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Carrabba’s Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Carrabba’s Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Carrabba’s Italian Grill Parent Company Bloomin’ Brands

Carrabba’s Corporate Office Address:

2202 North West Shore Boulevard 5th Floor
Tampa, Florida 33607-5747 USA

Carrabba’s Phone Numbers and Websites:

Corporate Phone Number: 1-813-282-1225
Customer Service Number: 1-813-288-8286
Website: Carrabbas.com

arrabba's Corporate Office

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  1. Our soccer team ordered a large catering dinner order on Sunday March 26= totaling approximately $1,000. After picking up our order and opening at the LaQuinta hotel which we were staying, it was realized that only half of our order was received (only received main entrees and salad- missing sides, bread and desserts). I called immediately to the restaurant and spoke with the manager Layota Wilson. She was extremely apologetic and offered to rush the remaining order right over to us via delivery. After waiting 20+ minutes for the remainder of our order to arrive, I called again and spoke with Layota. Again, she was extremely apologetic. I expressed frustration due to the fact that the food we originally picked up (main entrees) was now cold since we had been waiting so long for the rest of our order. She explained that the driver should be there very shortly- but considering our inconvenience, she would refund half of our purchase price. She recited the total refund amount and assured me that I would see if on our credit card statement within 3-5 days. I further explained that since we were a team from out of state, we collected cash per player and would be refunding the reduction from the amount collected. She again assured me that half of the total bill would be refunded. On Monday March 27, I called again and spoke to Layota. I explained that there was no refund pending on the credit card statement/app. She thought that was 'strange' and confirmed that she processed the refund and assured me that she wanted to 'make it right'. She further explained that if no pending refund appeared within the 3-5 days, she would refund the entire purchase amount for our troubles/inconvenience. She took my contact information with the promise to contact me by the end of the week to be sure it was cared for. No call. I called again Friday evening. I spoke to the male manager- who was completely aware of who I was and our situation. He explained that Layota was not currently working, but he would text her immediately and have her contact me on Saturday April 1st. He verified my contact information before hanging up. No call- again. I called for the fourth time on Monday April 3rd and spoke again to Layota. She again claimed it was 'strange' that the refund was not received or showing as 'pending'. She said she even 'verified it with her corporate office'. She asked me for the full credit card information and tried again to process the refund. She said 'ok it says approved' but let me have your email address so 'I can send you the screenshot of the confirmation'. I provided my email to her and she repeated it back to me as confirmation. No email received. No refund pending. At the current date/time- and after five phone calls and multiple conversations with 'managers' who 'want to make it right', I have still not received any refund or resolution to our problem. I am desperate to speak with someone who will actually care for the issue and follow through with the full refund, as promised. Please contact me as soon as possible.

  2. You need to get your acts together. Just got back from lunch. At 3+ for a cup of coffe with NO offer of a refil. Appetizers came out AFTER the entrees. Coffee was served without a spoon, creamer or sugar. When I asked for sugar, they brought me a plate of only Splenda! I get better service at iHop for crying out loud! Will not be coming back. We save up to go to your place. I thought the last time was a fluke, but I was mistaken. This is a one-way message. Do not respond, do not send me coupons. I am still shaking my head over what happened today.

  3. We have eaten at Carraba's many times. This past weekend (it was a saturday night) the server wqs very friendly, but way overworked,we went with a party of 7, he brought our salads & apps out after a long wait, forgot salad dressing, for one of us, was late with the bread & butter, oil & cheese we asked him for, the entrees came out shortly after we had just begun to eat our salads. I had ordered the meatballs, ricotta & sauce which was cold, I waited for him to return, finally, one of the other waiters came over to check on us & I returned my meal, he brought another one & it too was not hot but I didn't want to wait any longer as most of my party had finished their meal, Our waiter never asked to refill any of our water. This was in your Lutz store on Rt 54 in Florida. The waiter meant well, but was serving just too many tables to properly serve us. This was my second visit in a row that I had to send my food back because it wasn't hot, just warm. Don't know if we will be back any time soon.

