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Darden Restaurants Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. Rogers arkansas location out of control, employees getting high outside in uniform. Evening staff,drinking , I can assure I will avoid this location with my family. 3 times to get our order correct. Is someone actually managing these people. Such a great area for these type issue.

  2. On 7/2/15, My husband and I came in to celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary, our servers name was Camille It was the first time that we had her as our server, and from now own she will be our only server. Our food was excellent and instead of the usual sundae that is given on special occasions Camille brought out to our surprise your chocolate cake. We were only aware of the chocolate stamped (which is always to big for us to eat) The cake was the perfect ending to a perfect day for us and we are looking forward to our next meal with Longhorn. Thank you again. Mr.&Mrs.S. Emmit

  3. I always get carry outs on the weekend I have come to appreciate the care and accuracy in getting my order correct. My husband decides he wants Longhorn and places an order. Needless to say there was no butter for my bread and it also was hard as a rock. We had no utensils to eat our food with and then on top of everything no dressing for one of the salads. Our food was just ok because it was luke warm, and our baked potato was not fresh and our sweep potato did not taste fresh as well. I thought that the same care and accuracy would apply every single day of the week but from ow on I will just wait until the weekends to order carry outs from now on. One last comment if your standards change on the weekends for to go orders we will go some where else.

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Corporate Office Headquarters