks to employees rudely. at lee road mechanicsville va. i came in and this lady named tykisa was on her phone and ignored me and laughed at me when i was trying to order I've dealt with this lady multiple times shes very rude. i'm going to take my business to kfc from now on i cant believe they are allowed to work there with terrible customer service. ive spoken to the manager multiple time and every time i talk to her she says to me you can get the hell out of my store.

  • There have been three times we have gone to the Bonjangles drive thru in Carthage, NC, and after waiting a long time in the car line were then informed they were OUT OF CHICKEN!! It is VERY FRUSTRATING to go to a place known for chicken and be told they are OUT of CHICKEN! Unless someone makes a change in the service there, I don't know how that franchise will stay in business.

  • I am very upset went to the Bojangles on s86 in piedmont at 9pm and went through the drive thru where I was told they was closed. And the website and the time on the door that shows when they are open and closed said that they close at 10 so when I was there at 9 and was told they was closed means they closed with an hour still left. And this is not the first time this has happened. Someone needs to look into why they keep closing the store early.

  • Hello, Called and left a message for a returned call from your customer service this morning in Charlotte, no response to date. This is Thomas Tire and Automotive in Archdale, we tried to place our order over the phone, like we always do, we were refused by your shift manager. As your shift manager stated, new rules by the district manager, no can do, only two orders at the drive thru. See, we had 11 orders. Needless to say, Biscuitville was happy to take our orders today and in the future. What's funny is the second excuse the shift manager gave me, not enough employees showed up today to work. I drove into your parking lot this morning at 8:47 am, seven empty employee cars were in the parking lot and closed to dine in customers. Oops, you folks need to work on your customer service, or copy Biscuitville business model. Best Regards Keith.

  • Don't call the manager, or corporate, when dealing with a dirty store or unhealthy practices behind the counter, just call the local health department. I the problems are real, forced closure and fines do more than a chat with the corporation.

  • Tried you new fish sandwich at the Columbus NC Bojangles. Fish was very good, but the server did not mention it came with cheese. Nobody in their right mind puts cheese on a fried fish sandwich, and for those of us who are of the right mind, you need to have the server ask about adding cheese. You contact form on your website is very user unfriendly, and when I finally got all the info in and the next step was to write my comment, all I got was a big blank page, that is why I am here.

  • I live in morganton NC. Everytime I go in to the bojangles by Lowes I see this one girl doing a bunch of cleaning the dining area while the other people are chatting or on their phones…. if I go in and she's not working there are 2 or 3 people cleaning the dining area. I think a manager should fix this. Very unfair…. especially when this girl looks like she works harder then the rest… not on her phone and not laying back and chilling like the rest of the workers.

  • My family went to the store on Donelson Pike in Nashville. It's great being that it's so close to the Nashville airport. The food was good, the place was clean and they weren't out of chicken.. Kinda slow service but worth the wait. I can eat that stuff every day.

  • I eat at Bojangles on the Roanoke Valley at least 3 to 5 times weekly. The food is excellent. I will not eat there again as long as Mr. Seymore ( the owner of franchise) keeps trying ti destroy the wildlife center n the valley. I am so sorry he is a repersentive of Bojangles

  • So when did Bojangles start selling non spicy chicken? no wonder they did not give it to you because they do not sell it … all there chicken is marinated in a cajun seasoning ( just one kind) SPICY!!!

  • Went to your restaurant in Lyman, SC on Oct. 14 at 11:30. It's 12:00 and I just got home with my one biscuit. It was so nasty in there to begin with, stood and waited 15 minutes for one biscuit and a tea. The girl handed me my cup with her hands by the lip of the cup. You should have seen the drink area. OMG! Gross. Will not go back again. The woman that was the manager did not say thank you either. She just looked at me. They were not prepared at 11:30 so I can only imagine at 12:00. Good luck to them. Leslie Bowles 864 641 8549

  • Disabled Vets Vehicles towed at the Bojangles on Bessemer Street, Greensboro, NC on 7 Oct 2017. Manager said car was towed because veteran bought meal and left and was not in Bojangles for entire time while car was parked there. The vehicles all displayed placards or Distinguishing License Plates and were parked in the space designated for handicapped parking. The Bojangles Manager was informed by the Disabled Veterans that according to North Carolina Code — General Statutes (e) 20-37-6. Parking privileges for handicapped drivers and passengers …" Any vehicle that is driven by or is transporting a person who is handicapped and that displays a distinguishing license plate, a removable windshield placard, or a temporary removable windshield placard may be parked for unlimited periods in parking zones restricted as to the length of time parking is permitted." Furthermore, the disabled veteran explained to the Store Manager that she was having excruciating leg and foot pain and was delaying in moving her vehicle because of the chronic pain. The veteran called for an ambulance due to the trauma and pain, her blood pressure was Stroke range 172/143 according to the medics. The veterans went later to Urgent Care at the VA Hospital and was treated for trauma and foot pain. The Bojangles is responsible for Infliction of Pain & Suffering, Emotional Distress and Pecuniary Losses of atleast $200 which was paid to get the car released from Caseys Towing in Greensboro, N.C. Veterans are regular Bojangles patrons and excpected better customer service and support of disabled veterans from Bojangles. This was in violation of General Statute 20-37-6 and it was Unpatriotic!!!!!!!

  • Just came from the Lithia Springs, GA Bojangles on Thornton Road…asked for a cup of coffee…the guy told me you don't serve coffee now….what does that mean? Bojangles no longer sells coffee?????

  • Bojangles is coming to Lebanon, Tennessee … What took you so long? … Please thoroughly train your employees … Bad employees will kill the start up and you may never recover.

  • Bojangles in Upper Marlboro, MD near South Osbourn and Route 301. Late this evening at 9:37, May 16, 2017, Cashier name not given, Check No. 447244. I don't know who this new employee is but she argues with the customers after they make orders, then after their voices get firm she starts stating that they are using profanity. I have been purchasing from this Bojangles since 1989. I have seen young ladies in my community work there. I have never had this problem before at this establishment. I also plan to document this with the better business bureau here in Maryland. I should not have to argue or have a debate with the order taker when I say I do not want a drink (I am diabetic and the only sugar free sodas that Bojangels carries is loaded with caffeine. I should not have to debate this with the order taker and then have a debate about the tone of my voice after I repeated told the orderer that I do not want a drink. Today, she once again insisted that I get a drink. After receiving the the soda, I asked her to throw it out. She decided that she wanted to debate me about that. Bojangles in Upper Marlboro, MD near South Osbourn and Route 301. Late this evening at 9:37, May 16, 2017, Cashier name not given, Check No. 447244. I don't know who this new employee is but she argues with the customers after they make orders, then after their voices get firm she starts stating that they are using profanity. I have been purchasing from this Bojangles since 1989. I have seen young ladies in my community work there. I have never had this problem before at this establishment. I also plan to document this with the better business bureau here in Maryland. I should not have to argue or have a debate with the order taker when I say I do not want a drink (I am diabetic and the only sugar free sodas that Bojangels carries is loaded with caffeine. I should not have to debate this with the order taker and then have a debate about the tone of my voice after I repeated told the orderer that I do not want a drink. Today, she once again insisted that I get a drink. After receiving the the soda, I asked her to throw it out. She decided that she wanted to debate me about that. Bojangles in Upper Marlboro, MD near South Osbourn and Route 301. Late this evening at I am now sick of going to this Bogangles. But my wife loves it; except for this unprofessional employee. I am now sick of going to this Bogangles. But my wife loves it; except for this unprofessional employee.

  • The Bojangles in Columbia, SC off of Killian Rd. has a problem with customer service. I pulled up to the window and sat there for 10mins. Once the girl responded ,she asked me to hold again. I waited for about another 10mins. Once I was able to order she stated, that I would have to wait another 6 mins for chicken. I said ok, I will wait, paid for my food and then she asked me to pull up. I waited for another 15mins. I finally got tired of waiting and started to walk to the door. A employee or a friend of an employee walked out of the restaurant and said they are closed. I said what? They have my money. I had to knock on the window for someone to let me in. A older lady open the door and said that they were closed. “I paid for my food and never received it. I finally got my money but I also emailed corporate and I have yet to receive a response back from the corporate office. I will never go back there again.

