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Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Yum Brands – KFC

Kentucky Fried Chicken Headquarters Address:

1441 Gardiner Lane

Louisville, KY 40213 USA

Kentucky Fried Chicken Contact Phone Number and Websites:

Corporate Phone Number: 1-502-874-8300

Fax Number: 1-502-454-2410

Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-225-5532

Website: KentuckyFriedChicken.com

Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporate Office

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  1. Is the KFC in Beech Grove going to close? We have been there 5 times in the last 4 months and there is always a reason not to get service. Always 2 guys there, and I guess they don't like to work. The last time we were there, they said they had no chicken cooked and it would take a half hour. I said we would go get more people and be back. This was around 4-4:15 pm and when we came back at 5:20 pm they locked all the doors 's. Their hour's are supposed to be till 10 pm.
    4035 South Emerson Ave.
    Indianapolis, IN.

    If you need someone to run the place my son has to move back home immediately cause my mother is dying of cancer within a week to a month. He is employed at KFC in Aberdeen, Washington. He is hating leaving his job without 2-week notice. Maybe he could transfer?
    His name is J.

  2. What's wrong, You did not like that post. You can't take someone speaking the truth about things at your stores. well ya can't stop a man with a sign.

  3. I worked for Kfc for quite some time, and I can tell you why your order was jacked up or your chicken was not what you expected. I've also seen how workers are treated and the environment that they work in every day.
    However, Due to specific reasons at the present time I can not release this information.

  4. I am really disgusted with the commercials that have been going on since the Colonel's death. All of us know he's gone, so why keep trying to find the perfect voice to speak as though they are him? Most don't sound much like him at all and, at one point, you used one person who not only did not sound like him but looked nothing like him. Why not talk about the Colonel, his famous recipe and the wonderful legacy he left behind? Why try to duplicate his voice and likeness because, let's face it, there was only one? It's time to change tactics, modenize and give KFC a new route?

  5. I went thru the drive thru at KFC on West Battlefield, Springfield, MO. today. I ordered your new classic chicken sandwich ( which should be better than the average one from the local hamburger chain ) – However, I received 2 buns, with 2 chicken strips between them. No mayo, No pickles, No lettuce – nothing just plain. Not really what I was expecting – Very disappointing !! Could have done better at the hamburger joint !

  6. Regarding KFC at Springburn, Glasgow, UK. The parking area around your restaurant has apparently been taken over and controlled (during the lockdown period?) by Smartparking.com. The penalty if you overstay an hour is £100. I have received 3 tickets within 2 weeks in May, because I did not notice the metering warnings. I overstayed by about 1/2 hour each time. I have used this KFC for a long time and understood the parking to be free. There is no notice on your restaurant door. Staff never said anything – no reminder, no warning to customers that the parking circumstances have changed. When I went back to look at the site, I see notices now from Smartparking about appeals – I dont know how many people have been caught out. I find it hard to believe that KFC do not think they have some kind of responsibilty to warn people of the change in circumstances. Also I think a 2 hour free stay time would spare most people from what is a disproportionate penalty – £100 for overstaying by 30 minutes???

    1. They are doing you a favor for not having one there. The chicken doesn't taste anything like it used to, they must have lost the original recipe and just winging it! People say Popeyes is better, find one of those. We just got a net KFC and it is disappointing.

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