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  1. I sent this letter to the Manager at the Davie location ; Mario was very nice but when I mentioned that the waiter Daniel totally ignored our table; the Manager became defensive of the Waiter saying that’s not the point and Daniel would never ignore a table. In my impression of speaking with a customer who spent $140 at his restaurant; you do not argue with me as the paying customer. I mentioned where we were sitting and the manager Mario made no reference to that. I saw a person walk around the restaurant whom looked official but that person never stopped at our table. The waiter would refill other tables drinks but not ours.
    The manager offered us an small entree if we choose to ever come back.
    Below is the letter I sent to the manager:

    Yesterday I took my Dad and Gf to your restaurant for Fathers Day. Made a reservation for 2pm and was seated. We order antipasto salad for 3 and Garlic bread with cheese and regular. Main course parmigiana chicken for 3 and small meatball with spaghetti. Our antipasto salad comes and no garlic bread. 10 minutes goes by and still no bread. We ask our waiter and he says it’s coming and we are almost done with our salad. 5 more minutes goes by and the waiter says they are backed up in the bread station. Unacceptable!!!! There is a big table to the left of us and they are getting all the attention. My soda was empty and we are being ignored. They finally bring us the bread but 2 orders instead of 1. Guess that was bribe. lol. Then 15 minutes goes by and no food ie chicken parmigiana and meatballs with spaghetti. My GF stops the waiter and ask where is our food and he says matter of fact our chicken parmigiana was ready so she says bring what is ready. Then all of sudden the meatballs appear and chicken parmigiana. The meats balls were hard and dry and we should have sent it back but we were starving waiting so long for the food. In the past the service was top notch. But Fathers Day poor!!!!!!
    I spent over $140 with tip and was not pleased. That was my Dad first time there!!! Table 60/1

    Mitchell Ball

  2. Only restaurant that does not accept gift cards with a coupon. We paid real money oin their website to have gift cards to use but now they say cannot be used with gift cards. Our friends get to use their coupons with a credit card, but because we prepaid I guess Bucca knows they already have out money. Unbelievable and very poor strategy!
    I would love to hear a reason why. Please leave an email or phone and a written reason below. We lost alot of money buying your gift cards.

  3. Very disappointed with our visit to the ClaremontBuca di Beppo due to the unsatisfactor service:

    Long time to receive our order
    Had to ask 3 times for dinner plates
    Water glasses were not refilled
    When finished we waited & waited to get leftover containers
    The waitress never returned to pick-up our bill in fact we had to take it up to the front desk

  4. Celebration #0821.. Jan 1/18
    * 5:30 reservation We were seated right 5:15
    * 5:25 people sat at table behind us, served right away
    * 5:30 ask a person going by to find us a server (he got our drinks)
    * Sever finally came took food order. Came back 5 min later saying Lasagna was gone for the night (5:30 PM ?) The people that came (((after us ))) got the last one
    * ordered different item ( pasta drainer was not working right, kitchen to be informed.. No make over? What gives?
    * had to ask for plates twice.
    Manager ? taking complaint at table behind us .. ask him to come… no remake of hot food item? "I will tell the kitchen!"
    But you can have a free desert!
    * no refills on drinks
    * was billed out while still eating.. bill had to be corrected.
    * held bill and Debit card up in the air for five min.
    * girl apologised all of a sudden (left no tip for her)
    * gave tip to young man that got me drinks and plates and checked on us.. Promote him to manager he cares.
    * Get back to me and tell me why I should come back.
    I should of walk out after no server, but did not dream it would go downhill from there Don Craig dgcraig@gmail.com

  5. This is a good contact number for the poor excuse of the management company. 1-407-903-5500 or direct into marketing 1 407-902-2688. They are Hard Rock Café branded. Cassandra from Corporate "apologizes that none of the corporate contact are available and will work with the web developers to ensure that customers have the right contact information". Her fax by the way which is not set up is 407-352-1792.

  6. We had a horrible experience at the Worthington, Ohio restaurant. We ordered and when it came out our server sad to be careful the plate was very hot. It was sad to say the plate was hot but not r food. Actually it cold, it was like it was a Gordon Ramsey's moment. Food was made 3 or more days ago, put on a plate microwaved but not long enough and then charge us $42.00. Manager did put it I he microwave to heat it. Horrible will never go back

  7. Hello. I had an allergy incident had to go to the hospital and had to take medication for a week. I was told that someone was going to contact me and to give me the insurance number so that all the medical bills would be paid. And no one has called. I called Orlando Florida mall location where it occurred asked to speak to a manager and was told that they would contact me back. No one has called. I am very upset. We tried calling the 612 number and it's out of service. I am upset how this serious situation is being handled. Please contact me. Bianca

  8. Hello. I love Buca di Peppo's food and have been a customer of the resturant for over 10 years now. Your Pittsburgh location at Station Square needs an interior renovations. It smells musty and moldy. I have been ther a few times now and it never changes. Please consider that location for an interior upgrade.

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