  • The Bojangles in Athens,GA on Lexington Rd. is so disgusting. My biscuit is always hard and luke warm, and the Cajun filet is always old and cold and the staff makes the place even worse because they all have some bad attitudes and don't want to provide great customer service, or do the job correctly. Every time I go to eat there; theirs somebody new; so the management has to be terrible and just awful if they have to continue to keep hiring different people; which must explains the reason of why the food is not being prepared properly. And the white young blonde headed female manager always look high and stoned all the time.

  • I purchased two meals from the Bojangles on Battleground in Greensboro, NC. When we got home we found the food was horrible. The chicken was not fresh at all and instead of Cajun beans I received Cajun juice and warm coleslaw. I immediately called the restaurant and asked for a manager. The manager said he would write my name in a book, my last name was not needed and no receipt was needed when I came back. I could just give them my name and get two meal replacements. We returned to the restaurant on Saturday afternoon but I had forgotten my receipt. I explained to the cashier my issue and she got the manager. The manager came out to talk AT me, disrespect me and embarrass me. He talked down to me in front of customers and his staff, he was short with me and treated me like I did something wrong. He even walked away from me as I was still talking to him. I learned my name was never written in any book and I needed a receipt. So, on Monday night I returned to the restaurant with my receipt and asked for my money back. The young man polite and respectful as he could be tried his best to change my impression. The manager could have learned something that day and I hope that corporate leadership will read my review. The subpar food was one issue but the manager is the biggest issue at this restaurant.

    • I understand your frustration and my apologies go out to you. Unfortunately, at some of our Bojangles Restaurants, here in Virginia, the manager is the biggest issue. You can go through the necessary chain of command, but in some cases, as long as that particular Manager is making money, for that particular Restaurant, a customer or employees words, don't matter, in most cases. The team will speak, on the Managers behalf, just to keep their job. I am a witness, to this. It's a blessing that not all Bojangles Manager's present themselves in a rude or disrespectful way. There are some great Manager's who work and worked for Bojangles Restaurant.

  • Purchased a fried turkey for thanksgiving and told to pick up by 11/23. Was told it would be cold and needed to be heated. When picked up today the frigging turkey was frozen with instructions to thaw in the fridge for 2-5 days and not to thaw at room temp. Why did the morons not advise me it would be frozen instead of cold when I asked if it was ready to eat when picked up? Poor customer service, last time I visit BJ, will return to patronizing Popeyes.

  • Why does Bojangles add items to their menus to create variety and bring in new patrons just to take it away leaving those people somewhat livid. I am referring to the Pork Chop biscuit and the Fish sandwich, in particular. You want my business, bring back these items. The fish sandwich was the best I've had to date.

  • Ref store # 0468 in Midlothian, Va. On Hull Street Road, don't waste your time stopping there. Why give your hard earned dollars for something that should be free. BBQ sauce and honey should be provided. At least 1 pack for each 2 pieces of chicken.

  • In a hurry, so I picked up a Family Pack of chicken. What is Bojangles thinking to expect customers to pay EXTRA for the sauces? My family does not put free ketchup on chicken. DONE WITH BOJANGLES. Period. I'll go where customers are treated as though they want us to come back. They need to learn the story about the GOLDEN EGG!

  • I have noticed every day this manager (David) works he parks his new GMC Red GMC SUV in the handicapped parking directly in front of the store facing the highway, at first we thought he was just visiting. But no it is there hours later and when he is working the entire shift we are in there all the time and a lot of customers have complained about his parking and don't think it is right most employees park facing the drive thru or in the outer parking spaces in front of the store facing the highway not beside the store.

  • I will never eat at Bojangles on 1100 East Bessemer again. The managers over there are ghetto and rude. The Store is nasty and my food is always cold when i go there to eat.

  • I live in Ashevile, Nc. I moved here 4yrs ago from Shelby, Nc I purchased meals from Bogangles at least twice a week because Bo is my favorite chicken place and they have this awesome Pallio Cherry drink. So I was so good with myself when I moved to Asheville, one block from the bogangles on Marrimon Avenue, that is until I walked in one day and ordered my Pallio Cherry Soda and they had no idea what I was talking about. I was so upset!!! I had to settle for a cola but my meal wasn't enjoyable without my favorite drink. Sooo, could you please, would you please, get my favorite drink here to go with my meals, at my favorite Chicken place.I will love you forever!!! Thank you for you comment page.

  • Bojangles #1003 Robersonville, NC……..When they first opened they were amazing but the last couple of years have really gone downhill. Every time you go in they are out of chicken. A chicken restaurant OUT OF CHICKEN!!!! EVERY.SINGL)E.TIME!!!!! Today I was told it would be 11 minutes as some was already down. Well, 25 minutes later I watched a box go out the drive thru window, they were ordering at the same time I was so understandable. Then I watched a man come in and order a box as well. TWENTY FIVE MINUTES AFTER I WAS TOLD 11 MINUTES. He ordered and walked right out the door with his order. I had to wait on another batch to come up. Over 30 minutes I waited for the 11 minutes to pass. Then I drive all the way home ticked off to find that they didn't even put my biscuits in the box. I was so ticked off that I didn't even think to open the box and check it. I mean I expect that across the road at McDonalds but SHEESH!!!! I am not the only one experiencing the same issues with this particular Bojangles. I have been told by numerous people that they always have to wait on chicken and always at the times you would think they'd be prepared.

  • I love Bojangles.
    I'm a lifelong ACC fan and Bojangles is a corporate sponsor.
    Yesterday, the ACC decided to enter the political arena and punish the citizens of the state of North Carolina by withdrawing sporting events from the state.
    I urge Bojangles to withdraw their sponsorship from the ACC. Corporations would be wise to not act as political advocates or they will suffer the consequences.

  • I will never eat at the Clemson road Bojangles across from Lowes. The extreme afro that was attached to the food prep individual was most unsanitary and contacting corporate headquarters did not make a difference. I took a pic but corporate said I could not send it to them. An indifference to concerns leads me to

  • I am an employee at Bojangles on 23rd street they be calling me slow retarded and everything I did not like that because that basically hurt my feelings and they biscuits do not be done and I don't like the way they be treated me and this is my first job ever they talk bad to me and the manager Barbara be the one saying it to me and she keep saying lil smart things about me to other employees…

  • My daughter is an employee of bojangles and they made a mistake with her paycheck. The human resources made a mistake and put someone else's paycheck into her account. Her manager told her that she needed to contact HR so she begins calling and leaving messages no one returned her call until days later. Finally when they decided to contact her back she was told the situation and told by HR that she could either write a check for the money that she was overpaid or not receive a paycheck until the balance was paid. This is a 16 year old child on her first job and this is how bojangles made her first work experience.She only gets so many hours because she's still a high school student and those are the two choices she gets because of a mistake made by someone in payroll/human resources.

  • Have you been in the bojangles in mt. pleasant. The workers seem friendly to the customers but there is one who I later learned that she was the owner was very nasty. She yells at her workers, tries to pit one worker against another and has tantrums ( she is the oldest worker there). All you need to do is just sit in the dinning room for a little while for a full movie. There is also roaches and fruit flies that frequent the dinning room. I wouldn't be surprise to find maggots in the kitchen in the drains. It is sad because you have money to own a restaurant you get to behave like a two year old. All of the workers are old enough to drive and come to work only to be treated horribly. I hope this is not the bojangles mission statement. It is a sad commentary.

