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  • Olive Garden Corporate Office Headquarters

Olive Garden Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Olive Garden Corporate Office Headquarters

Darden Restaurants, Inc.
1000 Darden Center Drive
Orlando, FL 32837 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-407-245-4000

  • My to go order included 6 salads which upon getting home, I became aware the salads were limp and brown. We were frightened to eat them as they were obviously old and possibly were not refrigerated properly. I notified the Aurora CO Southlands manager who sent me a $10 coupon. Yes, $10 for 6 salads!!! I will not go back….

  • Not a big deal, but I wanted to mention that the female who does your commercial regularly mispronounces the word "garden" in your restaurant's name, which I have found "off-put-ting." Actually, just this week…someone seems to have CORRECTED HER..so good… but..you should have handled this MONTHS ago. The word is pronounced (at least in "Standard American English") as "gard'n," …NOT "gar-den." THANKS!!!

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    Corporate Office Headquarters