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  • Sleep Inn Corporate Office Headquarters

Sleep Inn Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Sleep Inn Hotels Corporate Office Headquarters

Choice Hotels International, Inc.

10750 Columbia Pike
Silver Spring, MD 20901 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-301-592-5000
Fax Number: 1-301-592-6157
Customer Service Number: 1-877-424-6423

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  1. So here in Charlotte at the university place hotel 8525 N Tryon st. They have two ex-inmates, that’s been convicted of stealing other people’s belongings. And have some time in prison for for handling people’s credit cards. I know this Bc I’m an ex-correction officer. And the asst. manager as well as the sales manager have both been convicted and sent off to prison. Now they expect civilians to hand over their debit card?

  2. On May 13th & 14th 2023, stayed at Sleep Inn 8021 E33rd St. South Oklahoma 918-948-8870. The hotel when I checked in wanted $120.00 on my Discover Card. I said: Why? I paid through priceline.com. She argued and said no you didn't and I said I can prove it. Then she looked into the computer and said yes you did but we need a $120 extra on the card. I said for what? Pet Deposit $20 why the extra $100? No way was I going to get a room without an extra $120 for a one-night stay paid through Priceline. The next morning two ladies were at the front desk and neither one could say I was due a refund of the $100. Today May 16, 2023, I spoke to Discover just to realize no refunds of any kind were submitted or taken off the card. I contacted Corporate Office and explained this situation and then added: when does the Hotel have man right at the front door begging for money. My son said to me: Don't go outside by yourself it isn't safe. Why? Because of solicitation at the entrance to this hotel–I am pushing this all the way. Full refund! Waive the Pet Deposit and $120 back on my Discover Card. Better Business Bureau and major complaints to Priceline or more. The fact solicitation was allowed by the Hotel at the entrance to the hotel. Poor safety conditions.

  3. Me and my wife recently stay at the sleep inn in orange Beach, Alabama and it was not what we expected. I never been to a hotel who doesn’t have exercise equipment that didn’t sit well with us at all. On top of that the maids were more accommodating than the staff was. the breakfast wasn’t what we thought it would be and the rooms were too small. They also had a water emergency in a room and shut the entire building water off and never notified us we had to go down stairs and asked what happened because we couldn’t call from our room cause the phone didn’t work. I really feel we should be compensated or reimbursed cause this wasn’t a good stay at all and we will never stay there again

  4. So i went to check in today and i was told the $100 deposit was to be put on a card not cash. So the lady at the front desk made me leave to go put money on the card. When i returned me and my husband went in. She knew who i was because i left my phone at the desk. She charged the card for the room instead of the $100 deposit. So then i tried to explain it to her but i let my husband take care of it and went to the car. When he came to the car i later found out that she took the $100 cash that she wouldn't take from me from my husband. So im white and he's black is that the reason. I mean really that's sad.

  5. I've just been treated absolutely appalling to the point I can clearly say I've never been more offended by a hotel in my life. I stayed last night and it was nice. But tonight this Guy named Jackie in Pineville Louisiana not only tried calling me a liar and telling me I was using someone's card, he then tried telling me i had no money and refused to call a manager for me stating he don't need to call nobody bv he is the night manager. This is such a nice hotel it's insane to have this guy working for this company. Not anonymous either. I'm Michael Robertson

  6. Early this month I stayed at the Sleep Inn McCoy Road in Orlando. I pais for an additional 4 nights parking after my stay. As I was leaving on the morning shuttle at 4:30 AM the front desk clerk as me where my car was parked. I advised him I parked up front and he told me he would move the car to the proper location for longer term parking. I gave him me keys, he moved the car and brought my keys back in time to make the shuttle. When I returned 4 days later I wa told where to locate my car. The "long term" parking is in a dirt lot behind the hotel which is neither secured or monitored. When we found the car it was unlocked and all the gas had been syphoned from the tank. There was not enough fuel left to even make the engine turn on. I have made several attempts to contact the general manager of the property and also filed a complaint with Sleep Inn Corporate but have only received one dismissive email response. I have been a Choice Rewards program member since 1999. I would never recommend using the long term parking at this property. My complaint number 9429674 remains open almost one month after my stay SO MUCH FOR BADDA BOOK BADDA BOOM!!!!!!

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