  • I fell backward on a recently mopped wet floor at the Bojangles on Steel Creek on Memorial Day, May 30, 2016, at lunch time when taking my tray to the trash. I saw stars and was stunned after hitting my head and back. I laid there a couple of minutes and then was able to get up assisted by a young Asian man who was eating lunch in the store. I was able to go back to my table and get my purse; then this customer escorted me from the store. I was never approached by any of the Bojangles employees to offer assistance or determine if I was OK. The lady servicing the eating area did tell me not to worry about the mess, she would clean it it.
    After composing myself, I called back to the store about an hour later after composing myself and spoke to the manager, Gloria, about completing an incident report. She took my name and phone number and said she would follow up with the report and notify her management. There was no follow up with me that day so I called the Charlotte Corporate Office the next day. Two attempts to contact customer service resulted in nothing but long holds and elevator music. On the third attempt, the operator connected me to Sherry Neal in Operations. I left her a detailed voice mail and asked that she return my call. She has never contacted me. On Thursday, I called again and spoke to Amelia at Customer Service to tell her what happened and request a copy of the incident report. She was very nice and took a detailed report of my information. She told me she would follow up with management and someone would be in touch. That conversation was a week ago and I have still had no response from Bojangles in attempting to get a copy of the incident report of my fall. They have sent me a coupon for a free cheese biscuit.
    I will continue trying to get a response and a copy of the incident report. Bojangles employees need training on proper procedures in case of accidents and how to show concern for the health and safety of their customers.

  • I fell backward on a recently mopped wet floor at the Bojangles on Steel Creek on Memorial Day, May 30, 2016, at lunch time when taking my tray to the trash. I saw stars and was stunned after hitting my head and back. I laid there a couple of minutes and then was able to get up assisted by a young Asian man who was eating lunch in the store. I was able to go back to my table and get my purse; then this customer escorted me from the store. I was never approached by any of the Bojangles employees to offer assistance or determine if I was OK. The lady servicing the eating area did tell me not to worry about the mess, she would clean it it.
    After composing myself, I called back to the store about an hour later after composing myself and spoke to the manager, Gloria, about completing an incident report. She took my name and phone number and said she would follow up with the report and notify her management. There was no follow up with me that day so I called the Charlotte Corporate Office the next day. Two attempts to contact customer service resulted in nothing but long holds and elevator music. On the third attempt, the operator connected me to Sherry Neal in Operations. I left her a detailed voice mail and asked that she return my call. She has never contacted me. On Thursday, I called again and spoke to Amelia at Customer Service to tell her what happened and request a copy of the incident report. She was very nice and took a detailed report of my information. She told me she would follow up with management and someone would be in touch. That conversation was a week ago and I have still had no response from Bojangles in attempting to get a copy of the incident report of my fall. They have sent me a coupon for a free cheese biscuit.
    I will continue trying to get a response and a copy of the incident report. Bojangles employees need training on proper procedures in case of accidents and how to show concern for the health and safety of their customers.

  • I am completely disgusted and utterly distraught with the Bojangles experience that I had. I frequently go to the Bojangles store in Rome and it is a much better environment than this store I'm about to mention; I never knew there was a store on College Drive in Dalton GA until two weeks ago and the experience I had on a Saturday afternoon out with my family was unexplainable. We had stopped in on our way back to Calhoun GA. On this day the manager had gotten into a very inappropriate argument with an employee. I've never been in management myself but my husband and I were so distraught at the way the manager was speaking towards the employee that my husband told us we were never going to step foot into that "restaurant" again. Aside from the manager / employee blowout, the dining room where we were eating was unbelievably disgusting. None of the tables were wiped down or clean. I had to personally ask for a wet cloth myself, in which the young front line attendant simply rolled her eyes and said she'd do it. There were crumbs, napkins, silverware & trays everywhere. My personal star rating for this restaurant would be a no star rating. The customer service was down right disrespectfully rude. The behavior I was exposed to by a "Manager" or "UD" as the others called it when I asked was absolutely astonishing and unprofessional in any manner. My children 2 and 4 were with me so being a mother in this situation only made it worse. I called the corporate office to see if there was anything that could be done about the "manager" in reference. I prefer to keep my information private but my name. I feel that everyone needs to be aware of what had happened and what this store looks like everyday. It is down right dirty and doesn't have the right to be called a restaurant. I wont discuss the bathroom details I think I've said enough and judging by the dining room details I explained you could only imagine what the bathrooms were like.
    Bojangles On College Dr in Dalton GA is a no star rating for food, customer service, and cleanliness.

  • I know for a fact the bojangles in Waxhaw nc has slugs in there baseboard. Instead of calling in pest control they put black electrical tape over the hole. The manager Monica is very lazy. I've seen her outside smoking near her car on many occasions. When the restaurants busy she's outside in her car. She had the employees clean really well because the CEOO visiting.

  • My husband and I ate at a Bojangles recently and it was the worst experience ever. Nobody wears gloves…..All the food sits on this "hot bar" but when you get it, it certainly is not hot. The chicken was cold, they were out of spicy wings and offered a leg instead (No), did not offer to cook any fresh spicy chicken. The skin/crust of the chicken was so hard we just had to pull it off. The restaurant was not clean. The bathroom was not clean. The employees were not friendly as a matter of fact one of the "managers" stood on the phone talking to someone about somebody needing to be off (in front of customers although the fact that there was only 1 other couple sitting there should have tipped us off that this was gonna be bad) while she was boxing up a to go order….bad…bad…experience. If we had known there was a Popeyes just a few miles down the road we would have gone there.

  • I am very concerned with the management program your company offers which is nothing my son has not been there for a week and is being put down and hollered at in front of customers, how can a business put people in management if there's no formal training or respect for coworkers. The owners need to look at how there management is treating their employees. I personally would want to make it a great company for the public and not witness the appalling behavior of their management team.

  • I was in a Bojanlges in Southport Nc and the "I'm assuming manager since she had a different color shirt on) was very rude when I asked for a cup which came with my meal. I waited about 10 mintues for her to get off of her phone to ask and she said "Do I look like I want to get you cup" and walked the other way. Not saying she was the only rude on I got a bit sas myself but she then continued to play on her phone until I left all while her co workers were busting their butts. OUTRAGEOUS

  • I just have to say that I have read a lot of the comments and am really appalled by some of them. Either the food is bad or the service is bad. Well, if you want to go to a GREAT Bojangles with the BEST food and the BEST service, go to Crossville Tennessee. The employees are great! Friendly and polite….they make it a pleasant place to eat and even sit a while. And the food….hot and delicious! If by chance you get something that isn't up to Bojangles standards, they make it right without any hassle. I will most definitely go to Bojangles again and again and again. I recommend it to my friends and family too. My kids would rather eat at Bojangles than any other restaurant! The breakfast crew….Kayla, Ann, Cheyenne, Christine, and Pam are awesome! The dinner crew….Hannah, Natasha, Jared, Lindsey, and Chelsey are out of this world!

  • I get breakfast from the Bojangls in Cottondale, AL several times a week. I have complained about the drinks being handed to me thru the drive thru with drinks spilled all over the side of the cup and I NOW have to carry extra napkins so that I can wipe off my drink before placing in my cup holder. Well this morning I order my breakfast and I had 3 coupons for 3 free sausage bisquits. The lady told me I could only do one coupon. I explained to her that NO where did it say I could only redeem just one of my coupons and she states that it was store policy (this is not posted anywhere for the customer to see. I let it go and when I get to the window I told her I should have had a large mountain dew and my total should be $4.77 so I had to wait on my drink and she did not bother to give me my receipt with my order which would have been another coupon for a free bisquit if I had completed the survey. This store used to be wonderful, they were fast in the drive thru your order was always correct and the staff was friendly. It is apparently under new management or something because they are not that friendly and the CUSTOMER SERVICE is not there…

