Aldi Corporate Office Headquarters

Aldi Corporate Office Headquarters
Eckenbergstrasse 16
Essen, 45307 DEU
Corporate Phone Number: +49-201-8593-0
Corporate Fax Number: +49-201-8593-319
Aldi USA Corporate Office Headquarters
1200 N. Kirk Rd.
Batavia, IL 60510 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-630-879-8100
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-630-879-8100

  • I shop regularly at Aldi's and never had a problem. But in the last two weeks I have found several produce items which are wilted or moldy. This is not typical of your store. Last week-end several customers were complaining about the rotten fruit and moldy vegetables. We all have to go to another supermarket for fruits and vegetables. This is unacceptable. We're a family of nine spending over $200.+ a week and drive 30 miles to shop at your store. Please fix this problem. Thanks!

  • Why does AlDI's hate senior citizens? I will never shop there again because they abuse elders. When you are in your sixties or above you do not look under twenty one which is the legal age to buy wine, yet you single out the elderly to card for age. That is nothing less than abuse. You brag about carts and buying bags which only helps your bottom line! You sell primarily off brands which are cheaper anywhere so why brag about that? Have had trouble with most of the stuff you sell like fire pits missing parts and led lights that don't work. Would not trust your off brands ever again. Buyer beware because when you use the 800 numbers you never get parts or replacements. You really don't want an Aldi's in your area, stick with places which have enough people working to be normal and that is not Aldis.

  • after approval well even more reason to never consider your store. I will share with my friends that youensure comments if the above does not appear.

  • My friends and I here in Richmond VA were considering checking out Aldi's, until we saw the ads. OMG, how ridicules that your company thinks a family that uses curse words is funny. You have parents and grandparents having to explain what is going on in your ad. No thanks we choose not to use a store that has no better taste then that!

  • The worst FRAUD by a cashier!! Nasty attitude, Rude, I was more a bother to her mistake, Rather then a customer. I will have no choice but to contact Loss Prevention tomorrow. If your cashier is GAIL double check your bill. ( I have to give it a star in order to post it's a – star)I would like for Loss Prevention to contact me please/Thank you

  • Alot of people are happy to have an Aldis in Greenville Tx but alot of these folks are unable to walk and our store in Greenville only has one moterized cart since we were told one was stolen.Make customers leave a deposit or something because even handicap people need and want to shop.

  • I would love to have a Aldi here in Mooresvillle Indiana.There is a perfect beautifull building vacant on Bridge Street the closed Marsh store it's a beautifull bldg large had a floral DEPT a restraunt,a huge deli perfect right.Location is in Town Center Mall behind BP gas station by Great clips Att Mooresvillle Vetenary,Check into cash please we need you here

  • Are there any plans for an Aldi store at Ocean City, MD (a vacant Sav-A-Lot would be nice), or Salisbury, MD, or Lower Delaware?

  • terrible customer service store # 58 Palm Spring, FL. Refused to check out disable customer then took someone else. When something was said to the cashier who had her name covered, on register 2, 1/3/15 @ 6:48pm she threated me that she would throw me out of the store. report will be going to ADA,

  • I have comments about the store manager and some of the shift manager at waukegan aldi the store manager he is never there always late the special buy items is never done on time u guy need to do something about it and also some of the shift managers are very rude specialty a white lady with short heir and please make sure that they dont smell bad like alcohol or cigarettes please .

  • Yes, I have comment about your Manager at the Paducah Ky store. Her name is Kimberly Reeves, she
    rude and so very un helpful. If you ask her a question about something or if they have anymore of that item she rolls her eyes and walks away. And she is so very rude to the other employees, she treats them badly in front of customers. And I have seen this first hand and she has told me she steels from you all. I just won't you to know what is going on in your store. Thank you for your time.

  • I think it's unethical and borderline illegal that you don't offer your employees access to their human resource department unless you are a District Manager. The district manager should not be the one to decide or manage when an employee can see past paystubs, payouts etc. That should be the right of the employee themselves. What is the point of a human resource department, if the only humans that can get in touch with them are higher on the chain of command individuals. This treatment is unfair considering how fair ALDI is about other things. I think you should change your un-ethical behavior about your human resource system, before more people become disgruntled with how dodgy you are with not only your customers; but your own employees. What's actually laughable, is that your competition such as Publix, Wal-Mart etc all allow their employees access to their online paystub infromation themselves. Get with the program ALDI corporate.

