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  • Olive Garden Corporate Office Headquarters

Olive Garden Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. My to go order included 6 salads which upon getting home, I became aware the salads were limp and brown. We were frightened to eat them as they were obviously old and possibly were not refrigerated properly. I notified the Aurora CO Southlands manager who sent me a $10 coupon. Yes, $10 for 6 salads!!! I will not go back….

  2. Not a big deal, but I wanted to mention that the female who does your commercial regularly mispronounces the word "garden" in your restaurant's name, which I have found "off-put-ting." Actually, just this week…someone seems to have CORRECTED HER..so good… but..you should have handled this MONTHS ago. The word is pronounced (at least in "Standard American English") as "gard'n," …NOT "gar-den." THANKS!!!

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Corporate Office Headquarters