  • On September 12, I ran to Bojangles' at the Galleria location in Matthews, NC. There were two cars ahead of me at the drive through when I arrived. I had my window down and heard the waiter say to please wait and they would be right with them. This happened twice and 6 minutes later, she finally took the order. Car #2, same thing, and waited five minutes for the order to be taken. I looked inside to find no one in line and only person sitting in the dinning area using a computer. Finally, after eleven minutes, it was my turn to order. Same information was given to me to please wait and they would be right with me and sorry about the wait. Seven minutes later, she took my order and I proceeded to the pick up window. The same two cars were waiting in line to get their food which appeared to be for only one person due to the size of bags they finally picked up after about 15 minutes total. I then got to the pick up window and was told to pull out front to wait on the chicken tenders. Bear in mind I had already waited 15 minutes since ordering. I complained about the wait overall and they said the chicken would be ready in two minutes. I drove to the front to wait and waited another ten minutes and then got out of my car and went inside. No one was in line and now five cars in the drive-through. They asked me what was wrong and I told them the wait was well beyond reasonable. One person began filling my box with bare hands with French fries that I did not order. Another person said I did not order that so she picked out the fries and threw them back into the container, again with bare hands. I saw this same person at the drive through area putting her hands all over any and everything. The service is just not acceptable. I do not feel they are properly trained or they did not have supervision to get them to move the line, prepare the food properly etc. If I want a sit down, wait dinner, I will go where staff is there to wait on me and cook my meal accordingly. I do not expect to wait at a drive-through for longer than ten minutes, not 45. They just danced to the music and did not seem to know how to get things done. Why would someone have to wait to order when no one was in line and especially for so long. I should have left but I needed to be back home for an appt. Please indicate where you can address these issues specifically or have a sign posted that it may take up to 45 minutes to order and chicken Supremes.

  • Yea I just got a job at this place like 8days ago and I'm quiteing cause the way Charlie do ppl bad mangers I can find a better job were at lease they treat us with respect when charlie leave and the mangers in there now I'll maybe come bk but over my dead body if charlie and delon is still there Lincoln county lincolnton nc

  • Charlie manger and mangers of LINCOLN COUNTY LINCOLNTON NC there's a lot of bad business going on and Charlie don't know how to be a manger he's rude and gets mad at worker for no reason I'm quiteing tomorrow I'll come bad if Charlie is gone

  • Frank head of bojangles if I was you I'll fired. Charlie of Lincoln county nc or you just gonna had the same old trouble

  • I'll never work there or my friends and family while Charlie and delon aka Dee is there they don't help they just walk around alday and if Charlie don't like you or mad he'll.go on the computer and take hours away work for not good business there I rate it a 1charlie never have ppl days right he makes ppl days at the last min and when they don't know when to work he gets mad and try to fried you over his mess up I know. Over 58 ppl that will say Charlie of Lincoln county nc is a bad manger and have bad sorry no work or train mangers.

  • why are people getting free food?????

    Cordian Logan
    2 hrs ·
    I just love how I haven't worked at Bojangles in over a year and I still get free food. This supreme combo is everything right now����

    This is unacceptable. I know how fastfood works, why are they giving out free food Can I get free food then?!?!?

  • I visited store #831, in concord north carolina, this past week and just wanted to bring up the fact that the head manager is very obnoxious. She yelled at an employee right in front of my face when the employee must've did something or got an order wrong. The girl's face turned red and I felt very bad for her because she has to work with that. Also, it kind of made me uncomfortable that I was attending a restaurant where the manager has absolutely no respect for their employees.

  • I visit Bojangles almost every morning on my way to work in Wilmington, NC. I always get a coffee and biscuit. When I ask for creamer and sweetener I am always surprised at how many of each I get. This morning was the tip of the iceberg I had 7 creamers and 18 packs of SweetnLow. Come on guys, no wonder cost control is out the window.

  • I enjoy Bojangles' very much but lately the one on Owen Drive in Fayetteville, NC is suffering from rude staff and not wrapping food properly and serving biscuits that have completely fallen apart. I wish there was a way I could attached a picture for you to see what was served to me and probably other people as well.

  • Went to Bojangles, they were out of chicken, asked for a refund on my CC, was told they did not charge my CC, today I see they did, only after spending over an hour on phone calls did I finally hear from someone that will refund my money. Bojangles is a crap compay with crap employees and their customer service people look up to slugs.

  • My first visit to Bojangles in Smithfield, NC. Result – terrible customer service!!
    Had a large order – called ahead – it was not ready.
    45 biscuits.
    When we unloaded the order, three had to be thrown out as they weren't even wrapped. Being served to teachers as a special breakfast – no one will take an unwrapped item.
    Asked for jelly to go with, received a disgusted sigh before she threw some in a bag. Not even a thank you for a $65. order!
    Not impressed.

  • We are Ready for a Bojangles here in the Great SOUTH DAKOTA
    We are the home of THE GREAT FACES
    So why not GREAT FAST FOOD ?

  • I live in Greensboro, NC, 27403. I have lately been hearing rumors about "Bojangles Buffets" and am trying to find a closer one to my location. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • As I am reading all of these negative comments about Bojangles I am reminded of my own bad experience at one of your restaurants.I promise you not only will I never return to any of your poor excuses of a food establishment but will tell everyone about it .When Ifirst contacted you I asked for your response which was never received.The food wasnt bad at all but the service was the worst I have ever seen.If the CEO reads these comments and cares about Bojangles future he would fire everyone from top to bottom and start over!

  • I don't see how you can call yourselves a "Christian company" but not shut down or at least close early on religious holidays. That's not right.

  • Never in my life have I encountered such rudeness being displayed by one of your employees in blythewood sc… She dashed a cup of water on a young lady in the lobby and then walked from behind the counter and punched her and then then engaged into a fight… I sat in the lobby and watched her nonchalant attitude and at one point was smiling about the incident…. I don't know what the victim in the matter is going to do but I would certainly seek legal advice…

  • I would like to personal complain about the Bojangles in Moody Alabama they have a stick in the mudd for a manager in that establishment my daughter was working there and she was doing her job running the drive thru and helping the girl on the front fill her orders she would take the orders then run off and M daughter lost her job because of it but the other girl is still working and this does not seem to just be this chain it is happening all over they need to screan there managers before they hire them cuz this manager is suppose to be a Christian rant over

  • 5918 University Parkway in Winston Salem, NC – BJ's biscuits are terrible. They taste like burnt flour they are crumbly and flat. Please have one of your "master biscuit makers" come by and show them how to make a biscuit

  • I recently went to Bojangles in Wakeforest nc, I was on my lunch break so i waited in the drive through, it wasnt busy for a friday yet so I ordered a Supreme dinner with fries,the Hispanic lady that took my order was rushing the order along so hurriedly that the other 2 ppl in the car decided against ordering. When i got back to work opened my food box up the tenders were hard and burnt,it looked like they had been sitting under the light for at least an hour and the fries were so extremely salty and cold that I gaged on them lunch appetite was completed ruined. I calmly called back up,by itbeing lunch time i guess they had gotten busy,so the first 2xs i tried i got no answer.
    Around 1:30 i tried again twice only to be hung up on when I asked to speak with the manager.
    I called back and there was the fax machine buzzing each time after within a 20 minutes time limit. Since this was the 6th time that i had tried to talk to someone, I went online and got the number to the corporate office. That was Very unexceptable and there is no excuse for treating customers that way!

  • I just want to express how upset I was on Thanksgiving day and still as Im typing this, when I went to my local Bojangles in Roanoke Va on Peterscreek Rd to pick up my pre-paid turkey and was told they sold out. My first thought was my Thanksgiving is ruined, I have guess arriving in hrs, and you tell me you sold out. I purchased my Turkey two weeks in advanced, why did I have to pay for something that was not even accounted for. I was told that they sold out the day before, so why didn't anyone pick up the phone and call me to say, "we sold out", no, so I wasted two hrs running around tring to find turkey for my dinner. Even after all that no one even said I'm sorry, will make it right, kiss my ass or nothing. When I tried to get my money back I was told that I had to wait on a manager that would not be back until Tues. Thanks to Bojangles, I ended up spending double on some "ok" turkey form another establishment. Again, why did I have to pre-order pre-pay if you were going to sell out.