    • Iam currently an employee, I find the lack of a human resource deptartment to be completely unethical, my store manager does not like me, so trying to get promoted in this company won't happen for me because he tells the district manager not to promote me, so he doesn't. There is no one else I can go to to discuss this matter. So when people ask is this a good company to work for.. NO, NO IT ISNT!!!

    • I also work for Aldi in NY and i do agree that not having direct access to human resource is "stupid" everything these days are done thru technology. We have no access to anything…. ABSOLUTE NONSENSE

  • I hope you will come on the Montreal South Shore in St-Constant area in Quebec Canada, I am sure there is good business for you. I have been to your store in Plattsburgh NY and I liked the price and the choice, welcome to you, you will love our area.

  • Your Canned Tuna should be labeled Tuna Soup. There were NO Chunks of Tuna in any of the 6 cans purchased and this is a frequent occurrence at several of your stores so not an isolated incidence. Please either change vendors or label your Tuna (.69cent cans) Tuna Soup as you cant make a sandwich out of it.

  • Why don't you care enough about your customers to train them to be courteous and appreciative to all customers. Cashier Stephanie did not greet nor say thanks after transaction. This has happened more than once at store #23 Martinsville, Va. Another customer admitted outside store that same cashier did not say thanks at end of the transaction. May more customers take note of this and not shop there until this situation is corrected.

  • Hi,
    I would love to see an Aldi' in Prattville, Alabama! I have to drive 1 hour 10 minutes north to my nearest Aldi's in Birmingham, AL. There is a Walmart, Winn Dixie, Publix but pricing is still high for the area. I truly wish the company would look into expanding to the more southern regions of Alabama. We would LOVE to have you!!! :))
    Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter.


  • One more than one occasion I have gone to the Urbana, Illinois location to shop due to the great savings and products. I have shopped, loaded and filled my cart, gotten to the check out only to find that the only financial transactions able to be transacted are cash and EBT cards.
    We live in a university community and surrounding areas of well over 100,000 in population.
    On an original experience it was a matter of minutes and things were up and running and I was able to check out with my debit/credit card.

    On a recent visit I only had a few things and heard the cashier telling a customer that the system was down for debit.

    The young flamboyant gentleman got out of his chair to show me the miniscule sign posted four to five feet above the "eye" level "normal" view of any check out situation on a pole.
    Why wasn't the same small hand written tacky sign a LARGE sign posted immediately as you ENTER the store (not one the door …who read to alert customers???? out sign poles????

    I told two different families ready to walk in and I alerted them. They were dismayed and disappointed.

    Only my personal integrity and loyalty to the store allowed my to do that.

    Hundreds of dollars could have and were lost during those few hours or even two hours.
    Worse is the flamboyant young man did not even appear to be "sorry" for my inconvenience.

    Out of my own integrity I said "out of courtesy I will restock my items"
    I expected at least a humble THANK YOU.

    I did not get that. Will someone from the corporate office please explain why not LARGER BANNER type signs are not displayed for more than once situation when this happens??????

  • Went to buy ad Crane pop up beach sun shelter could not store personel stated some thing wrong with them could not sell!!!!

  • May 15, 2014 I always go to Aldi's in Burnsville,MN. I usually go there mainly for fruits and vegetables. However, I was very stunned at how poorly the manager there handle my situation of being shorted change. I even more disappointed that after going back to count the money box. His only respond was the box is only off by $3. He claimed the cashier counted the box 3x by herself in the back. Part of their procedure and that the survelliance camera above us during the transaction only shows cashier gave me money back. I only turn around with the basket to call my 4yrs old son to get back by the basket. I looked over the receipt in the store where 2 more survelliance were above me. Never once did I return the money to my pockets or purse. I kept the money out the whole time. The manager than ask for my number but doesn't follow through with it. Seriously no pen and paper in hand! He never played back any of the segments capture on any of the three surveillance cameras to me. I didn't want my purchases anymore and asked for my money back. He gave everything but my $10. Which made me furious because I been a loyal customer for the past 3 years now. I would see him all the time and expected more from a manager. I must say I took this experience to social media via Facebook. I not the person who make a scene in a store because it not in my character. I just wanted to know that I was a valued customer and he could have at least offered a $10 gift card to be used at Aldi's to compensate me. I am officially done with ALDI'S!!!!

