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QFC Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. You have lost a customer for good.
    Your establishment has introduced terrible Policies in stores & 90% of WA does not require ID to be scanned for alcohol and tobacco sales, just need Age verified if you look under age.

  2. I’ve been getting the same prescriptions filled at the West Seattle QFC for 6 years. My dr faxes them at least 1-2 weeks in advance. I found out I need to be constantly calling every couple days to make sure they have them in stock and order my prescriptions. I guess I wasn’t aware I was supposed to do their ordering for them. The point of the Dr faxing in advance is to have the prescriptions on hand. I was also snapped at on the phone with no solution except it’s my job to do their job.

  3. QFC at Northgate and Roosevelt Way: Busy store. Please do something about people who cut in the line!! Twice now within the past two weeks this has happened. The checkers cannot do anything about it. Can you please come up with a strategy to deal with these very rude people (women)???

  4. With people offering so much more for starting wage, I don't understand why QFC only starts people out at 1360 and then when they're up for review and told they get a raise, corporate holds it off and I don't understand why QFC wants to pay employees a $300 bonus to get people to work there if they're not willing to keep the people that they say they enjoy having there. Its expensive in Bellevue, so pay them a reasonable wage like at least 15 16 17 an hour to start! Or they will leave! it just doesn't make sense when panera & Costco & fast food restaurant etc all are paying their employees … new employees …well above what QFC is paying their employees so if you want to keep your employees, act like it…pay them!

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Corporate Office Headquarters