  • Bojangles Timberlake road Lynchburg va. Our general manager is sleeping with a crew member and they live together. He gets special privileges on the schedule, etc. She's been sleeping with him for years since she was the assistant manager and he was a kid in high school. This makes me sick. Isn't this a BIG no no in our handbook???

  • My daugter works at bojangles and shes still in highschool and they will have her work untill 11pm on school nights which mean shes really tired in the morning and i get calls how she sleeping in class i believe THERE IS A CHILD LABOR law that says no child should work past 9 !!! Education is very important and her boss there is just so rude and very ignornat please check on this bojangles 6403 Burligton rd,whittset,NC 27337

  • Honestly, it's not the staff, it's the management and I can say that because I work at the Bojangle's in Walkertown and we must definitely do NOT treat or customers in the aforementioned ways.however, we are treated terribly and that should be a big thing to take note of. I've personally been hit by a manager at my location and yet I have still been respectful to my customers. I'm not sure what the people at other Bojangle's have wing with them, but I'm personally sorry that you ask have had bad experiences. Also, I'm sorry the company that I represent has also been represented so poorly by other people.

    • Baby even as a manager I can tell you there is little you can do. I've personally seen other managers engage the entire crew in mocking a particular employee, set people up to get fired, screw with peoples schedules and plot how they are gonna torture the next one. You stand up for your crew members and they come at you like no other. Not all managers are awful. Several of the crew cried when I left because they knew the only person who cared about them was gone and I left because of the dirty and morally bankrupt practices of other members of management. Corporate does not care honey. Trust and believe that. I'm sorry you were mistreated sweetheart. Hopefully you will find better love. Many blessings 🙂

  • You all need to check out your Bojangles in Ooltewah,Tn. They're working some of their employees 60-65 hours a week, no break, no days off, and they are only getting paid for 40 hours. When the employee says something to the boss, they just turn and walk away…I know several people that work there and they all say the same thing. They're all looking for other jobs because when corporate took the store over , it went down hill…The bosses are hatefull and most of the employees are rude and act like they can't stand to wait on people..It takes forever to get your order. I went to the drive thru the other day to get my husband a combo and waited 10 minutes on bo rounds….and they always seem to have a problem getting your order right….You guys need to put a "spy" in there and see for yourself how bad they really are….needless to say I go to Sonic now.They have a pretty good breakfast….

  • lol chill out I agree it was unprofessional but clearly she was joking lol that's a little extreme to say you won't go back to another bojangles after that but hey they aren't missing out on any money *shrugs*

  • I am an employee at bojangles in Hopewell Va. Its an alright place to work… IF they would ever get the f***ing schedule right. They always post last weeks schedule rather than the current week's, also the last few weeks I have even called up to get my schedule and they give me the week prior's schedule. I have blamed by management for not showing up on days I was supposed to work when it was THEM that gave me the wrong schedule, leading me not to show up.

  • What is going on here?!!
    BoJangle's in Tramway NC WAS the best Bojangle's in Sanford, NC. My husband and I have thoroughly and regularly enjoyed eating there….but today all that changed. Before today we always had FAST and friendly service. But today there was no cooked chicken and we were told that it would be twenty minutes before any would be ready. This is NOT what we want in a FAST FOOD restaurant! I had a similar experience 3 days ago when I went to the BoJangles in Lillington, NC. I waited in the drive through 22 minutes while the lady at the drive thru window talked to a car in front of me that got NO FOOD. When I pulled up she carelessly handed me a box with no bag, no napkins, and a tea that had tea running down the side! I have visited this BoJangles many times and have never had this experience. The lady was very unpleasant when I asked for a bag and a napkin. I will not be returning. As for the Tramway, NC BoJangles…if today's visit was any indicator as to what is to come….BoJangle's will once again be off our frequent buyer's list. Funny, we had a similar experience several years ago at the Horner Blvd. BoJangle's. We have not been back in YEAR's due to the poor service, long wait times, and poor quality of the food. I do hope you find the source of these issues and correct them expeditiously.

  • Just went inside a Bojangle's in Loganville, GA for the first time today. Took my mom because she wanted to try it out. We ordered biscuit and gravy also egg and cheese biscuit. Never again!! The salt over powered the food. We use salt but Bojangle's use is to the extreme. We mentioned it to the girl at the counter when leaving but she was flirting with some guys ordering and coukd have cared less. We came home and called the manager Rico who also could have cared less. He asked if we wanted a refund guess that's what he expected. Told him nope wasn't trying to get a refund just wanted less salt before somdbody gets sick from eating at his Bojangle's. He was rude and didn't seem to want to be bothered. Maybe a post here and a phone call to Corporate will bring him around. Also was kinda dirty inside and we sat near a tv mounted in the corner it was gross nasty. It was the older type tv. Get it right Bojangle's and we might give it another try if not always Hardee's right down the street. And they know how to salt their food properly.

  • I am a county employee and a regular customer at Bojangles Copperfield in Concord NC and the Kannapolis NC store. On last week, I was in route out of town and stopped in the Cabarrus Avenue store for breakfast. I was very disappointed and traumatized when I opened my biscuit and found a black ant inside. The manager was nice and returned my money on request but I now think twice before patronizing any Bojangles stores. How could there be ants lurking around cook stations? Disgusting!!!!

  • Location: 121 Main Road, Johns Island, SC

    Description: Yesterday, May 26 ~9:00 AM, I entered the first Bojangles entrance coming from Johns Island, S.C. There is plenty of room for traffic to enter and exit this particular driveway. There was a car waiting to exit traveling toward the Hwy 17 red light. As I was pulling into Bojangles, there was this huge pothole (Crater) as I was pulling in at a reasonable rate of speed. After hearing my car scrape underneath/and drivers side,I pulled into a parking spot and noticed my rim was severely chipped, my tire was cut on the side that now exposes the inner liner and blew out a new strut that was just replaced last week. My question to you, Who is responsible for the maintenance of the driveway? I have a pic(s) of the driveway and the damage done to my car?
    I went inside Bojangles and talked with the manager and she informed me they have had numerous complaints and they are not liable for any damage sustained to my car.
    However; I contacted the SCDOT and they informed me that the responsibility is that of Bojangles because it was their driveway and they too have had many complaints.
    I first talked to Lanequa Chisolm, the store manager, then I asked to speak to Heather Mallad, the Regional Director who refused to talk with me and was told they were not responsible but was given the owners name Kevin Archer.

  • Don't think I have ever seen so many negative comments about one restaurant.
    Justly deserved. I tried over and over to send my comment via their web site and you can't. They don't want to hear from you. You can retry forever.
    I hope all of the disgruntled employees contact the labor board in their state.
    The customers can contact the health dept. or Hotel & Restaurant Assoc.
    Who ever heard of a franchise under $10k ?

  • My daughter started her first night there —and they put her in the DRIVE THRU!! What? And then when she was struggling they coudl not understand why and told he she woudl work the grill–if she coudl not hack that she was gone–now how is that supposed to make a new member feel welcome? IT doesn't and I am so furious right now I could scream–

  • I just purchased a spicy filet chicken sandwich from Bojangles famous chicken in Duluth, GA and after eating a few pieces of chicken, I noticed something odd about the taste, I looked inside and realized it's completely raw and warm. This franchise have been open less than 3 months, I called and spoke with someone name Ebony who seemed to care less about the situation. She said come in and we will replace your sandwich. I'm dissatisfied and disappointed. I don't feel well.

  • I worked for a franchise twice….the franchise owners are rude and do not care about the business….they own 5 stores and the first one they ever purchased is going to hell…they are now bouncing the checks of the employees….needless to say when my check bounced I quit my job.

  • the store in Lexington sc #884 4863 augusta rd Lexington sc 29073 803-808-9314. has a very rude manager name ms. pat. if you don't get her out of this store . this store will not make it.

