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  • Reeds Jewelers Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Reeds Jewelers Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Reeds Jewelers Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

2525 S. 17th St.
Wilmington, NC 28401 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-910-350-3100
Fax Number: 1-910-350-3353
Reeds.com Customer Service: 1-877-406-3266
Store Customer Service: 1-800-406-3266
Reeds Credit Card: 1-866-807-9835
TDD/TTY: 1-800-695-1788

  • The old manager was very knowledgeable and her staff was great. This new manager and staff are childish, and do not know what customer service is. But what do you expect when the mgr acts worse than the associate. Horrible team and horrible experience.

  • The staff was amazing at Potomacmills until new management came along. The new staff is rude, has the behavior of teenagers cursing, acting like kids and argument in the store. I will no longer shop at this location.

  • Okay, after emailing corporate I got no response at all. I live in Fredericksburg VA.  I buy jewelry very often so I decided to try the new Pandora at Spotsylvania Mall, I was greeted by an extremely nice employee by the name of Aliyah,  she was very attentive and she knew exactly what I was looking for.  Meanwhile in the back of the store I could hear a group of employees talking about having sex,  Aliyah politely stepped in front of me and attempted to distract me by showing me some other jewelry that was on sale,  she looked very embarrassed by what was going on in the back.  This is the most unprofessional jewlery store I've ever been to.  The only reason I bought anything was because of Aliyah Staten , I asked her last name to make sure this employee was recognized because if it wasn't for her I would of walked out of that store.  They girls in the back we're very loud and there we're 2 children in the store also.  I am very upset that this occurred at a store that is suppose to be professional.  I belong to a jewelry club and you r company is one of our favorite place to buy charm bracelets,  but the Pandora in Spotsylvania VA needs leadership immediately . The sales person Aliyah was amazing,  and you need to hire more people like her cuz she is the only person me or my club will buy from.  Thank you. 

  • I find Reeds Jewelry’s processing of the purchase transaction as described below totally unacceptable, unethical and, in my opinion, a “price bait and switch” tactic. How can Reeds Jewelry accept a deposit on the purchase of merchandise at an agreed upon price only to delay the delivery of the merchandise and then attempt to charge a significantly higher price?
    My wife and I were shopping for an anniversary ring on December 29, 2015 and visited the Reeds Jewelry store in the Lynnhaven Shopping Mall in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The ring my wife wanted to purchase from this store turned out to be the worst purchasing experience in my life and, in my opinion, was a classic “bait and switch” tactic.
    The sales representative, “Carol”, was very pleasant and showed us several anniversary rings. My wife selected a ring she liked. The regular price of the ring was $2,750.00 but Carol learned that the ring was on sale for $1,705.00. However, the ring in the store had a white gold band but my wife preferred a yellow gold band. Carol said the ring could be ordered with a yellow gold band and the ring could also be “sized” to my wife’s finger size. Carol indicated it would take 2 weeks to get the ring or maybe 3 weeks because of the year-end and holidays.
    We put a charge of $292.00 on my credit card as a down payment on the order (#xxxxxxxxxxx329, dated 12/29/15). When I saw the “$2,750.00 “estimated price” on my credit card slip, I questioned that price versus the sales price of $1,705.00. Carol said that was the regular price of the ring and the price would be adjusted at the time of final payment. Later at home, I assessed Reeds Jewelry’s web-site and saw the same ring we had purchased which had a regular price of $2,750.00 and a sales price of $1,705.00. At this time, I thought we had made a good purchase.
    On January 20, 2016, I called the store and spoke with “Spencer.” I asked him if the ring had come in. He said it was not in but would send an e-mail inquiring of status of the order. I asked him to notify me of his findings and confirmed my telephone number with him.
    I never received a return call from Spencer so I called the store again on January 24, 2016. Carol answered the phone and I asked her about the status of order. She said she would find out and called me back. When she called back she informed my wife (I was not home at that time) the ring had to be made overseas and it would be another 4 weeks before delivery.
    When I came home, my wife told me of Carol’s call and her comments. I called Carol and asked her for the balance of the order. I don’t remember the amount she told me but I was astonished that the amount was so high. When I asked how the balance got so high, she told me the price of the ring was now $2,550.00 or $200.00 below its regular price of $2,750.00.
    I informed Carol I had ordered the ring at the $1,705.00 sales price and had put a deposit for the order on my credit card. She told me the sales price had changed and I had to pay the current price. I told Carol that was totally unacceptable and to cancel the entire order and credit my credit card for the deposit of $292.00. She said I would have to come to the store to get the credit. I went to the store that afternoon and the credit was processed to my credit card account. Although I didn’t ask to speak to management regarding this matter, no store manager or supervisor volunteered to speak to me to share his or her comments and/or apologies.
    Again, I find Reeds Jewelry’s processing of the purchase transaction as described above totally unacceptable, unethical and, in my opinion, a “price bait and switch” tactic.

