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  1. Let me first write that I have filed a police report with the San Antonio Police Department over this issue and I will soon be filing a small claims case with the appropriate court if my money is not returned immediately.

    I made an online "To Go WEB" food order on 06/07/2020 at around 13:15 hours (check # 980028) at Maggiano's Little Italy restaurant at 17603 I-10, San Antonio, TX 78257. I paid $165.22 for the order but was charged twice. I immediately called and reported this overcharge to a manager named "Will". The manager confirmed the error and said the extra charge of $165.22 should drop from my account in 10 days; which it has not.

    I reported in person today, 06/18/2020, at Maggiano's Little Italy restaurant at 13:15 hours and spoke to Will, the same manager I spoke with on 06/07/2020. I showed my online account screen to Will, confirming the continued existence of the overcharge and asked for my money back. He said that he could not refund my money and it could take 3-4 weeks and it was up to the "corporate office" to fix things. I said this was unacceptable and that they could return the money in cash or run the card for a refund in the same manner they illegally took my money.

    This is larceny and is equal to me dining at their restaurant and walking away from my tab which I would never do to them. I want my money returned immediately. Of note, Brinker International Inc's customer service online form will not accept my feedback nor does their phone number lead to any party able to receive my complaint. Incredibly poor customer service. I guess I will see them in small claims court when they are served. It will sure cost them more to defend this than just returning my money from their mistake. Oh well.

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