  • I was in one of the store in B.C. 28713 saw a manger scratching her self and preparing the food with no gloves what going with B.J. not good for store

  • I live in martinsville va and I pulled up to our local bojangles on virginia ave and I didn't get to order the woman said they were closed so I pulled around to see the store hours which said that they closed at 10 it was 9:50 she should have served me but I guess she closed when she wanted to instead of the time that was posted. This should not b allowed

  • I live in martinsville va and I pulled up to our local bojangles on virginia ave and I didn't get to order the woman said they were closed so I pulled around to see the store hours which said that they closed at 10 it was 9:50 she should have served me but I guess she closed when she wanted to instead of the time that was posted. This should not b allowed

    • There's always gotta be that jerk that shows up right before you close with a sense of entitlement… ;). Lmao. Heliocentric universe, means the world revolves around the sun sugar, not you

  • Bojangles in Hartwell GA is getting worse and the mangers don't know what they are doing.mistreating their employees and have no caring heart.accusing their employees of stealing and that isn't right.bojangles is going to the dogs.telling everyone I know what is going on .wouldnt eat at bojangles who do not care about their employees.bring in better mangers or close up bojangles.employees are very fed up with all the hog wash.

  • Bojangles as a company is so rude. I called to corporate office and the lady transferred me before I could even finish my question, which wasn't who I needed to talk to!!!!! These people are impossible and uncaring!

  • Bojangles in Hartwell GA are letting go all their employees all because some lady that is over management told them to do that.the employees do the best they can and firing all of them is wrong.and that jobs are hard to come by.I will tell everyone not to eat their any more because of this.pray that this store close down completely.I think they better management.and all the assistant mangers need all need to better things and keep your employees happy.

  • I am currently employed with Bojangles in Atlanta Ga,on Fulton Industrial and for the last couple of months I've been treated unfairly all because i filed for unemployment. I have been written up twice for the same reasons but I didn't sign them because i didnt do anything wrong,and now I'm suspended for a whole week. This situation has been so stressful to me. I dont know who I can talk to about this because I fo not wamt them to get by with this at all.

  • Bojangles in hartwell ga can be a better place for people to eat and enjoy but their is alot going on that shouldnt while customers are in the building that shouldnt.employees not getting their vacation days like other people and its wrong.manager doesnt seem to be happy.doesnt care what is going on.

  • For at least two years, I have driven by a sign on Bragaw Lane, Chocowinity, North Carolina, announcing a new Bojangle's coming. Can we get the sign down? It is ridiculous to look at his day in and day out when Bojangle's is not coming to this town.

  • Did you get your check? Mary should BE FIRED!!!! which boj is this-do you still have her on video-you could post it on u=tube!!!!

  • I enjoyed the food at marietta georgia the workers were rude the store was cleaned but what i do not like is the workers date each other like regina powell rite in front of me as i eat i just wish they were professional like popeyes

  • I visited the bojangles in Dallas, nc. I was going to get breakfast and the young blonde headed girl was rude to me. This isnt the first time shes acted this way towards me. I felt rushed and I felt like she smarted off to me. I would like to see something done about this, as I often come there.

  • My daughter works at the new Bo jangles in hope mills NC on corporation drive she worked a nine hour shift 5:15am to 2:30PM a couple days ago. She is 17 and she did not receive a lunch break or even a bathroom break. The manager is Jacky Nelms. this is no way an employee should be treated especially a minor.

    • My daughter works for the new one in Quinton VA and had the same thing happen…. 10 hour shift with a 15 minute break. When she mentioned this to the district manager she was told "well you got a break didn't you?" Now they have a new night manager who, while more timely than Da'shawn who would lock the door at closing and not let the kids out until everyone was ready to leave (meaning my 16YO was driving home at 2 in the morning when her shift ended at 12), doesn't know how to manage the business – how do you run out of food in the middle of dinner service? – and fails miserably in the customer service area. The morning manager Quinn is wonderful. I wish they could clone him. Friendly, personable, efficient, all-around nice guy. This new guy stinks. They're losing customers left and right because of him and all he seems capable of doing is yelling at and blaming the kids who work there. The problem isn't the employees… it's the manager. The place ran fine before he got there.

    • Does your friend still work for bojangles?They can file a complaint with the EEOC. If you complain to H.R-They may cover it up! Also! They can call the Wage & Hour Div 919-790-2741. About you friends time being stolen. If you friend files a complaint while they still work their -The EEOC will protect the employee. Are their others that are being treated wrong-they can file altogether. Be sure to give complete details(time & dates-full names of managers)Make a record of daily issues. YOUR FRIEND CAN SUE IF WRONGED!!!! BUT! A COMPLAINT HAS TO BE FILED WITH THE EEOC FIRST! IF THEY FIND WRONG DOINGS! THEY WILL SUE FOR YOU…

    • Does your daughter still work at boj ?. This is fully against the labor lawCALL THE LABOR BOARD!! Manager needs to BE FIRED!!!!!

  • I am a employee at the Bojangles in Windsor, NC I must say that it is new for me to work in the fast food business. I been there for a year and I am learning a lot about the business. I will admit that at first the staff left something to be desired, the management team especially. Over the past few months we have gotten new management the district manager is still around and is trying to ensure good quality service. I noticed that smiling was not everyone's best quality nor was the phrase " the customer is always right" and I when I was moved into the dinning area and front line I decided to do something about it. I do all I can to ensure that Bojangles doesn't receive a bad rep for customer service and I try to make sure that I do my part in making sure that it is very clean. I just hope the one day I can join the marketing team.

  • I visited your establishment today and there was a young pregnant woman working there in the back just cursing out an employee. She was so very rude and nasty that she messed up my whole day. I was in the dining room and I hear her from the kitchen. Very bad look for your business. I will not be planning to visit that location again.

  • 9.7.13 8:25

    615 NE Main St Simpsonville, SC 29681

    I was very dissatisfied with my service at this location, I was on my way to work this morning decide to stop at your franchise. I ride a moped, short commute. I sat wait for over five minutes with response from from drive up window. If that wasn't bad enough, when I pulled up to the window the manager DID Not offer any assistants what so ever. I will be finding another avenue to voice my displeasure of the service I received today.

  • After reading some of these "complaints" it's no wonder working in fast food is so mentally draining. For one I will never understand why people say that employees never get their order right when they can't type in compete sentences. Which I am assuming that you can't speak English. Then other say I can't eat item A but I can eat item b which is made with A. And them there are people who will keep going to a location the is bad or where they are treated badly. WHY? Go to the better boJ or somewhere else. why would you keep going and spending your hard earned money somewhere your not happy? As for the stores that are horrible report it and don't go back and let the company take care of it. This is from a BoJangles employee whose store (although not as bad as some of these) Is being worked with as far as customer service. If you complain corporate will take care of it but they have to be give the time to get resources together.

  • I want to know why they serve only cajun chicken. Not all of us out here can handle that spice. We stopped in BoJo here in Powdersville, SC on Hwy. 153, and we were dying for some chicken, and we were told that all they serve is the cajun chicken. Needless to say, we were very disappointed. We had gone to this particular BoJo's last year for breakfast, and the chicken was definitely NOT cajun-style….it was mild and very good. They need to have "regular" chicken for those of us out here that can't handle that spicey taste.

    • I went to a BOJngels today for chicken. My first time there. I asked for the 2pic special with 2 side offer. Frieds, 2 breast, roll, I told the girl that I didn't not want cajun chicken, and could I get fries with out salt. I was told I could get that. I got my food and the chicken was cajun and fries were covered in salt.
      after I had paid for the meal and started It was not what I ordered. I went back up to the cash reg, I told the girl that the chicken was cajun and there was all that salt on fries. she told me, that the 2pic specale breast meal was only made with cajun checken. They fried up frieds 3 times and 3 times they put all the salt and seasoning on them. I said, NO SALT. they finaly got the frieds right. I do not know why reg chicken fried chicken can not be offed in the special. I was told that was the way it was. I HATE PAYI NG FOR FOOD I CAN NOT EAT. So I like others will not go back to a BOJANGELS again. HAPPY EATING.