  • Reeds retail store management does not disclose or explain to customers the horrible, costly disadvantage of Reeds store credit card deferred interest purchase promotion from GE Capital/Synchrony Bank. They don’t tell you at the time of the deferred interest purchase that you will likely have to retroactively pay 29.99% on the total purchase balance going back to the date you first made the deferred interest purchase even though you made payments on the deferred interest purchase. They don’t explain at the time they sell you the deferred interest promotion that you will be required to call GE Capital/Synchrony Bank customer service each and every month and request your payment be applied toward the deferred interest balance, otherwise only a very small percentage of your payment goes toward the deferred interest balance. They don’t tell you that if you do not call customer service each month to make sure your payment was applied correctly, you will have a huge balloon interest payment at the end of the 18 months on the entire deferred interest purchase amount.

  • I order some jewelry for mothers day. And I even got that company that promises to deliver whatever it may be u have order from REEDS JEWELERY in 2 days. Well today's Monday and it's even from fed-ex, that does deliver on Sundays because I've gotten packages on Sunday from fed-ex. I called them, they said that it was delivered to a different address. Something like 1222 street. That's what fedex told me!!!….and yes ur correct, REEDS DOES NOT LIKE TAKING RESPONSABILITIES FOR ANYTHING!!!….I CALLED FEDEX AND THEY'RE GOING TO CALL ME BACK!!!…LET'S SEE WHAT STUPIDITY THEY'RE GOING TO COME OUT WITH…..THEY'VE RUINED MOTHERS DAY ALREADY!!!!!

  • Why does it take so long to size a ring? Sales lady said my ring would be back in three weeks and today makes a month!!! This is ridiculous…..

  • In your ad you state gas was $.20 a gallon in 1912 .In reality it was $.07 a gallon. I think you should get your facts straight and correct your tv an.

  • Does anybody else have the lifetime watch battery replacement? Well I do. Bought into the sales pitch years ago. This past May I went in to have them replace the battery and was told I would have to wait, which I did. Well, the battery only lasted 6 months when all prior batteries lasted at least a year. Took back in and waited again, so they could replace the battery. Picked it up an clerk said I
    would need a new watch band, but really not in the market right now, and left. Well, it seems they were more interested in trying to "upsell" me that they didn't change the battery even though they said they had. It wouldn't keep time. I called the store and asked for corporate and left a message. Eric I believe called and listened intently BUT turned the table on ME and said it had to be my watch because it was so old. Probably needed an overhaul of the interior parts. Well……the point to my story is I went to a jeweler and paid for the new battery and guess WHAT?? The DAMN thing works! And like a charm. So Reed's customers, be careful what you believe before you have these people touch your jewelry! Ask around for recommendations from friends and family before going to a store that not only blames the customer, but so does their corporate office. What happened to the customer being right? Hey Reed's…..wondering why sales are off? Because your sales and corporate office can't be trusted and we the CUSTOMERS think we should SPEND our money $$$$$ with someone that wants OUR BUSINESS!!!

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