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  • Randstad Corporate Office Headquarters

Randstad Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Randstad Corporate Office Headquarters

2015 South Park Place SE
Atlanta, GA  30339
Corporate Phone Number: 1-770-937-7000
Customer Service Number: 1-877-922-2468


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  1. I have never seen such an unorganized place in my life.I worked for Ranstad for Scottsville ky and the abuse of employees is harendess. I was told I would be getting a job for 11am to 11pm and decided to put me on 11pm to 11am.This was not a clerical error this was done attentionall because they could not fill night positions.I did not ask for those hours and was told that they didn't have any days when I got there. Start treating your employees with respect or I promise you the branch in Kentucky will fail.

  2. I was contacted by Jennifer Lesh about an IT migration manager position and was "unofficially" offered the job. She wouldnt offer the job because I would start as a contractor.

    Then she would not accept a digital copy of the I-9 document that I had notarized because she said it was paper.
    Then she said I had to go to someone's house and fill it out. I shouldnt have to tell you why that is not going to happen.
    THEN….meet someone I dont know across the metro to take cell phone pictures of my I-9 documents. I've been in IT security and migrations for over 20 years and I had to pass on the job because this woman is so stupid that "we do it all the time" and "you have to" are never going to be acceptable by law. I called the client to explain your onboarding policies and why I was having to pass on the job.

    I'm not interviewing for a position just because I have no one else to talk to! Now your company representative has denied me an income because she is convinced that she is right. She is absolutely WRONG.
    I am talking to a lawyer to sue her and your company. Buying over the counter software to onboard and then think you have everything covered is lunacy!@!! You have no security and risk potential employees financial standing and personal identity. A curse on your house.

  3. Why bother sending me a job opening, and when I reply and throw my resume at it, tell me in a response a short time later that I'm not what you are looking for?

    Leland D. Hopkins

  4. I applied with Randstad 2 months ago and No one has called me yet for any job and I even call in each week to let them know I was avaiable I think its just Chris either she likes you or not.

    1. they are collecting resumes. if they cant tell you about a specific job, just hang up. I've had to work with recruiters for over 20 years and they know nothing and care only about their quotas and fees.

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