    • BoJangles has chosen to sell mild Cajun chicken. This is NOT any one restaurants doing. Some franchise location MAY sell chicken that is not spicy but ALL corporate owned stores sell on mild Cajun. As far as the fries no seasoning that should have been done as requested and they should have told you about the chicken. But If you don't want Cajun chicken go to KFC.

  • The Bojangles in Newport News sucks.went thru the drive thru 3 times to get my order right. The manager and the one that packed my order gave me a hard time and of course the white man that took my order was the one that was blamed.I will never go back there again.

  • The Bojangles in Louisburg, NC food is good. The management is not professional and does not need to be in a position that serves the public. Personal conversations and when disciplining employees should be a private matter. I have witness several incidents when visiting Louisburg Bojangles of rudeness and a lack of professionalism. As a mother I would not tolerate anyone speaking to my child in such a disrespectful way. Professionalism is the key to a successful operation. More manager training is definitely needed for Louisburg Bojangles. Thanks

  • First I love your food, I wish you guys would have cajun fried chicken. Your cajun biscuits are really good. I think if you came out with the cajun chicken. You would give popeyes a run for there money.

  • Well I can tell you one thing if you have Anything on your background it can be something from 1993/2003 the will turn you down no matter what now that sucks. And they wonder why people's lie on their application….but I bet if you go to any bojangles they have people's who's from a per-release centers now how in the hell did that happen….BULLS*****

  • I agree with this employee at bojangles. I am a customer I have applied at this restaurant twice and been turne down twiced they hired Aaron homeless man over me. They need to do something about this manager

  • wHaT aN IDIOT! who thinks you can take home anything from a buffet. You are the selfish one. With people like you, no buffet would stay in business. Lets see.. I eat all I can and then get a box to put all my leftovers… the 6 pieces of chiken I took but couldn't finish, the big bowl of dirty rice and oh! another container of mashed potatoes and mac and cheese and a large drink. I will be set for the next couple of days.. Dude, if you find a place like that anywhere, let me narrow it down…, in this universe, please let everyone know. Your dad should have smacked you upside your head so you wont pollute this planet with your stupidity. Sincerely, G.

  • I visited the bojangles in Lexington, North Carolina for the first time, and I enjoyed going there. The place was clean and quiet. The staff, Angie, Brittany and Jermain were wonderful. I went back the next day. Customer service…. Great!!!!!!

  • Bob

    I patron the Upper Marlboro store regularly on my way to work. There is a African american woman with short black hair & dark skin.
    She is one of the managers their. I have never seen anyone so rude in my life. She yells and talk so rude to some of the employees.
    She can also be disrespectful to some of the customers. What ever happened to customers are always right. You serve people over cooked sausage, burnt bacon and hard biscuits and expect them not to complain. She rolls her eyes at customer that have complaints. I know because she have done it to me more than one occasion. I also witnessed her treating others the same. She even argues with customers. People with bad attitudes and manners gives a business a bad reputation. I am so disgusted with Bojangles. Great menu to choose from, but awful management. I am so done with spending my money there. Would not recommend Bojangles to anyone I know.

  • Love my Bojangles chicken. Problem for me….they used to have such fluffy biscuits. Now they are soaked with butter, crispy and flat. Please bring back a fluffy biscuit and let some of us butter our own.

  • So I was just cursed out by a manager at an Alabama Bojangles. I was applying for a job and had my interviews and everything. I was told to call back for about a week, couldn't get in touch with anyone that could tell me anything about my status. So I called this a.m as told numerous of times. Finally got an answer and I was trying to explain my situation, and the manager blatantly cursed me out told me I had an attitude and would not be working there. So disrespectful. The guy cursed my mother and she has been deceased since 1999. I am 22 years old and unemployed and really need the job. I was ready to work since my first interview. Im just so distraught over this matter.

  • You signed somthing stating you recieved a hanbook, you are clearly in violation of the posting you just posted. You need to contact your AD or the corperate office please.

  • Just went to the Bojangles in Dallas, N.C. I pulled up at the drive through speaker at 9:47 they waited until 10 to take my order then told me they didnt have anymore and wouldn't have anymore tonight. This really bothered me and I will be letting all of my fiends on Facebook know about this. Please fix this issue because this was notprofessional good thing KFC was beside of them

  • My friend and I stopped at the Bojangles in Whiteville NC Sunday on the way home from the beach. The bathrooms were nasty, they lost our order, no gloves on the workers, filthy ice buckets, and the seating area was also dirty and nasty. And I usually like the food but we threw it away. It was a horrible visit. We won't stop again. Where are the health inspectors and the managers?.

  • My husband and I visited one of restaurant in Winston-Salem for the 2nd time and it brings me no pleasure to say that what they served there tasted like old grease. I didn't finish my biscuit with gravy, the taste was awful. The ice tea was good, please help this store, and elevate the taste and quality of the food. My husband Loves BoJangles and even he was quite dissatisfied and disappointed.

  • BJ Corp Headquarters take notice of this Franchisee!

    Location: "Tri-Arc" Foods & it's corporate office based in Raleigh, NC has the worse customer service ever! It's a no wonder their area locations have so many compliants (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree). 12/7/12, I had a manager at the Fuquay-Varina, NC store to tell me I should go to Smithfield Chicken & BBQ for a better price and more chicken when I questioned the price! When I brought the incident to attention of the executive management in Raleigh (on 12/11/12) Amanda, the assistant to the President of Tri-Arc), said this manager did nothing wrong in suggestion to cancel my order and for me to go to Smithfields! I told her I didn't feel appreciated by this comment or that my money was welcomed so I requested a refund of the order of $11.84. I was told (by Amanda) they would not send me a refund, so I decided me or my family would NEVER eat at a Bojangles location "ever again" that is owned by Tri-Arc (any of their 48 locations)! Let's see how long they stay in business with an attitude like this. When you lose one customer, you've lost a thousand thanks to social media! I am SO glad to see there are other compliants about BJ, hopefully they won't go unnoticed.
    I am also going to contact our local TV stations to draw attenion to Tri-Arc's pompous attitude and bad personnel.

  • I just moved here from phoenix.I was coming back from raleigh to huntersville and I stoped at a bojangles in high point.I told the girl I needed a bit to look at the menu because I have never been at bojos before. She looked at me like I was from another planet. she called the manager over and he was great. they both took care of me, and the food was great. I will never go to kfc again.

    David n.

  • The BJ in Raleigh nc on atlanta ave needs a complete house cleaning of staff. the can not speak or hear enghish and the do not know hoe to count money. today I was charge 1.17 I gave them 1.25 and the girl at the windom did not give me change back so I told her she own me change she said I gave here a 1.05. If it was a 1.17 and I gave here a 1.05 why didnt she said I owe here more money. The reason was she owe me money. they will jip ou at every turn and protend they did not understand. they need to get rid of all staff at this location.

  • well i go to bojangles alot in elizabethon tn, food is alright but there main issue is , ive seen 10 customers when i was there have to ask for a brown biscuit,, most of the time there white not done ,, doughy !! but the main reason i posted was because of a road rage employee,, after eating in this resturaunt one of your employees bout runs over me and my kids cussing me leaving,,he was off the clock but he still had your uniform on. then i go back to bojangles and he's working on the clock saying stuff and laughing because he safe behind your counter,,i ask a employee what his name was and she said brad weaver,, so i was hoping he would go on break to the parking lot when i was there,, but he didnt but i will go to jail for assault ,, when it comes to my kids getting hurt,,if this little boy cant handle his bojangles job maybe he needs to work somewhere else,,thats the kind of customer service you like, well you want get no more my money in elizabethton tn

  • I ordered you SO CALLED fried seasoned turkey for this past thanksgiving when I arrived at the restaurant to pick it up it was NOT fried and frozen you need to address this as this is 100% total faults advertizement and when I spoke to the manager there they said they have no way TO FRY THEM.. I SAID LOOK AT THE ADVERTIZEMENT AND LOOK AT THE PRODUCT DO THEY LOOK EVEN CLOSE. Of course he said NO.. I was finally given my money back but was unable to get a turkey cooked due to the time so ended up with no turkey for thanksgiving.. I will never recommend this service..

