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Save-A-Lot Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Save-A-Lot Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Moran Foods, Inc.
100 Corporate Office Dr.
Earth City, MO 63045 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-314-592-9100
Fax Number: 1-314-592-9619
Customer Service Number: Contact Your Local Store

  • We have been in your St Augustine Fl. 2 times in the last few weeks and have found that more than half of the specials advertised on TV were sold out . Asked to speak to the manager and he said you did not give rain checks. You are spending advertising dollars only to make people mad and driving them away instead of bringing them in Good news is there is a new ALDI store nearby Mel Carpenter Palm Coast FL 32137 703-618-0175

  • I have a complaint about one of your employees in your sabraton wv store ..I shop there quite often, today I went in to get a couple things it was fairly busy the line of people waiting was going down one of the aisles the cashier was talking and moving slower than a turtle after a while another person came up and said they was going to open register 3 the lady behind me pushed in front of me and 3 other people I told her that we had been there before her and your cashier (an older man with mustache and glasses) decided he wanted to throw in his 2 cents and be a smart ass to me making the comment that save a lot is like the DMV if you get out of line you have to go to the back of the line and start over but nobody got out of line first of all we was waiting in his line to be checked out he was just to busy talking and being slow to notice, but that's beside the point it doesn't matter whether someone stepped out of line or not his smart ass comment was not necessary that is not how you treat customers who come into your establishment and spends their hard earned money. without us there is no paychecks for your employees if that is how I am going to be treated or talked to by your employees I won't go back to your store if you don't want my business I have no problem not going back into any of your stores your not the only store on the planet. This isn't the first time this specific employee has had a bad attitude he has a bad attitude every time we go in to this store he has made comments like its a real bother to check us out in the past. The other day we went in was at the register waiting to be checked out he saw us standing there he just continued with his conversation ignored us but eventually came to the register when he felt he was done talking as he got to his register there was no acknowledgment of us at all just rolled his eyes and made some comment letting us know it was a bother to check us out he acts like it's a problem to be there period .. I've been in customer service for many years and I can tell you he doesn't have good customer service and that isn't how customers or people in General should be treated..

  • Well I tried to email abouy mt product yet comment issues now. but it would not allow me to type in a best sell date because there is not one on the container of strawberries but here is what my email was since this is the only way I can do this.
    I currently am without a vehicle at the moment and I had my neighbor pick me up some groceries today at Save-A-Lot in Canton and then I received my groceries this afternoon. The container of strawberries were moldy and disgusting and no sell-by date no date the produce was made or shelves or anything normally I buy my produce from Price Chopper but this time I thought I would see what produce from Save-A-Lot. I am unhappy with my groceries today there is never any sell date on produce such as bag apples strawberries like t purchased for me today I cannot return them to the store and I have no way to get to the store to do this this is not the first time it has happened this is the first time with strawberries and I am a grocer well if I wanted that produce I would just go to Price Chopper and get it I do not appreciate spending money and it being felt like I'm wasting my money to have to come home and throw my food right away

  • Broken Bow Ok only has one grocery store and is a golden opportunity for a store such as Sav A Lot to open another. Check out the population and facilities then consider this; just one, owned by Pruetts in DeQueen and Mena Arkansas as well as stores in Valliant,, Wright City, Broken Bow and Antlers Oklahoma. All are thriving.

  • Are your t-bone steaks which you say are from Mexico, are they USA inspected.. I had one of the steaks and the steak tasted terrible and it was very tough.I got the steak at your store on britain rd. in Akron, Ohio

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