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  • Safeway Corporate Office Headquarters

Safeway Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Safeway Corporate Office Headquarters

Safeway Inc.
5918 Stoneridge Mall Road
Pleasonton, CA 94588 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-925-467-3000
Fax Number: 1-925-467-3323
Customer Service Number: 1-877-505-4040


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  1. My spouse and I recently visited your shop and downloaded all the items we planned to purchase from your great ad. While checking out, we noticed a couple of items that rang up incorrectly. However, Paul, a long-time employee, kindly resolved the issue in a professional and upbeat manner. We spent $300 on our purchase and, while leaving, I met a customer who recognized me and we had a pleasant conversation. Unfortunately, I forgot to take my receipt with me, only realizing it when we arrived home. We had a $50 gift card for a neighbor’s graduation, and I wanted to double-check the receipt, given the large amount we spent. When I called the Front End Manager, I was disappointed that she didn’t offer any help to recover the missing receipt, but suggested I check my app. I repeated my request for the receipt and she agreed to send it. Upon receiving it, my husband and I noticed several discrepancies in the prices of the items we purchased. We spent about two hours going through the ad, app, and receipt to tally everything up. We even took pictures of the hot dogs, butter, blueberries, and potatoes to make it easier to return them. However, when I went to customer service to explain the situation, the representative, Kimberly, was dismissive and unhelpful. She asked me to bring back the items so she could verify them, but I was taken aback by her request. I showed her pictures of the items and my app, and pointed out the items that Paul had kindly removed from the receipt. Despite all of this, she continued to question me and treated me like a thief. I asked for the store director, but even they were unhelpful and rude, insisting that my receipt was not legitimate and that they needed to see all the discounts. I was humiliated and felt like my character was being questioned. I would never steal or try to take anything that was not mine. All I wanted was to get the correct price for the items I purchased, but instead, I spent the whole day at the store defending myself. In the end, I was able to return a mislabeled item, but it was a frustrating and humiliating experience.

  2. The Hernfon VA location needs training for their employees on customer service. not 1 person stopped to assist me even after I asked. your cleaning crew for restrooms needs some work…not very nice at all.
    i usually like Safeway but I don't like this location at all your employees need major tweeking. not customer friendly, not polite, not helpful. u avoid this location but stopped out of necessity.

  3. Haven’t been shopping much at Safeway lately. Several reason and never the store employees, mainly corporate issues I’ve had over the years. Some sales today intrigued me enough to stop and shop at your store on 3rd St. Literally every employee I passed or interacted with were over the top friendly. I wish I could remember them all by name but have forgotten several. Mel and Will were the two that come to mind.

    I just wanted you that are away from the front lines to know how this stop today has impacted me in the most positive of ways and that their smiles, asking if I’ve found everything I was looking for and the thanks for shopping with us today didn’t go unnoticed.

    P.S. your website needs improvement. Tried to submit an online comment but your site requires a state which was “greyed” out and unable to populate which made it impossible to submit my comments. Tried 800# twice had a one minute conversation with a Leona and each time after one minute we could not hear each other and had to hang up and try again.

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