  4. Good day,

    I have been a loyal customer of Carrabba's for many years. Unfortunately, I've experienced problems during the past several months. Most recently last week and yesterday as well.

    I had received an email offer from Carrabba's offering a 10% discount off of my entire check for National Pancreatic Cancer Day on November 15th. When the check arrived the discount was only applied to a portion of the check. I pointed it out to the server and she notified the manager. I believe her name is Katie. Katie stated that the computer would only allow her to discount a portion of the check and that was all she could do. I filled out the survey the next day and expressed my concerns and asked to have someone at Carrabba's contact me. I still haven't heard a word from anyone.

    Last night, November 19th, I had dinner at Carrabba's with my 85-year-old mother, who has dementia, and her caregiver. I arrived before them and was seated. There were customers at one other table. I patiently waited for someone to come to the table and ask me if I would like water or a drink but no one ever did. There were two hostesses and two waiters standing at the desk doing nothing. I asked the hostess to please find my waiter so I could order a drink. Again, no one came to the table. When the manager, Katie, walked by I asked her to send my waiter. Again they were discussing who my waiter was. After we ordered our food several other tables had filled up. To make a long story short, all of the other tables were served and some were leaving and we still hadn't gotten our food. We were there for more than two hours waiting to be served. I ordered a glass of white wine during happy hour and again the server said the bartender was slow that evening. I pointed out that happy hour was almost over and she assured me that I would receive the happy hour price. I was charged $10.99 for one glass of wine!! Our server kept apologizing and told the manager, Katie. Katie came over and said she would give me a 20% discount. I told her that I should also receive a $20.00 for my dine rewards. She refused and told me that I didn't have any rewards to apply. I certainly did have rewards to use and told me to call corporate.

    This is absolutely the worst service and customer service by a manager I've ever received. I won't be back and will be sure to share this horrible experience with everyone I know and I'm going to leave reviews on Google, Yelp…etc.

    Please feel free to contact me.

    Cheryl Harders

    Member #6000 1185 8511 0833

    In case you're interested it's the location at 11141 Southern Blvd, Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411.

  5. Visited Carrabba's at 5475 Gateway Village Circle, Orlando, FL and the service there was great! I order Pollo Rosa Maria entrée with Broccoli and House Salad and it was perfect! Chicken with Broccoli was cooked perfectly and Salad was very fresh! Server Victoria G. did a great job serving me! She was attentive, friendly, polite and treated me with great respect! She and her co-workers delivers food and drinks and remove empty plates in a timely manner. That TEAMWORK! I had a wonderful time at this location to relax and enjoy myself in a nice environment! I will definitely come back again!

  6. Carrabbas in Crestville Hill Ky the proprietor T.I is VERY RUDE to people of color. I experienced this first hand 5/10/2017
    He made a statement to the whole table "pay your bill and get out"
    for no reason. The police had to be called on T.I because of his behavior

  7. Visited the Brooklyn, Ohio Carrabbas yesterday evening, I had the unfortunate experience of over hearing several conversations. One between, what I thought was a manager, and servers, and the other amongst many servers.
    Around 7:30, I heard the manager request one server to get another server( Not mentioning names). When said server arrived, asking "What is needed?, she was ignored. Upon her third request the manager responded with; "I don't need you for a F×××××g thing". (Lying to both servers, because he most certainly requested that particular server)
    The server was extremely upset and responded with " Are you still doing this? You've been doing this all day.I want to go home!!". Staff members around the incident proceeded to have conversations concerning this, stating this was normal for this manager and they were sick of being treated this way, and how different he was when corporate came in. I've visited this Carrabbas before, and witness this manager yelling and belittling hosts, bartenders and cooks, but last night was the final straw. Upon leaving last night, I asked a young man who the manager was and disgusted to learn he was the owner. Someone needs to put a stop to this mans behavior. Bloomen Brands should not want someone representing their brand, who acts and treats his staff as such. I will continue to complain until something is done about this man. I will visit Carrabbas often and post my findings!!

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