    • Boy, it sure looks like the so-called managers and/or corporate staff pretend to be anonymous and post responses here. Anyone who says look in your employee hand book isn't getting how desperate these folks are to get some kind of answer or response from their so-called manager/employer. No doubt they have exhausted those avenues without an acceptable outcome so they try to get action by going public on social forums. It's such a pity the way American business are run these days.


  • OMG – This is exactly what I came here to say. ALl of the SC BJs are disgusting. I stopped once just to get some iced tea and immediately turned around to leave. I was that grossed out. Flies everywhere. However – Here in Charlotte, at the Midtown BJ (one of the cleanest around) an older gentelman decided to check the tea bins to see if they were full by dipping his finger in each bin. I was so grossed out!! I just called them to make them aware but I'm done. BJ really needs to clean up its act.

  • Your new coffee is not good at all.It is to strong and it taste terrible.I have seen several people come through the line to get coffee and when they taste it they throw it away.You need to go back to the usual coffee you did serve.

  • Bojangles is the absolute worst place I have ever worked for. Needless to say I only worked for 5 hours and then quit… The staff you guys habe in Jefferson, GA is awful. In orientation they talked about how its all about the customers and how they're trying to do all they can to make bojangles BIG… Well i'll tell you one thing, when you treat your staff like crap you won't have anyone to work to be able to make it all about the customers. On top of all that I still haven't gotten paid for the little time I did work. They gave me a global cash card and they haven't activated it yet. They didn't tell me anything about how I would be paid.. I'm very disapointed. They also don't have a phone number on the website to contact them. I'll never eat there again and I sure won't recommend it.

  • I enjoy bojangles food, but since you are not make your food hot and spicy anymore I have stopped visiting the restaurant for your none spicy chicken.
    I don't know what's going on in the restaurants in other places, but in Greensboro, NC at most of the Bojangles restaurants the chicken is not hot or spicy.

  • Unfortunately bojangles happens to have an employee who has decided to steal someones identity. I need corporate to contact me asap.

  • I am currently an employee in the Bristol area. I have recently had to miss serval days work due to my daughter contracting a virus. All days that I have missed, I have had a doctor's excuse. I have even worked days that were covered by my excuse. Now, all of a sudden my drawer is coming up short. I am not ever allowed to validate my till prior to beginng my shift or after completion of my shift. I have now been suspended for two days because of this issue. In conjuction with being suspened I was written up for two offenses in the same day. I am not the only assocaite that was running that till. It is unclear to me how I am being held accountable for someone else accepting money on my till. The second write up was for the till being short $3.00. I feel that my current employer is attempting to get rid of me due to my recent absences. I am often left by myself running several aspect of the business. The turn over rate at my store is appalling. I feel the management staff is cause for concern as well. I enjoy working for Bojangles' and have no desire to terminate my employment, but I am afraid that I will have no choice in the matter. I feel discriminated againt and you have the right to know how the local branches are running your company and treating your employees.

    • It states in your employee handbook that you are not allowed to put any thing on social medias…. I would suggest you call your corperate nubers and immiediatly remove this post.

    • When an employee has a problem,who do they (the employees) have to to tell grievance's to ?Especially when the so-called manager,a punk who thinks he knows more than people who have been there three or more years.This "manager",comes to work drunk from his birthday celebration. There is one poor child, I think her name is Eden Richey, when she is working ,this creton fusses her out in front of customers and the employees.I don't know how she keeps her cool, I would have slapped him across the face if he talked to me like that . I think anyone there in your offices would have done the same thing. I and several people in my church come in every day. I can't be a good christian an let bad things to happened good people . I think corporate should send someone to the Lenoir NC store,as a mystery diner or something to see for themselves . I don't know his last name, but his first name is Matt. If anyone can get rid of him,your store in LenoirNC ;would run more efficiently, less animosity, and less stress for everyone that works there

  • Hey Im a employee at bojangles in waynesville/ maggie valley store very nice place i have worked there for years. Well there is a new store manager there named Rebecca who has done nothing but bully the staff and even other management.. She is rude and shes always yelling in everybodys face. She abuses her authority.. and abuses the staff mentaly and emotionaly and i try to mind my own buisness but its hard when you see people trying to do there job the best they can and yet theres someone like her who makes every one stressed out and discouraged will somebody help us out please!?!

    • in your Bojangle's employee handbook it clearly states that you are not to talk bad about Bojangle's or boss or co-workers. you should have talked to your AD or HR instead of blasting it on here

    • I used to be an employee of Bojangles,1st at the franchise in Hudson NC, my experience there was s fun one . All thru our training we had fun.After the store opened, we enjoyed coming to work.The only reason I left was I was needing insurance, I was told I could not get insurance.I worked out a two week notice .I went down to the Lenoir ,N.C.,a corporate
      store.My experience there was nice. I am a very good worker,always on time .worked whenever needed.I found that after I fell due to the stock(flour and other items left on the floor). I did not go then to the er at that time,but waited a day or two. Well ,long story short,I lose my job ,my good for nothing insurance, any unemployment benefits I might would've gotten from working three years in the Hudson NC store.I love the food the teas, an the employees I personally know .Lost my job when I finally went to the doctor for the pain I was in due to the fall I had at work.My family has never had any money to speak of. We try to keep our bills paid and food on our table. Seems like when a company has good employees,the company should at least try to keep them !!

  • I have never had such a bad experience with a Bojangles! I visited this bojangles on my way to work one morning and bought a cajun fillet biscuit. The chicken in the biscuit was not cooked completely so I turned around (almost 10 minutes out and almost at work) and returned to the store asking for another biscuit and my money refunded for the inconvenience I had experience. The managers here were HORRIBLE!!!! Helen and Sarah were there names and they were the rudest people I have ever experienced in any restaurant or much less anywhere! They returned my money but refused to give me another biscuit! They then threw the receipt in my face and informed me to call corporate if I had a problem with it. I am disgusted by the way I was treated when I simply was just asking for them to FIX their MISTAKE in the first place. I will NEVER visit this particular bojangles again as I do not think anyone deserves to have someone throw a receipt in their face.

    • The person referring to someone as ahole needs a lesson in civility, manners and maturity. Why because someone has a differing opinion must you lower yourself to calling people names. It is evidence of an immature individual. Time to grow up.

    • Just because Tennessee violates federal health codes doesn't make it right. Technically they can be shut down for taking food you opened or touched back through that window. Its not about lazy people not wanting to throw your trash away. Its about obeying the law

    • as a bojangles employee, at none of these locations thankfully, my local health department has instructed us to not take any type of food item back over that counter. we can provide you with another tray or bag with the correct food in it, but we have to let the customer throw it away, not because of our policy, but because that is the local health departments rules. i dont know if that differs county or state wide, but my store will not take your food back, because we would throw it away anyway.

  • Today WILL BE THE LAST TIME I visit Your Bojangles In Yadkinville NC..I am DISGUSTED & IRRITATED With Them, They NEED A REFRESHER COURSE In Completing Customers orders.. The Last 5 Times I have ORDERED A Steak On A Bun With Extra Mayo & Tomateo, I end up with a PLAIN Steak On A Bun, You tell Them That is NOT Right,They Will Give You a Tomateo in A Piece Of Paper Or In A Box, for you to put on the sandwich,If I Wanted To FIX the sandwich myself ,I Would Have STAYED AT HOME…
    I Feel You Need To Have Someone Go In And RE-TRAIN Your Employees, It Is COSTING You to Lose Customers…Thank You

    • Then maybe they should take the wrong sandwich back and give the customer a fresh one that's made properly. I doubt the original poster was looking for a free sandwich simply one made as it was ordered. And really…. "ahole" ??? What's the point of that? (Or are you the manager of that particular location? Which would speak volumes.)