  • I really enjoy shopping at Aldi's. I have been buying my cappuccino there for quite a while and I'm really disappointed to see it pulled from the shelf because it is seasonal….It ain't, 'cause I drink it every day and even bought some for my favorite restaurant in Haines City for them to serve at Jackie's Art Café. .

  • This is Julie Chyma and I live in Tama Iowa, and we are opening a meat pack this summer and we are in desperate need of a Aldi store in our community! We have a location where we removed a elementary school and is right on our highway that goes right thru the middle of our town. We only have a Fareway store here but the produce and meat dept. has a lot to be desired.We need you so much in our town! PLEASE CONCIDER US !! There will be around 2000 more people here when our pack opens ,so it will be well worth your investment. Thank you Julie 641-484-2926



  • I lost my debit card at my local aldi's. In a panic I tried to find a phone number to see if anyone had turned it in. GOOD LUCK with that. Notice there are no phone numbers for any stores, on your receip or on the internet. My question is why?????

    • Please bring Aldis to Northport Florida. The town would be perfect for Aldis. Town is about 50,000, has very little competition in the grocery market and a large, younger workforce.

  • I have been so pleased with the Aldi Store in Medford, Mass. There have products that I have not seen in
    other Stores They had a Priano Breaded Veal Patties and I haven't seen them anymore they were very good.
    There are many good prices on fruits and vegatables. and lots of others things. I am glad you came to Medford

  • On December 23, I left my camcorder sitting at the register after I paid for the food.
    I just found out that Aldi doesn't give out phone numbers to any of their stores.

  • why cant we get knackwurst and bratwurst and sliced smoked schinken as a regular item in aldi at palm bay road in florida. when things come in people buy stuff by the case and by time you wanna get something its all gone

  • why do the cashies throw your food in the carts..I ask her not to throw my food in my cart…. the cashier give you a funny look….. however I (MEAN What I SAID ). 4650 Northfield Road.. North Randall Ohio .. Cashier name..Lataya…I will take my shopping somewhere else..

  • Hello,
    Several weeks ago I completed an application at a Job fair held in Alsip, IL. The twenty-somethings handing out and receiving the applications would only accept the application – no cover letter. Therefore, there was no way of knowing that I am ready to retire, but I am not ready to retire. One glance at my current salary, and I'm certain the person who was holding my application in their hands put it right into the waste basket. That's unfortunate – I have worked for three Fortune 500 Companies over the last 40 years – have been employed at the same Company for nearly seventeen years with perfect attendance. I would have thought curiosity alone might have resulted in a phone call. Yes, I am currently gainfully employed; however, I have chosen to make a career change at this point in my life and am in a position to do so if the right job were to be made avaialable. Your Company seemed to be a good fit given what you are looking for in an employee and what I can contribute to further your success. Your Human Resources Department must be extremely good if they can judge a person only by an application! Apparently stability and reliability aren't something you are looking for in an employee. The young girl sitting next to me had a job history that looked like a litany. Good luck with those candidates!

    • I understand how you feel. I attended an aldi job fair in Northern Indiana two months ago. I have more experience then the 20 year olds running the job fair for aldi. I am also a Veteran of the armed forces. I believe that aldi is against hiring people over 40 years old. The 20 year olds that conduct the aldi job fairs are discriminating . Shame on you aldi. I have been an aldi customer for over 15 years but due to your hiring practices I no longer shop there. Good luck with the 20 year olds with no work or management experience.

  • I asked if you would consider an Aldi near the 380 Corridor in Cross Roads Tx. According to The 380 News, Walmart will be going in at this particular intersection as well as CVS. Recent traffic count by TxDOT showed over 29,000 vehicles travel on Hwy 380, and over 11,000 on Hwy 377 through Cross Roads EVERY DAY! This would be a great location for Aldi by providing an alternative to Walmart for citizens up and down the 380 corridor daily. Please consider this location. I have to travel to the other side of Little Elm, Tx in order to shop w/ Aldi. I love shopping with you however make stops elswhere as it's not convenient for me alot of time. Thank You!

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